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London is a truly great city for explorers. From amazing restaurants and markets to eat, to beautiful gardens to discover, there's always somewhere new to visit. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find somewhere that’s not too busy, and where you can actually find some space to explore at your leisure. Undoubtedly, one of the most striking things about this English city is the great cultural mix it has.

By visiting it you will meet people from many countries and you will enrich yourself considerably. It is worth mentioning that this feature of the city is one of the main reasons why today it is one of the most desired destinations for travelers from all over the world. It is a lovely tourist attraction with lively nightlife scenes and a place with lots of historical significance and cultural values.

The list of places that you must visit is even longer with its main attractions being the British museum, and Buckingham place. If you decide to visit London or any other English city in winter, you should know that you are going to find, most likely, rain and even snow, although this last meteorological phenomenon is less frequent.

On the other hand, if you travel in December you can enjoy the joy of the British capital during Christmas in London. You rarely see snow in London. Only for one or two days it snows all winter. Even some travel agencies organize offers to travel to London at this time.

But fear not, we've put together a list of places to visit in London, where you'll be sure to find some space to relax, and explore at your own pace. Take a look, and enjoy!

places to visit in london

1. St Dunstans in the East

Between London Bridge and the Tower of London, you'll find this beautiful ruins of the church of St Dunstans in the East. The Great fire of London in the 17th century destroyed most of the building, but you can still go and visit the beautiful ruins that remain, which are now kept as a public garden welcome to all.

The story of St Dunstan is a truly legendary tale, and this garden is a place where you can feel the rich history flowing through the air. It's well worth a visit if you are in the city area and have some time to kill.

2. God's Own Junkyard

You could say that God's Own Junkyard is like London’s own Las Vegas. Hidden away in Walthamstow, this visual paradise is a lot for the eyes to take in, but if you can embrace the flashing neon lights you’ll find yourself having a great time.

The gorgeous cave has a brilliant origin story – the owner of the original location, known as the 'neon man' started out making signs for adult entertainment venues, before he was spotted by Hollywood directors and producers, who asked him to create designs for their films. The cave is free entry, and has its own on-site bar. You can even buy many of the signs!

3. Old Spitalfields Market

The city of London is known for having numerous street markets far and wide and distributed on different days of the week. Any day you will have one to go to and from which to return with interesting memorabilia such as the taste of a delicious dessert or artisanal food. London has many great food markets to visit, but sometimes you'll want somewhere that you can eat in without waiting in a twenty person-long queue.

Check out Old Spitalfields Market, where all week you can find exotic food from around the world, at very reasonable prices! The market is located near the trendy area of Shoreditch and very well connected near Old Street tube station. A perfect stop-off point during a lazy weekend in London!

If you like to go shopping while you travel England, London will fascinate you for its incredible variety. Walk in London to find exclusive stores of brands such as D'ior, Nike, Apple and many others as well as fabulous shopping centers where you can lose yourself without realizing it.

However, there is no doubt that one of the main activities of winter in London are the winter sales, which start the so-called Boxing Day. Boxing Day is for England, like the Black Friday is for the United States. The most suitable clothing if you are traveling to London in winter is warm clothing including scarf, fine sweater, cardigan, hat, waterproof shoes, rainwear and thermal underwear.

Hoxton and Shoreditch can be said to be just one and, although the younger ones have migrated to cheaper areas such as Dalston or Hackney Wick, Shoreditch is still the mother of all modernity.

Strolling along Brick Lane and Shoreditch is a journey through urban art - with works, among others, by Banksy - that has given a new life of color to the brick walls that abound in the neighborhood. Many well-known chains have hotels near Shoreditch for medium budgets. Finally, crossing Shoreditch High Street towards Calvert Ave you reach Boundary Gardens and Arnold Circus, a small circular public garden, our final destination.

Brick Lane is the heart of the Bangladeshi community of London, and the curry and signs in Bengali coexist with the new modern premises, the graffiti, the vintage shops, the markets and the iconic tower of the Old Truman Brewery, which It was the largest brewery in London, now a cultural and leisure center.

4. Chelsea

Chelsea located in south central London on the north bank of the River Thames is much more than the neighborhood of a famous football club. Getting to see Stamford Bridge, the Chelsea Football Club stadium, is just one of many suggestions, along with shopping, gardens, museums and much more.

For many, one of the greatest natural treasures of London, the Chelsea Physic Garden is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the country, having been built by the London society of apothecaries of the time. A true oasis in the center of the English capital, which has more than 5000 edible and medicinal species. At its renowned coffee shop, Tangerine Dream Café, you can have lunch or a delicious tea at five o'clock.

If you are a music lover, Cadogan Hall is an ideal place to visit. In addition to being the space that hosts the BBC Proms - a renowned classical music festival - it is also the headquarters of the famous Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. During your visit to Chelsea, do not miss the leafy park of Battersea Park, which is located on the south bank of the River Thames. To do this, cross the imposing Albert Bridge.

Chelsea is a great neighborhood in London for shopping, although prices may not be the friendliest. The variety and quality of the stores are guaranteed, so it's no wonder that Princess Kate Middleton has already been seen doing the shopping here. The artery with more offer is the King's Road, with shops for all tastes, from important brands such as Zara, Gerard Darel or Vivienne Westwood, fashionable, like Anthroplogie.

Saatchi Gallery was created by Charles Saatchi, controversial ex-husband of the author of books and television cook shows by Nigella Lawson. This museum is a space of reference in regard to modern and contemporary art, with a program of exhibitions and activities very rich. The cherry of the cake? Admission is free.

And as it could not stop being, to our last suggestion goes to Stamford Bridge, the Chelsea Football Club stadium. Actually, the stadium is in Fulham, next to Chelsea.

5. Roof East

If you have some spare time on a sunny day in London, then head over to Stratford, where there will soon be the re-opening of Roof East, a rooftop playground where you'll find a crazy golf course, great food stalls, and a huge bar, ready for partying the night away! Hosted by SFG Club, this high up playground is full of things to keep you occupied on a sunny day after work, or over a long weekend.

places to visit in london

6. The Barbican Conservatory

If you've got any knowledge of the arts scene in London, you've probably heard of the Barbican performing arts centre, home to the world famous London Symphony Orchestra, as well as a host of award winning performances all year-round. But you may not have heard of the beautiful Barbican Conservatory, that sits on top of arts centre, free to the public with no booking required.

The conservatory has 2,000 species of exotic plants and trees, as well as beautiful fish, and is the second biggest conservatory in London. You can walk into this hidden gem any Sunday or bank holiday between 12 and 5pm.

7. Palm House

Many people familiar with London have been to Kew Gardens, but not many know about its hidden gem – the beautiful Palm House. This indoor rainforest has a gorgeous lakeside view, and will truly make you forget that you’re sat right in the middle of a big city, at least for a little while.

The Victorian era iron glasshouse has some of the most exotic and endangered species of flora in the world, with palms and other subtropical plants ensuring that visitors will expand their knowledge of greenery when they visit.

8. Brockwell park

Many areas around Brixton have boomed in popularity in recent years, with varying effects on the culture in parts of Brixton, Herne Hill and Tulse Hill. Between these areas is a lesser known gem, Brockwell park. The park hosts local cultural events regularly, and you can always find a street food stall for when you get hungry.

In the summer, Brockwell park even has a free outdoor ‘lido’, a large public swimming pool that's perfect for young and old to cool off in on a hot day.

9. The Chocolate Museum

The amount of museums that you can visit in London is impressive. In fact, from now only we tell you that you will not be able to see them all. For this reason, going with a clear idea of ​​what you want to see in the city can be essential to make the most of your trip. In addition, the national museums of the United Kingdom are totally free.

Another hidden gem in Brixton is the Chocolate Museum, where you can discover the history of London's favourite sweet treat. Hear the story of cocoa right from the beginning, with a fascinating display of pictures and of course fantastic displays of beautiful (and delicious) chocolate.

Entrance to the museum is completely free, but you can also book great workshops such as How to create your own Wonka bar. You'll find the museum on the high street, no more than five minutes from the tube station.

10. Clapham Common

If you are reading this article looking for some reason to travel to London in winter, the whole city becomes an attraction in itself. In addition to the thousands of things to do in London, many of them related to the holidays, a foggy London becomes even more charming. Whether for Christmas lights or the smell of mulled wine that invades the streets, is well worth visiting London in winter. Another seasonal drink is Winter Pimms.

