7 Best Museums to Visit in Bangalore

There is no end of tourist places to visit in Bangalore. The Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, or Bengaluru as it is called today, is a place that every tourist should visit. The city's cosmopolitan culture, combined with its rich heritage and history, makes it an attractive destination for singles, families and groups.

We have compiled a list of museums and best places to visit in Bangalore you should take time to visit during your visit to the state capital of Karnataka.

Where will you learn the history of a place? If you said museums, you're right! Bangalore is a city with a rich past, which your children would like to know. Even if they are not, taking them to these museums may arouse their interest.

best museums in bangalore

1. Government Museum

Established in 1865 by the former state of Mysore, the Karnataka Government Museum is one of the oldest museums in India. It is the second oldest museum in southern India. The museum has a large collection of coins, artifacts, weapons and weapons, jewelry and paintings from the past. It is also here that the earliest kannada inscription, the Halmidi inscription, is preserved. Children will particularly love the collection of coins used by ancient civilizations that flourished in Mohenjo-Daro, Vijayanagar and Halebid.

Where: Gandhi Nagar, Bangalore

Attractions: Ancient coins and objects

Opening days: Tuesday to Sunday

Opening hours: 10h to 17h

Registration fees: Rs. 10 per adult and Rs. 5 per child

Amenities: Parking, toilets and canteen

Things to consider: A little orientation can make the visit interesting. It will also help your children understand the value of the artifacts and treasures exhibited in the museum.

2. HAL Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum

Airplanes are one of many things that kids love. Young boys and girls will enjoy a visit to the HAL Aerospace Museum. It is the second largest HAL museum in India and has several life-size models of aircraft, copters and more designed and manufactured by the company. There is also an aerodynamic modeling club, and a library. It gives you detailed information on the history of aeronautics in India.

Where: Marathahalli, Bangalore

Attractions: The flight simulator is to try

Opening days: Every day except public holidays

Hours: 9h to 17h

Registration fee: Rs. 30 per person

Amenities: Parking, Washroom, Souvenir Shop

Things to consider: You will need at least two hours for the Hindustan Aeronautics Museum visit and is a must for Indian aviation fanatics.

3. Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath

Chitrakala Parishath is not just for modern art lovers. If your children have any interest in drawing and the arts, take them to this place for inspiration. The gallery has museums dedicated to Nicholas Roeric, a renowned Russian artist, and HK Kejriwal, connoisseur of Indian art. There are also galleries of folk art and international art and galleries dedicated to Indian artists like Srikanta Shastry Kukke and Krishna Reddy.

The Parishath also has a section dedicated to the traditional paintings of Mysore. Locals may also participate in recreational classes that the gallery organizes from time to time.

Where: Kumara Krupa Rd, Bangalore

Attractions: Art Museums and Annual Exhibition, if you are in town at this time.

Opening days: Monday to Saturday

Hours: 10:30 to 19:30

Registration fee: Rs. 50 per person

Amenities: Parking

Things to consider: The place is truly a paradise for art lovers. If you want to expose your children to the world or art, this is the place.

4. Folk Museum or Janapada Loka

The Janapada Loka or Karnataka Folk Museum is dedicated to folk arts of the village in the state. The place has a museum of artifacts used by the tribes in Karnataka, an auditorium with costumes and masks. There are also live performances with young boys performing folk dances and fights for visitors. The place also has a gift shop where you can buy wooden crafts and toys made in Chennapattana.

Where: 53 km from Bangalore on the Bangalore-Mysore highway

Attractions: Masks, puppets, models and live performances

Opening days: Every day except Tuesdays

Hours: 9h to 17h

Registration fee: Rs. 10

Services: Parking, toilets, restaurants

Things to consider: Getting there can be complicated unless you have your own vehicle or taxi.

5. Legends Motorcycle Museum

The boys will love. The girls will be fascinated by this. You can simply be impressed! The Museum of Motorcycle Legends is a small museum and vintage café, where you can admire bikes dating back to the post-war period. The museum has some of the oldest and heaviest bikes such as the 1924 BSA 250 cc, the 1942 Norton 500cc and the 1962 Cezeta. This place has several bikes and scooters collected by Prabhu, a motorcycle fanatic, for 20 years.

This museum is a great place to relax with a cup of coffee and a sandwich.

Where: Pulikeshi Nagar

Attractions: Old motorcycles, dating from the time of the Second World War.

Closing days: Everyday

Hours: 6am to 11pm

Amenities: Parking, toilets, cafe

Things to consider: Visit When you want to take a break from sightseeing, you can enjoy good food, music and also watch vintage bikes.

6. Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium

The Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium is managed by the Bangalore Association for Science Education. The planetarium has a science park, a sky theater and a showroom where children can see models and performances. Photos of the solar system, planets and other astronomical phenomena. The planetarium hosts several events for children during holidays and weekends.

Where: Sri T. Chowdaiah Road, Bangalore

Attractions: The Sky Theater

Opening Days: Every day except Monday and the second Tuesday of the month

Hours: 12:15 to 16:30

Registration fee: Rs. 35 per adult, children under the age of three are not allowed in the Sky Theater

Facilities: Parking, toilets

Things to consider: If you are in town during an astronomical event, the Taralaya is the best place to experience it.

7. Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum

Unit of the National Council of Science Museums, the Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum is a place of interest for science buffs in Bangalore. The museum was created in honor of Sir M. Visvesvaraya. He was a prominent engineer who designed the Krishna Raja Sagar Dam and also the flood prevention system in Hyderabad.

The museum also houses artifacts such as the mechanical calculator, the Edison phonograph, a steam wagon and a jet turbine.

Where: Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bangalore

Attractions: Machine Room, 3D Theater, Models of Space Ships and Satellites, Enclave Dinosaur

Days Open: Every day except Ganesh Chathurthi and Deepavali

Hours: 10:30 to 17:30

Registration fee: Rs. 40 per person, free entry for children under 5 years

Amenities: Parking, toilets, food and water, guided tours

Things to consider: Your children do not necessarily want to see all the exhibits. So talk to the guide and see if you can spend more time at exhibitions (machine room, dinosaur exhibits, fun science rooms, etc.) that appeal to kids.
Kalyan Panja