Falling in Love with Sexy Cobblestone Leather Shoes

In terms of shoes, it is sneakers that we all wear very often while traveling, as it's practical, comfortable and it goes with almost everything. But today I wanted to put a little elegance in my locker room and talk about a brand that I have just discovered and that I already love a lot. Cobblestone is a newly launched full-grain and top-grain leather shoe brand in India with shoes designed for the modern men.

And that's what strikes first when I saw the shoes was the beauty of leather! I tried the classic Formal Oxford model, a full grain leather shoe in tan tone. I always prefer Full grain leather as it is the toughest kind of leather that money can buy. It contains all the layers of the animal's hide, and as such lasts the longest.

The only difference between top-grain and full-grain is that top-grain has a processed top-layer, making it smooth. The downside is that it's not as tough or durable as full-grain. Genuine leather is significantly weaker, less durable, cheap and abundant and not quite as valuable.

full grain leather shoes oxfords

The finish is impressive and elegant!

It's a pair of classic Oxfords, without perforations, a pair of Oxfords in short! There are 5 eyelets to accommodate the laces that are themselves melted in the colour of the leather. It's a colour that I was not used to wearing but the deep hand-worked shade is subtle, and goes with everything from jeans, chinos, brown and blue suit or trousers. It fits easily into a business outfit because the dose of red is sober and moderate.

Cobblestone highlights the comfort!

But what is truly amazing is the comfort of the shoe with an ergonomic fit that adapts to the natural curves of the foot. I wore them for a whole day without terribly hurting while I usually make sure to wear my new shoes slowly, no more than a few hours to avoid the horrible heel blisters we all suffer. The cushioning and flexibility of the sole are also very good to give that added comfort level.

Touch of originality on the sole!

Regarding the sole, the shoes had another small unexpected specificity. The outsole with Neolite is lighter and rubber like texture give more versatility to some casual styles, and it still looks quite like leather soles. This gives a touch of elegant originality to the shoes.

For size, I simply followed the recommendation of the brand by ordering my usual size (a UK mens size 9. My shoes arrived at home in just 3 days and the size is very faithful.

Where to find Cobblestone shoes?

The brand was launched just a few weeks ago. The shoes are available in online shopping stores like amazon and the brands own website. The site is well thought out. The photos are beautiful and allow to see the details of each model. The brand offers different collections, which blend together and are perfectly designed to be worn together.

Cobblestone offers many styles like loafers, Double Monkstraps and brogues that come in different shades like black, coffee brown, and two tone tan. There are collections for all kind of occasions from business parties to weddings and city walks. In the comfort collections, there is additional padding between the inner leather, and the outer leather.

A very good price to quality ratio!

Let's come to the price! I can say that the price-quality ratio is excellent. In summary, I urge you to take a look at this new brand that offers stylish, beautiful, well made, comfortable, and affordable leather shoes.

My definition of a quality shoe!

Finding a pair of quality shoes can be a real headache when you do not know where to look. Quality means a pair of shoes that is beautiful, has naturally-looking leather, which will not mark prematurely, a sewn sole that will keep feet dry and ensure that shoes can be worn for a few years.

In order for you to wear it for several years, you have to take care of it, and that starts with giving them 24 hours of rest between each wear. In other words, you never wear the same shoes two days in a row, otherwise the leather does not have time to get back in place and to restore a little health after being shaken all day.


As I said earlier in the beginning of the review, the colour is particularly subtle. In the shade, she is akin to a light brown with a slight purple hue, and in the sun she finds a glow that is more reddish, but remains moderate and quite portable with a suit. Personally I am seduced. I also really appreciate the approach and the effort made on the price, to make the shoes accessible, in a logic of longevity that really benefits the customers.

I am impressed by the overall quality and the stylistic bias of the brand. Cobblestone wishes to propose a very modern shoe, with a real work on the forms while emphasizing the comfort. The collection from Cobblestone is really beautiful with high quality finishes. I really have beautiful shoes on the feet, elegant just enough without doing too much.

Kalyan Panja