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Like many cities in the Far East, Dacca has recently been re-spelled as Dhaka to more closely resemble its actual pronunciation. It is the capital and largest city of Bangladesh, which is itself home to some 163 million, 15% of whom reside in the Greater Dhaka Area.

Bangladesh is a country that is not usually news, nor has any great attraction that makes it known, that's why it is forgotten, as if it were a state more of India without anything interesting to show. It is located in the Bay of Bengal.

Once it was established as the capital, Dhaka continued to grow and progress at an increasing rate and diversify as the financial, commercial and entertainment capital of Bangladesh. Currently, the city hosts over 50 diplomatic missions and international organizations such as the headquarters of BIMSTEC which advocates technological and economic cooperation between seven nations of the Bay of Bengal region.

Slated to soon be standing shoulder to shoulder with the world's largest cities, including Tokyo, Shanghai, Mexico City, and New York City, Dhaka is now undeniably one of the most vigorously developing megalopolis in the world.

Restaurants, shopping malls and luxury hotels continue to stimulate Dhaka’s economy and City Centre Dhaka, located in the Motijheel business district, is currently the tallest building. Dhaka has also become one of the most industrial regions of Bangladesh. Jute processing and the manufacture of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, leather goods, ceramics, and electronics products all take place in the capital.

The city also prides itself on producing a range of traditional products that includes jamdani (muslin of a much-prized quality) embroidery and jewelry.

Dhaka was once called the Venice of the East as no less than four rivers form its boundaries: the Buriganga River, Turag River, Dhaleshwari River and Shitalakshya River and there used to be an extensive grid of canals throughout the city.

Many of those minor waterways have fallen into disrepair so the comparison to Venice has come to apply more to Dhaka’s past than its present. When Portuguese traders established the Bengal center of muslin, silk and cotton trade in the city in 1580, the metropolis became one of the most prosperous in the Indian subcontinent for over one hundred years.

As one of the most thriving cities in the Indian subcontinent, Dhaka has become an industrious and studious metropolis.

The city boasts various state colleges, a nuclear-science training and research center, national library, national art gallery and several important universities, that includes University of Dhaka, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology and Jahangirnagar University.

It should come as no surprise then that Dhaka constitutes the economic engine of the entire land as well as its political hub and cultural center. Furthermore, it is also the largest city in Eastern South Asia, the 10th densest populated in the world and with the 7th most populated metro area on the planet.

Hotels in Dhaka

In the heart of Dhaka's main commercial hub, hotels like the Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden provide a serene escape from the busy city that offers the perfect balance of supreme comfort and business-minded functionality, with five-star resort amenities and incredible conveniences.

This accommodation is also a popular option as it is a short ten-minute drive to Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (DAC) and it is located near major business and tourist attractions, such as the National Assembly Building or Ahsan Manzil.

The accommodation depends a lot on what type of trip you want to make. In Bangladesh, guest-houses are very common.

Events in Dhaka

Its annual Mangal Shobhajatra (procession for well-being) celebration has even been recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. This popular early morning procession is held on the first day of the Bengali new year and it is organized and led by students and teachers from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Dhaka University.

The procession displays massive, colorful replicas of animals and folk tales intended to celebrate unity, peace, secularism and the expulsion of evil.

Language in Dhaka

Though most residents of Dhaka speak Bengali - the national language, English is spoken particularly for business purposes by a significant segment of the population.

Weather in Dhaka

The city has three distinct subtropical seasons: cool, rainy monsoon, hot and humid and dry and cool, with an annual average temperature of 26 °C.

Food in Dhaka

The food in Bangladesh is cheap. You have to eat where the local people eat. It is cheaper to eat Bengali food than international food.

How to Go to Dhaka from Kolkata

The easiest way to enter Bangladesh is by train. Three times a week the Maitree Express runs. It is an international service that links Kolkata with Dhaka in less than 12 hours.

Visas for Bangladesh

Most countries require a visa to enter Bangladesh. If you enter the country by plane you can apply for an on-arrival visa that is processed directly at the airport. But if you enter by land, you must first process the visa at any Embassy or High Commission in Bangladesh. Most of the few tourists that visit the country do so from India, thus processing the visa in New Delhi or Kolkata.

Top Things to do in Dhaka Bangladesh

Best Places to Visit in Bangladesh

Dhaka, the main gateway to the country is a city to get lost.

Birisiri is located on the border with India. It is a traditional village with sand streets and children climbing kites. Nearby is the China Clay Hills, a turquoise water lake surrounded by green mountains and rice plantations. The landscape is fascinating. Chittagong is the second most important city in the country. The grace of Chitttagong are the trekkings and mountain roads that leave from there.

Sitakunda is famous for the Chandranath Temple. It is located on top of a mountain. The views are the most beautiful. You even get to see the sea. Srimangal is a small town with three streets and six corners. The greatest charm are the tea plantations that surround it. There is not much to do except walk aimlessly, chat with locals and drink chai.

Shylet is the capital of the northeastern region of Bangladesh. Like Srimangal, tea plantations are the reason why the few tourists visit the region.
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There are full of wonderful things to do in Atlanta and see, but what many people tend to ignore is that it's also a great starting point for a lot of amazing road trips to discover some of the most amazing places in the southern United States. So, in this post, we'll be seeing some amazing destinations that are close enough to Atlanta for you to organize a trip that I guarantee you won't ever forget.

Now have in mind that these trips will require you to have a reliable vehicle, as there will be a lot of driving involved. If you don’t own a car or if yours is a little run down, don't worry, you can rent one. This way, you can choose among many types of vehicles. So if your day-to-day car would be uncomfortable for longer trips, then you can get one that will be more suitable for the longer periods of driving.

It’s also a great way to squeeze a lot more from your visit to Atlanta, as all of the trips we’re going to discuss are doable in a single day allowing you to enjoy more than just Atlanta during your stay. In fact, even if you have a car, this will save you a lot of headaches as you'll be sure to have a vehicle that’s up to the task.

best places to visit in usa

Plus, you can make the rental process much easier and inexpensive if you use companies such as Miles Car Rental. These websites offer the lowest prices and the most options in little time.

Now, without further ado let’s begin!

best places to visit in usa

1. Asheville, North Carolina

This is pretty much the perfect place for having self-care retreat. This little town is right in the middle of the blue ridge mountains, giving it one the most awe-inspiring vistas you can see in the area. But these are not the only thing you’ll find in here as this town has a well-earned reputation for being a hotspot for wellness and health.

There are multiple spa options, which include many different and quite strange treatments to help you better both, your health and your mind, state. Some of these include sensory deprivation tanks, hot tubs with a gorgeous mountain views, and even a salt therapy treatment in which you're led into a cavern with many salt crystals which are believed to help you heal.

If spas aren’t your thing, you can’t miss the many hiking trails that you can take starting from Asheville. There are many different paths to take. So it doesn’t matter if you’re an expert hiker or a first-timer, you’ll find a trail that’s right for you!

best places to visit in usa

2. Savannah, Georgia

Savannah has been steadily rising in popularity as a touristic destination and for a good reason. It's a very pretty town with a lot of awesome things to do and see so it's one of the greatest road trip destinations in USA. It takes a roughly 3-hour drive from Atlanta which is not that much all things considered.

Your first stop in Savannah should be Forsyth Park, which is surrounded by the town’s many historic buildings. It’s perhaps one of the quaintest places in all of Savannah. There are plenty of trees that provide a lot of shade, beautiful fountains and even a garden of fragrant flowers alongside a bandshell, where you can often see bands and other musical performances.

Now there are a lot of must-try culinary options in Savannah so don’t fill up with snacks on the way here. Some of the specialties of the town include fresh seafood, traditional southern cuisine and there’s even an ice cream shop that has nearly a century of ice-cream-making tradition!

Now, you might infer this from Savannah’s fresh seafood, but this is also a great destination for enjoying a day at the beach at Tybee Island. It is more like a little peninsula than an island but still, it's a great place for feeling the sand between your toes and the salty Atlantic breeze. It’s a mere 30-minute drive from Savanah and there are plenty of sea view restaurants and many fishing piers for you to enjoy your stay.

best places to visit in usa

3. Providence Canyon State Park

Providence Canyon State Park is also known as Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon and for a good reason. The state park features some truly amazing landscapes, with canyons and gorges that have a truly unique coloration that goes from bone-like white to a striking bright red. However, unlike in the real Grand Canyon you'll also see a lot of lush greenery, as the site is set in the middle of a forested area.

Many trees grow in this strangely colored scenery, making it one of the most picturesque places in all of Georgia. In the state park, you'll find everything from picknick shelters to campsites, even a museum and a seasonal visitor center.

As a little fun fact about this place, I can tell you that these canyons and gorges were created due to poor farming practices from farmers in the 1800s which in turn eroded the soil and created this fascinating landscape. It makes you think about nature’s amazing ability to make beauty out of humanity’s disasters. It also makes you wonder: What the heck were those farmers doing to their lands to make this place into a barren rock canyon?!