One of the most interesting activities if you visit London in winter is ice skating. Clearly, you cannot compare the Christmas markets in London with traditional German Christmas markets. London Christmas fairs each year are bigger and better. The best known is Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and the Southbank Center Christmas Market near the London Eye.

And we cannot forget the Winterville fair on Clapham Common, its new location south of London. Like the Hyde Park fair, Winterville has several attractions, including a skating rink and an amusement park. The national opera and ballet companies stage their great shows during the winter. In fact, The Nutcracker is a classic at this time of year.

This is one of the Christmas shows in London that you should not miss, either at the Royal Opera House by the Royal Ballet or at the London Coliseum theater. The museums in London schedule major exhibitions for winter. As in other museums in London, the entrance is free only to visit the permanent collection at venues such as Tate Modern and the National Gallery.

The most famous Christmas lights in London are those of Oxford Street and Regent Street (the two most important shopping streets of the city), but do not leave aside other smaller ones, such as Carnaby Street. Christmas at Kew show is held every year at Kew Gardens, the Royal Botanical Garden of West London. There you can enjoy a wonderful installation of colorful lights that transforms the place completely.

The luminous art invades the center of London with the Lumiere London festival of lights, an innovative proposal that invites Londoners and visitors to discover the city with a new light during a long weekend.

Take a look, and enjoy, and for more information on adventuring around new places, along with news and culture, check out No Majesty.
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China is a beautiful country boasting its rich culture and centuries of history. However, for the first-timers, it might bring a culture shock. If you are one of them planning the first trip to China, you must be aware of certain important things to have a stress-free holiday in a foreign land. In this blog, we have come up with some essential tips for your first trip to China.

tips on traveling to china

1. Get your visa in advance

Visitors need to have an entry visa to enter the boundaries of the Republic of China. You must submit the visa application at least 2 months prior to the travel date. If you are an American, submit a fee of $130 along with the application, flight itinerary details and passport to the Consulate General or Embassy nearest to your place.

2. Plan the trip at the right time to visit China

Visiting China for the first time? If so, plan the trip during the time that is best suitable for foreign tourists. In summers, China is sweltering and smoggy with high humidity levels that can be quite unbearable for tourists. If you want to visit the country with fewer crowds around, book your tickets for the off-season – October to March. The temperature remains and cooler and the weather is also pleasant.

3. Plan your itinerary well

China is a vast country with the largest population of the world. It is impossible to visit all the popular destinations on your first trip. So, we would recommend you to start from Beijing, Shanghai or Xi'an. All the places have different climatic conditions, so keep track of it while creating the itinerary. You can also include Qinghai region on your China travel checklist. The place has beautiful lakes, magnificent mountain ranges and spectacular landscapes.

tips on traveling to china

4. Be prepared for the language barrier

Language barrier is the first hurdle for foreign travelers visiting China. To manage a week or two in the foreign country, it is important to learn a few common phrases in Mandarin, the most common language in the country. Cantonese is spoken in Hong Kong. English is turning into the universal language, but there are Chinese people who still can't speak it. To communicate with the cab drivers, always have your hotel’s business card. Locals can also help you go back to the hotel, in case you are lost.

5. Know about the censorship

The Chinese government has censored everything, from media to Internet. If you are a social media addict, we are sorry but you won’t be able to browse your Twitter and Facebook account in China. Sometimes, you might not be able to access your email. What you can do is, get VPN in your laptop and phone. Make sure the service is not blocked in the country.

6. Culture shock for westerners

Chinese lifestyle differs a lot with that of a westerner. We would like you to read about their culture and tradition before going to China. In major cities of China, traffic and pollution is a big issue. You will find people moving around with surgical masks on their faces to stay protected from pollution. Be prepared for squat toilets, they don’t have paper. Better carry a hand sanitizer and paper along!

Coming to the street vendors, you can bargain with them for the price but unless you want to buy something, do not ask for the price. You won’t want the vendors to follow you around, would you?

tips on traveling to china

7. Get ready to be clicked!

The Chinese people outside Shanghai and Beijing are not much used to seeing foreign travelers, especially westerners. You might across some staring and some might even click pictures of you – just give them a warm smile. Don't feel bad as this is just their curiosity to find someone different from them in their country. Be polite to the locals but like it is always advised, stay alert and have your street smarts handy.

8. Stay healthy

Pollution is a big problem in the Republic of China. If you have serious respiratory problems, strike out the big cities like Beijing and Shanghai. One of the important tips for your first time in China is that if you are a foodie, be cautious while tasting street food. You might smell stale oil or leftovers. Drink only boiled tea and bottled water.

9. Stay safe

Crime against foreign travelers is not a common thing in China. Being a westerner or foreign traveler, you will not feel unsafe in China. However, pickpocketing is a common thing everywhere, so be safe. Considering you an outsider, the street vendors may overcharge you for the items. Lastly, do not drink in public and you can count your change.

Have a fantastic journey.
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Jaipur, the flamboyant capital of Rajasthan is a mixture of the old and the new. From the young couples to the multi-generational families, the Pink City caters to the needs of all the travelers.

Jaipur is known for its exquisite collection of resorts and hotels where you can plan a longer trip or a weekend getaway with your family and friends. It is a land of lakes and palaces which reflects the rich Rajput culture. Find out how to explore this multi-layered ancient city by visiting the following places.

Here are 10 must visit places in Jaipur

1. Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh Fort is situated high up on the Aravalli Ranges which is famous for its enchanting views during sunset. It is a popular picnic spot from where you can overlook the entire shimmering city of Jaipur.

Places to Visit in Jaipur

2. Amer Fort

Amer Fort is famous for its mirror work that is endearing to the eyes, also known as Amber Fort. It is 11 km from Jaipur. This fort has four courtyards. Tourists can witness the charmingly lit mahals and chowks while taking a ride on an elephant uphill to the entrance of the fort. Its red sandstone and marble stone construction also enlightens you up during the light and sound show.

3. Jaigarh Fort

It is also known by the name of Fort of Victory. The worlds largest cannon on wheels – Jaivana is in Jaigarh Fort which is another awesome place to visit in Jaipur. People come here to see Cheel ka Teela. It was a defensive fort where weapons and artillery were kept during historical wars.

Places to Visit in Jaipur

4. Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal does not need any introduction as we have been studying about it since our school days, also known as the palace of the winds. It was built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh in 1799. This five-storey building has 953 windows that provide ventilation. The Royal women of Rajput families used to witness the spectacular panoramic view of the shimmering city from this breezy palace. There are no steps or staircase to reach the upper floors, instead, slopes connect the storeys.

Places to Visit in Jaipur

5. Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal is one of the best places to see in Jaipur and my favorite too. It is located in the middle of Man Sagar Lake. The amazing architecture will blow your mind when you will come to know that the 4 storeys are built beneath the surface of water and 1 above the water surface.

The surrounding view of Aravalli, especially at night is not to be missed. It is not allowed to go inside the fort but you cherish its scenic beauty in the clear water of the lake anytime. You can go for a camel ride and take long walks in the pathways near Jal Mahal.

Places to Visit in Jaipur

6. City Palace

Tourists come here to see the serene amalgamation of the Mughal and rich Rajasthani architecture. This palace has vast gardens and courtyards. The main attractions are the museum, an art gallery and the display of old weapons and royal costumes. This palace comprises of Mubarak Mahal and Chandra Mahal. Chandra Mahal is converted into a museum that depicts the kingdoms cultural heritage.

7. Bapu Bazaar

The Bapu Bazaar is the best place for those who are looking for bags and footwear made up of real leather. It is amongst the largest market of camel leather in the world. It is well known for Jaipur textile goods. You won't go empty handed from here.

8. Raj Mandir Cinema

It is the most popular tourist place in Jaipur where both the locals and tourists love to visit. This meringue-shaped complex was built in 1976 by W M Namjoshi having a capacity of 1300 people. The modern style art, indirect lighting, ceiling design, and the glittering stars are the major attractions of this film-theater.

9. Chowki Dhani

Chowki Dhani is a 5-star resort that is the replica of ethnic Rajasthani village. It houses the charm of puppet shows, traditional Rajasthani food, folk music, and dance.

10. Birla Temple

Birla Temple Jaipur is Laxmi Narayan Temple, located at the foot of the Moti Dungri Hill. It is completely made up of white marble which expresses its shining beauty. Tourists visit here to see the impressive architecture of the temple.

Best Time to Visit Jaipur

Jaipur has the ability to surprise its visitors with its enchanting breath throughout the year but the best time to visit here is from October to March.

