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Holidays can be a great time to take a #vacation and #travel, and of those destinations can be Sydney. There are many events and places to visit in Sydney and experience, and spend quality time with your loved ones in Australia. Considering that December in Sydney is summertime, that means night barbecues on the beach, swimming, and festive activities.

Taking a walk, singing carols, shopping, those are just some of the activities you can do during the winter. Below we will give you top places to visit in Sydney during the holidays.

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best places to visit in Sydney Australia

1. Sydney CBD

One of the sure ways to have a great Christmas holiday in Sydney is to visit the city center with its magical light, pop-up shops, and a giant Christmas tree. The Yuletide festivities traditionally start with lighting the Christmas tree. A visit to Santa Claus is a must, who you can see at the Enchanted Garden.

Around the whole city of Sydney in December, carols are very easy to come by, with singers spread out around the place, sharing the holiday spirit. Just taking a simple walk and enjoying the scenery and all of the colors and lights will surely get you ready for Christmas and New Year's Eve in Sydney.

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2. Christmas in Sydney

During the holidays, Sydney is covered with beautiful lights and sparkles all around which will surely take your breath away. Everyone loves Christmas, so you will surely see families displaying all of the lights they have in the most beautiful ways.

Going on the light-hunting trip is a very fun way to entertain yourself during the holiday, and it will bring you a lot of joy and inspiration. Extravagant trees towering the city and spectacular light installations will make you want to decorate yourself and get into the holiday spirit.

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3. Buying a Christmas Tree in Sydney

One of the first and most fun traditions and activities is buying a holiday Christmas tree. Buying and decorating a tree is a great way to spend time with your family or friends, and an easy way to make your home beautiful during the holidays.

With many options to choose from, it can be difficult to find the perfect type of tree. Do you want a fresh pine tree or a potted plant that will last you a long time? The choice depends on how you want to decorate your house, and how much you are willing to clean. An easy fix is to buy a plastic tree that can come in a lot of colors and can last you forever, with making minor changes to decor.

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best places to visit in Sydney Australia

4. New Year's Eve in Sydney

Have you thought about what to do on New Year's Eve in Sydney? What about having an amazing time dancing the night away in some of the best parties in Sydney? A spectacular night in the harbor will surely lift your holiday spirit up.

The harbor is lit and decorated with many different lights and illuminations like a fireworks display. Buying a dress or a suit and visiting famous salons like Rubi Hair is a perfect way to prepare for the parties and glam up for the holidays. It will get you in the right mood and make your night magical.

Luna Park is a harbor party that will surely make an impression on you, with activities like riding a Ferris wheel or any other rides in the park until 1am. If you don't want to mess up your new look, the New Year's Eve Soirée in the Sydney Opera house will be more to your taste. Fresh food, different drinks, and beautiful music will make your night special and memorable.

Best Things To Do In Sydney Australia

5.Christmas Markets in Sydney

We all like to give and receive presents, and some people take a lot into consideration when buying a gift for family or friends. Fashion, art, food, all of that can be found in Sydney's Christmas markets. You can actually find everything you need in just one visit, but the colors and many stalls will make you want to go back.

A fair trade Christmas market in Sydney is a perfect place for ethically sourced gifts like toys, homeware and jewellery. If you enjoy an occasional drink, the Craft Drinks market is the place for you. Unusual and new tastes can be found here, going perfectly with the holiday spirit. Artisans market Glebe is about local and handmade products, like plants, toys and furniture.

Whether taking a walk, buying stocking stuffers or enjoying a drink, your holidays can be amazing and full of new experiences. Making people happy and bringing fun is what Sydney is all about at Christmas, and you can surely feel that way. Get out of the house and go exploring different markets in search of the perfect tree, gifts for your family or, if you have different plans, shopping for new clothes for New Year's Eve parties.
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Kalyan Kalyan Author
It's that time of the year again, time for decoration on trees with colorful lights, time for gifts and sharing, time to build a snowman, spreading love and joy all around, it's time for Christmas again. So here is for you the ultimate guide for the best Christmas Markets in Vienna in Austria. Christmas Markets in Europe and Vienna is an age old tradition, dating back to 1298, when the city had its first December market or so called Krippenmarkt.

Since then a lot has changed but the festive spirit of Christmas remained the same. As you walk through the streets of Vienna, a sense of cosiness oozes not only from it's classy cafes but heartwarming aromas of roasted chestnuts, delicious scent of cinnamon and punch, emanating from dozens of Christmas markets around the city. Frankly speaking, if you can't get into the spirit of Christmas market in Vienna, you probably never will.

Best Christmas Markets Vienna, Austria

In this article you will get to know everything about the 5 best Christmas Market of Vienna.

PS: If you are in Vienna, why not take a day trip to Bratislava? Checkout 6 Amazing Reasons to Visit Slovakia Today!

1. Christmas World at the City Hall

This is the biggest, the prettiest and probably the most popular christmas market of Vienna. Everything Christmasy you could imagine, you will find it here. From a giant Christmas tree to 3,000 m² ice rink, from international choir singing carols to over 150 stalls selling all kinds of traditional Viennese christmas treats and warming drinks, Christmas World on Rathausplatz is true Christmas fairyland.

The unique backdrop of gorgeous city hall gives this market a charm of its own, and the delicious aromas are sure to lull all visitors into the seasonal joy. I will suggest keeping this as number one on your list.

Location: 1010 Wien, Rathausplatz

Christmas market hours: Daily from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, 24th December – only until 07:00 PM

Dates: 15 November 2019 to 24 December 2019

Best Christmas Markets Vienna, Austria

2. Christmas Village Belvedere Palace

Set away from the hustle bustle of historic centre, against the baroque backdrop of Vienna‘s most beautiful and significant sights, Belvedere Palace is another must visit Christmas market. Although market itself isn’t very big, but it features original handicrafts and culinary delights. With imperial vibe, this is definitely the most romantic markets. Don’t forget to try potato with melted raclette, served with pickles. Delicious !

You can also explore this beautiful baroque building and Belvedere Gallery from inside.

Location: Prinz Eugen-Strasse 27, 1030 Wien, Austria

Christmas market hours: Daily from 11:00 AM to 09:00 PM

24th December – from 11:00 AM to 04:00 PM, From 25th to 30th December – 11:00 AM to 07:00 PM

Dates: From 22 November to 31 December

Best Christmas Markets Vienna, Austria

3. Art Advent Karlsplatz

If you are traveling with kids and like artistic souvenirs, this is the market you should go. The beautiful baroque Karlsplatz is all lit up with decorative strings of fairy lights, giving festive vibe all around. The pond in front of the church is dried up and is filled with hay, many cute pigs and sheep are here for you to pet.

