11 Best Things To Do In Munich, Germany

If you are going for a holiday in Munich or planning to shift, we bet there is plenty to do in this beautiful capital city of Bavaria. And if you think Munich is just about Marienplatz and the English Garden, you are missing a lot this third city of Germany has to offer. Further, Munich is beyond river rafting and the Oktoberfest.

For football lovers there is Allianz Arena, for car lovers there is BMW museum, for food lovers there are different parts of the city where you can taste different types of cuisine, for art lovers there are Neue Pinakothek, Alte Pinakothek etc. The popular Christmas markets in Germany that spread throughout Bavaria just before Christmas, have their epicenter in the great Munich.

Munich is one of the most important cities for Europe
Munich is one of the most important cities for Europe

In this post, we have jotted few amazing things to do in Munich. Let’s walk you through!

1. Surfing on Eisbach

We want to begin with the most popular activity tourists do in Munich. Even if you are not in for it, you surely want to spend time watching the surfer master Munich’s Eisbach (‘Ice Stream’). If surfing fascinates you, we recommend you have the prior experience before you dive in. Interestingly or rather weird, as you may want to see it, you can see locals surfing naked in the summers. Wait! What? Well, the city does not shy about doing so.

2. Swimming at Müllersches Volksbad

Müllersches Volksbad, known for its popular Art Nouveau design, makes it the most striking swimming pool and sauna complexes in Europe. You can experience traditional German bathing culture in this luxurious pool. We suggest you carry your towel to avoid buying one on the spot. Note that it is a nude site with a coed facility.

The area is a décor of Baroque decorations, grand paintings, bronze statue, and iron railings. Don’t miss the Roman steam bath and Finnish sauna. For more, treat yourself to a massage. You can extend your hours of stay for snacks and drinks at the Volksbad cafe.

3. Shopping at the Nachtflohmarkt München

You can plan for a night out at this popular vintage night market. Midnightbazar opens at 5:00 pm every other Saturday. You can find vendors offering little treasures from the past, clothes, records, nick-nacks, and more. Don’t forget to pick up a few souvenirs for friends and family from this market.

You can also enjoy a live DJ, street food, wait till dinner time and sip in some cocktail. Beer and other drinks are available too. There’s a small entrance fee you will have to pay to enjoy all of this.

4. Stroll along the Glockenbachviertel

Known as one of the prettiest places next to the Isar River, Gentrification is home to mill workers and the Jewish community. In recent years it has become Munich's most luxurious neighborhood. You can see beautiful bars, restaurants, buildings, and shops. Take a silent stroll in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Indeed a picture-perfect place to take selfies.

5. Find your way to Viktualienmarkt

Viktualienmarkt is a 200-year-old open-air maze of the market. It is a daily market with over 100 stalls selling freshly cut flowers to freshly butchered meat. A few hours of shopping at this farmers’ market is a vacation in itself. We suggest, if you are new to the place, you better be with a local guide to avoid getting lost.

Find your way to a shady beer garden (no name) with picnic-style benches providing a perfect view to this age-old market in action.

6. Raft from Wolfratshausen

If you like river rafting, don’t leave Munich without experiencing rafting on the river Isar. Imagine yourself on a traditional wooden raft, great music, and a pleasant atmosphere. That’s what another amazing experience Munich has to offer. You can select between various rafting packages offered by a travel consultant. Most of the packages include bread, meat, cheese, lunch, and a cold beer.

7. Sunbathe in English Garden

Englischer Garten is one of the world’s great parks. It’s a huge place, lining the Isar River, which itself is beautiful and is lined by trails. There are huge lawns, rushing streams, friendly beer-gardens, winding trails, lakes, lookouts, even grazing sheep.

Interestingly, Germans aren’t shy to bare it all. Munich has 6 designated urban naked zones. Also, there aren’t many places on this planet where you can go au naturel. The Six naked zones are English Garden, Schwabingerbach and Eisbach, Mittlere-Isar-Kanal, Brudermuhlbrucke to Braunauer Eisenbahnbrücke, Flaucher, and Feldmochinger See.

8. Stroll to Karlsplatz

Locally known as Stachus, Karlsplatz was built in the 18th century and is located in Munich's heart. It is a beautiful square with a large fountain out front in the summertime. During the winters, it transforms into an open-air ice skating rink.

9. Ride to the Top of the Olympiapark

Olympiapark is one of the most attractive structures in Munich, built-in 1972. It is a TV tower with an observation deck, a rock n roll museum, and a revolving restaurant. The tower gives a birds-eye view of Olympia Park. There is a small fee to enter the tower. This tower is worth a visit when you are in Munich.

10. Enjoy around Nymphenburg Palace

Are you around Bavaria in Germany? If yes, you must go to Nymphenburg Palace. This palace was the summer residence of the electors of Bavaria. It was commissioned by Fernando Maria and Henriette Adelaide now it is one of the most famous touristic spots in Munich.

11. Enjoy Oktoberfest around Hirschgarten

The best time to visit Munich is during Oktoberfest. It’s guaranteed that you’ll have the time of your life there. If you plan your trip to Munich around October, the best days could be during the Oktoberfest. Known as one of the world’s biggest parties Oktoberfest begins in the end week of September to the first Sunday in October. Many people visit Munich just for the beer and beer Gardens.

If you have visited any of these places and loved it, do share your experience with us. Also, let us know what you think about this piece of information. While you can explore all these places on your own, we recommend you tag along with a local guide who would also help you with the city's invaluable. Happy Vacation to you!

Kalyan Panja