How to reach Jaipur?

Jaipur is 275 km from Delhi (5 hours by road) and 240 km from Agra (4 hours by road).

Have more places to add to the list? Please share your favorite places of Jaipur in the comments section below. You might like to read how to travel with kids and the best parenting tips for the same.

Wish you a Happy Journey!
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Southern Utah is an amazing place to experience wilderness and some of the best camping in the world. Late summer and early fall are the best times for perfect camping weather. Although spring can be nice there are a lot of windstorms that can be hazardous to RVs. Wherever you choose to go, make sure you visit some slot canyons! These narrow cracks and gullies in the canyon are incredible to explore.

There are so many fun and exciting things to do and see in the southern part of the state that you might have to make a few weekend trips or an extended road trip to really take it all in. To give you a starting place, here are the top 5 RV campsites to explore Southern Utah.

rv camping spots in utah

1. Moab Valley RV Resort

Whether you need an RV site, tent site, or rental, this resort has it all, including a vintage Airstream trailer available for rent. Beautiful grassy areas, picnic tables and BBQ pits are featured on each site. There are many helpful amenities in the resort including a propane filling station and a bicycle repair station. For entertainment you'll find putt putt golf, life-size chess, a playground, and a BBQ pavilion.

The resort location is conveniently located near two great national parks, Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park where you can expect to find hiking and biking trails. It's just a quick drive to downtown for delicious food and drinks. After a long day of fun, relax and enjoy the scenery in the swimming pool or hot tub.

2. Leeds RV Park

At this site you have easy access to Zion National Park, Quail Creek State Park, Red Cliffs State Park, and Sand Hollow State Park. With friendly staff, large sites, and beautiful shade trees, you can easily slip into vacation mode. The park also features a shower house, laundry facility, a clubhouse with a library and a large pavilion and picnic area.

There are fantastic ATV trails just minutes away, and where the park is situated there is less wind and cooler temperatures, so relaxation is at its finest.

3. Spanish Trail RV Park

This is a great base camp for exploring Moab, Utah which is rated as one of the top tourist destinations for outdoor adventuring. There is plenty of shade to protect you from the harsh Moab sun, and the bathhouse facilities have received a 10/10 from the Good Sam RV Club, so you can be sure that relaxing and recovering from a full day of sun can easily be accomplished here.

The park also includes a dog park, pavilions, a convenience store, and large lush grass areas for picnics. You'll have easy access to the popular National Parks Arches National Park, Canyonland National Parks and Dead Horse State Park. Hiking, biking, and whitewater rafting should be on your adventure list. At sunset, be sure to catch the incredible views of the La Sal Mountains.

4. Ruby's Inn RV Park and Campground

Only a half mile from the entrance to Bryce Canyon National Park all you have to do is park your rig and let the outdoor adventures begin! Besides having convenient perks such as a laundromat this park features a mini campers store and even a post office! Looking for some exciting activities? There are numerous trails where you can fill your day with ATV rides or a more calming horseback ride.

Take a hike through Bryce Canyon and enjoy a series of natural amphitheaters. They are a stunning array of white and orange limestone columns and walls that have been sculpted over time by erosion. Evenings can be enjoyed by the park’s pool and hot tub or in the park bar and grill.

5. Zion Canyon Campground and RV Resort

Staying at this campsite provides one of the most beautiful settings you will see in your travels. The campground is situated along the Virgin River and provides access to explore the canyons and surrounding areas. The campground is right next to a shuttle stop which makes going into the park hassle free. Request a site right along the river bank and go for a quick dip.

You'll have easy access to trails that feature hikes of different levels, easy, intermediate and advanced, so there is something for everyone.

The campground has an excellent location as it is just a bus ride into the town of Springdale and is within walking distance of the park (1/2 mile). Across the street from the campground you’ll find a general store, an ice cream shop, and restaurants, all within easy walking distance. After dinner relax outside and watch the sunset under The Watchman, a truly stunning sight.

As an added bonus, we will suggest Capitol Reef as a personal favorite park. There is a small general store down the road in Torrey with the best local Rib Eyes! Regardless of where you end up staying, if you can, you have to check out the backcountry. It is a beautiful drive though be aware of the size of your rig as you might not make it with the switchbacks on some of the more adventurous roads.

Any of these sites would make a great weekend trip or as an extended stay and jumping off point to explore Southern Utah.
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Mount Abu is a hill station located in the western part of Rajasthan near Gujarat. This hill station is among the list of top best places to visit in India. So, here we give complete information about the best places to visit in Mount Abu. There are various sightseeing in Mount Abu the famous includes, Nakki Lake, Tod rock and much other sightseeing with amusing Sunset points.

Mount Abu is famous for many of its places, sightseeing, adventure activities, camping and much more. Here are some of the best places to visit in Mount Abu.

places to visit in Mount Abu

1. Nakki Lake

This acclaimed as the first man-made lake in India. Nakki Lake is the best and must to visit place in Mount Abu. This place will just give you the view of some site of a fiction book, in the lap of Aravalli Hills, the Nakki lake just give the best scenic view. This is the best places to visit Mount Abu and also the most visited.

A visit to Nakki lake is incomplete without boating. You can explore the local market of which is just 2 minutes away from these places. Nakki Lake is surrounded by many shops, handicraft shops, temples and much more. This place is an eye candy to all nature lovers. You can feel the peace and serenity in this place.

2. Toad Rock

As the name of this place suggest the place is in the shape of a Tod. One can trek till the top of the rock, and the trekking is of very easy level and of just 20 minutes. After reaching the top of the rock one can have the whole view of Mount Abu. From the top of the Tod rock, the best thing is glaring at the miniature Nakki Lake and enjoying the view.

The best timings to visit at Tod rock is between 6 pm to 7:45 pm because at this time one can enjoy the sunset view or early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise.

3. Dilwara Temple

After Nakki Lake, Dilwara temple is the most visit place in Mount Abu. This place is very holy and attracts a number of tourists throughout the year. This site is most significant for the Jains. Dilwara temple you will see intricate carvings on the marble stone and a very high quality craftsmanship. This is a stunning place especially for the people who love crafts, carving on marble and wants to visit holy sites. This is the place is one of the most famous pilgrimage sites in India.

4. Achalgarh Fort

This fort was fortified by Maharaja Kumbha. The decayed of this fort is indeed a Great architectural work and delightful. Just near this fort, there Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple where Shiva is worshipped. The Achlaeshwar temple is surrounded by Mandakini Lake and surrounded by rocky hills and huge rock walls on which there are paintings and images of Rajput kings, cows, buffaloes and many more.

5. Guru Shikhar

This is the highest point of the Aravalli hills and also of Mount Abu. This place is just 15 kilometers away from Mount Abu. After an easy level of the small trek, this leads you on the top elevation of near about 1722 m above the sea level. Guru Shikhar is known as the peak of the guru, this is believed that Guru Dattatreya resided on this peak in his days when he was a Monk. Earlier this was a cave now this is converted to a temple in his remembrance.

Mount Abu Trekking

Mount Abu situated on Aravalli Range is one of the ancient mountain belts of India. This is the best adventurous activity to do in Mount Abu if you are visiting the west of Mount Abu. The tracks of the trekking are moderate, not so difficult and not so easy, but the view is worth watching. The estimated cost range may vary from 600 to 1200 for a day. There is hardly any tough trek in Mount Abu.

Best Time to Visit Mount Abu

The best time to visit in Mount Abu is between Novembers to March. After March due to the increase in the temperature this destination is not preferred by the tourists. The temperatures rise more than 33 degree Celsius, and the scorching heat reduces the number of tourists in these places.

Smart Travelling packing tips for a visit to Mount Abu

If you are traveling in summer, the summer is usually hot there, do carry light and cotton comfortable clothes. While traveling to Mount Abu in winters, the night will get colder and there will be a fall in the temperature. Do carry extra pullovers and jackets.
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In this time and age, we often find it hard to lay low and have time to go to places and enjoy life. It is because a lot of people became a slave of their busy working schedule and responsibilities. However, even if we need to work to supply our needs, it doesn't mean that we should limit ourselves for the things that make our life enjoyable, and an example of it is traveling.

Furthermore, did you know that traveling comes with many kinds of benefits? Often we have stressed out ourselves in work that it increases the chance of developing depression and anxiety. With traveling, you get to free yourself from a stressful environment, thus making you feel better both physically and psychologically.

