5 Self-drive Car Rental Companies in Tamil Nadu

When it comes to either having your car or hiring a taxi, the best solution is a self-drive car rental. You can drive the car on your own and enjoy the luxury of stopping wherever you want to do or for whatever you want. Privacy and security are also there, and you can travel with friends and family discussing all sorts of things without having to worry about a stranger driver listening.

So, official or unofficial, self-drive car rentals are the best! However, in the modern world, it is easy to find everything and every service; but finding the best ones and the most reliable ones is a daunting task. This is why we have compiled this article on the best Self Drive car rental company in Tamil Nadu so that you can find one with ease.

We are offering a list of the best car rental companies that you can choose any time without a second thought. All these have received excellent reviews and have a sterling reputation that speaks for itself.

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So, read it carefully and choose one whenever the need arises.

1 – IndusGo

IndusGo is a name that speaks for itself. One of the best car rentals in Tamilnadu. It is a venture of Indus Motors which has the honour of being the number one Maruti dealership in India. Being a maestro of customer-centric services in the automobile sector, IndusGo is a name that you can trust without any doubt.

The services are unparalleled, and you can decide the starting point and ending point of your journey yourself. The company offers services in major cities and Airports of Tamilnadu, and also in Kerala.

The prices start at just INR 70 per hour (without fuel). You can take your pick from a large fleet of vehicles encompassing sedans, hatchbacks, premium luxury cars and economy cars. You can also go for the doorstep delivery and instant refund. Car booking can be made with or without oil.

IndusGo is one such self-drive car rental agency in Tamil Nadu where you can book a car with zero security deposit and enjoy the flexible pick-up and drop-off. You can join the membership and also take the benefits of various coupons and offers released from time to time.

With no security deposit and cheap rates for bookings, IndusGo car rentals allow every person to enjoy a comfortable journey without hurting the pockets.

So, choosing IndusGo is the best thing that you do to make your outings more exciting and fit into your budget without burning your pockets.

2 – Zoomcar

The name needs no introduction and has emerged as one of the leading self-drive car rental companies in Tamil Nadu. Offering national coverage, you can book all kinds of cars online to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. ZoomCar also releases some offers and discounts that you can apply at the time of billing to make your journey comfortable without killing your bank accounts.

The services come without any hidden charges and have flexible price packages. The fuel cost is included, which means that you don’t have to fret over the mileage while choosing the cars. The vehicles come with damage insurance, and the bookings offer 24X7 road assistance.

3 – Revv

This is yet another fantastic self-drive car rental agency in Tamil Nadu that comes with an amazing service portfolio. You can also enjoy the deals and offers that are released from time to time. Revv offers hourly rental, one-way rental and switches rental services. The bookings are never overruled, and there are no hidden charges. The bookings have limited liability and can be done online in a jiffy.

4 – Myles

When it comes to self-drive car rental, Myles is a name that offers trust and reliability. The company has an impeccable experience and customer-oriented policies. The services are excellent, and you can enjoy all kinds of membership benefits. You can choose from 38 different models and avail the services in more than 250 cities.

The brand is known for its commitment to quality. So, be it a local visit or a vacation in the hills – Myles is one name that you can trust for sure.

5 – Smiles

Nothing can make you feel content and happy as a journey that is easy on the pocket and mind. And, Smiles has been making the journeys a happy affair for many years. You can book car rental anywhere in the city and enjoy hassle-free bookings and payments. The services are commendable, and charges are:

· INR 5000 as security for small cars

· INR 10000 as security for top luxury cars

This completes the list, and we hope that you can now easily choose the best self-drive car rental agency to enjoy your vacation in Tamil Nadu.

Best Time to visit Tamil Nadu
The ideal time to explore Tamil Nadu is from November to March as the weather here during these months is pleasant and tourists from all over the world visit this place during this time. The climate here is tropical. The climate can vary here from dry to humid and semi-arid.

March to June is considered to be the hottest months. The temperature can reach up to 30-45 degrees during this period. It also gets adequate rains during the summer season.

Winters are pleasant and the weather is cool and refreshing. Days are warm and bright and not too hot. It is the ideal time to visit Tamil Nadu for a perfect vacation. If you want to run away from the scorching heat of the sun and if you’re want to go on a tropical vacation then this is the perfect place for you. You can book the Tamil Nadu honeymoon tour during this period.

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How to reach Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu is well connected by roads and one can travel here by road fro different cities in India. Also Tamil is Nadu is well connected to different countries through its International Airports

By Air
Tamil Nadu has many domestic and international airports that are well connected to many countries as many connecting flights go from here. There are many domestic airports interconnected to the domestic airports in Tamil Nadu.

By Road
You can travel to Tamil Nadu from different states in India by road as it is well connected by roads. So enjoy a long drive to Tamil Nadu while enjoying the beautiful views on the way and stay at beautiful Motels.
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