What to Pack for the Bahamas Vacation

Planning to go on a trip with your sweetheart to the Bahamas? But have no idea what you might need during your vacation? We have it all sorted for you, a vacay list and the right luggage are the two things that you will need for your getaway. A vacation list and the right luggage are the two essentials you will need for a successful trip.

Visit the Bahamas to get lost in the charms of its beautiful beaches. Bahamas is the place of Columbus's first step when he discovered America. It has some of the world's most extraordinary beaches and awesome beach hotels. A summer vacation is a escape from heat, what will be better than a beach destination? Boat trip to fellow islands and witnessing blue turquoise ocean water while travelling through this place.

Planning things ahead of time will help keep worries away and the fear of leaving anything important behind. It will keep you organized while saving you from unnecessary items that you might not need during your vacation. It can also help you in planning your itinerary in advance along with what you will be wearing, doing or going.

As you don't know what you might need to indulge in different activities, from walking shoes, sandals, shades to sunscreen, you need to keep your beach essentials all sorted. For vacations where you will be moving more than you're staying, it is easy to load things that you might not need. So, here's a list of things that you might need during your vacation in the Bahamas.

packing list for Bahamas vacation

General Essentials

Things to bring on a beach vacay includes sun protection and a few other things like:

1. Beach Must have

A big sun hat will protect your skin from burning. While picking the right beach towels, we suggest you to pick the one with microfibers, which are lightweight and dry up fast, the best part is sand does not stick on microfibers. As you will be moving around here and there, you need a bag to carry your essentials including sunscreen, water bottle, sunglasses and wallet.

2. Some Red Romantic Candles

Surprise your partner by planning a romantic date in your hotel’s room. You can write I ❤️️ U on the floor with the help of tealight candles, and burn some rose scented candles to set the right tone and ambiance. This will surely melt your partner’s heart and put them in the right mood.

3. Hangover Cures & Other Medicines

Since you will be boozing a lot during your vacay and you don’t want to ruin the experience with bad trips, it’s good to have some hangover cures handy. Also, if you’re on medications then don’t forget your daily doses. You can also add some scented candles for relaxation and meditation. DO bring medicine with you, Tylenol or whatever you use for headaches, cough, diarrhea, the common things. They cost a lot abroad.

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4. Beach Wear

One of the most essential things to pack for a beachy vacay is bikinis, you should, and we recommend you to take swimsuits according to your days of your stay. You can also buy sarong or cover ups, if you feel shy in wearing a bikini. Since you want to be comfortable while walking around and indulging in activities, it's important to carry your comfiest clothes including shorts, t-shirts and tank tops.

Make sure that the clothes are airy and made with cotton blend fabrics, so that they dry well after you indulge in water sports or any other activities.

5. Travel Candles

We know you must be thinking, what would you do with a candle during your trip? But here we have something for you that will help you in spicing up things between the sheets with your partner. Carry a rose scented jar candle and light it up to set the right romantic mood in your room.

6. Party Dresses

If you're at the Bahamas, you must attend cruise and shack parties. If you want to enjoy them to the fullest, we suggest you carry sun dresses, party dresses depending upon your preference. Summer dresses and sundresses will surely help you in getting that beachy look.

7. Enough pair of Undergarments

You should also carry enough pair of undergarments because each time you go to the beach, the sand will get stuck on all your body parts and clothes. So, it’s better to be prepared in advance.

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8. Beach Wear

If you don't want to appear cheeky, we suggest you to opt for the right sized shorts and a pair of trunks for swimming. Though there are many terrible swimsuits out there in the market, we suggest you go with the classic ones. We suggest you to pack a few vests and T shirts to roam around the beaches; you should also pack a few casual shirts to hit the clubs and bars.

9. A Seductive Travel Candle

Put your sweetheart in the right mood by lighting up seductive scented jar candles. It is a natural aphrodisiac and will instantly awaken the wild side of your partner.

10. A Bag Pack

Don't you want to keep your beer bottles, drinks and other stuff handy? It's better to stuff them all in your backpack and walk around freely.

11. Pair of Flip Flops & Shoes

Pack a pair of flip flops to walk around comfortably on the beach along with a pair of semi–formal shoes to hit the dance floors.

Going on a romantic getaway to the Bahamas? From sunscreens, sunglasses to romantic candles, this article talks about beach travel essentials you will need during your vacation.
Kalyan Panja