If you are asking how and where to start your traveling adventure, then you might want to consider Houston Texas. If you haven't visited Houston before, then you are missing the fun that Houston in Texas has to offer, and here are a few of them.

things to do in houston

1. Houston Downtown Aquarium

Who wouldn't want a nice visit with different types of aquatic animals? Especially if you are traveling with kids, the downtown aquarium offers shark voyage and aquatic carousel that will leave them in awe. Also, when it comes to food, this park attraction comes with delicious menus that you will surely enjoy. The park also includes Louisiana swamp where you can see American alligators, alligator snapping turtles up-close.

2. Houston Museum of Fine Arts

Now if you think that aquarium adventure is too much and want to visit somewhere quiet, then the Houston Museum of Fine Arts is the perfect place you are looking for. You get a chance to appreciate the stunning collection of over 6,000 years of history and learn different cultures all over the world. One of the most visited attractions in this place are the Roman period sculptures and paintings.

This peaceful yet awesome place will surely lessen the stress you have and feel better than ever.

3. Houston Cockrell Butterfly Center

If you want something that connects you with nature in a different way, then the Houston Cockrell Butterfly Center is the one you are looking for. Not only that, this place is perfect in giving you a peaceful environment, but you also get a chance to learn different types of beautiful butterfly around the world. The butterfly center also comes with fun activities to make your trip unforgettable.

4. BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Houston is a place of worship and prayer. It was built according to the guidelines described in the Shilpa Shastras. This place is particularly beautiful.

Texas Drivers Handbook

However, one should not forget about one of the most important things when traveling to Houston in Texas, and that is not to drink and drive. To explain further why here are the things you need to know about drunk driving.

When someone on travel goes driving after drinking is considered a norm for most. It happens every day. If alcohol is in moderation or you just had one drink, then it is beautiful. But once you have exceeded the limit, then it is safer not to go around driving even if you say it is just for a short distance, especially if you are in a foreign place.

A lot can happen whenever you try drinking and driving. You can get into an accident and seriously injure yourself or your passengers. You could also damage your car and end up spending thousands of dollars for repair. Furthermore, you can also cause damage to properties and harm to other people. When any of these accidents happen, you will also get in trouble with the law.

When that happens, there are a lot of consequences. When you get charged for DWI, it could fall under misdemeanor or felony, depending on the gravity of the offense. Thus, they will get charged as such. Furthermore, these charges could also entail fines as well as imprisonment. Minor consequences are the revocation of your license, which is commonly known as ALR.

What is an ALR?

ALR is short for Administrative License Revocation. It is a civil, administrative process, and thus, it is not heard in criminal courts. A separate ALR judge is responsible for those cases in the civil court. When you receive a notice for the suspension of your license, you can either accept it as it is or you can contest the revocation and go to court.

When you decide to do the later, you need to make sure you send the request within 15 days after you receive the notice. Then you need to wait for a maximum of 120 days for your hearing schedule.

2 Grounds for ALR

If you are wondering on how to win an ALR hearing, the best answer to that is hiring an expert attorney. Your attorney can do much more to you rather than going about things yourself, especially if you are not an expert in the law. However, you also need to know the grounds why law enforcement officers request for ALR. Whenever officers see any sign that you are driving drunk, they can flag you down anytime.

When they do, you are required to take a field sobriety test. It can either be in the form of a blood or breath. Refusing to do so is the first ground for ALR. Thus, you need to prove in court that the accusation is not valid. The second ground is when you did the test and failed. The acceptable Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) level is 0.08. Once you exceed it, you may get charged for DWI.

The Hearing

Now, when you are at the hearing, both sides will prove their claims. What you need to have is evidence that you didn't violate those grounds or that protocol was not followed. You need to convince the judge of your innocence for him to consider your request. If not, your license will be suspended between 90 days to two years.

That is a long time when you need to drive every day. If you need any help in getting through an ALR hearing, visit an expert so he can help you out. Before traveling, make sure to have some precautionary measures and avoid drunk driving to prevent problems in the future.
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India is not only Goa, Bollywood and Sari! If you go to India, be sure to go through Delhi! The whole city is literally saturated with history. Delhi is dotted with various mosques, fortresses and monuments preserved from the time of the Mughal rulers who once lived there. Today it is impossible not to note the huge contrast between the confused Old Delhi and the well-designed New Delhi.

Researching one and the other will be equally enjoyable, I promise. And Delhi is a city immersed in greenery and the scent of flowering gardens, where city dwellers love to go to relieve tension and fatigue. Among the sights of Delhi, which are definitely worth a visit, the following temples and religious places are the most popular.

1. Lotus Temple

The temple of one of the most interesting and young world religions is the Baha'i, which originated in the middle of the 19th century in Persia and today has over 5 million followers around the world. The Baha'i temple of white marble in the form of a blooming lotus was built in 1986 and welcomes believers of all faiths, and is also one of the most visited and famous landmarks in New Delhi.

2. Laxminarayan Temple or Birla Mandir

It is one of the most magnificent Hindu temples in India in honor of the goddess of prosperity, well-being and happiness - Lakshmi and one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. It was built in six years from 1933 to 1939 and is the result of hard work of more than 100 of the best Indian stone carvers.

The temple was opened by Mahatma Gandhi and, unlike many other Hindu temples, gladly accept everyone, regardless of their nationality, religious or caste affiliation. Birla Mandir attracts the attention of not only tourists, but also numerous pilgrims of the most diverse currents in Hinduism, since besides Lakshmi and Narayana, it contains sanctuaries in honor of Buddha, Shiva, Hanuman, Ganesha, Durga and Krishna.

Another pearl of this temple ensemble is a garden with numerous fountains and waterfalls with an area of ​​over 3 hectares.

3. Jama Masjid

The largest and most famous mosque in Delhi, the construction of which was started almost simultaneously with the famous Taj Mahal and completed in 1656. The mosque attracts increased attention of tourists because of its architectural and historical value, and a religious shrine, an ancient copy of the Koran written in deerskin, is of particular interest to pilgrims.

4. St. James' Church

The oldest Anglican church in Delhi, was built in 1836 and for 72 years was the cathedral of the vice-royalty of the British colonization. Located near the Kashmir Gate.

temples in delhi

5. Swaminarayan Akshardham

The largest and largest temple complex in India, the construction of which was completed in 2005. It is the fruit of labor of more than 7,000 modern Indian architects and craftsmen. Despite its high cost and scale, it was built solely through voluntary private donations from followers of Swaminarayan, whose statue is located in the very center of the building.

Anyone can visit the complex, as it is not a purely religious building, but rather a memorial and a universal place of worship. Akshvardham daily pleases visitors with various exhibitions, theatrical performances, musical fountains, numerous restaurants and gardens, as well as walks along an artificial lake. Must checkout the Palace on Wheels route map which shows all the places which are covered during the trip.

temples in delhi

6. Sri Bangla Sahib Gurdwara

The famous Sikh temple in Delhi in honor of Guru Har Krishana, was built in 1783 simultaneously with 9 other gurdwaras in the capital of India. Inside the complex there is a large pond called Sarovar, the waters of which are revered by Sikhs as sacred amrita. Located in the main business district of Delhi - Connaught Place.

7. Nizamuddin Dargah

The mausoleum of Nizamuddin Auliya, which is one of the most revered and famous saints in Sufism, is located in the eponymous district of Delhi - Nizamuddin West. It is one of the most revered religious shrines, which is visited daily by thousands of Muslims, tourists and ordinary residents of the city.

Next to the mausoleum are the tombs of the poet and musician - Amir Khosrov, as well as the world famous Sufi preacher, philosopher and musician - Hazrat Inayat Khan.

8. ISKCON Delhi – Sri Sri Radha Parthasarathi Temple

The largest and most famous temple complex of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) in Delhi is dedicated to Krishna and Radha. At the moment, there are several hotels for pilgrims and guests in the area adjacent to the temple, a beautiful park and an artificial lake, a cafe, a center for Vedic culture, exhibitions of Indian arts, constant musical and laser accompaniment, thanks to which visitors and passers-by can learn about Vedic culture and Indian deities.

9. Shri Digambar Jain Lal Mandir

One of the oldest temples of Jainism, located in close proximity to the famous Red Fort and built in 1656. Its name, which literally means red temple, he received thanks to the bright red color of sandstone on the facade of the building. This complex is visited by both pilgrims and ordinary tourists.