Moreover, there are live acts such as fire dances, street theater and a fashion event. All food offered here are organically certified.

If you wander around the little surrounding streets, you will find tons of local food to try. I recommend Raclette Brot (bread with warm cheese) and of course Schilcher Glühwein (mulled wine). So so good….

Why not enjoy 4 famous Christmas markets with a local guide, on a fun walking tour? Checkout the details Here.

Location: Karlsplatz, 1040 Wien, Austria

Christmas market hours: Daily from 12:00 PM to 09:00 PM

Dates: From 22 November to 23 December

Best Christmas Markets Vienna, Austria

4. Christmas Village Maria-Theresien Platz

Located between the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Art is another cozy christmas market. There are over 70 booths offering traditional handicrafts and vast array of culinary delights. I recommend having soup served in a bread bowl. Trust me you can’t afford to miss it !

Apart from being one of the biggest, this market is also open for the longest. After the 27th of December, it turns into a New Years Village.

Location: Maria-Theresien-Platz, 1010 Wien, Austria

Christmas market hours: Daily from 11:00 AM to 09:00 PM

24th December – till 04:00 PM, From 25th December to 6th January – till 07:00 PM

Dates: From 20 November 2019 to 6 January 2020

5. Christmas Market Schönbrunn Palace

Enchanted with imperial background, this Christmas market is truly magical. Although it’s located away from the main centre, it’s totally worth it. Not only popular among tourists, it is ranked among one of the best christmas markets of Vienna.

The market offers traditional handicrafts, hand-made Christmas decorations, Christmas concerts and an extensive children's program, including Christmas workshop. It also scores high on live music. The great thing is that is is open even after Christmas. So if you are staying in Vienna for New Years or after, you can still enjoy festive vibe.

If you are visiting Vienna for the first time, a tour of the Schönbrunn Palace is a must.

Location: Schönbrunn Palace, 1130 Wien, Austria

Christmas market hours: Daily from 10:00 AM to 09:00 PM, 24th December – till 04:00 PM, From 25th December to 5th January – till 06:00 PM

Dates: From 23 November 2019 to 5 January 2020

Looking For More Fun Things To Do In Vienna During Christmas? Why not enjoy an atmospheric ride in the heart of Vienna on a Christmas Cruise with food and drinks on board. Or experience a classical evening with Christmas & New Year's Concert in St. Peter's Church. Enjoy a delicious 3-course meal at a restaurant in the Schönbrunn area while listening to music by Mozart and Strauss.

Have a beautiful time in Vienna! Here's to a wonderful Holiday season and a Happy New Year!

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Kalyan Kalyan Author
Nicaragua has some of the best preserved and isolated dive sites in the world. From the rocky reefs of San Juan del Sur in the Pacific to the virgin corals of the Corn Islands, off the Atlantic coast, Nicaragua offers diverse, world-class diving sites. Corn Island and Little Corn Island are the physical representation of the Nicaraguan Caribbean paradise.

Connected to both the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean, there is a wide range of possible marine encounters. You can swim with eels, sharks, rays, groupers and African pompano along the 12 km of coral reef in the Caribbean Sea. Hit the best immersion of Little Corn, Blowing Rock, or the popular alternative and closest to the edge of the White Holes.

For more adventurous shark finders, Shark Hole is a network of tunnels and swimming under the reef, home to black tip sharks, bulls and reefs. For those looking to mix, there is also freshwater diving in the volcanic craters of Apoyo and Xiloá. Usually, this is for more experienced divers but if you can go, you can simply glimpse one of the more than 10 species of fish not described there.

And while hitchhiking is a commonplace, women traveling alone should be careful, especially when carrying all their luggage. The lively and happy culture of the Nicaraguans, combined with its relaxed rhythm as the Caribbean, make this country a refuge of hospitality for all types of travelers in homestays, airbnb or resorts.

I have been to many different areas of Nicaragua, and these are the ones that I would most recommend spending your time and money on. They each play a part in making Nicaragua uniquely Nicaragua. These are the top 5 places to visit in Nicaragua, in my opinion.

Places to Visit in Nicaragua

1. Ojo de Agua

By far my favorite place in the world. Not that I've been to so many places, but this is seriously a place from my dreams. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Ojo de Agua so so much. Located on the small island of Ometepe on Lake Nicaragua, this fresh waterhole is a beautiful place. There are monkeys, palm trees, fresh coconuts to drink from.

I mean, c'mon, what more could you possibly want? Besides tropical weather, maybe some sunglasses and a bathing suit. It's kind of a trip to get there, but so worth it. The water comes out of the ground and pools in what could only be described as a nature-made swimming pool. It's long and rectangular and you can see right to the bottom. It has constant flow through it (but no strong current) so it's beautiful clear water, not stagnant.

Places to Visit in Nicaragua

2. Laguna de Apoyo

This fresh water lagoon can be viewed from above at a very touristy place called Catarina, piled with people and restaurants and street vendors selling all sorts of colorful items. If you like that busy touristy vibe, head over there. Or, as I much prefer, you can drive right down the steep side (well, actually a kind of roundabout drive) to the edge of the water.

There are plenty of good (and cheap) hotels, kayaks and other water toy rentals, and restaurants with delicious traditional Nicaraguan cuisine. Many of the restaurants have access to the water, so if you buy a meal you can hang out on their beach for the day. This is a bit nicer for a relaxing beach day than going to the ocean, because it's protected from the wind by the steep incline all around it, so the waves don't get very big.

Places to Visit in Nicaragua

3. Cerro Negro (volcano boarding)

The ONLY place in the world you can board down the side of a volcano. This trip is amazing. Since it's kind of a drive down some bumpy side roads, your best bet is finding a tour agency that does daily tours to the volcano. Most of these tours include a 1 to 2 hour hike up, they give you a bodysuit and board for the ride down, and then offer free drinks and snacks as a bonus.

They're decent prices and you'll most likely be with a bus load of English speaking tourists (not the best way to immerse yourself in Spanish, very good if you just want to tour and don't want to have to speak Spanish). The hike to the top of the volcano is doable for those of us who don't regularly exercise, easy peasy for anyone who hikes on the regular.