There is a roughly two-hour drive from Atlanta to the state park so the trip is not that long the nearest town you'll find is Lumpkin, which is a mere 10-minute drive from the canyon.

An there you have it, next time you visit Atlanta make sure to at least, consider some of these destinations so that you can plan out some amazing road trips. If you need some assistance when it comes to renting a car, remember to use sites such as Miles Car Rental. If you visit their website you'll get a lot of advantages and make the whole process easier. So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and explore!
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There is a famous line - If the Ganges is the mother, Himalayas is the father. One nurtures and nourishes, the other provides and protects. The great Himalayas have been always fascinated tourists all across the world for their beauty, and some unnamed force or power. Situated in the heart of the Indian state of Uttarakhand, Kedarkantha is a glorious mountain peak of the Himalayas standing at an altitude of 12,500 feet.

The Kedar Kantha trek starts from a tiny village named Sankri and leads to a great adventure in the middle of the Himalayas. Kedarkantha trek is one of the most preferred treks in the Uttarakhand region.

Kedarkantha trek in uttarakhand guide

Is Kedarkantha Trek Difficult

The difficulty level of this trek is moderate to difficult in winters as snow makes the path slippery.

In monsoon, it is not advisable to do this trek as roads are blocked and all kinds of adventure activities are suspended. In summer, the place stands at its best. The beauty of Kedarkantha is worth visiting. The beauty of the place enhances in winters when the whole place is covered with snow and those snow-clad peaks, beautiful terrains, grasslands, farmlands and rivers will take your heart away.

How Do You Trek Kedarkantha

Sankri is the base camp of Kedarkantha trek. The trek is 30 kilometre long and It takes 3 to 4 days to complete the distance. Kedarkantha comes under the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary. The journey from Sankri to Kedarkantha is an unforgettable one! From Kedarkantha you will spot at least 13 peaks of the Himalaya.

The trail to the top is full of adventure, fun, greenery and new experiences. You will be passing through green oak trees, dense forests of alpine trees and rhododendrons and a massive variety of birds and animals.

How To Reach Kedarkantha

To reach Kedar Kantha, you need to take a bus from Delhi to Dehradun and from Dehradun,you need to reach Sankri, the base camp. Sankri is a small but very pretty village which has some amazing views to offer to its visitors. If you plan to fly to Dehradun, there are other modes of transport available like via Air. Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest Airport at a distance of 25 kilometre from Dehradun.

If you are travelling on a train, the nearest railway station to Sankri is Dehradun which is well connected by all the major cities of India via road, air and rail. Sankri is easily accessible from Dehradun. Upon reaching there you can take local transportation (bus) or hire a cab to reach Sankri. The route to Sankri from Dehradun goes through some very pretty towns.

Kedarkantha trek in uttarakhand guide

Accommodation in Kedarkantha

If you are travelling without any travel company, then also you will find hotels and guest house to stay. If you are travelling with a trek company, they will take care of your stay.

Kedarkantha Trek Highlights

Sankri to Juda ka Talab - Get all pumped up and ready to begin the trail. The trek will begin with the tickling sensation in the stomach and happiness on the face. Your first campsite will be Juda ka Talab which is 4km away from Sankri.

Juda ka Talab to Kedar Kantha base camp- The campsite IS no less than the dream it was surrounded by pine trees, oaks, rhododendrons and frozen lake. Set your camp near the lake and get inside and gaze at the night sky and the view beautiful! From Juda ka Talab ascend towards the Kedar Kantha base camp which will take around 3 hours to reach passing through by the beauty of humongous mountains, a carpet of snow and green trees in between white snow.

Kedarkantha trek in uttarakhand guide

Things to Carry for Kedarkantha Trek

The weather at Kedarkantha is not constant and is always changing. Carry winter clothes always irrespective of the season, the temperature tends to fall in the night.

  1. Thermal inner wears and Thermal inner pants
  2. Comfortable trekking pants
  3. Fleece jacket and Down jacket
  4. Waterproof windbreaker
  5. Pair of woolen socks and gloves
  6. A warm hat, Monkey cap and Sun cap
  7. Sunglasses and sunscreen
  8. Portable charger, Power Bank, Headlight with extra batteries and Camera with extra memory cards
  9. A small bottle of shampoo, Facial mist, Lip balm and body wipes - as showers are limited
  10. Moisturizer, Toilet paper, Toothpaste and toothbrush
  11. Sleeping bag, tents, mattresses, trekking shoes and trekking pole
  12. First aid box with all the necessary medicines
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Booking a flight to Birmingham can already cost you a hundred or thousands of dollars. To think that you still have to allocate a certain budget for your accommodation which is also considered as one of the most expensive things about travelling. Then, of course, you still have to pay for your food and have some pocket money for possible extra expenses, right?

With all that to mind, it’s a good thing that Birmingham can help to lessen your budget dilemma by offering you a great selection of serviced apartments in the city. So, what makes serviced apartments in Birmingham a must-try? You can find out the answers as you go through the following key factors stated below.

Best Serviced Apartments in Birmingham

Continue reading and see it for yourself.

1. Sufficient for both short and long terms stays

Whether you’re visiting Birmingham for a month-long stay or just a quick and short vacation, serviced apartments won’t fail to accommodate you. A serviced apartment in Birmingham can cater to your accommodation needs no matter how long you would want to stay in the city. Are you planning to have a week-long visit to Birmingham with some of your friends or family? Well, go get yourself a room in a serviced apartment in the city.

Are you thinking of taking a quick break from your responsibilities and just want to relax and unwind by taking a 48-hour visit to Birmingham? Then you shouldn’t forget booking accommodation in one of the serviced apartments in the city.

2. A great alternative for traditional hotel stays

Do you know that aside from hotels, you can also find a cosy and beautiful place to stay in by checking in a serviced apartment in Birmingham? If you would compare a hotel stay with that of the serviced apartment, you can really say that you have more freedom and choices on the latter.

Serviced apartments offer multiple rooms which means you can have your alone time in the living room watching your favourite television show while everyone’s asleep in the other room. Not only that, most of the serviced apartments [if not all] available in the city of Birmingham also come with their own kitchen and dining area. This is very much ideal if you’re travelling as a group most especially if you have kids with you.

3. Brings space and convenience like that of your home

Even if you're about to take a long or short trip to Birmingham, England, you have nothing to worry about feeling homesick. Serviced apartments in Birmingham are great in bringing the space and convenience you wouldn’t even feel you’re far away from home.

You can start your mornings with a cup of coffee in a nice and small space in your apartment’s balcony, spend your late afternoons reading your favourite book or chit-chatting with your loved ones in the cosy living area or indulge in sweet dreams and sound sleep in your bedroom.

Best Serviced Apartments in Birmingham

4. Comes in affordable and reasonable rates

This is probably one of the best things you can have by considering a stay in a serviced apartment in Birmingham, affordable and reasonable prices. You might have spent way too much for your flight going to Birmingham city, but when it comes to a place to stay in throughout your visit, you can never go wrong in choosing a serviced apartment.

Unlike in some of the luxurious hotel accommodation which can usually be found in the city centre, serviced apartments in Birmingham delivers you a way cheaper accommodation rates!

5. Gives access to nearby shops and restaurants in Birmingham

For the majority of travellers, especially those who are new in the city, it’s important or helpful to stay somewhere that’s close to the shops and restaurants - well, as they say, proximity and/or accessibility definitely matters. If this also concerns you a lot, just know that serviced apartments in Birmingham totally got you covered.

As most of the serviced apartments [if not all of them] in Birmingham are surprisingly located near the city’s shops, restaurants, bars, boutiques, and more! Well, there’s no better way to take your Birmingham trip knowing that you no longer have to worry where to get your foods or where to go whenever you feel bored within the corners of your serviced apartment, right?

Best Serviced Apartments in Birmingham

Final say:

There can be a world of options at your fingertips, but considering staying in a serviced apartment for your most-awaited Birmingham trip is clearly a great help to tapper off your travel expenses. While staying at a luxurious hotel is no crime, just imagine how much money you can save when opting for cheaper accommodation!

If you got more handy tips in your mind, let our readers know about it by sharing your thoughts.

AUTHOR BIO: Kath is daytime and a committed writer in PREMIER SUITES Birmingham. She’s been pouring her dedication and love for writing ever since she was in fourth grade. Kath is also a die-hard fan of travelling, photography, dancing, and head over heels to her furbabies.
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What would Las Vegas be without its casinos? Do not leave without experiencing the tension of the game. Of course, do not go crazy, please. However, in this article, we are not going to discuss some of the best casinos in Las Vegas. In this article, we are going to talk about the 10 most underrated casinos in Las Vegas.

