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Have not they stolen your stuff? Have you not lost any documents? Were you not afraid? It has always seemed surprising to me that most of the questions that people asked us after our great trip through Africa had to do with security. Many of them often had to want to know how to take money and documents during a great trip.

The truth is that the world is a much safer place than we think at home, but we still have to take some precautions. I use a combination of means and places to keep money. When making a trip it is always important to have all our documentation in the respective order, to avoid any type of inconvenience. Something very useful in these cases, is to load it in a place that we can have at hand.

I have always had a pouch bag to have documentation on hand and every time they ask me for some document and it does not come out the first time I get nervous. I feel that everyone looks at me badly for making them wait. So I decided to order the URBY Wanderlust passport holder from the numerous options available in their website.

The website is easy to access with different products ranging from wallets for men, ladies wallets, toiletry bag, luggage tags etc.

passport holder urby wallet review

I received it in excellent condition wrapped in a canvas drawstring pouch in a very elegant black case. For a serial traveller like me this is the perfect portfolio as the large surface allows me to distribute the content in an orderly manner but above all to maintain a thin thickness. Contactless protection is essential. I misplaced my credit card recently in London and it was certainly an important factor that made me opt for this safe wallet.

Having a passport together with cash and cards is essential for me. I often forget the document in the hotel with the separate old pouch bag for having a passport. The pockets of credit cards are abundant and soft and allow a very fast extraction of the content.

This universal leather passport holder from URBY is indispensable for those who travel regularly to get optimal protection for your identity documents. It can easily be used as a wallet because on one side the passport can be kept and on the other side there are pockets for storing cards and cash.

There are six pockets with the big one for the passport and 3 small for credit cards and a medium size pocket for cash and an open section for boarding pass. It is well made, soft to the touch and beautiful to look at in a perfect size that fits comfortably in the back pocket of the pants. The space for cards and for money or any identity card is perfect.

The product is made of excellent material and good a kind of very soft synthetic leather. The synthetic leather material is very resistant and of the highest quality and after use there is not even a sign on the surface. This leather cover is available in a large number of colours, so you can choose a different one for each and every member of your family!

I got it in brown, which is the most neutral colour for anyone in the family to use. It is a very nice and elegant brown. It perfectly fits a passport and have many pockets and slots to keep credit cards, boarding pass, luggage tags, etc. The sewing and the details give the feeling that this organizer will last me for a lot of trips. For the price I have to say that it is excellent.

Of excellent workmanship and beautiful design, it has become the perfect custody for my passport and allows me to have together also the various loyalty cards of the airline companies, keep temporary paper visas and business cards. I am very satisfied with the purchase.
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  1. This does look like a smart and quality product indeed. It also looks durable which is important for using it and keeping it on hand during your travels. This is something I wouldn't mind using also.

  2. This is such a nice passport wallet!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Debs @

  3. My hubby has a passport and that looks like a great way to hold it and keep it safe!

  4. This is a nice passport holder! It's very sleek and stylish. I'll have to check them out.

  5. This looks like a very nice and functional passport holder. I do like how elegant it looks. I am very girlie so I prefer my passport holder to me more wacky. :)

  6. That is, indeed, a must for regular travelers! I got myself a passport holder recently. But this looks much better ;) - Purva Bhatia

  7. I'm needing a new holder for my passport and this one sounds perfect. Thank you for the heads up!

  8. Oh wow, this passport holder looks so pretty. I need to have this.

  9. I love how unique this passport holder is. Perfect since I am actually looking for a new one.

  10. This is something that my husband would really love. He is a traveler and has a collection of a passport holder.

  11. This looks so nice! I love having a passport holder when I travel. It makes everthing much easier.

  12. How amazing is this passport holder. I like that it looks super classy but is functional.

  13. Looks like a great passport holder. The style suits my brother's taste. :)

  14. This is a lovely passport wallet! Looks like the perfect gift for anyone who loves international travel.

  15. This is a very essential product for travelers, will definitely benefit them.

  16. Thanks for telling about this holder. This one is too good and very useful.

  17. My hubby is looking for a new passport holder and this looks like a great holder. Going to do some more research and consider getting it.

  18. Such a lovely passport holder. This will make a great gift to give to those that love to travel.

  19. This is such a cute and beautiful wallet. I make use of one too but not as grade as this.


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