Just remember Nicaragua has a WARM, warm climate, and the sun beats down mercilessly during their summer season. The view is incredible of course, and boarding down the volcano gives an adrenaline rush.

Places to Visit in Nicaragua

4. Cañon de Somoto

Way up in the north of Nicaragua, a river snakes through a canyon. Drive up there, park your car, and take a guided hike down to and along the river, swimming and hiking through the canyon. It's an amazing way to get in a hike but stay cool on the way. You get the views, you get to hike, submerse yourself to cool off, jump off the rocks into the water (if you so dare).

Then towards the end, when you start to tire out, you hop into a rowboat and your guide rows you down the last bit to rest up before hiking the rest of the way back to where you parked your car.

Places to Visit in Nicaragua

5. Salto de la Estanzuela

We tried to do the Somoto Canyon hike and check out this beautiful waterfall all in the same day - not recommended unless you are in tip top physical condition. To get to the waterfall, it's a hike along a very up and down road, then you take a couple hundred steps down a staircase to get to the bottom of it.

The waterfall varies at different times of year, sometimes is just a stream and sometimes roaring falls, but the pool at the bottom is a very peaceful place to bathe and skip rocks, and just hang out, enjoying the sounds and the view.

Places to Visit in Nicaragua

One other place that is absolutely incredible (I've only seen pictures, will be visiting there in 2020) and makes Nicaragua uniquely Nicaragua, is Corn Island/Little Corn Island. Two magical little tropical islands off the east coast of the country. I'd love to tell you about my experience later on, after immersing myself in that beautiful place.

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Kalyan Kalyan Author
Congratulations on your wedding! You've become Mr and Mrs now. The daily routine is again going to get you on the grip. If you can manage a spell of 5 or 7 days, just slip away to paradise. Spend a romantic time on your honeymoon in South Africa and rekindle the wedding excitement. Well, South Africa has many places to offer you solitude, fun, and adventure where no one would like to miss out on a moment to get cozy with his/her partner.

The most magical we experienced - that describes many who went on safari in Africa. Ghost and early mornings, the hunt for the Big 5, fiery sunsets and stories around the campfire under a starry sky. Of safari destinations is South Africa's largest. Explore the famous Kruger National Park in an open Land Rover, vineyard and be mesmerized by the colorful Cape Town.

best places to visit in south africa

I must say, the honeymoon in South Africa is pure bliss to every couple out there. Why miss this opportunity, especially when you can create memories to cherish for life!

1. Franschhoek, Cape Town

While you are looking for a romantic getaway with your new partner, you can pick Franschhoek, Cape Town for your lover's destination. The best thing about this place is Vintage cars Franschhoek Motor Museum along with vineyards walk with fine wine and romantic ride at Franschhoek wine tram.

Not to mention the best romantic places to stay during your journey are La Residence, The Last Word Franschhoek, The Garden House, and Plumwood Inn. Visit September to November for the best honeymoon experience.

Experience the beauty of Cape Town and discover how it feels to see whales and sharks in the Cape Floristic Region in Overberg.

best places to visit in south africa

2. Queenstown, Eastern Cape

We all like red roses because that is a symbol of romance and love. And with that, the idyllic weather and awesome townsfolk are an added bonus in your romantic environment. It is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in South Africa. This place is literally heavenly at foothills of Hangklip mountains and the most romantic experience is Beautiful river resorts, hiking or mountain biking with your love, and fishing.

3. The Garden Route, Western Cape

The Garden Route's attractions — Cango caves, Plettenberg Bay, Knysa and Tsitsikamma are the most romantic places in South Africa. When you are planning for a perfect honeymoon trip with your partner, make your getaway through the most romantic forest, canopy tours, wild storms.

best places to visit in south africa

4. Elephant Coast, Kwazulu Natal

Another perfect getaway on South Africa honeymoon is Elephant Coast, Kwazulu Natal. The best things to do here are gaming at the game lodge, soaking in tranquility at Nottingham road, Beverly Hills, and the upmarket at Oyster Box. You can stay at Beachcomb which is the most romantic place here.

5. Johannesburg, Gauteng

Nothing is more romantic than a romantic dinner at Carnival City and Entertainment World, and safari at the Lion Park. The best time to visit Johannesburg, Gauteng is August to October. And to make your stay more worth it, book a room at The Monarch Hotel and enjoy their delicious meals.

Did you know that a lion's roar can be heard 8 km away? It is actually one of the most vocal roar. By comparison, a human scream can be heard a few hundred meters away. Today there are only about 20,000 lions left in Africa, so keep your ears open if you go on safari! Africa has the world's second largest growing tourism safari experience is what attracts most.

Choose whether you want to stay with a fixed point at a lodge or go on tour. South Africa is the key to some of Africa's best safari experiences. Take the time to explore all that the country has to offer. Start with Cape Town and a scenic drive along the 'Garden Route' before you go north towards the Kruger National Park.

6. Kruger National Park

About 6 hours by road from Johannesburg (although you can go by plane), it is totally inconceivable to schedule a trip to South Africa without including a view of the Kruger National Park. Combine it with the tropical paradise of Bazaruto Island, off the coast of Mozambique. You will explore the African Savannah, sleep under the stars in a luxury camp and discover the Big Five.

There is no bad time for a safari in the Kruger National Park. In fact, it is fascinating to see the African Savannah in different seasons. Nature is a capricious lady and the truth is that you never know what you are going to see. The experience changes from one month to the next. In the summer months, for example, it is very hot, which is ideal for those who want to escape the winter in the northern hemisphere and rest by the pool.

The temperature in the winter months is ideal during the day, although some warm clothes are needed at night and early in the morning. The sighting of animals is easier and at night you can treat yourself with an excellent bottle of wine along with a crackling wood fire. The best thing will be to experience both seasons!

During the summer there are lots of beautiful migratory birds. The most common are the morning safaris that return early to avoid heat. In the autumnal period, the vegetation begins to change and the savannah goes from being a lush green color to a lesser vegetation with a brown tone. The temperature starts to get colder at night, but during the day it is still hot. In the afternoon, heavy showers and thunderstorms may occur.