With changing times, several things get changed. Now let us take an example of casinos only before people used to have visit land-based casinos for playing gambling games, while now people can live play casino for real money at But still, there are several people out there who want to play gambling games in a land-based casino only.

Las Vegas casinos off the strip

Here is the list of 10 most underrated casinos in Las Vegas off the Strip. Let us have a look at them one by one.

Las Vegas casinos off the strip

1. Sunset Station

This is a type of casino with which you would be able to feel the Spanish theme vibes. Moreover, this place is wholly built for those who want to play some hardcore gambling games and to have some fun. Although this place is good, here are some other places that you would love, those places are Sonoma Cellar Steakhouse, Gaudi Bar, Club Madrid and many more.

2. The Tropicana

If you are the type of person who wants to have a look at a classic era casino in Las Vegas, then The Tropicana would be the best option for them to discover. Other than the casino you would be able to get a new announcement which is started by a well-known chef Robert Irvine and nowadays various things are happening at this casino, which states that now it is heading towards its good times.

Las Vegas casinos off the strip

3. The Orleans

The third in the list of most underrated casinos in Las Vegas is The Orleans. There were several things on which the owners of this casino should have worked before, to take this casino on track. But they haven't taken any such step, while now it is noticed that they are making some enhancements with the help of which they can see some excellent growth.

The whole restaurant, including the casino area, is getting revamped with the help of which a superb increase has been noticed. Moreover, it is also famous for its occasional concerts in Las Vegas.

4. Eastside Cannery

Here's the fourth entry of most underrated casinos in Las Vegas and we need to say that it still needs some significant developments to take this casino on track and make some growth in it which they surely can make if they take some crucial steps. Right now you would be able to find some 80s singers with the help of which you can take advantage of some hard metal bands which are not that good nowadays.

5. Rampart Casino

This place is known as the most underrated casino in Las Vegas because this place is just built beside JW Marriott, who is their tremendous competitor in business. But Rampart Casino made a massive change in their outlook, which is they added grass, trees and a long walkway, which is a wonderful and enjoyable thing to do in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas casinos off the strip

6. Ellis Island

Those who love cheap gaming and karaoke, this place is best for them. Here you would be able to take advantage of several cheap casino games and the essential part of this place is its food. You would be able to find the best vegan food in Las Vegas here at Ellis Island.

7. Aliante

This place is situated in North Las Vegas, and it is known as the most modern-looking resort and casino. Although it looks good and offers modern facilities, still it is not that famous that it should be.

8. The Plaza

This is the eighth entry in the most underrated casinos of Las Vegas. While it is said that you would be able to enjoy one of the best and juicy steaks here at The Plaza. Other than that, you can take advantage of circular dining rooms and many more such things.

9. Primm Valley Resorts

This place has always been a stopping place for all the drivers who are coming to Las Vegas from California. In this case, the drivers stop here just for some coffee or fuel refilling.

10. The Palms

In previous times, this place was really famous, but now this place is losing all its charm.

Las Vegas casinos off the strip
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We all know how it feels when flying with wine! While you're stuck in your seats at thirty thousand feet up in the skies, you’re constantly wondering whatever might have happened to that checked-in wine bottle you so fondly picked up as a unique souvenir.

Carrying bottles of wine on a flight is daunting for most of us, what with the constant risk of breakage, heat fluctuations, and also with the hassle of following several travel rules and restrictions. Don’t fret, however, since flying with wine isn't as difficult as you think.

how to fly with wine in luggage

Here are 5 smart tips for flying with wine like a pro:

1. Choose the right luggage

The mandate of flying with your wine bottles in check-in baggage and not in cabin baggage necessitates choosing sturdy checked luggage. You need to ensure that the wine bottles have sufficient padding to cope with any impacts your checked bag or suitcase may experience. On average, a wine bottle weighs 3 pounds, so, you can use up the individual airline-allotted weight of the checked luggage accordingly.

At the airport's checked baggage counter, your bag is sure to go through tossing and jostling and might end up passing swiftly on the conveyor upside-down as well as backward. Therefore, it’s wiser to invest in a hard suitcase rather than one made of canvas to diminish the effects of an impact.

Alternatively, you can go for innovative wine luggage such as a reinforced, well-padded wine check bag. A perfect wine accessory, the foldable and reusable wine check bag is an extremely lightweight, airline-approved stroller. When used in combination with a shipper box or sturdy wine protectors, this bag can safely carry as many as fifteen bottles of wine, protecting them against significant impacts and resisting the crushing of glass.

What’s more, the wine check bag also functions like a cooler, maintaining constant levels of temperature and pressure, thus protecting the delicious wine.

Suitable for a range of sizes of wine bottles, the wine bag offers you the flexibility of carrying back several varieties of wine, including champagne and Porto.

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2. Pack wine carefully

If you're using a wine check bag, you have ready-made wine protectors to cushion not less than 15 glass bottles. However, while using a hard suitcase, you’ll need to follow certain precautions as you pack your wine bottles in the bag. Also, in the worst case, if you’re using a canvas suitcase which is so susceptible to impacts, you’ll have to take even greater care as you’d surely not fancy your sherry bottle ruining a lovely summer suit.

In general, don’t pack the wine bottles around the sides of your suitcase. Use soft clothing as padding to line the suitcase, then nestle the delicate bottles right into its center. If you happen to purchase wine on your trip impromptu, wrap the bottles up in unimportant clothing such as pajamas, and socks. You can also place the wine bottles inside a plastic shopping or laundry bag for added protection.

If you’ve already planned to bring wine back home, and, that too, more than a couple of bottles, a safer option is to use bubble wrap, leak-proof vinyl wineskins. Throw a few of them in your suitcase when traveling.

On your return journey, you just need to place the wine bottles inside the wineskins or sleeves and nestle them in your bag’s center. The wineskins, with an adhering seal, not only cushion and protect your wine bottles but also prevent spoilage of your clothes in case the bottles break.

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3. Comply with the Customs Guidelines

Before purchasing wine for taking back home, be sure about the Customs dos and don'ts of flying with wine. So, it becomes essential to check for quantity limits and whether Customs duties (taxes) apply to wine for taking off from your exit country. Also, know your destination country's duty-free allowance for wine, as you need to pay additional tax for anything above it.

For instance, while departing from the U.S. you can take back an indefinite amount of wine, unlike a Jameson, intended for individual use as long as it fits within the specific air carrier’s weight regulations. These guidelines hold for bringing wine from overseas, say France inside the country also, however, while dealing with the U.S. Customs, on arrival, you’re eligible for only 1 liter of wine duty-free.

In general, at the airport, make sure to declare to the Customs Department any quantity of wine exceeding the duty-free limit. In case you need to pay any taxes to Customs, you can do so by using most of the bank as well as credit cards, or cash, or even currency transfer methods. This way carrying your delicious wine back home will certainly be smooth sailing for you.

4. Claim your VAT Refund

Before leaving for your home country, and before you and your wine set out homewards, remember to reclaim the Value-Added Tax (VAT) on its purchase. VAT, a part of the total price of the wine could qualify for an appreciable refund.

For instance, whenever you buy wine in Europe, intending to carry it home, request the retailer or winery to provide you with a 'tax-free form'. Some retailers follow a practice of paying you back the VAT there itself, while others complete the tax-free form which you can then reclaim at your departure airport.

In the latter case, you’ll have to bear a charge related to the refund service, which is usually a portion of the VAT you're about to claim. At the airport, before you check in your baggage, just hand over the necessary paperwork to the Customs Department officers. After examining your goods, they will authorize and stamp the documents.

Once you’re done with the customs formalities, take the paperwork to a tax refund officer for a low-charge, instant service. Elaborate, though this all seems, you’ll become a pro at it after doing it just once or twice.

5. Don't let the 'Bottle Shock' shock you

As you unpack after getting back home, you'll suddenly realize that the wine, originally so vibrant and flavorsome just a few days ago now appears dull and disjointed. This phenomenon, known as “Bottle Shock” typically occurs as the wine bottles shake during travel.

Not to worry, though. Consider this issue as a jet-lag for the wine bottles. Just as all is fine again after you sleep well at night, so also will the wine recover in due course of time.

It’s advisable to store the wine bottles properly for a couple of weeks before you open them. Consider vital aspects such as light, temperature, humidity, and positioning while finding a space for wine storage.


Isn’t it much easier now? Follow these smart tips to fly with wine like a thorough professional, ensuring the safe passage of your precious bottles all over the globe.
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Besides the mouthwatering goodness that is Thai food, a large part of Thai culture is its religion. With hundreds of thousands of temples littered across Thailand, it's almost impossible for you not to see at least one temple when you visit.