The latter are particularly attracted to the charity hospital for birds and other small animals, located on the temple grounds. Take the 20 Days North India including South India and make your trip more memorable.

10. Chhatarpur Temple

Although this place is located in the area of ​​the same name on the outskirts of the southwestern district of Delhi, it is worth a visit to anyone who has decided to get to know the capital of India. This second largest temple in the whole world was built in 1974. The territory of the complex covers an area of ​​24 hectares.

The main temple is dedicated to one of the manifestations of the goddess Shakti Katyayani and opens only twice a year during the celebration of Navratri, the rest of the shrines were erected in honor of Shiva, Ganesha, Radha and Krishna, Lord Rama, services are held in them constantly.
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Did you ever wonder how many beaches are there in the world? Com'on let's think about it for a while. Philippines has more than 7000 beaches! Yeah, now you can let your imagination run wild about the uncountable beach shores. We always want to travel to a beach side because it's the second love our life if not being the first one but it's never too late to choose among the wish list of beaches around the world.

You have unlimited choices for 365 days a year and all you need is to choose where your heart and cash can lead you. These beach talks remind me of some good times spent in Spain and the beautiful seashores that it's famous for. With its diversity in its land forms besides the vast cultural heritage, Spain is a must visit for once in a lifetime.

Why spend all your weekends or holidays on a cozy couch when you can Netflix your way into a beach and enjoy a series of golden sands? Pretty amazing right? Try some of it and you will love every second of it.

Watch more sunsets than Netflix this year.
Or do both!

Simply known as Coast of the Sun, Costa Del Sol region in the south of Spain in Andalusia offers a vastness of the sunny beaches and one of the most exclusive holidays getaways you can ever wish for. The coasts are warm all year round, closer to Gibraltar, this place attracts tourists from all over the world and why not visit it for its genuine attractiveness and hang out with the crowds and feel blissful in the glory of Spanish sun?

Marbella is one of the most active tourist venues all year round for its active nightlife and active sea life as well. Favourite of holidaymakers, the impressive and luxurious boating tours are exceptional and a welcome change for your holiday in Spain. and the workaholics can enjoy a healthy game of golf in a golf course too! With more than 125 beaches on a coastline, it's a challenging holiday for you.

Costa del Sol is one of the most visited destinations in Spain for honeymoon. The Mediterranean coastline runs from La Linea de la Concepcion (Gibraltar) to the municipality of Nerja on the border of the province of Malaga with the province of Granada. It is a display of cities and urbanizations with picturesque villages and historic centers through 185 kilometers that alternate beaches of varied shapes, sizes and styles.

Costa del Sol has plenty of more than desirable destinations for exceptional holidays. One of them, without a doubt, is Fuengirola with more than eight kilometers of beach and a historical center full of life any day of the year. Another attraction of its beaches is the proximity they have with other places of interest such as the Sohail Castle.

Go ahead and cross the Puente de la Armada Española and access the maritime promenade, the largest in Spain. To rest from the bustle of the city, we recommend visiting the Parque de España or even the Bioparc of Fuengirola. And as for gastronomy, the espetos and fried pescaito cannot be missed. For desserts, try the Fuengirola cakes, made with flour, cinnamon, butter, sugar and orange.

The unbeatable formula that equally appeals to tourists of different nationalities especially from France, Germany, England and Nordic countries is the combination of excellent weather (sun almost 300 days a year), with beaches and mountain scenery next to a huge offer of services in an urban spot that practically extends without interruptions throughout those 185 kilometers.

You don't want to miss it out if you get the chance. Here are the best beaches in Costa Del Sol.

best beaches in costa del sol spain

1. Burriana Beach

Costa Del Sol is not only one coastline but consisting of a number of beaches. The most famous one among tourists is Burriana Beach in Nerja with its golden sand and the little restaurants and beach bars.

Favourable Climate

For all Europeans, milder climates are of priority when deciding for a holiday. The difference in climate ranges can enhance your experience in travelling to other countries. Sunny dimes, getting a good tan and cool waters are code words for your beach holiday in Spain.

If there's a heaven for me, it's attached to a beach!

Favourite Interests

Sea kayaking. If you are a sea lover and a sports lover this experience is on top of your list too. kayaking can be of extreme difficulty or it can be a medium level of difficulty but the most important is that it's all fun! Besides satisfying your wild cravings for a crazy day at beachside your hunger will be at its peak and you can enjoy delicious mouthwatering seafood afterward and fill up your bellies.

2. Playa Malapesquera

It's not only the sunny side of beaches you need to enjoy a little bit extra tan body? Hmm, not so sure about that are we? Well, stay in the coolness of palm trees at Playa Malapesquera in Benalmadena. The large green fields are definitely a win-win for a travel enthusiast who wants all things combined together in a one-holiday getaway.

This place is great for volleyball fun and other water sports too. If you are looking for a cheap holiday in Spain you will enjoy a short weekend here undoubtedly.

3. Playa de La Malagueta

Sand sculptures are one of the best past times on the beach, don't you agree? What if I say that grilled fish on skewers is perfect for your cravings at the beach? Like the rest of beachy vibes of Costa Del Sol, this beach is a great fun spot for all group ages alike. Malagueta is a prime choice for all travellers for its easy viability and obviously, the climate is suitable for all.

4. Maro beach

Again we come back to the ultimate water fun this season. Doesn't matter if it's summer or winter the cool water is perfect for the kayaking season this year and years to come forward. Maro beach will make you lose yourself in the snorkeling experience. Underwater diving couldn’t be more fun in tranquil water and fishing fun is just around the corner.

Gray is Not Spooky: You might think gray areas are meant to hide things away from the public eye. But let me tell you that’s not the case here.

best beaches in costa del sol spain

You can find me where the music meets the ocean

5. Playa El Cañuelo beach

This beach in Torremolinos just have the right amount of populated beach for a quiet fun time at the beach. Sand is not as golden as the rest of the beaches comparatively but the view makes up for the lack of vibrancy in colors. Quieter than other beaches it relatively is a peaceful beach and welcomes to your travelling senses. Honeymooners this is your beach choice for the year!

Besides the beach fun, there's a whole other side to Costa Del Sol, that if you miss might be considered a crime in my dictionary. Aqua theme parks, bicycling, running tracks, beach bars, dolphin watching and petting and so much more is there that impossibly attracts you to come to visit the beautiful Costas. The towns and cobbled streets are a straight giveaway too for a summer packed fun holiday in Spain.

Food is just to die for! Travelling to Spain counts the gastronomical experience a whole another journey that is enjoyed by many and have no doubt, you will love every minute. You can make a bad choice too but that just adds to your ledger of experience of your holidays in Spain.

And no doubt beauty is in the eye of the wanderer itself. So see it all for yourself.
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There has been a drastic transformation in Indian society as well as the world. In the last 5 years, there has been a lot of changes where people have started traveling. Be it a backpacker group, solo traveler, or anything people have started visiting and exploring new lands to them. They have obviously made their choices and have also given themselves a lot of chances to soothe their body and rejuvenate by making it possible to travel.

Now while you travel, transportation has a lot of options. You can visit some places by ships, some by airplanes, some by cars, trains, and others by your bicycle. So whatever medium you choose to travel there is something that never changes and it is hotels. You always need a better way to stay. Although there are people who are running low on budget and they always look for hideouts and homestays.

But you won't find a decent one everywhere, therefore there is just one source on which you can rely on and that is the hotels. In the entire world, there is just 1 seven star hotel which is located in Dubai and goes by the name Burj Al Arab. So this keeps up down to the most luxurious hotels which are 5 stars. You can get the list of 5-star hotels in India pdf document from Google where you would find each and every hotel.

Now it is very important to know that there are certain parameters that are mandatory for these hotels to meet so that they can be called as the 5-star hotels. Now India is blessed with around hundred 5-star hotels. Some of the top-notch list of hotels are mentioned below.

Best 5 Star Hotels in India

1. Roseate House, Delhi

Now starting off with the capital of the nation, Delhi, we have a huge building which is full of the best services and amenities and is named as one of the best 5-star hotels in India is the Roseate House situated in an aero city near the IGI Airport, New Delhi. The beautifully crafted hotel is an uber-chic hotel that is completely the next generation when it comes to comfort and luxuries.

It is just about 4.5 km from the airport and other hubs and centers in Gurgaon and Delhi. You can use the Trivago hotels promo code to earn some offer.