Pack your bags and fly out to South Africa with Pickyourtails. Look for the best South Africa honeymoon packages and check out some amazing South Africa destinations.
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Kalyan Kalyan Author
Despite being one of the coldest places you could possibly spend Christmas, there are still many benefits of visiting Copenhagen in December. There are many markets and activities related to Christmas, and they change a bit every year. Here is a guide to the best Christmas markets in Copenhagen!

As we light the Advent candles, Advent star shines warmly from the neighbor's window and bubbles Christmas music from the radio. The countdown to our great celebration - Christmas has begun. Hot mulled wine, juicy saffron buns and Christmas markets in Europe belong to the tradition. In today's guide we give you tips on Swedish Christmas markets, you should visit to get the best Christmas spirit.

Regardless of where and how the holidays are celebrated as they contribute often with joy, togetherness and extra leave - which makes us good.

Best Christmas Markets in Copenhagen

If you want to look forward and enjoy the combination of new traditions and travel, we highlight destinations with interesting celebrations and the best Christmas markets in Copenhagen.

1. Nyhavn Julemarked

The Danish word for Christmas market is Julemarked and you will see it a lot from now on - most markets include this word in their title. Above them all, we have the market in Nyhavn. Even though Nyhavn is already one of the top tourist attractions in Copenhagen, you get an additional reason to visit it in December. Between the 8th and the 23rd, the picturesque harbour gets decorated with lights, garlands, elf dolls and more.

Small stands will appear in Nyhavn where locals sell the typical Danish Christmas snacks such as:

  • Æbleskiver (a local treat, tasting similar to a pancake, but sweeter and it is shaped like a ball)
  • Glögg (mulled wine)
  • Pebernødder (small round biscuits with a sweet, but nutty taste)
  • Roasted almonds
  • Waffles

2. Christiania Julemarked

Christiania is the rebellious part of Copenhagen: A freetown located inside the capital with just under a thousand residents living in an intentional community. Christiania is most famous for its free-spirited attitude. For example, cannabis trade is extremely common in the area and is done openly in public, despite being illegal according to Danish law.

Even though the Christiania community is in a troubled relationship with the Danish government and with the local police, it is open to all visitors - and it is one of the most visited parts of Copenhagen. They open a major Christmas market every year, and in 2019 it is active between the 8th and the 20th December.

The market takes place in Den Grå Hal (The Gray Hall), and it is completely free to get in. It is considered to be the most alternative Christmas market in Denmark, with foods and items that you can’t buy elsewhere.

However, two things to know about Christiania: Taking pictures is not allowed here, and the locals will get upset if you do. Also, bring cash since almost all the vendors do not accept credit cards. The currency used in Denmark is danske kroner (Danish crowns).

3. Kongens Nytorv Julemarked

In the absolute center of Copenhagen, we find Kongens Nytorv. A major square where something is always happening and Christmas is no exception. In fact, we find one of the best Christmas markets in the city!

It's only open for a week (between the 15th and the 22nd of December) but that's more than enough to enjoy it. Kongens Nytorv Julemarked is designed in a very adventurous way, appealing much to kids and families. Aside from decorating the square in a beautiful way, many stalls will sell foods, snacks and drinks. You will also find interesting souvenirs and artisan items.

If you're looking to buy Christmas gifts at the same time, head over to Magasin du Nord, a huge department store located just south of the square. Magasin du Nord is one of the most popular places to shop among the locals. If you're wondering where to stay in Copenhagen, you can conveniently stay near Kongens Nytorv, since it is a great area and completely central.

Hotel D’Angleterre is a beautiful, high-quality hotel facing the square to the western side. Each year, this hotel also prepares for Christmas by having creative decorations - both inside and outside.

4. Jul i Dragør

The old town of Dragør is located on the island Amager, just 20 minutes away from Copenhagen. It is one of the most idyllic places in Denmark and naturally, the town cares a lot about the classic Danish Christmas traditions.

Jul i Dragør is the name of the event that takes place here. The whole town will decorate for Christmas in a traditional fashion. You can expect to see a lot of stalls selling æbleskiver, glögg, pebernødder, pancakes, coffee and hot chocolate during the whole month of December. The Christmas market in Dragør always opens the 1st of December and closes on Christmas Eve.

To reach Dragør, you can take the metro from the center of Copenhagen to the airport and then shift to bus number 35. You can also take bus 250S directly from Copenhagen’s main station. If you have a car, it takes around 20 minutes to drive there, and if you have a bicycle, it takes around an hour to get there. Dragør works well as a day-trip.

5. Jul i Tivoli

Tivoli is the most popular attraction park in Copenhagen. Its main season is the summer, but they also have a Christmas season which is highly popular.

Jul i Tivoli is more of an event rather than a market. There are markets inside, sure, but it’s mostly about trying the attractions, seeing the decorations and having fun. They also have a theatre where classic Christmas shows are performed. It’s a magical place and enjoyable for everyone.

Tivoli is open for much longer than the other Christmas markets and events in Copenhagen: The attraction park opens its doors on November 16th and stays open until January 5th. Unfortunately, it is not free. You can expect to pay 130 DKK (20 USD) for the entry price itself, or a price of 240 DKK (35 USD) where you have free access to all attractions as well as buying the entry. We recommend the latter solution. There are discounts for small kids, families and large groups.

Foods to eat in Denmark during December

We briefly mentioned some of the things you can typically buy in the Christmas market stalls in Copenhagen, but let’s elaborate a bit.

The æbleskive is one of the most popular Christmas snacks in Denmark. Outside of the Nordic countries and perhaps Germany, it is not a typical snack, so it might be the first time you’ll ever try it. An æbleskive is a ball of dough, usually baked in the oven but sometimes also fried, and it tastes a bit like a sweet pancake. Locals will usually dip it in sugar or cover it with a sauce. Glögg, a popular Nordic drink which is basically mulled wine, is normal to order alongside æbleskiver as a drink. Both are served hot. The glögg comes in different variants, alcoholic and non-alcoholic - therefore, everyone can easily try it.

Pebernødder are also very popular. They are tiny baked biscuits, brownish in color and with a slightly nutty taste. There are many ways to make pebernødder, so they can vary a bit. Many Danes bake them at home, but you can also buy them in the supermarkets and in these Christmas markets. Pebernødder are only eaten during the winter, so it’s a very typical snack for this time of the year.

