Find Out Why Serviced Apartments in Birmingham are a Must-try

The Library of Birmingham is an absolutely, fabulous building with fascinating Shakespeare exhibition and great viewing platforms.

Booking a flight to Birmingham in England can already cost you a hundred or thousands of dollars. To think that you still have to allocate a certain budget for your accommodation which is also considered as one of the most expensive things about travelling. Then, of course, you still have to pay for your food and have some pocket money for possible extra expenses, right?

There are the many places to visit in England. England is famous for the educational institutes. The famous Oxford University is there, from where many big names have graduated. England is also famous for the Royal family. Buckingham Palace is a popular spot to visit in England.

With all that to mind, it’s a good thing that Birmingham can help to lessen your budget dilemma by offering you a great selection of serviced apartments in UK. So, what makes serviced apartments in Birmingham a must-try?

Best Serviced Apartments in Birmingham

You can find out the answers as you go through the following key factors stated below. Continue reading and see it for yourself.

1. Sufficient for both short and long terms stays

Whether you’re visiting Birmingham for a month-long stay or just a quick and short vacation, serviced apartments won’t fail to accommodate you. A serviced apartment in Birmingham can cater to your accommodation needs no matter how long you would want to stay in the city. Are you planning to have a week-long visit to Birmingham with some of your friends or family? Well, go get yourself a room in a serviced apartment in the city.

Are you thinking of taking a quick break from your responsibilities and just want to relax and unwind by taking a 48-hour visit to Birmingham? Then you shouldn’t forget booking accommodation in one of the serviced apartments in the city.

2. A great alternative for traditional hotel stays

Do you know that aside from hotels, you can also find a cosy and beautiful place to stay in by checking in a serviced apartment in Birmingham? If you would compare a hotel stay with that of the serviced apartment, you can really say that you have more freedom and choices on the latter.

Serviced apartments offer multiple rooms which means you can have your alone time in the living room watching your favourite television show while everyone’s asleep in the other room. Not only that, most of the serviced apartments [if not all] available in the city of Birmingham also come with their own kitchen and dining area. This is very much ideal if you’re travelling as a group most especially if you have kids with you.

3. Brings space and convenience like that of your home

Even if you're about to take a long or short trip to Birmingham, you have nothing to worry about feeling homesick. Serviced apartments in Birmingham are great in bringing the space and convenience you wouldn’t even feel you’re far away from home.

You can start your mornings with a cup of coffee in a nice and small space in your apartment’s balcony, spend your late afternoons reading your favourite book or chit-chatting with your loved ones in the cosy living area or indulge in sweet dreams and sound sleep in your bedroom.

4. Comes in affordable and reasonable rates

This is probably one of the best things you can have by considering a stay in a serviced apartment in Birmingham, affordable and reasonable prices. You might have spent way too much for your flight going to Birmingham city, but when it comes to a place to stay in throughout your visit, you can never go wrong in choosing a serviced apartment.

Unlike in some of the luxurious hotel accommodation which can usually be found in the city centre, serviced apartments in Birmingham delivers you a way cheaper accommodation rates!

5. Birmingham is the Balti capital of the UK

A couple can eat for less than £30 and this includes wine and a generous tip. Parking at every restaurant is free and easily available. You will be served the largest naan bread you have ever seen. Sandwiches are by far the most popular lunch. Usually fairly basic, Cheese, ham and salad, tuna mayo and chicken salad are the most popular.

Often eaten with a bag of crisps. Ready salted is the most popular flavour. Probably followed by a piece of fruit and/or a chocolate biscuit. Salads are also popular in the summer as is soup in the winter.

Other popular traditional British food like Shepherd's Pie, fish pie, sausage and mashed potatoes, casserole, meat pies and lamb chops are also popular meals. Curry is also very popular. Most likely Indian style but Thai and Malay is also popular. The most ordered dish in restaurants in Britain is Chicken Tikka Masala.

Chinese food is also popular, particularly stir fries served with noodles or rice. Takeaways are also popular, especially Friday and Saturday nights. In order of popularity; Chinese, Indian, Fish and Chips, Pizza. Chinese takeaway bears no resemblance to real Chinese food and has been adapted to appeal to the food tastes of Brits 50 years ago and hasn't really moved on.

6. Gives access to nearby shops and restaurants in Birmingham

For the majority of travellers, especially those who are new in the city, it’s important or helpful to stay somewhere that’s close to the shops and restaurants - well, as they say, proximity and/or accessibility definitely matters. If this also concerns you a lot, just know that serviced apartments in Birmingham totally got you covered.

As most of the serviced apartments, if not all of them in Birmingham are surprisingly located near the city’s shops, restaurants, bars, boutiques, and more! Well, there’s no better way to take your Birmingham trip knowing that you no longer have to worry where to get your foods or where to go whenever you feel bored within the corners of your serviced apartment, right?

Final say:

There can be a world of options at your fingertips, but considering staying in a serviced apartment for your most-awaited Birmingham trip is clearly a great help to tapper off your travel expenses. While staying at a luxurious hotel is no crime, just imagine how much money you can save when opting for cheaper accommodation!

If you got more handy tips in your mind, let our readers know about it by sharing your thoughts.
Kalyan Panja