So if you're planning a visit to the capital of Thailand and are looking for a guide to check out some of the more famous and beautiful, not to mention totally Instagrammable temples in Bangkok, you're in luck! I'm breaking it down for you here.

best temples in bangkok thailand

But, before we get started, here's some basic temple etiquette you should know:

  • While known to visitors as tourist attractions, the temples themselves are still, first and foremost, religious sites and must be treated with respect.
  • Keep your voice low when inside the temple, as shouting and raised voices are highly frowned upon.
  • Stay within the accessible areas of the temples and do not stray away from the tourist areas.
  • Women are discouraged from taking photos with monks.
  • Dress code: Most temples in Bangkok have a strict dress code, which dictates that your arms, legs, and feet should be covered. Jeans, a shirt with sleeves, and sneakers are examples of acceptable attire. Tourists who fail to follow the dress code can be denied entry into the temples. Bringing a jacket or shawl to cover up your exposed arms is also a good precaution for stricter temples.

  • best temples in bangkok thailand

    1. Wat Arun

    Standing majestically over the city by the Chao Phraya River, Wat Arun, also known as Temple of Dawn is one of – if not the most – famous temple in Bangkok. Named after the Hindu god Aruna, this temple is known for its lavish architecture and finely decorated colorful spires. You can also walk through a narrow stone stairway that leads to an area where you'll be treated to a birds eye view of the city that is perfect for sunset views!

    Entrance fee: 50 Thai baht

    Operating hours: 8:30 am to 6:00 pm

    Pro tip: Join an Instagram tour in Bangkok and visit three temples in one morning without having to worry about logistics and entrance fees. Plus, you'll have a guide who will be sure to tell you about the history of the temples and take awesome photos of you too!

    best temples in bangkok thailand

    2. Wat Pho

    Probably just as famous as Wat Arun, Wat Pho also known as Wat Phra Chetuphon is not just a place of worship, but holds many historical firsts under its belt. Wat Pho is one of the older temples in Bangkok, first established before the city itself was founded. It is also the birthplace of the famous Thai massage, as well as the temple that houses the largest Buddha image in the area. Not bad, eh?

    Entrance fee: 200 Thai baht

    Operating hours: 8:30 am to 6:30 pm

    Pro tip: You'll be expected to remove your footwear before entering the temple, so I advise wearing shoes you aren't very attached to (just in case something happens to them!).

    best temples in bangkok thailand

    3. Wat Saket

    If Wat Pho was old, Wat Saket dates back even further! Its origins can actually be traced all the way back to the Ayutthaya period from the 1300s to the 1700s. But don’t expect ancient ruins though, since it was renovated under the reign of King Rama I. Wat Saket is also called by its English nickname the Temple of the Golden Mount, presumably because of its gleaming golden chedi set atop an artificially made hill.

    It is also said to contain relics of Buddha that were sent over from India and Sri Lanka.

    Entrance fee: 50 Thai baht

    Operating hours: 7:30 am to 7:00 pm

    Pro tip: The best month to go visit Wat Saket would be November during the Loi Krathong festival. But be warned that there will be a LOT of people!

    best temples in bangkok thailand

    4. Wat Phra Kaew

    Located within the Grand Palace complex, Wat Phra Kaew or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha is one of the most sacred temples in Thailand. Known for the highly revered image of the emerald Buddha that only the king himself is allowed to touch on three occasions throughout the year, it is considered as one of the holiest objects in Thai culture.

    Don't expect to see a large statue though! Compared to the statue of the reclining Buddha in Wat Pho, this relic is roughly just 2 feet and 2 inches.

    Entrance fee: 500 Thai baht (you have to pay this for entrance to the Grand Palace complex)

    Operating hours: 8:30 am to 3:30 pm

    Pro tip: Since you'll be paying 500 baht for entrance, I suggest going early in the morning and exploring the surrounding temples in the Grand Palace complex to get your money's worth.

    best temples in bangkok thailand

    5. Wat Suthat

    Wat Suthat Thepwararam or Wat Suthat for short is one of the older temples in Bangkok. Built in the 1700s, it took nearly 70 years to finish and is one of the largest temples in the city, covering approximately 10 acres. But if you’re looking for that perfect Instagram shot, you’d best make your way over to the iconic Giant Swing – a 20 meter high red swing made out of teak wood that is used during religious ceremonies.

    Entrance fee: 100 Thai baht

    Operating hours: 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

    Pro tip: Besides the Giant Swing, other picture-worthy details in the temple include the magnificent murals and the stone sculptures. You’ll have a field day with your camera and/or phone that's for sure!

    About Author: Chinny is a 20-something writer based in Manila. One of TripGuru’s resident bloggers, she can usually be found buying cheap tickets and planning her next trip to wherever the wind takes her.
    Kalyan Panja Kalyan Panja Author
    There is nothing like a good adventure to get your adrenaline pumping. If you are a soul that seeks thrilling adventures in your life, the Philippines is the place for you. You only live once, right? Then why waste your time being afraid when you could be having the time of your life in the Philippines. To save you some time, here is a list of places to visit on a holiday in Philippines:

    1. El Nido

    Being in the ocean is one of the most amazing experiences you can have in your life. The life beneath the surface is as beautiful as the life on the surface and maybe even more so. Choosing to scuba dive at night here may get you to see some very rare species such as seahorses and shrimps. This is the perfect place for a thrill-filled day.

    2. Tagaytay

    Located in Tagaytay, Sky Ranch is one of the biggest amusement parks in the Philippines. The most sought after activity here is the Ferris wheel which dares you to keep your fear of height at bay to have a 360-degree view of the city. And we guarantee, you will want to keep your fear aside for such an experience.

    best places to visit in philippines

    3. Panglao Island

    When in Bohol, ensure Panglao Island is first on your list of places to see. This beautiful and serene island is known for its rich coral reefs, incredible diving spots, and the white sand beaches in the Philippines. If you are looking to spend a lazy holiday just by the beach side then Panglao island should your idle vacation spot.

    Hinagdanan Cave is another place that you mustn't miss, you can literally take a dip in water and look at the beautiful cave structure. Don’t be surprised if bats come to say hi to you. There are plenty of places to go and try out adventure sports or activities; Rivers, waterfalls, and just about anything fun.

    Popular for cliff jumping and swimming, Hinagdanan Caves is the perfect destination for the daredevil in you. The place will not only satisfy the adventurous streak in you but also provide you with some stunning views. This is one of the places that you just can’t miss when in the Philippines.

    4. Cebu

    Located in the center of Cebu island, is the city of Cebu, which after the city of Manila is the most important. The best beaches near Cebu are located on Mactan Island. There are many hotels, resorts and chillouts where you can rest a few days sunbathing, snorkeling, learning to dive or doing many other activities that these centers offer.

    The variety of reptiles and birds that live in Cebu Zoo located in the Beverly Hills neighborhood, east of Mandaue City stands out, although there is also room for many mammals from the Philippines and other Asian regions such as the Bohol Tarsier, numerous species of monkeys from the Philippines or the Bengal tiger.

    best places to visit in philippines

    5. Bohol

    All of us have definitely seen at least one movie with a beautiful, strong yet weak looking bamboo bridge. The bridge which is strong enough for a truck but will still make you question it. Keep your fears aside and cross the bridge to the other side. It is located in Bohol, Philippines and is a must during your visit.

    Bohol has impeccable hospitality. If you wish to stay in budget-friendly places, then you can consider Moon fools hostel, Fox and the firefly cottages, and Bohol coco farm. If you are willing to spend a little more and want to stay indoors most of the time, go for a hotel with indoor pool like the Metrocentre hotel, Belian hotel, and 717 Cesar place hotel.

    And for those who prefer having a luxurious stay then you need to check out The Bellevue Resort and Bohol beach club and more.

    One can board the ferry from Cebu to Tagbilaran. The journey is 3 hours and 16 minutes. It is better if you board the ferry in the morning. People usually fly from Manila to Bohol. The flight duration is of 1 hour 10 minutes. However, if you wish to travel to the Philippines by road the route is long and strenuous and can last 24 hours.

    best places to visit in philippines

    6. Chocolate Hills

    Bohol is famous for its chocolate hills, named after its look in the dry seasons. However, during the rainy season the hills are lush green and are a sight to watch. The entire mountain expanse is a visual delight and is indeed soothing to the eyes. Do take the road through the man-made forest.

    How can you get to Chocolate Hills? You can take a peek at these majestic hills from two spots. One, the Sagbayan peak. Two, the Chocolate Hills Complex. The later in located 55 km from Tagbilaran which can be reached by road on the bus, taxi or motorcycle.

    best places to visit in philippines

    7. Banaue

    Banaue is a commercial town surrounded by rice terraces. The town itself is ugly but the surroundings are beautiful and there are possibilities for walks. Many vehicles are seen but it seems that everyone goes to the surrounding villages, but none goes to the tourist sites. Start with the view points of the road to Bontoc and walk through the rice fields to Bocos - Banaue.

    It is better to ask where the road starts because it is not indicated. There are some houses where to ask on the way. The road starts from the main road Solano - Bontoc, to the south, from the huge Youth Hotel, next to the pool. De Poitan is on the Batad highway. From Banaue, you have to go along the secondary road. From there, a track goes up to Saddle, which is the jeepney stop and there are only a few shops and a viewpoint.