If you fancy a larger meal, Danes love to eat grønlangkål in December. It’s a stew-based dish made primarily with kale, but it also contains other ingredients and it can be made in several ways. For Christmas Eve, Danes usually eat duck or roast pork, served with potatoes, brown sauce and red cabbage. The dish risengrød is also popular in December. It can be either lunch, dinner or dessert, whatever you are in the mood for.

Christmas markets in Copenhagen will often sell small portions in served in cups. Risengrød is a mix of rice and milk. Locals will add a piece of butter, some cinnamon or cane sugar on top, after the dish has been made. But this can be done based on your own taste, and you can leave these things out if you’re not in the mood for them.

In general, most Danish Christmas dishes and snacks are slightly spiced, but we are talking about sweet spices - and in relatively small amounts. They will not upset your stomach, so you can calmly eat anything you get served when visiting a Christmas market or a restaurant!

Best Christmas Markets in Copenhagen

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  • Saturday, December 07, 2019
Kalyan Kalyan Author
Just as a forest looks different in summer than it looks in autumn or winter, cities change depending on the time of the year that you choose to visit them on, and sometimes that change feels almost as visiting a whole different city! This is especially true in New York during Christmas season. The city that never sleeps looks like a different world when the holiday season comes in USA after Thanksgiving.

Here snow is coupled with the bright lights and shiny ornaments, and so, in this post, we'll explore a few of the most traditional and picturesque Christmas activities in New York.

Before we start, I'd like to give you a little advice regarding transportation, moving in NYC can at times be problematic, especially if you're not familiarized with the public transport options, plus, nothing kills the joy of the season quite as having to take a crowded subway or bus.

A good option for sorting through this issue is to rent a car in NYC, as this option gives you much more control over your transportation and time. Sites such as Miles Car Rental can give you the edge when it comes to renting a car, as they provide an ample and varied catalog of cars at the lowest prices.

things to do in new york city christmas

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1. Go Skating on the Rink at Rockefeller Center

Few things scream Christmas in New York! as loud as the skating rink at Rockefeller Center. It's pretty much a city icon during the holiday season so it must be our first stop when coming to New York during the Christmas season. The ice rink opens at Columbus Day weekend, but when the season comes, the Christmas decorations, which feature a ginormous Christmas tree, become the central focus of the experience.

Just imagine skating with friends and family surrounded by the charming lights right at the heart of Manhattan, you don’t get more New York or Christmas than that!

The rink opens for 90-minute skating sessions, every two hours from 8:30 AM until midnight. If you´d like to you can also enjoy a Dinner + Skating plan experience.

things to do in new york city christmas

2. Shop for curiosities in traditional Flea market in Brooklyn

This one is less grandiose than Rockefeller Center, but it's very traditional in New York on Christmas season, so you can’t miss it if you love the local traditions. Now, in the Christmas season and more generally during winter, many flea markets are traditionally held in the Brooklyn area.

And yeah, I know that flea markets may not be as glamorous as other shopping venues, but who knows, you might find that particular object that will finally complete your collection… or you know… a cool unique pin.

At the start, this seasonal tradition mainly took place in One Hanson former bank converted into a cool mega flea market, however, this tradition has expanded throughout Brooklyn and now you can find up to 9 different flea market locations. So if you're a fan of flea markets and want to visit them all, do consider renting a car, and again, you can find good prices in Miles Car Rental.

There are even some food flea markets such as Smorgasbord Winter Market at 625 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn which features many little restaurants that offer unique and delicious artisanal foods.

things to do in new york city christmas

3. Drink a traditional and delicious cup of hot chocolate

There are few things as nice as having a cup of hot chocolate during the colder months, and New York knows it as they have plenty of cafes that know how to make a pretty damn good hot chocolate so now we'll see a couple of cafes that you should go to during your Christmas visit to the big apple if you want to taste the sweet, Christmassy flavors of winter.

4. Dominique Ansel Bakery's blossoming hot chocolate

How do you feel about marshmallows on your hot chocolate? If you like them then you´ll love this bakery as they have a fun little twist on your average marshmallow-topped hot chocolate. In this bakery, instead of your average squares, you'll find a little marshmallow flower that will blossom right in front of you, revealing a little white chocolate truffle at the center of the flower.

It's a quite charming touch and the bakery also has some unique pastries such as the Cronut, a tasty and puzzling fusion between a croissant and doughnut.

things to do in new york city christmas

5. Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain

If you really want to indulge yourself in the great sugary pleasures of life, you should go to Brooklyn Pharmacy & Soda Fountain. This is an old-time-style soda fountain that celebrates the extremely unhealthy relationship with sugary drinks that our ancestors had back when the soda fountain was the coolest place to be.

The Farmacy's hot chocolate is a messy hot cocoa with salted caramel with additions of whipped cream or toasted marshmallow fluff, and believe me, asking for the goopiest, most sugary hot chocolate in the menu, is being conservative in comparison with the other items in the menu. Sure, it's not going to do any good to your diet, but hey, one tends to gain a few pounds on Christmas season so why not.

And there you have it. If you're going to travel this Christmas season do consider making a little trip to New York. But believe me, this little list is only an appetizer compared to all the other wonderful things to do and see in New York, so go out there and explore!

things to do in new york city christmas

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  • Friday, December 06, 2019
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Getting married is an exciting moment not only for the bride and groom but also for the guests. Depending on where you live and what #culture you come from, there are different ways of wedding celebrations and traditions. If you happen to attend a wedding that is not part of your own culture you may experience some differences.

Here's a shortlist of just some of these wedding traditions around the world.

Wedding Traditions Around the World

1. Germany – Teamwork

On the night before the wedding, guests arrive and smash any porcelain object. But, it's the couple that has to clean up the mess which symbolizes their will to work things out together as any upcoming obstacles in their marriage. Another German tradition that symbolizes their teamwork is known as Baumstamm Sägen where they're given a two-person saw and they need to saw a tree trunk.

Wedding Traditions Around the World

2. Romania – Kidnapping a Bride

A part of the Romanian wedding tradition is 'kidnapping' a soon to be bride by her family or friends before the wedding. The groom must find her and pay her ransom which is usually done through gifts, money or by displaying some romantic gestures. 'Kidnapping' the bride is part of the tradition in some small villages in Germany, too.

Wedding Traditions Around the World

3. Fiji – I Love You From the Inside

Part of the Fiji culture and marriage tradition is giving a large sperm whale tooth by a groom and his family to the bride when the groom is asking for permission to have her as a future wife. Tabua symbolizes good luck but also the status of the family – buying a tabua means the groom's family is well off. Apart from the engagements and weddings, tabuas are given at births, funerals and as a way to apologize.

