Can you travel with CBD Internationally?

CBD is a commonly used substance and a part of many individual’s daily routines. For that reason, many people feel inclined to pack their CBD as a travel essential when they’re on the go.

Before doing so when going overseas, though, there are some things to keep in mind, particularly when you're considering bringing CBD oil with you.

1. The Legality of CBD Can Be Confusing

Even if you're traveling domestically, flying with CBD can be confusing, given the fact that different states have different laws. It’s also complicated, in many cases, to determine whether these products originate from hemp or marijuana. For travel within USA, it’s recently become legal, per TSA regulations, to fly with CBD, given it contains 0.3 percent THC or less on a dry weight basis.

It’s important to realize that from a legal standpoint, it could be risky to travel internationally with CBD. Before you pack CBD in your bag to go overseas, you should thoroughly research whether the substance is legal both at your departure and arrival points. These rules could differ from U.S. regulations in European countries.

For instance, much of Europe considers CBD oil with a THC level of 0.2 percent or less to be legal, which differs from US travel standards.

However, different European countries have more specific regulations. As an example, France only allows products made of CBD isolates that don’t contain any THC. Because of these differing standards, it’s essential to conduct thorough research to learn what’s acceptable where you’re traveling.

2. You Should Bring the COA With You

When you purchase CBD products - particularly CBD Oil - the product should be accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis (COA). COA is a lab report that confirms the cannabinoid content of the oil and also verifies the product’s safety. If this doesn’t come in the packaging of the product, it may alternatively be available for download on the manufacturer’s website.

Have this certificate on hand during your travels in case you need to present it at any point. This could be useful during luggage checks while departures or arrivals where travel agents may be examining your CBD products.

3. Pack Strategically

When you pack your CBD products for your overseas trip, you should be doing so strategically so that you’re sure to follow any travel rules that exist. For instance, you will need to follow TSA’s liquid rule, ensuring that anything placed in a carry on bag is no more than three ounces. All liquids, including CBD products, should be placed in a clear Ziploc bag for travel.

It is often wise for CBD products to be packed in your carry on, especially for longer flights. This is due to the unregulated temperatures in the cargo area of planes where checked baggage is stored. Extreme hot or cold temperatures can negatively affect your CBD and may shorten its shelf life.

However, if you do opt to pack your CBD oil and products in a checked bag, do so with care to avoid wasted products and an unwanted mess in your luggage. Use shatter-resistant travel containers and always place vessels in a plastic bag just in case of a spill. Wrap the containers well so that they’re well insulated and less likely to break.

Also keep in mind that battery-powered vape pens aren’t permitted in checked luggage, and thus should be packed in your carry on bag.

4. You Can Opt to Buy CBD at Your Destination

If you are worried about your CBD being taken away from you at the airport due to travel restrictions, that doesn’t mean you can’t have CBD for the duration of your trip. If you decide not to pack it in your carry on or checked luggage, you can likely purchase CBD products once you arrive at your destination.

This will give travelers peace of mind while traveling and will also allow them to purchase and use CBD that is perfectly legal within whatever country they’re visiting.

5. CBD Eases Flying Anxiety

Another thing to note about CBD concerning traveling overseas is that it has the capability of reducing flying anxiety. The fear of flying - referred to as aviophobia - is certainly not uncommon, with between two and a half and six and a half percent of people suffering from this fear.

While many people self-medicate with a glass of wine or other alcoholic beverages to unwind before a long flight, studies show that this could actually have the opposite effect on anxiety. Instead, anecdotal evidence has proven that CBD use acts as an effective, non-intoxicating alternative to self-medicating with alcohol before takeoff.

We suggest you carry cannabidiol gummies that is fun and tasty CBD gummies which are easy to take with you wherever you want to.

This fact is a compelling reason for many travelers to bring CBD with them as they travel overseas. Especially since international flights tend to be longer, it is the perfect opportunity to use a supplement that minimizes flight anxiety to relax and enjoy the journey.

6. CBD is Good for Air Travel for Other Reasons, Too

Besides helping to minimize flight anxiety, CBD oil also aids in making air travel more pleasant in other areas. Traveling on a plane, especially when it comes to long, overseas trips, can wreak havoc on one’s body. This is for several reasons. Planes boats humidity levels that are up to 50 percent lower than normal levels, which results in dry skin.

Air travel can also cause a decrease in blood circulation, resulting in swelling and even unsightly skin breakouts for some.

Additionally, overseas flights frequently lead to exhaustion and jet lag due to the change in time zones. This lack of sleep can result in many adverse outcomes, such as a weakened immune system, irritability, and digestion issues.

So what do these annoyances have to do with CBD? Well, anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD has a positive effect on skin health and can prompt better sleep. Some studies have shown that CBD has helped users to fall asleep easier and stay asleep, which can be helpful on a plane and during an overseas trip where jet lag is prevalent.

While these positive effects may not seem like much, they’ll go a long way in helping you have smooth travel experience and an enjoyable trip.

Going on an overseas trip takes quite a bit of planning and attention, and knowing these facts about CBD concerning international travel is essential as you prepare for your journey.
Kalyan Panja