6 Best Things to Do in Muskoka, Canada

If you take a closer look at Ontario there is one city that has an outstanding plethora of activities you can indulge yourself into after Toronto. It is Muskoka.

Every year, a big question comes rolling in when you think of traveling. Where to travel? What you want to do for the day and so on. Guys, if you haven’t been to Canada, make plans this year to visit the country famous for its landscapes and picturesque views. To be honest one thing to remember is a trip full of fun and excitement that a place can offer. The cities in Canada has a lot of groove going on.

Canada offers some of the most captivating scenery in the world. From soaring mountain peaks and virgin forest, to glaciers and glistening lakes, it’s as breathtaking as it is diverse. You’ll find vibrant, quirky and cool cities to explore, and remarkable wildlife that no doubt will leave you wanting to see more.

canada is one of the most beautiful countries to visit. Though it's costly but it's beauty can compensate everything. Canada is called the country of lakes as it consists of 563 lakes thus giving spectacular views of crystal clear blue waters surrounded by mountains. Here are some breathtaking views of the country, looking at which you will surely be attracted to those places.

There are so many wonderful experiences to be had in Canada’s great outdoors, whether you’re a first time visitor or have been before. Canada has a tremendous advantage, that its geographic position allows you to travel more especially to United States, Mexico, South America and Europe. For example, you can find flights from Toronto to Dublin and in less than seven hours you are landing in Europe.

The best ever memory that a traveler can collect from the place is the ride on Rocky mountaineer. You can simply catch a train and travel through and as the train travels you would be able to explore beautiful sites of the country. The place would offer you a lot of beautiful scenic views that you can capture in your camera and restore for a lifetime.

Like Qu├ębec, Ontario, home of Canada’s biggest city and the national capital, has an incredible selection of foods that can be considered world class. There’s just so many possible foods that you can find that’s absolutely fantastic….BUT… they strangely don’t have many true uniquely Ontario dish. They’re more we do foods that everyone else in the world does, just as well or better.

But with it’s literally THOUSANDS of fresh water lakes, Ontario has it’s own tasty superstar fish that’s caught in the Northern regions; namely the Pickeral fish. It’s cooked in every single way you can think of, and it’s quite a tasty fresh water white fish.

Ontario is huge and has numerous large parks that can put you in touch with the wilderness, such as Algonquin and Lake Superior Provincial Parks. Ontario also has lots of smaller parks for camping and hiking, and the fees are somewhat more reasonable than hotel or motel rooms. In Ontario, routes like Ontario 7 and Ontario 17 run through some beautiful country. 7 covers farmland in the west and the Canadian Shield in the East. 17 goes through some of the roughest country in the world and joins the cities of Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, North Bay and Ottawa.

best things to do in Muskoka

1. A brand New day in Huntsville

A place meant for entertainment and excitement is what Muskoka is all about. You can discover adventure and explore it at another level. Among lots of places to cover you can get lost easily but don't be surprised if you see limousines. Never hesitate to hire a ride on Muskoka airport limo services, as it turns out one wheel can take you everywhere, such as;

2. A concert at Bala Falls Road

The concert is always a fun factor to add to the traveling equation. As summer days are coming ahead, you can plan to enjoy a summer concert tradition. Just so you know, Muskoka is famous for its summer concerts and is also home to The Tragically Hip, Sam Roberts Band and more! Exciting right? If you have visited New Orleans, just remember it’s exactly like Mardi Gras. One of the best things about concerts is the theme of the show.

You are bound to spend quality time here whether you are with friends or family.

3. A water ski show in Muskoka Wharf

Ice and ski are the best combinations to try but what if you got to try water and ski? You can feel the sun in the air, so it's time to shine and rise in the air (literally!) thanks to the water sports. Quite a family tradition, it's one of the most exciting activities to plan when in Muskoka.

The water-ski shows are a part of an old tradition where members of the Canadian National Ski Show Team and Team SWS show how water can be cool and fun. Wear something casual and get ready to be excited about the amazing water sports performances.

4. Mountain biking in Bracebridge

It’s not even an exaggeration, because Muskoka has some of the best breathtaking scenery you need to explore on a mountain bike. The experience is an exhilaration on its own and something you need to try. All you need to do is unwind the fear and rent a bike, follow the paths laid out for the experience and voila! If you do want to have a surreal time of your life, Taboo Muskoka is the real deal-breaker for the mountain biking trail.

You can choose the easiest trail for the first time and off you go!

5. Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin does have some big lakes but there are a lot of long, winding rivers and streams connecting them and they are really the main trait Algonquin is known for. Unless you know where you’re going, you are probably headed up a dead end or a “road to nowhere”. There may be precisely zero services along those roads, and few or no houses.

Algonquin Park is technically in Southern Ontario but can pose risks for the non-wary traveler. Highway 60 at the southern tip is the only safe road in the entire park. There are others, but none of them go all the way through the park. If you’re on Highway 17 (one of the longest in Ontario), Highway 11 (far left) and Highway 62 are the only ways around the park - all of the other roads south from 17 are dead ends.

For example, one of the roads from Highway 17 goes to a radio astronomy observatory, and no-where else. Eastern Ontario is also tricky. It’s covered with lakes and the roads go around them. As such, if you get off the major highways (like 7, which goes from the GTA to Ottawa) you probably will be backtracking anyway.

6. Classic Boat Show in Gravenhurst

Love for boats is old and ages like fine wine. If you get to see the best of 100 antique and unique models…it’s a dream come true for boat lovers. This spectacle of the boat show is truly amazing as it offers a vast look of vintage cars, flea markets, and a fun zone for kids. The families who want to give this place a visit just pack light in a Muskoka airport limo so you can carry every essential item for traveling.

And not to forget, the show is completely free!

Found something fun to plan a day at Muskoka? Why not give it a try and see for yourself?

Everything is amazing here!
Kalyan Panja