2. Four Seasons, Bengaluru

From 1st May 2019, the city of Bengaluru got their second five-star hotel which is named as Four Seasons. Located at the Embassy one in Hebbal the proximity of this hotel from the airport is quite efficient and feasible. The opening of the Seasons has made their market touch a top notch level and they have also earned a name of being the third largest hotel market in the entire country. It is the top hotel brands in India.

3. Taj Rishikesh Resort and Spa

In the Yoga capital of the world seats a marvelous 5-star monument that has been serving people with utmost comfort and variety in living standards since their opening and it goes by the name of Taj Rishikesh Resort and Spa. The property is spread over 12.5 acres of land and is surrounded by the Himalayas from all the sides.

If you are coming from the main city of Rishikesh, you need to take a 1-hour long drive to reach here in Singthali. The hotel is completely eco friendly and will astonish you with the architecture as well as location.

4. The Chedi, Mumbai

How can Mumbai be left behind when we are talking about the luxury stays in Mumbai. The Chedi hotel is based on the Singapore General Hotel Management Company. It will be situated in the outskirts giving the best Powai Lake. The entire building consists of 312 rooms and suites. The entire building has approximately 20 stories. The best part of this is that they provide a total of eight different types of suites to choose from.

5. Taj Theog, Shimla

Another beautiful and luxurious hotel that has seen itself as one of the best 5-star hotels in the Taj Theog situated in Tehsil, Theog, Himachal Pradesh. Although this is not the first luxurious stay in the state, yes this is simply the best. This is going to be the third 5-star hotel in the city after Oberoi Cecil and Oberoi Wildflower Hall.

After Oberoi, it is the time for Taj to show some glamour in the snowflaked terrain. The entire building has about 99 rooms and suites which are designed in such a way that it would give you utmost comfort.

6. Six Senses Fort Barwara, Jaipur

After successfully operating 11 resorts and more than 30 spas across 20 countries, Six Sense has now started up their project in Jaipur to make a world-class resort in the royal city of the country. Six Senses Fort Barwara is going to be a next level hotel which will be located about 100 kilometers from the main city.

It is going to be built in the 700-year-old fort which is situated in Chauth Ka Barwara village.This is going to be the best 5-star hotel in Jaipur and is expected to open up doors for tourists in late 2019.

7. ITC Grand Goa Resort and Spa

The ITC Grand Goa Resort and Spa which was also known as Park Hyatt Goa is a fabulous place to stay while going on a trip to this wonderland. Located in Arossim Beach Road in Cansaulim, this hotel is one of a kind and you will like your stay in the place without a doubt. The resort is spread over 45 acres of land and has comfortable suites to relaxing swimming pools.

The name ITC itself is a tag of trust and you would also find the awesome beach view from this hotel.

8. Grand Hyatt, Gurgaon

Gurgaon city is developing at a real pace and it is going to see few of the best buildings the entire region would have ever seen. One of them is the Grand Hyatt hotel which is going to be a beautifully crafted building that is about to set the doors open for the visitors in late 2019. The project has about 442 rooms and you can just imagine the amount of comfort you would get here. This name is surely going to make its mark in the list of 5-star hotels in Delhi.

9. Hyatt Regency, Dharamshala

This is another project that is about to get finished in mid of 2019 and you would get to enjoy a comfortable time inside. With a strength of 90 rooms in the entire building, you are surely going to get what you would have expected.You can get various offers from coupons.

10. Hilton Resort, Goa

Goa is filled with a lot of beautiful and comfortable sites and one of them is the Hilton Resort. It has seen its opening a few days ago and is serving people with full swing. So you might just get yourself comfortable here whenever you visit Goa next.

For more such content you can check out the website of Coupons Curry and they also have a lot of coupons available on their site.
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Every year thousands of pilgrims flock to Amarnath to visit the cave that houses a naturally-occurring, stalagmite Shivalinga, as it is believed that it was in this cave that Lord Shiva narrated the secrets of creation to his companion, Parvati. With the month of Shravan coming up, you too may consider going on an Amarnath Yatra, as it is one of the most important pilgrimages as per the Hindu faith.

Since the cave is nestled in the Himalayas, almost 4,000 m above sea level, the trek to the cave is arduous and challenging. As you build your fitness levels also consider buying pilgrimage cover for your trip. This way you can protect your health and your finances no matter what the situation. Read on to learn more about why pilgrimage insurance is absolutely necessary.

amarnath temple yatra

Extensive cover against personal accidents

During the course of a lengthy, challenging trek, it is possible that you meet with an accident or suffer an injury. You may fall off a horse or slip in the ice, but you certainly wouldn't want it to bring your trip to a halt or throw your budget off track. To ensure that unforeseen medical expenses do not eat into your finances, opt for pilgrimage insurance with a high personal accident cover. For instance, you can get protection up to Rs.3 lakh when you buy pilgrimage cover offered by Bajaj Finserv.

Financial assistance to meet hospitalisation expenses

Prolonged exposure to the sun, heavy snowfall and low oxygen levels may take a toll on your body causing you to feel ill. Also, with the sheer number of people trekking along with you, you may contract an illness from a fellow traveller and may require hospitalisation. The best part about investing in pilgrimage travel insurance is that you get financial assistance to meet hospitalisation costs, up to Rs 3 lakh.

Good pilgrimage travel insurances in India like pilgrimage cover by Bajaj Finserv offer additional benefits as well. Take a look at what these are.

Card protection in case your wallet is misplaced or stolen

Considering the long journey and the fact that thousands of travellers are passing you by, there is every chance that you may misplace or lose your wallet to theft. If you are someone who stores credit and debit cards in your wallet, buying pilgrimage cover will be of help as you can block all your cards with a single call to your insurer’s helpline.

Emergency financial aid to book travel tickets and hotel accommodation

Pilgrimage Cover brought to you by Bajaj Finserv offers travel and hotel assistance of up to Rs.50,000 to help you in case you are stranded. This could happen if you follow the wrong route or due to harsh weather. The amount offered by the policy will help you book travel tickets and stay to get back to safety.

Protection against a burglary while you are away

To ensure peace of mind when you travel, pilgrimage holiday insurance offers cover in case your house is burgled while you are away. For instance, Pilgrimage Cover brought to you by Bajaj Finserv insures losses up to Rs.3 lakh.

Now that you know how a holiday travel insurance makes your plans foolproof, sign up for a yearly membership by paying just Rs.599. By doing so you can ensure your Amarnath Yatra is stress-free. This Pocket Insurance plan by Bajaj Finserv ensures that you get the best pilgrimage coverage at an affordable premium.
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The social capital of the UAE, Sharjah has safeguarded its personality and customs even in the present evolving times. The city gloats of alluring shorelines, galleries, natural life and open parks and numerous Arabic attractions like the Kalba, Al Majaz Waterfront, Eye of the Emirates, the Al Noor Mosque, and some more.

Sharjah is a goal for a vacationer on account of its verifiable landmarks and displays of craftsmanship. There are numerous well known places in Sharjah that are given below.

places to visit in sharjah

1. Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization is a decent spot to jump into the profound underlying foundations of Arab and Islamic culture. Various scientific and religious manuscripts, just as a collection of Islamic expressions and art work dating from the seventh to the nineteenth hundreds of years are in view.

Features of specific note include the exhibit of mud, earthenware, and glass, just as metallic work decorated with silver, gold, and metal, and the collection of astrolabes.

The historical center has things dating down to the Abbasid and Umayyad times, including a currency collection of silver dinars and dirhams. Yet in addition follows the expansive arms of Islamic culture, with shows of Mughal and Ottoman specialty work.

places to visit in sharjah

2. Sharjah Arts Museum

One of the biggest expressions galleries in the United Arab Emirates, this best in class office opened in 1997 and highlights a permanent collection, as well as a program of temporary exhibits. The perpetual collection incorporates important work of art from the collections of Sheik Dr. Sultan canister Mohammed Al Qassimi.

There are 72 exhibitions spread more than three stories, with an attention on works by Arab craftsmen from all through the Arab world. There are various thrilling tourist places coming out your way in Sharjah Art Museum. Within 2 hours’ drive, you can reach this destination. This spectacular museum has a huge variety of more than 5000 artifacts of Islamic world such as jewelry and costumes.

Different fine arts are by eighteenth century painters who visited the Middle East and became fascinated by the natural environment, design, and culture. The Ali Darwish exhibition contains watercolors of Sharjah. The contemporary area comprises of in excess of 300 works by neighborhood, Arab, and outside craftsmen.