Wedding Traditions Around the World

4. Cuba – Dancing With the Bride

Dancing with a bride in Cuba comes with a price. If you wish to have a dance you'll have to pin some money to the bride's dress. This kind of wedding tradition is not only fun for the guests but it’s practical since it helps the newlyweds to pay for their wedding and possibly a honeymoon. This kind of tradition is also practised at Polish weddings.

Wedding Traditions Around the World

5. Balinese ceremony

For Balinese, their wedding is the most important moment of their life. Getting married in Bali follows unique processes that involve the couple's family and their locals. The first part of the wedding process is meeting the parents. After that, they choose the wedding date which is based on Balinese Hindu Calendar. Balinese Hindu wedding ceremonies are followed by religious rituals, Balinese music and dancers.

If you're not a Hindu but you'd like to have your Bali wedding you could use some of the elements of Balinese wedding ceremonies. The most popular is having a Balinese blessing ceremony, Balinese flower decorations, traditional music or any other element of their traditional wedding you could use.

Wedding Traditions Around the World

6. China – Tea party

Typical wedding tradition in China is serving tea as a way for newlyweds to show love and respect for their relatives. Tea ceremonies are practised to honour the bride and the groom family and a way of showing appreciation for raising them and taking care of them. During this ceremony, each person takes a sip and hand the couple a red envelope that usually contains money or jewellery.

7. Scotland – A Dirty Wedding Tradition

In this tradition, the bride and the groom are kidnapped a day before the wedding and covered with anything that their friends and family can get their hands on. This usually includes ash, alcohol, flour, rotten eggs and other nasty things. The practice is believed to bring good luck to the new couple and avoid evil spirits.

Wedding Traditions Around the World

8. India – Mehndi

Instead of wearing hand jewellery, an Indian bride spends hours on getting her hand-painted. The paint is made from henna and this is known as mehndi. Even though this practice requires a lot of patience, it's worth it since this wonderful work of art lasts up to two weeks. Apart from its aesthetic purposes, this has medical properties as well – it is believed that mehndi calms the bride and helps her deal with the stressful day.

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9. Jamaica – Try Your Best

An interesting thing about Jamaican tradition is that in the wedding, everyone is a critic. During a wedding, villagers line up and take a look at the bride. If her appearance isn't up to the required standard they have to call out negative comments. If most of the villagers are critical and have negative comments, the bride goes home and can have a second attempt later on.


Wedding traditions are practised across the world by different people and their various cultures. These ceremonies bring out the best in everyone and present a joyful celebration. Some of the traditions are common for different countries and cultures, and some are unique and can’t be practiced anywhere else. The common thing for all of them is that it’s believed that they increase newlyweds’ chances of a lifetime of love and happiness.
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  • Thursday, December 05, 2019
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#Winter has an ideal #weather for #planning a trip for #travelers. #Traveling in winter, especially in snow getting famous and it is a good sign. I remember my snowy trips and get excited to travel again. Experiencing beach winter surfing in Morocco and trekking in the snows of the heights of Atlas have almost the same exciting experience for me and my hubby.

For the travelers trekking is somehow a tough experience and should be taken care of even more. Packing for the snowy vacations is a big concern I'm addressing today. Here are things to pack for the snow trips.

snow trip packing list

If you are traveling to the snowy destinations this winter, you should get the right knowledge of things to pack for the place. A general idea of the things to pack for the snowy destinations is below.

1. Check the temperature and weather conditions

Temperatures are mostly in minus and the weather conditions of the snowy places are usually hard. That simply means that you should opt for the extra layers of warm clothes.

2. Extra pairs of the proper warm sneakers

You are needed to pack a proper pair of sneakers for the snowy destinations. The temperatures demand you to buy for the snickers can hold you warm in the extreme colds. Remember, your sneakers should not make of the cloth material, it get wet soon and will keep you uncomfortable all your trip. The material of the snickers should be of leather or other stuff which can save you from the cold.

Take an extra pair if you are planning a week trip. This is because when you are there for adventure, you will trek the white layered mountains and your shoes will get wet in the snow. You should have extra shoe layers and warm socks to avoid any bad experience. Your luggage must have at least that quality snickers.

snow trip packing list

3. Leather jacket can save you from cold

It is a must to wear a leather jacket, it can keep you warm and save you from the cold winds, airs in the snowy holiday destination. You are visiting the place to enjoy your winter vacations, maybe the white Christmas, so avoid any misadventure, take care of you as far as possible.

You also would have the muffler and the warm gloves to protect your hands and neck. Neck and nose are the two sensitive parts of the body along with the toe, from where you can be affected by cold very easily, So take care and get the suggested things.

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4. Warm cap with other items

A warm cap would help you avoid the cold situations in the snowy destinations. Your jacket would have the headcover but that would be an extra layer. You should have a warm cap which can keep your head warm.

snow trip packing list

5. Extra care, if you are with kids

First of all, opt for the place better than the extra cold, if you are with your family and toddler. Doctors suggest not to keep the kids in more hard situations, they can get the weather effect very easily.

In case you are traveling in the white areas with your kids, you should take extra care in packing things for them. Extra layers are must with a complete preparation. Have an extra bag along with everything needed for the snowy destination.

6. How to get yourself warm in white?

It is a serious concern to get yourself warm in extreme weather conditions. You are traveling to the place you might not have more facilities so keep the tea bags or Sachets of the coffee, soups, and tea, etc. The powder milk too. These things will keep you independent and instant to make yourself warm anytime you want.

On the snowy destinations, you should use the fish, if it is the place where the sea is near and people can enjoy seafood. Fish is warm in nature and will keep you warm. It is a charm of the cold destinations actually. You can have healthy soups on the local shops and the top-notch hotels in the holiday destination.

The peanuts and the dry fruit is also a source of fun and getting yourself warm with. If you are on a trip to a white destination, take warm sips of tea or coffee sitting in the snow parks there. I enjoyed my time in Morocco, and other African and Asian countries like Pakistan and India. You will literally have a very different experience in the snow if you have not done it yet.

snow trip packing list

7. Are you in mood to ski?

Skiing is a very popular activity people use to take as an opportunity of getting fun in the snowy areas. You can have this opportunity along with the lifting cars there. Lifting cars would bring you to overview the beauties of the place and will give you a thrilling experience. Great time in white!