    From Saddle, you have to walk to Batad. It is only 1 hour of strong descent. Batad is an isolated village, surrounded by an amphitheater of rice fields. You can only get there by walking. Walk through the amphitheater, several roads, with many stairs. The classic is to go down to a waterfall. Walk to Cambulo (2 hours from the center of Batad, from the view point) and Pula (another 2 hours).

    Batanes Islands is the smallest province and is among the top destinations in the Philippines. The capital city, Basco, is north of Apari, Cagayan (the tip of Luzon Island), while it is south of Taiwan. Batanes consists of 10 tiny islands and islets namely Batan, Sabtang, Itbayat, Mavudis, Siayan, Diogo, North Island and Y'ami. Only the first three islands are inhabited.

    But the most remarkable aspect of all is the architecture of the houses - the walls made by stones and thick roofs to withstand strong typhoon. The climate of Batanes is calm and windy. There are many things to do in Batanes, swim on the beach, see the fishing villages, churches and lighthouses, and the best of all, Batanes in Philippines is a place to reflect and admire nature.

    best places to visit in philippines

    8. Sagada, Philippines

    From here you can continue to the Bontoc - Banaue road. The road crosses an impressive mountain pass. In Bontoc you have to change from Jeepney to reach Sagada. Next to the market, there is the tourist information office. The most visited are the caves, south of the town, following the road, about 30-45 minutes. The path to enter the Lumiang cave itself is in poor condition and connects with the next cave.

    Sumaguing Cave is better with good flashlight and guide. There are bats. Following this road you reach the town of Suyo. To the west of the caves, nice valley with rice fields. Bomod-Ok Falls is to the north. Take the road to Bangaan (5 km).

    best places to visit in philippines

    9. Boracay

    Boracay is an ideal destination if you travel to Philippines with children, friends or on a honeymoon in Philippines. If you travel to Philippines for honeymoon, it is the best island to throw the house out of the window, along with El Nido. One of the great attractions for many travelers who want to travel to Philippines is to see the Boracay island with the most luxury hotels.

    Known throughout the world as the Ibiza of Asia because it is almost the only island destination in the country where there is nightlife Boracay is one of the best places to go in the Philippines. What will really make you fall in love with it is its fabulous White Beach, one of the best beaches in Philippines washed by crystal clear waters so calm that they often look like a swimming pool, especially during the dry season months, when the winds blow from the Amihan.

    At dusk, when the sky becomes epic and gives you one of the most photographed sunsets in Philippines, with the outline of the paraw, the typical boats of Boracay. It is usually quite quiet during the day, although at sunset, happy hours accumulate more people. You cannot smoke or eat or drink alcoholic beverages in White Beach. Here is Willy's Rock, a lineup that appears on almost any Boracay postcard.

    Although it is not comparable to Coron or El Nido, it is a good option to get to know other parts of the island, nearby islands and, above all, to snorkel. Island hopping in Boracay often includes Crocodile Island, Tambisaan Beach, several snorkeling spots and other best beaches of Philippines such as Puka Beach.

    Here, as there are no hotels, only some reggae style stalls that put on sun beds and serve drinks, the atmosphere is usually more relaxed.

    Can you do kitesurfing in the Philippines? Of course! Boracay is the best known destination for kitesurfing and Bulabog beach offers many opportunities for both beginners and advanced. There are several schools of kitesurfing where you can hire instructors and rent equipment. The best time to do kitesurfing in Boracay is during the Amihan. Even so, during the Habagat, it is possible to practice it on the other side of the island.

    Of course, keep in mind that at Christmas in Philippines, Chinese New Year or Easter there will be many people.

    Include Ariel's Point in your list of things to do in Boracay. It is a point near White Beach with several platforms on which to jump several meters high. If you love water sports, Ariel’s Point is the place for you. You can try jumping off a board on the cliff at 3 different heights or you can spend your day enjoying any imaginable water sport.

    A few of the many activities are kayaking, snorkelling and paddleboarding. A day spent here would be a day well spent and you will not regret it even a little bit.

    Diniwid Beach is one of our favorites, because it has a more backpacker atmosphere and is usually quieter.

    We also recommend Ilig-Iligan, on the opposite side of Boracay. One of the best things to do in Boracay is to investigate its gastronomy. Here are some interesting places to eat in Boracay. D'Talipapa is an eminently seafood and fish market. The funny thing is that you can buy the food yourself and then you can go to one of the neighboring restaurants and choose between the cooking methods.

    If you want to surprise someone, give them a helicopter ride over the island! And, eye, you can also get married in Boracay. There are many who visit Boracay with friends. These are some of the things to do in Boracay to increase your adrenaline. Fly Fish Ride is a huge inflatable boat that can fit several people, propelled by a jet ski. Of course, you will also find more light options, such as the typical "banana".

    While Parasailing you can see Boracay from the heights with a friend while a jet ski boosts you. Zip line, zorb, quad rides are there in the surroundings of Mt. Luho, which offers the best views of Boracay. We are not the biggest fans of diving in Boracay, because if we compare it with these places to dive in Philippines, Boracay does not have the best seabed, but it is a good place to do a baptism or a couple of dives.

    The easiest way to get to Boracay is with a flight to Caticlan, but there are cheaper options. Find out in advance about the state of the algae in White Beach. It is a natural phenomenon but many people are disappointed to not see such a beautiful thing. Thanks to Instagram you can see live images.

    best places to visit in philippines

    10. Siargao

    If you are planning a trip to the Philippines and are confused about which areas to pick for your visit - we've got your back! Siargao - this island is covered with palm trees, local villages and towns. With its lagoons and options to explore nearby islands- it's a great tourist destination.

    best places to visit in philippines

    11. Oslob

    The whale sharks are the largest fish of our planet and if you travel to the Philippines, swim with them will surely be one of your most beautiful memories. There are several places to swim with the whale sharks. You can go to Donsol, but you can see them on the Cebu island, specifically in Oslob.

    Whale sharks are seen in Tanawan, which is located after Oslob. The difference between Donsol and Oslob is that here you are 100% sure to see the whale sharks in Donsol while you have to have a little more luck. Malapascua is a world-renowned destination for scuba diving.

    12. Moalboal

    If you are in love with snorkeling or diving, about 90 kilometers south of Cebu is Moalboal and Oslob, two of the best places for diving in the central Visayas. This destination within the island of Cebu will give you magical experiences like swimming among thousands of sardines and turtles, but it is also a perfect base to visit the most famous waterfalls of the archipelago: the Kawasan Falls.

    Going from Moalboal to Kawasan Falls by public bus is the cheapest way to go. To take the bus you just have to go to the main street of Moalboal and wait at one of the bus stops to get one that goes through the Kawasan Falls, which are practically all. These waterfalls have turquoise water, which makes them really special and striking.

    It's time to enjoy the most photographed turquoise waterfalls in Cebu! As it happens in Legazpi, in Moalboal and Oslob it is possible to carry out the sighting of a fish characteristic of the Philippines, the whale shark. It is also possible to see one of the most particular sharks of the animal kingdom, the thresher shark.

    To make your travels easier, we have put together the best Philippines tour package. Enjoy your travelling and don’t worry about the planning. We will plan your next Philippines tour.
    Kalyan Panja Kalyan Panja Author
    Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and the trendy and vibrant heart of the Caucasus region, which includes Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Even though the city has a modern and young vibe to it, it has quite a long and complicated history. Due to the city’s favorable location between important trade and travel routes, Tbilisi is known in Eastern Europe as the Rome of the Caucasus.

    Throughout the 19th century, Tbilisi was the center of important cultural, political and economic affairs in Caucasus, so much so that at one point it even ruled both Southern and Northern Caucasus. Tbilisi is currently home to a mix of cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds - the majority of which are Eastern Orthodox Christian.

    The architecture in Tbilisi is composed of buildings that date back to when the city came to be, in nearly 500 BC. Because of its crossroads location between Europe and Asia, the city impressive architecture is a tribute to many of the cultures that have passed through it.

    Its downtown area is a combination of ancient architecture and modern and futuristic looking buildings, the city primarily consists of medieval classical structures and soviet architecture.

    best things to do in tbilisi

    What to See in Tbilisi

    Its complex history and its architectural treasures are not the only reasons to visit in Tbilisi. Along with its old-world charm, the picturesque Caucasian mountains surrounding this busy city make it a beautiful landscape no matter where you look at it from.

    If you wish to stay in the downtown area and enjoy magnificent views, from the Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel, Tbilisi, you can enjoy stunning mountain views from the comfort and convenience of the city center. By staying in a downtown location, a variety of superb dining, shopping and nightlife options and have some of Tbilisi’s most visited sites, like the Old Town and the Narikala Fortress, will be within reach.