3. Sharjah Heritage Area

The Sharjah Heritage Area is a mix of a few historical centers that incorporate the Sharjah Heritage Museum, with displays covering all aspects of conventional Emirati life; the Calligraphy Museum, exploring this Arab work of art; and Bait Al Naboodah, a finely reestablished customary family home, when home to the Al-Shamsi family.

They are an extraordinary spot to dive somewhat more profound into customary Emirati culture and find what life resembled before the revelation of oil.

4. Sharjah Fort

Sharjah Fort (called Al Hisn in Arabic) sits on a court at the side of the Heritage District. Sharjah Fort was built 200 years ago and has served in as both defensive facility for the town as well as the traditional residence of the ruling family of Sharjah.

Inside, the rooms contain themed showcases following the historical backdrop of Sharjah, just as the town's significance as a major aspect of the Gulf's exchange systems. One show subtleties the careful rebuilding of the structure in the late twentieth century. From the rooftop there are extraordinary perspectives over the Heritage District and out to the ocean.

5. Khor Fakkan

Khor Fakkan is the second biggest town on the east coast. In spite of the fact that the principle highlight of town is thriving and less-than-picturesque container port, the encompassing territory is a top spot for divers and makes them intrigue attractions close-by while the long shoreline is an exquisite stretch of white sand.

6. Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

It's an amazing eco-travel place located at south of Dubai creek covering approximately 620 hectares. One can reach to this site within 1 hour 20 minutes’ drive from well-known Abu Dhabi Mall. Famous Ras Al Khor is the best place for Abu Dhabi City tour. This Wildlife Sanctuary is a wetland created with mudflats, lagoons, mangroves, salt marshes, with more than 50 species of flora and nearly 450 species of fauna.

7. Khor al Beidah

Another delightful tourist spot that you can go by road. It’s one of the favorite tourist attraction for birdwatchers located at east of Umm Al-Quwain. Being a pleasurable area of mangroves, this place is a home of more than 12,000 birds. People also enjoy turtles and fish if you drive 2 hours from the capital to reach this place.

8. Maraya Art Centre

A fabulous Maraya Art Centre in Sharjah is a great destination to enjoy a road trip from Abu Dhabi City. It's an amazing place to take your family and friends for a day or night trip. Children also love this attraction spot.

9. Miracle Garden

Due to an unbreakable record for the longest flower wall, it is worth considering to take a road trip to Miracle Garden. This fabulous tourist spot has more than 45 million blooming flowers including peacock shaped flower sculpture and a flower clock. People can reach this spot within one hour drive from Abu Dhabi capital.

10. Dreamland Aqua Park

Maximum 2 hours road trip from the UAE capital will take you to the well-known Dreamland Aqua Park. It’s a great destination to enjoy some exciting water activities.

Where to Stay in Sharjah for Sightseeing

Hotels are spread all through Sharjah with a lot of resorts along the beachfront and skyscrapers close to the Cornices, facing Khalid Lagoon, in the downtown area.
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Greece and Turkey attract millions of globe trotters every year because of the blend of western Asian culture with Ancient Greek and Turkish culture. Greece and Turkey is a mix of ancient and modern architectures. Greek and Turkish culture are known to attract millions of wanderers throughout the year. For more convenience, you can take any of the Greece and Turkey Vacation packages so that you will get everything pre-planned and you can enjoy without any worries.

places to visit in Turkey

1. Hagia Sophia Museum

Hagia Sophia was worked in 537 CE and a stunning actuality is, the development finished in only 6 years in old occasions. Initially developed by top planners, focused the fundamental arch at a stature of 105 foot which was heavily damaged by a tremor in 558 CE yet it was reestablished in 562 CE. The annihilation again occurred in multiple times yet it couldn't stop the architecture to be built again.

Hagia Sophia was before a house for prayer for Christians then under Ottoman realm it was changed into a mosque. Hagia Sophia attracts over 3 million travelers every year and the count increases every year.

2. Maiden's Tower

The apex stands straightforwardly in the midst of the Bosphorus; it has intrigued various visitors and frequented them in their dreams. Today it houses a diner anyway the legend goes that it was built to protect the young lady of a Sultan in light of the fact that an Oracle had foreseen that she would be killed by a snake when she turned 18.

The tower was the home for SUltan’s Daughter and she was frequently visited by her father. Upon the landing of her eighteenth birthday festivity, the father gave his daughter a superb compartment of bright natural items without understanding that a poisonous snake was concealed in it.

3. Elafonisi

A couple of years back Elafonisi was a shrouded spot know to not very many however at this point the mystery is certainly not a mystery any longer. This spot pulls in huge amounts of voyagers consistently. Today, this flawless sandy beach​ is the target objective for everyone from young adventurers as the place offers an unmatched view of the dusk. Go in the high season and you'll find this once unfilled shoreline, related by a sandbar to an island nature spare, swarmed and furnished with extreme remains.

4. Pamukkale

The cotton castle is the thing that Pamukkale implies in English. Stands as the most entrancing spots to escape from the world. The spot is normally stacked up with boiling water springs on sandy white patios. Pamukkale which is listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO and its characteristic sauna is a thing that pulls in a large portion of the wanderers The porches are shaped by white carbonated mineral and they are loaded up with characteristic high temp water. The heated water springs are solid as they are minerals and calcium-rich water.

5. Bosporus

The Bosporus is the interfacing course of Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea. Bosphorus is the best approach to catch the wonderful nightfall of Turkey. A definitive coastline with a mix of ultra-present day and antiquated culture. Bosporus is situated in northwestern Turkey and is not all that wide strait which is generally utilized for worldwide exchanges and touring.

Reasons to Visit Turkey

6. Meteora

Declared a world heritage site, Meteora is the biggest rock formation. The exceptional site pulls in travelers like a magnet. With more than 2 million guests a year, Meteora remains over most visited places in Greece. The clifftop old monasteries are the most eye-catching thing of fascination for this spot.

Crafted by the best draftsmen in the history the Orthodox cloisters of Meteora are intended to blow your mind. Greece and Turkey visit is abundantly wasted in the event that you have not investigated Meteora.

7. Balos Beach

Balos picked up its distinction for turquoise water. The grandest view from the shoreline is the thing that individuals desire for. The area of Balos tidal pond is between the little Cape Tigani and the Cape Gramvousa. Balos shoreline is a blend of white and blue turquoise water and gleaming white sand.

The shoreline offers just on the planet pink sand which framed because of a great many shells squashed. The magnificence of the shoreline can be delighted in with youngsters as the ocean is shallow with a little warm water.

8. Santorini

Santorini is alternatively known as the island of Thira and is a standout amongst the most romantic spots for honeymoon couples. Santorini is known for its printed landscape like incredible looks which are canvassed in standard Cycladic homes which flicker white under the hot Greek sun and offset brilliantly with the dull blue seas and heavenly places.

Walking around the island enables you to take in all the phenomenal plan here and in light of the way that the scene is surrounded by a volcanic opening you can envision without a doubt the most shocking points of view in all of Greece.

Hope you have got enough reasons to go on your Greece and Turkey tour. So, pack your bags and book your Greece and Turkey tour package and enjoy your trip.

Have Fun!
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Hi friends! This is summer time and with temperatures soaring you must be looking to head to cooler climes. Let me ask you, have you been to Sikkim? If yes, have you heard about or visited Pelling? If you have not visited Sikkim then you have certainly missed something but if you have visited Sikkim and have not been to Pelling, then you are plain unlucky. Because you have missed one of the most beautiful natural beauties in India.

Pelling is a small but picturesque hill town in Sikkim in northeast India. Although Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim is the most famous place in the state and is thronged by people from all over and gives you all the comforts of city life, Pelling is a calm and serene place looking to welcome you with its unspoiled beauty and tranquility.

Situated at a distance of 131 km from Gangtok, Pelling stands proudly at an altitude of 7200 ft. The district headquarter Ghyalshing is situated 10 km away. The best part about Pelling is that it is still unspoiled by human invasion and the land around it is still virgin. Unlike Gangtok, which is normally full of tourists and travelers, Pelling offers far quieter environment.

Once in Pelling, you will be overawed by the natural beauty spread all around. And the icing on the cake is the view of Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world. You can see many snowclad peaks of this mountain very clearly from here. In fact, you will be able to see the whole Kanchenjunga range from here including peaks like Kumbhkaran, Koktang, Kabru, and Pandim.

