10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for RV Campers

Finally Christmas, the most awaited holiday season is here. The festivities of Christmas include fine dine and quality time with your friends and family and getting your hands on some exciting and useful presents. While listing the gifts for different people, are there any avid campers in your list? Or maybe you're looking for gift ideas for travelling couples or hints for someone who is a camping enthusiast?

To help you out Xtend Outdoors has put together a Christmas gift guide featuring some of the coolest and useful RV accessories out there at present.

Ho-Ho-Ho Merry Christmas everyone!Ho-Ho-Ho Merry Christmas everyone!

The list started to get long, so we narrowed it down to the top 10 best gifts for RVers in your life:

1. Biolite charger

Ensure that your camping buddy stays connected with you while on holiday this Christmas. The portable, waterproof (from rain, spills, and even if dropping in water) charging unit allows them to plug in through a USB port to fully charge their phone, lights, and every other essential power gadget during camping. A portable charger lets you stay in touch throughout the holidays via devices and lets you and them celebrate the festive season.

2. Inflatable lounger, sofa & chair in one!

Sitting on a hard ground during camping may often be troublesome and challenging to settle for RV campers. One must feel comfortable wherever they travel. For this, a comfy sofa/chair is a lightweight and handy product which one can carry without any stress. It is rip-resistant and super easy to inflate, which offers two key elements: comfort and convenience.

Whether the campsite is by the beach, pool or forest, its versatility makes it an ideal accessory for travel.

3. Head lamp

Need to explore the place at night? Run back to the car? Track down something you dropped? There are tons of problems that may occur while camping at night. While roaming in the wilderness, there is always a risk of getting lost. But with this, one can find the way back to the camp.

If you have got a habit of reading before going to bed, you can do so without keeping a lantern on. There must be tent spikes and logs on which you can trip over, so this Christmas gift is a great help to save lives and limbs.

4. Dashboard holder

When you are driving, there should be something in which you can store your daily belongings like wallet, phone and other regular items. While going, you make sure that these items do not collide with each other as when you are on rugged and uneven terrain. So Xtend Outdoors Dashboard Buddy is a perfect solution to store tissues, mobile phone, pens, sunglasses and other receipts and is a genuine velcro brand adhesive.

5. Collapsible water bottle and kettle

During camping, it is vital to stay hydrated and avoid infectious diseases. Indeed a water bottle and a kettle are the most basic and necessary items that a camper must carry with themselves. And most of all the things must be space savers. A water bottle which holds water that flattens into a small disc. Whereas a collapsible kettle is used to store hot water or tea and will collapse.

6. Firewood holder

Gathering firewood is a necessity for a camping trip, as it provides warmth during chilly fall and winter night. But it is not easy to carry a heavy load at your campsite. A firewood holder makes it easy and light while protecting arms and hands. The bag is built to last as it is waterproof and waxline. It is very appealing so you can also use it as a beach or weekend tote bag.

7. Travel clothesline

With all the gears that are needed, campers usually like to bring minimal clothing to reduce baggage. Campers give them a quick wash, and for hanging them out to dry, they require a clothesline which is a very convenient option. A clothesline is a laundry on wheels, where clothes will dry faster and with less hassle.

8. Reusable food bags

You must contribute to your camping buddy's love for nature by gifting them reusable food bags - which is excellent for camping. These reusable bags are fantastic for holding on the go snacks or stashing camping leftovers to bring home. These bags prevent food from leakage and are made with non-toxic materials.

9. Portable speaker

Let the campers enjoy the time, dancing on their favourite tunes with the portable, waterproof, mud proof and dustproof camping proof speakers which are the best-camping partners. Speaker with high battery life and Bluetooth compatibility, making it easy for users to pair their device and enjoy the playlists quickly.

10. Luci lights

Luci inflatable solar lights are portable, lightweight, water-resistant and solar-powered - an utterly perfect companion for camping. It collapses down to only one inch tall and weighs next to nothing. The top of it is a solar panel, and that's how it charges so no battery worry and will brighten up the campsite like a living room with none of the garnishment.

Kalyan Panja