    Other important sites to visit while in Tbilisi, within walking distance from the heart of the city, are the Kura river and the pedestrians-only Peace Bridge - these are both unique landmarks with a rich history very true to Tbilisi aesthetic. Similarly, there are also the underground natural hot springs visited in masses and beloved by locals and visitors alike.

    The bath district in Tbilisi is now a popular tourist attraction known as the Royal Baths, the historic bathhouses with hot pools of sulfur-rich water.

    Fun fact: The name Tbilisi derives from the Georgian word Tfili, which means warm location. Because Tbilisi was built atop thermal springs, it was given the name Tbilisi when founded.

    As the largest and most diverse city in Georgia, Tbilisi is filled with a creative crowd of well-read and fashionable individuals. All over town, there are quaint streets filled with small markets, trendy boutiques and bazaars, like the Dry Bridge Market, where you can spot antique and unique items you can only find in Tbilisi.

    What to Eat in Tbilisi

    Georgian food is a combination of European and Middle Eastern cuisine and getting acquainted with Georgian cuisine and culture is one of the most impressive things to experience while visiting. The Georgian Supra, which is approximately a 5-hour meal, where you indulge in lots of drinking and eating. It is one of the main pillars of Georgian traditions and many consider it the national pastime.

    Besides its delicious food, it is also worth noting that Georgia is considered among wine connoisseurs - the cradle of wine, it is one of the oldest wine regions and one of the pioneers of grapevine cultivation in the world. Although many people may know it, the English word for wine is thought to derive from the Georgian 'ghvino'.

    Because of its distinctive eating and drinking traditions, Georgia is becoming increasingly touristic and Tbilisi is once again becoming a point of contention in South Caucasus. There are trendy new restaurants and burgeoning art cafes emerging throughout the city and they are quickly becoming preferred hang out spots for many Georgians.

    The city's hipster fashion and culture, its eclectic architecture and warmhearted natives are progressively putting Tbilisi on the map. Now as a major ‘must-visit’ location Eurasia, Tbilisi is gaining back its historic reputation as the region’s most cosmopolitan city.
    Kalyan Panja Kalyan Panja Author
    Are you looking for your next vacation somewhere far away from the tourist crowds where you can completely enjoy the stunning nature, pleasant weather, and endless sandy beaches? South Pacific islands might be the perfect destination for you. Consisting of three major groups of islands, Melanesia, Polynesia, and Micronesia, hide the crazy amount of untouched tropical islands.

    If you've ever had a dream of getting far away from civilization and enjoy the beauty of nature, then exploring the hidden parts of South Pacific is definitely what you’re looking for.

    best south pacific islands to visit

    Keep reading as we're going to introduce you with few hidden South Pacific islands you must visit. Let's start.

    best south pacific islands to visit

    1. Mystery Island, Vanuatu

    As the name suggests, Mystery Island is located in a tiny Vanuatu archipelago located around 2,500 km off the main Australian coast. The southernmost island in the archipelago features white powder beaches, turquoise waters, thick palm trees, and colorful coral reefs. Once you set your feet on the island, you can explore the whole place by walking as the size is about 1 KM by 200 M.

    Since the island is uninhabited, the infrastructure is nonexistent, so you can expect a real adventure far away from the modern world. A very interesting fact is that Australian dollars are accepted as the main currency, but you can pay only in coins. Since the island features the untouched nature, people usually enjoy world-class snorkeling and diving around surrounding coral reefs.

    Calm waters make the island a perfect destination for paddle boarding and exploring the underwater world on the glass bottom board. Mystery Island is a home of Keamu village that serves as a cultural hub where you can learn about the local traditions, food, and way of life. By far the best way to reach the island and explore its surroundings is by booking a cruise.

    Don’t forget to read a complete Mystery Island cruise guide and plan your trip on time as the island slowly starts to get on tourist radars.

    best south pacific islands to visit

    2. Ha'apai, Tonga

    Ha'apai isn't a single island, but a small group of islets, atolls and active volcanoes. For adventurous souls, this tiny archipelago might be the ideal destination as you’ll most likely fail to meet a single person around. The islands feature stunning sandy beaches, an abundance of palm trees, bright blue waters, healthy and colorful coral reefs and the most active volcano in Tonga.

    If you’re into snorkeling and diving, heading to Lifuka island might be the best option for you. The island features a sandy beach accompanied by rocky patches on the eastern part which makes it an ideal destination for underwater activities. Pangai village is the only inhabited place on the island and serves as a perfect connection spot to other places.

    Probably the most adventurous thing you can do is hiring a boat and go to Tofua island that features an active volcano. You can hike to the top where you can observe a crater lake and have breathtaking views over the ocean and surrounding islands.

    best south pacific islands to visit

    3. Tuvalu

    Tuvalu is a small island group located between Australia and Hawaii that features sandy beaches, bright blue and calm waters, world-class water activities and great lessons from history. Since it's a group of islands, the most popular island Funafuti, that’s at the same time capital serves as the major touchpoint to untouched nature and tropical paradise.

    If you're looking for pure relaxation while catching the shade of palm trees and drinking fresh coconut juice, then Funafuti is an ideal destination for you. The island is known by its long lagoon that features a diverse and colorful coral reef that is home to many sea species including barracudas, manta rays and even reef sharks.

    People who're into snorkeling and diving can explore a neighboring Marine Conservation Park that is known by one of the clearest waters on the planet. In the park, you can explore various diving spots and swim with sea turtles, countless fish species, and, in some seasons, you can even spot majestic whale sharks.

    best south pacific islands to visit

    4. Solomon Islands

    If you’re not attracted to visiting the major tropical hotspots such as Bali or Fiji, visiting the Solomon Islands might be the ideal destination for you. Did you know it's one of the least visited regions in the world attracting less than 50,000 people each year? Solomon Islands has it all - from historic sites and remains from WW2 to the abundant and healthy coral reefs, world-class beaches and attractive diving spots.

    If you're a person who enjoys history, heading to Honiara might be the best start. Honiara features a variety of WW2 museums where you can learn details from infamous battles on the South Pacific. Also, visiting a central market offers a unique and authentic local experience where you can immerse yourself in the bustle of a tiny fisherman town and try delicious traditional seafood.

    The Solomon Islands are renowned for its stunning beaches and untouched underwater world which makes it an ideal destination for diving, snorkeling and all kinds of other water activities. Head over to Ghizo Archipelago if you’re looking for true relaxation and a sweet holiday far away from the tourist crowds.

    best south pacific islands to visit

    5. Noumea, New Caledonia

    South Pacific is known by tropical islands that feature sandy beaches, turquoise waters, an abundance of the underwater world and not so many people around. Noumea, on the contrary, is the capital city of New Caledonia located on Grand Terre Island that enjoys the status of the fastest growing city in the region.

    If you’re looking for a comfortable vacation with your family where everything is just minutes away from your resort, then Noumea might be the place for you. All major beaches are just a walk away from the city and you can expect nice infrastructures such as plenty of water activities, beach bars, and cozy restaurants.

    If you’re looking to do some snorkeling or diving, heading to Amedee Island and exploring the crystal clear waters and coral reefs is a perfect choice. Looking for an adrenaline boost? Check out Rainforest Canopy Adventure which features a zipline ride through diverse Koghis Forest.

    best south pacific islands to visit

    6. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

    Bora Bora is an island in French Polynesia located north of Tahiti, 260 kilometers from the capital of Papeete. If you want to enjoy a show of Polynesian dances, forget about those organized by the hotels. Throughout the month of July a Festival of Polynesian dances is organized throughout the country called Heiva, which you can attend for free. Discover it in Bora Bora. Possibly it is the most beautiful lagoon in the world.

    One of the most beautiful and photographed motus of Polynesia is the Motu Tapu. From Bora Bora you can see the nearby islands of Tahaa, Raiatea and Maupiti. Do not forget the drinks, the delicious cocktails such as maitai (rum mix, fresh pineapple and Cointreau) and Banana Coralia (fresh bananas, lemon juice, strawberry syrup and coconut).

    Luxury hotels abound, with Polynesian-style bungalows built on the waters of the Bora Bora lagoon, where breakfast can arrive on board a canoe. In addition, the national television channel also broadcasts Heiva live, so if you fall far or do not coincide you can see it quietly from the hotel room. In Tahiti rent a car and go around the island.

    The best season to travel to Bora Bora is during the months of May to October. Hurricane storms are common during the rest of the year. For scuba diving in Bora Bora, the best months are from April to June.

    The Rangiroa Atoll is the second largest atoll in the world and is a spectacular place to dive. A perfect place to drift dive, the tropical waters are full of dolphins, sharks, and green sea turtles. Very few people come here, making it the perfect place to get away from hordes of tourists and enjoy a truly unique dive.

