420 Friendly Resorts in Jamaica

Jamaica is a cannabis nation! It is one of the few countries that believe in the herb and also the only place where people sell pre-rolled weed openly. After all, the legend Bob Marley said: "Herb is the unification of mankind." That, however, doesn't mean you should start puffing blunts as soon as you land at Sangster airport in Montego Bay.

To avoid rubbing shoulders with the authorities, consider booking 420 friendly resorts as well as smoking in designated areas.

420 Friendly Resorts in Jamaica

Below is a list of various resorts in Jamaica that allow the consumption of marijuana. That is if you wish to stay at a place with no limits when it comes to weed consumption.

1. Little bay cabins

Little bay cabins offer some of the best accommodations in Negril, Jamaica. The area occupies a total of three acres surrounded by its private mesmerizing pristine beach and fascinating ambiance. What makes the resort ideal is the fact that it overlooks the Caribbean Sea and so you get to have a beautiful blue sight throughout your stay.

That is not all. Little bay cabins also rank high on the Forbes list of cannabis-friendly hotels. That is because the place offers individuals the chance to enjoy smoking whenever they like. While at the resort, you can visit the former house of the legend Bob Marley. It is only a few miles from little bay cabins.

Other attraction sites nearby include the Blue Hole Mineral Spring, which is approximately 1.6 miles from little bay cabins resort. That makes it even more exciting.

2. Royalton Negril

Royalton Negril is an enthralling resort in the Caribbean that is popular among adult travelers. The all-inclusive and chic resort features world-class amenities and modern rooms that come with elegant finishes. You get to enjoy jetted tubs and hair dryers as well as swim-up bars that have fashionable cushion loungers.

Make sure you visit getkush before leaving for the destination. That is because the resort allows smoking and thus suitable for weed enthusiasts. There are tennis courts for outdoor activities as well as non-motorized water sports. You can also go snorkeling if you want something immersive and entertaining. Catch a glimpse of the sunset from your ocean-view balcony while enjoying the cool breeze.

3. Bay View Eco Resort

Another incredible resort that is 420 friendly is the bay view eco-resort in Port Antonio, Jamaica. The site is a gem for anyone who loves nature and fantastic views. While at the hotel, you can see the turtle crawl bay as well as the thick vegetation cover surrounding the whole area. The place has stylish accommodations retrofitted with air conditioners to ensure you get fresh air throughout.

There is also free parking and excellent Wi-Fi services for guests, as well as a variety of attraction sites within the vicinity. They include Frenchman's Cove that is 1.6 miles away, Winfred Beach, and the Rio Grande, which is 4.1 miles away. Swimming enthusiasts should also be aware that there is a beautiful outdoor swimming pool ready for use.

4. HotBox Jamaica

Hotbox, Jamaica, is an exciting and impressive place with a tranquil environment and captivating views. The resort offers the best accommodations more so if you are on a budget. One thing that will capture your interest is the availability of biking and hiking trails. There are also various attraction sites like the Runaway bay beach, the Green Grotto caves as well as the Sharkies beach.

Each room in the resort contains beautiful and simple decorations to make you feel at home. There is a picnic area, a beautiful garden, and elegant terraces which transform the general feel of the resort. Enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi access, free self-service in case you are using a rental car as well as dry cleaning. You can also make use of room service if you feel like staying in your room all day.

5. The Calabash cottages

The calabash house should be the first place to come to your mind if you are looking for quiet, enjoyable, and beautiful 420 friendly resorts in Jamaica. The resort features rich culture, beautiful beaches, and a lush green environment, which makes it perfect for a vacation. The colorful houses combined with the beachfront vista is remarkable.

You get to choose the cottage that suits your needs, with the main ones being the Mmayarupa room, the pink room, and the veranda room. Some of the activities you get to enjoy while at the Calabash resort include the Black river safaris and the Appleton estate rum tour, among others.

Each of the resorts mentioned above allows smoking, making them suitable for any enthusiast. They also offer beautiful and cozy accommodations with various outdoor activities to ensure that your stay is enjoyable. Moreover, they have a unique atmosphere and a strategic location. By the time you finish your vacation, you will be more than eager to plan your next visit.
Kalyan Panja