Top 10 Caravan Parks in Australia

Are you planning a caravan tour in Australia? Then caravan parks can make your experience unforgettable. Caravan parks are not just eco-friendly but also quite facilitating. These holiday parks offer natural surroundings and plenty of exciting camping activities. The best ones are plonked on some coastal or inland real estate in the countryside.

Although far from cities, these sites are yet quite competent when it comes to providing resort-like facilities to the campers. There are a lot of budget-friendly parks too that are no lesser than some picturesque destination costing thousands of dollars in cost for a night.

As a traveller on a budget, it is essential to know about some of Australia's best caravan parks before planning your trip. This includes outlining what you will need when backpacking Australia on a budget. It may seem tedious to find a perfect Caravan park for the entire family with your pet on board as well! A park where your kids can explore the distances without any fear or worry. A place where you and your partner can spend some time together. Where your pet can run and wander freely and can even make some friends around.

The choice destination of countless solo travellers, here you are guaranteed not to stay alone for long. In addition to the irresistible accent and hospitality of the locals, there are countless hostels waiting in Australia to be occupied. From snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef to a climbing tour in Sydney's Blue Mountains, to exploring the Outback; Australia is the perfect place to remove all these things from your travel-to-do list.

Make new friends, fall in love with nature and experience some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. From Sydney to Perth, in Australia, you are guaranteed to travel safely.

The fact is there are hundreds of caravan and holiday parks all across Australia but knowing which ones are best and going to meet your needs perfectly is hard to predict.

The caravan park is the quintessential part of any family holiday in AustraliaThe caravan park is the quintessential part of any family holiday in Australia.

So, here we are listing the top caravan parks in Australia for you:

1. Big4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort, Queensland

Big4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort is an award-winning resort in the 2017 Australian Tourism Awards. Located at Airlie Beach, this is a family resort where you can enjoy water activities in their lagoon-style pool, camping activities in their powered sites, and comfortable accommodation.

2. Sea VU Caravan Park, South Australia

Sea VU Caravan Park holds true to its name. Located in the south of Adelaide, this is one of the best holiday parks near the beach. You can enjoy not only water activities on their paddleboards but also breath-taking views of Guichen Bay. They offer camp-kitchen, playgrounds, and also permit pets.

3. Big4 Deniliquin Holiday Park, New South Wales

Big4 Deniliquin Holiday Park is a popular caravan park as it won the 2017 Australian Tourism awards consequently for three years. You can be assured to get a wholesome camping experience in their powered caravan sites, water splash parks, and fantastic accommodation facilities.

4. Marengo Holiday Park, Victoria

If you are touring around Great Ocean Road, then Marengo Holiday Park is a must-visit. You can enjoy the experience of camping in both powered and unpowered sites. Their facilities include a barbeque area, campsite kitchen, and playground. They also allow your dogs in their caravan park.

5. RAC Cervantes Holiday Park, West Australia

RAC Cervantes Holiday Park is a famous caravan park in West Australia. Here, you can enjoy a family camping vacation with your friends and family. They offer you poolside villas with 2-3 bedrooms along with powered and unpowered camping sites. They also have a playground and activity area for your kids.

6. Best Friend Holiday Retreat, Victoria

When you are looking for a pet-friendly caravan park, Best Friend Holiday Retreat is perfect. You can easily keep your dog safe in their fenced cabins. Also, they offer toys for your dog.

7. Red Bluff, West Australia

Located along the Coral Coast, RED BLUFF has several camping facilities for you. From their unpowered sites to safari tents, you can experience an adventurous camping experience here. They offer luxury accommodation for camping and caravanning lovers.

8. North Star Holiday Resort, New South Wales

If you have been looking for the perfect kid friendly caravan park in Australia, you should choose North Star Holiday Resort. The resort is available during school holidays and weekends. You can be assured of your kid's safety as their sites are 100% supervised. Kids can enjoy their waterparks, museum, and playground.

9. Big4 MacDonnell Range Holiday Park, Northern Territory

Big4 MacDonnell Range Holiday Park has won over 30 awards in tourism. Popularly known for its Pancake breakfast every Sunday, this caravan park is the best in NT. Your kids can enjoy their waterslides, climbing pyramid, basketball court.

10. Big4 Gold Coast Holiday Park, Queensland

Big4 Gold Coast Holiday Park is the best pet-friendly caravan park in Queensland. All you need is your dog's vaccination certificate, and your furry friend can enjoy their facility. You can either go for staying in their luxury cabins or powered and unpowered caravan sites.

See you soon!

We hope to cross paths with you in one of these caravan parks someday. These parks are definitely going to serve you the very best with all the modern and luxurious facilities. So don't delay your getaway anymore and take out your bags, pack them and embark on one of the above destinations in your car and caravan.

The choice is entirely up to you whether you choose to travel with friends or family or someone else. Still, the fascination is guaranteed to be paramount.

Kalyan Panja