    7. Rakiraki, Fiji

    Fiji has several labels, from the soft coral capital of the world to the best shark diving location in the world. With such titles, it is easy to call Fiji a world-class diving destination that meets all ages and qualifications. But diving in Fiji has more to offer, such as wall dives, swims, caverns, canyons and incredible blue water encounters besides family resorts.

    The strong currents of the outer reefs bring nutrient-rich waters thousands of kilometers around. In turn, they attract some of the most diverse lives of the ocean, from macro life to pelagic spectacles that challenge the eye. With more than 390 species of corals, approximately 1,200 species of fish and five of the seven species of marine turtles in the world, is the dream of a submarine naturalist while travelling Fiji.

    Recommended dive sites include the world famous Beqa Lagoon, Shark Reef and Viti Levu Coral Coast. For both beginners and experienced divers, exploring the Rakiraki dive site is fun. Here you can see gardens of marine fans and vibrant corals, as well as pelagic giants like the barracuda, the wahoo and the occasional blanket or the whale shark.

    best south pacific islands to visit

    8. Easter Island

    Rapa Nui is an island of Polynesia located in the Pacific Ocean. Belonging to Chile, it is one of the main tourist destinations in the country. Rapa Nui has only one town, Hanga Roa, where almost all the inhabitants of the island are concentrated. Without a doubt, it is a unique and idyllic place due to its nature, culture and history.

    The first inhabitants arrived around the 4th century and developed a unique culture that we can still admire today thanks to the vestiges such as the impressive moai, ancestors carved in stone that protect the island. In addition to the enigmatic moai stone heads, on the island you will find fascinating landscapes.

    It is worth visiting one of its main volcanoes such as Rano Kau, with its beautiful flooded crater, and Rano Raraku, where the moais were carved. In addition, Rapa Nui has a beauty beach without equal, Anakena. You can see at the same time the crystal clear waters of Polynesia and the moai of the Ahu that are there.

    On Easter Island you can also give yourself a dip or two. If you dare to do something else, nothing better than an immersion in the crystal clear waters of Rapa Nui. There are several experienced diving companies to choose from and with all you will have an exciting safe experience that you will never forget.

    The closest beach to the capital is Pea. It is one of the best beaches for surfing, bodyboarding and swimming. At 30 km you will reach Ovahe beach, although the most important one is Anakena beach, home of the great Ahu Nau Nau and where Ahu Ature Huki and his enigmatic solitary moai can be found.

    But most of the moais on the island come from the slopes of the Rano Raraku volcano, located at the southwest end of Easter Island. If you are passionate about volcanoes you should not forget the Maunga Terevaka (the highest point on the island) and the Poike. As for the Moais, the most prominent are those of Ahu Akivi, Ahu Tongariki, Ahu te Pito Kura, Ahu Akahanga and Ahu Vinapu.

    best south pacific islands to visit

    9. Samoa

    Samoa was the chosen destination, not because of a particular preference but because of an air offer that was too tempting for us. Samoa gave us much more than the beaches that showed us the tourist brochures, and for that reason it seems like a fantastic destination, especially if you are in New Zealand or Australia.

    To those crystal clear waters and golden sands, there are waterfalls, jungle, volcanoes, lava fields and, for us, the great attraction of traveling to Samoa, the traditions and lifestyle (Fa'a Samoa) that are preserved much more authentic than in other neighboring islands. In addition, it is the second cheapest destination in the Pacific after Fiji.

    If your motivation for traveling to Samoa is only beaches, there are other much cheaper places in Southeast Asia. But if you are also interested in the culture of Polynesia and be part, even for a few days, of one of those remote corners where mass tourism did not arrive, then start planning.

    Upolu is the most populated and modern island, where Apia (capital) has Faleolo International Airport and Lalomanu is the most tourist beach. At the western end is the Mulifanua port, from where ferries leave for Savai'i. Salelologa is the port and town where practically all the services are (markets, ATMs, bus terminal, hotels).

    There is also a dock where boats go to Manono and another point (it can not be called pier) for Apolima. Manono is easy to get from Upolu but gives the feeling of being lost in the middle of the ocean. Between Pago Pago, the capital of neighboring American Samoa (US territory), and Apia, there are ferries.

    And if you want to go to one of the most remote destinations in the world, twice a month there are boats to Tokelau, an archipelago of 1500 inhabitants that administratively depends on New Zealand, but culturally much closer to Samoa.

    It is a hard trip of 24 to 32 hours when the wind is in favor, which explains the isolation of these islands. The place that handles all the information related to the ferry to Tokelau is the Tokelau Apia Liaison Office, which is close to the Clock Tower of Apia. The only way to have an estimated date before traveling is to write from the Government of Tokelau page, if they respond, but once in Apia you will be able to have more data.

    It is definitely a trip only for those who are very convinced. Samoa is synonymous with Fale when it comes to lodging. These typical beach constructions are wooden huts with straw roof and mosquito net, ranging from the most basic ones with a mattress on the floor and winding curtains instead of walls.

    A cheap hotel in Apia is around USD 15 to 20, and a simple fale on the beach is at T 70-100 per person including breakfast and dinner (cheaper in Savai'i).

    Eating at the stalls of the markets will cost between T 5 and 10 per meal. The local beer, Vailima, costs between T 3 and 4.

    Have you ever been to the South Pacific Islands? What’s your favorite place in the area? Don’t hesitate to share your experiences below.
    Kalyan Panja Kalyan Panja Author
    Are you planning on taking a short break from your jampacked schedule and the thought of visiting Dublin in Ireland zoomed in to your mind? Well, if that’s so, just know that taking a trip to Ireland’s capital city, Dublin, is a decision you wouldn’t regret! Though a visit to Dublin can cost you a little much money, there’s no need for you to worry because there are still various ways you can do to cut off your supposed travel expenses.

    And besides, you surely wouldn’t want to miss out the chance to see the vibrant city itself, experience its flourishing nightlife, and see its mind-blowing tourist attractions before your eyes. So, as you start writing and organising an itinerary for your Dublin visit, you might want to check out the following tips below best-suited for thrifty travellers.

    best things to do in Dublin

    What are you waiting for? Read and figure out how you can save up more money while having the best days of your Dublin travel!

    best things to do in Dublin

    1. Best and Low-cost Way to Get to Dublin

    Apparently, nobody can tell what's the cheapest way possible for you to get to Dublin. As it will all depend on where you're coming from - are you coming from abroad or from just a nearby city or place? If you're coming from within Ireland, the best option you can consider is to take a bus or train trip to Dublin. But when you’re coming from outside the country, your best options are booking a flight or take a ferry going to Ireland.

    Either way, you can always have a chance to get discounted plane or ferry tickets if you book for your Dublin city tour as early as you can.

    best things to do in Dublin

    2. Best time to visit Dublin

    To make the most of your Dublin trip, you better not forget to also check out the most suggested times or seasons to visit the city. By far, the cheapest season to visit Dublin is during winter. However, when you say winter, expect the rainy weather throughout your visit. If you don't like much snow and too much rain to get in your way during your Dublin trip, you can also consider the Spring and Fall seasons to travel with just enough budget.

    If you're planning to have your Dublin tour between the months of July and August, which is the summer season and also the most sought-after time by the majority of tourists, you better ready your pocket as it's also considered as the most expensive time to visit the city.

    3. Most Economical Accommodation in Dublin

    Aside from your plane tickets going to Dublin, you’re probably thinking about a place to stay while in the city, right? Well, don't think too much because Dublin has a world of cheap options to resolve your accommodation concerns. You can find a cosy and clean place to stay in any serviced apartment in Ballsbridge at a very affordable rate.

    If you want to stay in the city centre, you can book accommodation in one of Dublin city centre’s hotels. Don’t worry because cheap hostel and/or apartelles are also available in Dublin. You just have to take some time and a lot of patience on finding the best and perfect place for you.

    best things to do in Dublin

    4. Low-cost Tourist Attractions to visit in Dublin

    If you want to get around the city of Dublin even when you're on a tight budget, you can still have a chance to visit some of its tourist attractions at a more affordable price. Well, when visiting Dublin on a budget, you better not forget to avail a self-guided Dublin Street art tour.

    In this free-of-charge activity, you can have a chance to see the city's top street art routes presenting artists like Banksy, Bordalo, Dan Leo, James Earley, and KinMx. Aside from that, you can also enjoy a low-cost visit to Dublin’s variety of parks. St. Merrion Square, Phoenix Park, Stephen’s Green, and The Botanical Gardens are just some of the free places you can check out.

    Take note of this, The Botanical Gardens only offer free guided tours during Sundays between 12 pm to 2:30 pm. For the rest of the time, it charges €5 per head.

    Read more about the fun, low-cost, and free things to do in Dublin here: Cheap and free things to do in Dublin

    best things to do in Dublin

    Final thoughts:

    See? The Dublin city must be pretty much expensive in different aspects but with great planning and organising, you can absolutely make the most out of your Dublin visit without a hassle! If you have more Dublin travel tips that are definitely best-suited for thrifty travellers, just know that you can always knock on our doors and share your ideas and thoughts with us and our readers.

