Relaxation at West Palm Beach in Florida

When traveling we often seek excitement and incredible places to see, along with amazing activities to do, but you know sometimes it's good to devote a couple of days to just relaxing and doing more laid-back activities. Taking a moment to feel the breeze on the skin and take a deep breath can do your mind good, even if you are the most adventurous of the adventurers.

Palm Beach is the perfect destination for taking this well-deserved break, be it from your boring routine of from your more exciting adventures, and so I'll give you a short weekend itinerary of relaxing things to do in West Palm Beach.

So, pack your bathing suit and your comfiest beach attire because we're going to relax a bit on fabulous Atlantic Coast in Florida. But before, a little bit of helpful advice to make your travel more comfortable (that's the whole point of this travel isn't it).

Some of the places we are going to visit are a bit far away from each other, so having a reliable way to move in between sites, such as a rental car, will make this travel way easier. Also, if you're traveling for relaxation, the hardships of public transport are simply not what you need, and your travel group will surely appreciate having more space.

things to do in west palm beach florida

In websites such as you can find many options for rental cars, from SUVs to Vans and many others. So, with that out of the way, let's begin our short weekend in West Palm Beach!

1. A welcome dinner

Let’s say that we arrive at Palm Beach on Saturday in the afternoon, well nothing better to start a relaxing weekend than having dinner, or perhaps lunch, if you manage to get to Palm Beach early enough, so the first thing we'll do after getting your hotel and rental car is going to visit one of the city’s finest restaurants, and for that I'll give you different options:

2. Seafood Bar

There is just nothing quite like eating seafood while looking at the sea. To me, the sound of the waves crashing at the shore brings out the best flavors of seafood. Plus, you know that all the food is fresh since you can see the deep blue from where it was caught. No restaurant embodies this seaside experience as much as Palm Beach’s Seafood Bar.

Here you can find amazing seafood options such as lobster tails, swordfish sandwiches, and crab cakes, all with a gorgeous view of the sea. There is also a quirky little detail worth remarking: their bar table is a live aquarium full of colorful tropical fish!

Now, this is not what you'd call an inexpensive restaurant, so save it up for special occasions, or when planning a luxury getaway. You can find the Seafood Bar at the Breakers resort in 1 S County Rd.

3. Rodney's Crabs & More

I just love stark contrasts, and so we go from fine dining, to get our hands dirty with delicious local food! Rodney's Crabs & More offers a perfect place to taste the true flavors of Palm Beach. Their crab and shrimp plates are beloved by locals and even if their building isn’t as impressive as other restaurants, the flavor of their food has been enough to keep customers going multiple times.

And hey, part of relaxing is letting your inhibitions take a rest too! So, go get your hands dirty with all the spices, butter, and seafood, it’s truly worth it! Plus, if you’re on a budget this place is certainly friendlier with your wallet.

4. Avocado Grill

Try and guess what ingredient our next restaurant specializes in. That’s right, shrimp! The avocado-colored decoration and the many dishes featuring avocado in all of its forms are there just to mislead you… I’m just playing with you, of course, the main star of the show is the avocado.

Here you can find everything from avocado toasts, to guacamole, to poke bowls, all of them with the titular fruit. Heck, they even have an avocado margarita! If you're a true fan of this awesome fruit then you can’t miss this one, and if you're vegan or have vegan friends this is a great place to go as they have many tasty options without meat. There are two locations one at 125 Datura St, and the other in 4104 Lake Victoria Gardens Ave.

things to do in west palm beach florida

Sunday at the beach and an afternoon among the arts

So, Palm Beach received us with delicious food, but there is still a lot of relaxing to do so lest get going… or you know, whenever you feel like it, you’re on vacation, it’s ok if you want to take things slow.

5. Peanut island

Peanut island offers a secluded tropical paradise where you can just let the sound of the waves wash away your worries, here you´ll find crystalline waters and plenty of shade-giving palm groves. If camping is what really what takes your mind off the daily worries then this is the perfect beach for you, as you can camp here.

There are also plenty of fun activities to do such as snorkeling and kayaking. Your dog can come along for the ride as this beach is pet-friendly!

Now this is an island so to get there you must park your car in the parking lot at Riviera Beach, FL 33404 next to the American Marine services, from there you can take a shuttle that will get you to the island, the shuttle runs 7 days a week from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm but the last shuttle to the island departs as 3:30 pm alternatively there are also private water taxi services to get to the island.

6. The Society of the Four Arts

So, after a morning of fun in the sun what better for relaxing than some time of calm and quiet in a garden full of exquisite sculptures. In four arts botanical gardens you can find some of the most serene environments in all of Palm beach. The place is famous for its gorgeous and very well-maintained plants along with the beautiful sculptures. There are also plenty of sites along the garden that are perfect for a picknick.

It opens from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and its located in 100 Four Arts Plaza only a 20-minute drive from the parking lot where you left your rental car in the morning during your visit to Peanut Island, and by 1:00 pm you can get there with enough time to enjoy an afternoon at the gardens.

And that's it for this short weekend, hopefully, your stress will be gone and you´ll be ready for your next adventure. And next time you need some relaxation, come visit again, there are a lot of other things you can explore!
Kalyan Panja