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  • Wednesday, December 04, 2019
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Dubai is an exquisite venue for Christmas celebrations. With its happening environment, golden sand dunes, spectacular beaches and magnificent malls, Dubai offers a truly unique and diverse Christmas experience. So, if you are in Dubai for your Christmas vacation, you are in luck because there is just so much to do in the city of gold.

Whether you are looking forward to shopping till you drop dead or you want to fine dine with your loved ones on Christmas eve, Dubai offers it all - and more. Christmas preparations are underway in Dubai already, events and activities are being lined up and the excitement is very contagious.

best places to visit in dubai

If you want an authentic holiday experience in the UAE, here is our list of top places to visit in Dubai this Christmas.

1. Shop at Madinat Jumeirah Festive Market

Madinat Jumeirah, the largest and most festive Christmas market in Dubai is worth visiting this December. Like last year, a lineup of events at the market has been released and it seems like a lot of fun. Madinat offers a number of Christmas activities for all age-groups. It has got bungee jumping and snow fighting zones for children and it entices adults with soulful music performances, diverse cuisine as well as mad holiday shopping offers in Dubai.

Also, Santa Claus visits between 5 pm to 7 pm every evening and young ones can enjoy a wide range of fun activities in Dubai including gingerbread house and cookie decorating sessions.

2. Visit Times Square Center

For those looking for shopping in Dubai on a budget, Times Square Center is the best place for pre-Christmas preparations. Times Square Center is not just stocked up with shopping options but it also offers massive discounts in the days leading up to Christmas. Times Square Center in Dubai is an amazing place for children too. They can enjoy a snowy playground, treats, games and competitions.

Times Square is also super generous when it comes to gifts, awards and vouchers.

3. Brunch at Alta Badia in Dubai

If you are fond of Italian cuisine, what better place to have Christmas brunch than Alta Badia. Alta Badia, a region in Italy is renowned for being a foodie heaven due to its mouthwatering cuisine. Alta Badia Dubai is a cozy restaurant that offers the regional cuisine of Italy. Why Alta Badia? Well because this Christmas they have created a special menu featuring only festive dishes and delicacies from Italy. Have a lovely brunch!

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4. Enjoy a Christmas Concert at Dubai Opera

If you are a fan of festive music, Dubai opera is the place to go. The magnificent opera venue features holiday themed music performances throughout December. The performances are lined up throughout the morning, midday and evening. This year, the Dubai Opera is featuring musical performances including Christmas carols and good old classics by The London Concert Orchestra Show Band and Capital Voices Choir.

Grab your tickets before they run out!

5. Fine Dine at Armani Mediterraneo

The Armani Mediterraneo is a specialty restaurant in Armani Hotel, which is located in Burj Khalifa. If you love fine dining, you can drop by at Armani for a special Christmas dinner buffet with your loved ones. The buffet includes a variety of food options and drinks.

PS: do not forget to enjoy the view once you're there!

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6. Kempinski Mall of the Emirates

Kempinski Mall of the Emirates is a sweet place to shop, especially if you are into Christmas decoration, trinkets and gifts. It is also the right place to go to if you've got holiday sweet tooth or a craving for delicious desserts. Kempinski is worth checking out for your Christmas shopping because most items are on sale in the days leading up to Christmas eve in Dubai.

From cookies, mince pies and affordable gifts, you will find it all here.

best places to visit in dubai

7. Visit Burj Khalifa at New Year in Dubai

Say goodbye to 2019 and welcome 2020 in Dubai while enjoying the breathtakingly beautiful firework display at Burj Khalifa. The countdown is exciting and the fireworks are spectacular. Besides, you do not want to miss out on the world’s tallest building!

best places to visit in dubai

Tips for A Smooth Vacation in Dubai

Here are some tips that will hopefully help you have a stress-free and memorable Christmas:

Explore Dubai!

In order to do justice to the wonderful place Dubai is, you need to get out and explore it. Sure, we have given you a list of places that are worth travelling but often it is the travel itself that is important.

Prioritise and Prepare!

Prepare for your Christmas plans beforehand. If you have to make reservations at a restaurant or an event, do so a couple of days before Christmas to ensure that your holiday goes smoothly.

Also, visiting Dubai won’t be as much fun if you are anxious the entire time about incomplete tasks. Finish your work a few days before so you can fully enjoy the festivities.

Prioritising is also important and Dubai can help you enormously with that. Dubai is a place that was tailor-made for busy professionals. There is a wide plethora of amenities available.

That is why Dubai is super convenient. Need to stock up on food or provisions? Get it delivered. Have a pile of dirty laundry on your mind? Contact a laundry service in Dubai and let the laundromat take care of your worries. In addition to laundry and food delivery services, you can make use of other convenient alternatives to get done with your chores before Christmas.

Stick to a Schedule!

Sticking to your schedules would help ensure that you are at the right place at the right time. Most of the places we mentioned in this list follow a schedule and offer different activities at different times.

Have Fun!
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  • Tuesday, December 03, 2019
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If you are an adventure seeker, fun-loving, and want to try off-road, then a mountain bike is the toy you need. It has distinguishing features like rugged, broad tires to increase the friction on a wide range of terrains. You will see a variety of motorcycle models for mountaineering to choose from for the riding you want to do.

The mountaineering sport has evolved over the years, and deciding which bike you have to choose is the first step towards selecting your bike. So, here are a few tips to choose the right mountain bike for yourself.

buying a mountain bike guide

1. The right size

The size and fit of the bike is an essential aspect while choosing a bike. It makes sure that you are comfortable while riding it. If you choose a bike that small in size for you, then it would be uncomfortable, and you won't be able to ride for long. A bike that is too big for your size becomes difficult for you to handle and is dangerous to ride, leading to accidents.

Before buying a bike, make sure that you can sit comfortably, reach the handle, and saddle easily.

2. The wheel size

For years, bikers ignored the wheel size as a factor while buying mountain bikes as all the bikes came in standard 26-inch wheel size. Then came two wheel sizes 27.5-inch and 29-inch. While you are considering the right wheel size, remember the best way to understand their differences is to feel them by going for a test ride in each one.

3. Choose hardtail or full-suspension

Full suspension or hardtail is a huge decision to make while buying a new bike. The main attribute of a full-suspension mountain bike is that it has both rear shock and a suspension fork up front, whereas the hardtail bike consists of a suspension bike only. The comfort, bike's control, and traction depending on the type of suspension the mountain bike has.