    AUTHOR BIO: Kath Ramirez is daytime and a committed writer in PREMIER SUITES Ballsbridge, Dublin. She’s been pouring her dedication and love for writing ever since she was in fourth grade. Kath is also a die-hard fan of travelling, photography, dancing, and head over heels to her furbabies.
    Kalyan Panja Kalyan Panja Author
    After a wide range of bushfires in Australia, fear is evident everywhere. Travelers whose favorite holiday destination is Australia are in deep sorrow. I was sitting on my desk in the morning and while scrolling my social media stream, I could watch dozens of pictures coming from the fire area. It made me cry for hours.

    I'm still very upset and writing you some thoughts about traveling to Australia after Bushfires. It is very hard to write at this moment but I have to. This was my third trip to Australia through Virikson Holidays I remember. I have a lot of natural and wildlife memories with cute animals who are now homeless.

    Are you willing to travel to Australia right now? Here are some tips to travel Australia after bushfires from my side. Keep them in your mind while traveling to Australia these days.

    Is it safe to travel to Australia

    Did you hear anything from the British Foreign and Commonwealth office?

    It is important to get notified about what British Foreign and Commonwealth office is saying. The foreign office is concerned about the alarming situation in Australia as there is a state emergency like the situation in the country. The foreign office directs its citizens to be aware about the evacuation and the road closure situation. Tourists should get on to safe places where they can avoid the effects of smoke.

    TV News, Government/Authorities Notifications

    If you are already in Australia, get awarded by the news on tv, use social media for urgent updates. Twitter is more efficient in the dissemination of the news to the masses in seconds. Even I got to know about the situation in Australia through twitter.

    Official statements from the Australia Government and authority notifications are also the things you should be aware of. For example, there are some no go areas in Australia after the fire, because fire has affected those areas very badly. So travelers are advised to avoid to visit those places in Australia.

    Where you cannot Visit these days in Australia?

    Bushfire in Australia doesn't mean that the entire Australia is in fire and tourists are forbidden to visit the country. No, it's not true. Although fire has reached almost every state in Australia, the Alpine National Park and Kosciuszko National Park are burned and affected very badly.

    Sydney, Victoria, and Melbourne are safe but their coastal lines are affected very badly by the fires. So keep yourself what the authorities are guiding you about.

    Health Tips in Bushfire affected Areas

    Being in Australia needs you to know about how to get right with your health. First of all, try your maximum to be indoors during the situation there. If you are living in the hotel having windows open, keep them closed to avoid the bad effects of the smoke of severe bushfire in the region.

    If you are an asthma or lungs patient, please don't travel to Australia because it is not the right time for you being there. Let the situation settle once, the natural beauties in Australia would welcome you as it always welcomed its guests. Also, don't travel with the children to the places which are highly sensitive and forbidden to visit in Australia.

    Use the quality masks even in the normal air. It will save you by the little harmful particles in the air produced by the bushfire. Keep yourself hydrated.

    You can Volunteer to Evacuate the Animals in Australia

    TO rescue and evacuate the animals from the fire is the greatest thing one can experience these days in Australia. Almost all the main regions are in a state of emergency in the country. If you are a regular visitor and enjoyed some good time in the wildlife of Australia, you should take part in rescuing your friends in this trouble.

    But before setting up for help, you should be aware of the pros and cons of the situation. You should wear the special fire dress to get into the burning woods. You should have a sense of security too. Know about which animal may hit you and how will you tackle the situation. For taking an opportunity of rescuing, you should be aware of the rescue process, and have experience of volunteering in Australia.

    One Very Early Thing to Remember

    Insurance, yes travel insurance. You should have your travel insurance with you to get the benefit of any worse situation in Australia. It helps in the situation, let's say you are been told to move and shift your plan, your travel insurance will pay you back in this situation.

    Traveling to Australia even in this situation is not like you are traveling to hell. Australia is still the place once a favorite holiday destination for you. So plan your trip to Australia just after things go normal. We can hope that the situation will come to normal very soon. Hopes are high.
    Kalyan Panja Kalyan Panja Author
    Be it the culture or the people, the high-rising skyscrapers or the nightlife, the authentic cuisine or the never-ending shopping scenes, Dubai has a surprise for everyone. An epitome of luxurious lifestyle, Dubai is synonymous with breathtaking skyscrapers that showcase nothing but architectural brilliance.

    Whether it is a tourist attraction, a residential area, office buildings, or hotels, each and every structure is ultramodern to the core. However, one need not burn a hole in their pockets to experience the best of this luxury.

    Have you set yourself in a very special hotel in the summer? Remember that the most popular hotels in Dubai is always fully booked first plus there's thousands of dollars to save if you book now in January. Types of concept, all-inclusive or tailor-made for families or couples are more popular than ever, so take the opportunity to make it big in January now and you will have something special to look forward to.

    best hotels in dubai

    While nothing comes for free, these cheap hotels in Dubai make it possible for travelers to experience the best luxury at a shoestring budget.

    1. Click City Hotel

    Conveniently located close to most of the major tourist attractions, Click City Hotel offers amazing views of the city's skyline. Along with all the modern amenities, the hotel is also a great stay option for shopaholics with Mall of Emirates located close by.

    Location: Al Nakheel Street, Opp Burj Nahar Hotel Near Fish Roundabout, Deira, Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    2. Jacob's Garden Hotel

    Located at a distance of just about two kilometers from the famous Grand Mosque, the Jacob's Garden Hotel is a great choice for those who are looking for a value for money hotel. Flaunting an amazing outdoor pool, the hotel also offers an onsite restaurant, a shared lounge, and a well-equipped fitness centre. In addition to that, do not miss out on making the most of the wellness services that includes a sauna and a hot tub.

    Location: Rolla Street, Bur Dubai Opp. Baqer Al Mohebi, Bur Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    3. Goldstate Hotel

    A well-furnished hotel with detailed interiors and a lavish surrounding, the Goldstate Hotel is located at a distance of just about three kilometers from the famous Floating Bridge. Treating the guests to some of the amazing views from the private balconies, all the rooms at this hotel are equipped with modern amenities, and it also offers a great ambiance being one of the cheap hotels in Dubai.

    Location: Near Al Jadaf Metro station Al Khail Road, Bur Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    4. City Avenue Hotel

    Apart from the travelers, the City Avenue Hotel is a great option for the guests visiting Dubai for business purposes as well. Boasting of a fully furnished business centre, the hotel also offers great services like that of a concierge, currency exchange, restaurants, and a 24-hour front desk operations. Also, do not miss out on the delicious continental cuisine at this hotel and shop till you drop at the Dubai Mall that is located closeby.

    Location: Al Muteena Street, Next LuLu Center, Al Muteena, Deira, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    5. Al Khoory Inn Bur Dubai

    Located at the heart of the Bur Dubai district, Al Khoory Inn Bur Dubai is an apt choice for those who’d like to explore this wonderful destination at ease. Located at a distance of just nine kilometers from the famous Burj Khalifa, other eminent attractions like that of the Grand Mosque, the Dubai World Trade Centre, City Walk Mall, etc, are all located nearby to the hotel.

    Offering a great value for money as well, it is a great stay option for shopping, sightseeing, and much more.

    Location: Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road, 17th St, Bur Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    6. Rove At The Park

    Boasting of a lavish outdoor swimming pool, an onsite restaurant, a shared lounge, a fitness centre, and much more, Rove At The Park is one of the best and cheap hotels in Dubai that offers luxury at an affordable price. Set at a walking distance from the Outlet Village Mall, the hotel also offers great recreational activities like that of a game area, bike rentals, and much more.

    And for all the local travelers, it comes as a great relief to interact with a well-groomed and Hindi-speaking staff who are at your service at any given time.

    Location: Dubai Parks and Resorts, Dubai World Central, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Interesting Reads: TOP Adventures Things To Do In Dubai

    7. Premier Inn Dubai Al Jaddaf

    Located at a distance of just 6 kilometers from the famous Dubai World Trade Centre, the Premier Inn Dubai Al Jaddaf hotel suits the taste of all kinds of travelers. Be it the solo travelers, family, couples, or friends, Premier Inn Dubai Al Jaddaf has something to offer to everyone.

    Apart from an onsite restaurant and a fitness centre, guests can also chill in the lavish outdoor swimming pool while they feast on the gorgeous views. Enjoying its convenient location which is close to major attractions, guests staying at this hotel can explore famous places like Dubai Mall, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo at their own pace.

    Location: Culture Village Al Jaddaf, Bur Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Interesting Reads: Best Food in Dubai - Cheap Restaurants

    best hotels in dubai

    Looking forward to exploring the best of Dubai on your next trip? Make sure you choose to stay at one of these best and cheapest hotels in Dubai for a memorable experience.
    Kalyan Panja Kalyan Panja Author

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