The bearing, linkage, rear shock, and additional manufacturing difficulties come for a lot of money for a full-suspension bike. Whereas you get a better deal with parts for a hardtail bike at the same price as a suspension bike. Hardtail bikes are more economical to maintain and uncomplicated as compared to a full-suspension bike.

If you are looking for a bike to ride on a reasonably smooth trail, then buy a hardtail bike that will absorb the medium bumps with its front suspension fork and give you the speed for a fun ride.

buying a mountain bike guide

4. Strength & Durability of Bike

As compared to the weight of the bike, the strength of the bike is more important. A mountain bike consists of powerful brakes for slippery descents and steep ascents. Lightweight and shaky bikes are not stable on uneven trails. Very light and flimsy bikes do not perform well on big rocks and over big tree roots as they can get stuck easily at weird angles, affecting your confidence, steering accuracy, and your speed.

Therefore, adding a few extra pounds to your bike can keep your bike away from the hedges.

5. Invest in oil cooler or radiator guards

One of the worst things that can happen to your on an off-road mountain trip is your oil cooler or radiator getting punctured because of a protruding tree branch or a rock. The puncture of the cooling system will end your adventurous ride very soon as the engine heats up quickly. Especially if you are riding one of the big boys like Suzuki sv650, you need to protect the powerful engine from overheating.

So, buy the right quality oil cooler guard for your Suzuki sv650.

6. Keep aside budget for bike accessories

Apart from the money you spend on your motorcycle, an off-road mountain trip will require some dedicated bike accessories. Start with keeping a budget for buying a sturdy trail helmet with proper coverage and protection. You may also need to buy a backpack and sun-protective glasses to prevent dust from entering your eyes.

Then, you may need to buy mountain bike specific shoes. You should change your old tires and get a tire suitable for mountaineering. Old tires may have cheap material and can wear quickly in the rough terrain. Upgrade your motorcycle with the latest gear that can easily fit into the storage space of the bike.

For detailed bike reviews and guides, one can even browse online and find a plethora of sites offering different compatible offerings.

buying a mountain bike guide

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Apart from the technicalities in the motorcycle, you should also keep in mind what skill level you possess while choosing a bike. For example, if you are new to mountain biking, a 450R may be too difficult and expensive to handle for you. Similarly, whether to go for a kick-start arrangement or an electric-start model depends on how classic you want your bike to feel.

If you think that you might get stuck during your trip and might panic, a motorcycle with an electric-start is the way to go. Another important thing is your knowledge about repairing bikes. Mountaineering with bikes will often leave your motorcycles with a lot of repair work needed before and after the ride.

If you are mechanically adept, you can choose an old bike and repair it yourself. But, if you are a novice at bike repair, select a newer model for your trip.

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  • Monday, December 02, 2019
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As it does every year, Prague becomes a true winter wonderland setting from November 30 to January 6. Although Prague is a wonderful destination in the Czech Republic year-round, during the Christmas period in particular this medieval capital city welcomes thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Every year, a theme is assigned to the Christmas Markets in Prague. In 2018, the theme was fairy tales. The theme for 2019 will be announced at the end of November. For both visitors and locals alike, Prague is a great place to enjoy the wholesome festive spirit that one can only experience when visiting Christmas markets in Europe.

best Christmas markets in Prague

Ranked among the top ten Christmas markets in the world, the markets are made up of brightly decorated chalet-like wooden huts where visitors can buy a multitude of handicrafts, including ceramics, jewelry, embroidered lace, wooden toys, scented candles, ornaments, hats and gloves and everything in between. You can even find puppets and dolls dressed in traditional costume sold mainly during the Christmas season.

best christmas markets in prague

1. Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí)

The two main markets in Prague, or Vánoční trhy as they are known in Czech, are always held at the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. The markets are in an easy-to-reach central location and are a 5 minute-walk from each other. While both markets are delightful, the market in Old Town Square is perhaps the most-beloved Christmas market of all.

In the center of the market, you will find the traditional mighty Christmas tree, transported from the forests of the Liberec region of the Czech Republic, whose lights are switched on every day at 4:30 pm. What makes the Christmas market in this square a cut above the rest is the number of beautiful oddities of the square itself that can be enjoyed year-round.

One of the more notable is the Prazsky Orloj or the Prague Astronomical Clock. It not only rivals the clock in St. Mark’s Clock Tower in Venice, it comes into its own during the Christmas celebration that focuses so much on brightness, warmth and kindness. Listening to its musical merriment, you may well wonder if the clock and its display were designed specifically for these comforting aspects of Yuletide joy.

The areas where the markets are located is walking distance to most of the city's important sites and more importantly, boasts several accommodation options to choose from. The two most popular areas to stay in for Christmas markets in Prague are the Old Town area (also known as Prague One), where you can find Old Town Square and a handful of the city’s main attractions, and anywhere near Wenceslas Square in the New Town.

One of the favored accommodations in the area is the Radisson Blu Hotel Prague, particularly during high season, as it conveniently located nearby the city and its most popular sites. It is a 9-minute walk from the market on Wenceslas Square and 17-minute walk from the one in Old Town Square.

Get into the festive mood and browse stalls. Enjoy the Christmas carols and indulge in the traditional savory and hearty food while sipping on a hot cup (or two) of Glögg, or mulled wine. Popular food on offer includes large hams roasted on spits (Pražská Šunka); barbecued sausages (klobása); Hungarian flatbread topped with garlic, cheese and ketchup (langoš).

You can also taste pancakes (palačinky) and a variety of sweets and cakes, such as spicy gingerbread and a hot sugar-coated pastry (trdelník).

best christmas markets in prague

2. Wenceslas Square (Václavské náměstí)

If you are short on time and have some last-minute Christmas shopping to do, the charming streets of Wenceslas Square are lined with plenty of shops to get you in the mood to browse the amazingly diverse and invitingly lit Christmas stalls at location. However, if what you are looking for is a more historical, cozy and true-to-Prague visit, head straight for the market in the Late Medieval Old Town Square.

best christmas markets in prague

Celebrating Christmas in Prague means basking in the all-round festive atmosphere of the markets to then unwind from the pre-Christmas shopping madness at the many special holiday concerts and events held throughout the city.
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  • Sunday, December 01, 2019
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