They say it is the closest you can get to the Kanchenjunga range. You can get a fairly good view of these peaks even from your hotel room. Such is the location of Pelling.

Pelling also serves as a base for many exciting treks. The land around Pelling consists of Alpine vegetation. There are numerous waterfalls all around the place which enhance its beauty. There is something for everyone in this beautiful place. A slice of history, a dose of spirituality and a paradise of nature is what Pelling is about. Here are a few best places to visit in Pelling.

places to visit in pelling

1. Pemayangtse Monastery

This is one of the oldest monasteries in Sikkim and was built in the year 1705. It is a three-storied structure made in Buddhist architectural style. The literal meaning of Pemayangtse is Perfect Sublime Lotus, indicating what you can expect here. Situated at a distance of 2 km from Pelling, it has both historical as well as religious significance.

Pemayangtse Monastery has a rich collection of Buddhist art and sculpture. It is unique in that it has a beautifully carved 3D model depicting space which provides a glimpse of spirituality in Buddhism. The sanctum of the monastery is very peaceful and is an ideal place for meditation and rejuvenation. A visit to Pemayangtse Monastery is a must if you are in Pelling.

places to visit in pelling

2. Sanga Choeling Monastery

Perched on top of a hill, this is another monastery which is said to be one of the oldest monasteries in Sikkim. It was built in the year 1697. It is another peaceful place to recharge your batteries. It is situated at a distance of 7 km from Pelling and to reach Sanga Choeling Monastery, you will have to undertake a trek of about 4 km. It takes around 40 minutes to complete the trek which is not very difficult.

You will be so enamored by the beauty all around that you won't even know when the trek gets over and you reach Sanga Choeling Monastery. In any case, this trek is easy but the visit is worth it because you will not only get to see this beautiful monastery but at the same time you will get a breathtaking view from the top and will be inspired to click a lot of pictures.

Heard of KASHMIR OF EAST? Check here

3. Kanchenjunga Waterfalls

Another beauty in Pelling. These are perennial waterfalls and come down with a thundering noise. The milky white water of the falls makes it a treat for the eyes. The scenic beauty of these waterfalls makes them a must-visit place. Located at a distance of 28 km from Pelling, these waterfalls are active throughout the year.

The thick lush green surroundings of the falls make it an ideal backdrop for clicking pictures. During monsoons, the volume of water in the falls multiplies manifold. There is an entry fee of INR 20 for Kanchenjunga Waterfalls, but it is definitely a place to see.

4. Rimbi Waterfalls

This is one more picturesque spots around Pelling. Rimbi Waterfalls is the oldest one in Sikkim and is adjacent to Rimbi river, which in itself is a stunning beauty. Though Rimbi waterfalls are smaller as compared to other falls in Sikkim, it is considered safe for fun activities and is admired for its scenic surroundings.

It is an ideal spot for family picnics and group tours. There is a small hydropower station built on river Rimbi nearby, you can walk around to see that also. The government of Sikkim has built a rock garden also near Rimbi Waterfalls. This rock garden named Sewaro rock garden consists of pools, gardens and of course rocks. This is another place to visit. Sewaro in local language means namaste or hello.

5. Rabdentse Ruins

Here is a slice of history for you and you can not afford to miss this one. These are the remains of the palace in which the king of Sikkim lived till the year 1814. You can visit Rabdentse ruins while coming down from Pemayangtse Monastery. The ruins are away from the main road and you have to take a detour to reach the gates of the ruins.

Rabdantse served as the capital of Sikkim king. As you walk through the thick forest you will encounter rare varieties of orchids and some small lakes. Once on top, you will get an absolutely stunning view of the valley and Kanchenjunga range. You will also get to see Namphogang which are the ancient stones on which king of Sikkim used to sit. Although the palace is in ruins, it is still well maintained and is bound to hold your interest.

places to visit in pelling

6. Singshore Bridge

Singshore bridge is an engineering marvel and a must-see place in Pelling. This is the highest bridge in Sikkim and is also one of the highest bridges in the whole of Asia. This is an over 240 m long suspension bridge which looks stunning from a distance. But walking on this suspension bridge gives another level of thrill as you travel between two gorges, which are connected by the Singshore bridge.

And add to that the amazing view that you get while standing on the bridge and it becomes absolutely essential to visit this brilliant work of mankind. Singshore bridge is located about 26 km from Pelling but merits a visit to have a first-hand experience of an engineering marvel and to be on the second highest bridge of Asia.

Looking for some out of the box travel experience? Go to this place.

7. Khecheopalri Lake

If you are looking for some serene surroundings and peaceful time, head straight to Khecheopalri Lake. It is a religiously significant lake for Buddhists and Hindus alike. There is a strong belief here that birds don't let a single leaf fall in the lake water. The scenic lake and its serene waters fill you with spirituality.

It is advisable to maintain peace and silence to respect the sanctity of the place. There is an entry fee of INR 30 for Kheceopalri Lake.

places to visit in pelling

8. Darap Village

When you have visited all the interesting place in and around Pelling and fell exhausted, there is a paradise nearby waiting to welcome you and rejuvenate you. Just 7 km away from Pelling is a beautiful scenic village called Darap. This picturesque village displays the actual Sikkimese culture and life.

Inhabited by Limboo community, Darap is everything Sikkimese to the core. After all the traveling and running around, just come to this village for a laidback and relaxing holiday in the lap of nature. Take a walk in the village, enjoy authentic Sikkimese cuisine, do bird watching or hiking and above all explore the natural beauty spread all around this picturesque village which looks straight out of a picture postcard.

Don't worry about accommodation as there are homestays in Darap village, waiting to welcome you and provide you an insight into the actual Sikkimese life. This will be the best thing that you will do during your visit to Pelling.

How to Reach Pelling?

Sikkim does not have an airport or a railway station of its own so, the best way to reach Pelling is:

By Air - The nearest airport from Pelling is Bagdogra, which is around 140 km away. From here you can hire a taxi or bus to reach the capital city Gangtok.

By Train - The nearest railway station to Pelling is New Jalpaiguri, which is 138 km away. From, here again, you can hire a taxi or get a bus to reach Gangtok.

By Road - Pelling is well connected by road to Gangtok and other cities of Sikkim. From Gangtok, it is advised to hire the preferred mode of transport which is a jeep. It is preferred due to the hilly terrain that leads to Pelling.

Hotels in Pelling

Pelling has options for accommodation for every type of traveler. You can choose hotels as per your budget and preference. Pelling also has a few luxury resorts located in very scenic places. Apart from these, there is an option of exploring Sikkimese culture by opting for an authentic homestay.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head straight to this less explored but very beautiful place called Pelling and make the best use of summer vacations.


Vimal Bhatia, a passionate traveller and keen travel blogger writes about some really stunning but unexplored places. A solo traveller so far, he hopes to find his travelling companion someday, maybe on one of his sojourns. He is already planning his next trip. Suggestions are welcome. Which place you would like him to go to and write about? Mention in the comments.

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Northeast India has forever been the center of attraction for tourism in India. If you have been here, you will find it hard to resist the beauty of Northeast India. It's an epic journey for nature lovers. The penetrating peaks and magnificent nature is what makes the northeast region of Indian highly compelling and worth visiting, especially during the monsoon season.

There is a kind of novelty and freshness in the monsoon that is worth experiencing. The entire belt of the seven sisters gives a surreal feeling during the rainfall with its green forests and tea estates. Meghalaya is famous for being the wettest place on the entire planet. Meghalaya also have quite a lot of natural and artificial lakes.

The cool weather in the northeast is one of the best things you can experience during the monsoons. The weather may be wet, but it is not at all scorching or clammy. It is like a natural cooler. You will regret not visiting Meghalaya during the monsoon as the surroundings get a lot more romantic during the season whilst you let that breezy raindrops shower on you.

Meghalaya also lets you experience its lush greenery and irresistible charm of the atmosphere which is something you'd never want to miss. The best part about being in Meghalaya during the monsoon season is that you can get everything at an affordable price. The state of Meghalaya records the highest rainfall in India and every bit is filled with rainwater, making Meghalaya a less preferred tourist destination.

So, if you visit Meghalaya during the monsoon season, you can get everything from booking accommodations, transportation, tourism, etc at cheap rates. It is because of the lush beauty of the seven sisters that we have coherent reasons on why you should visit Meghalaya during the monsoon season.

places to visit in shillong cherrapunji

1. Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji also Sohra is the most wettest places on earth and is famous for its spectacular waterfalls, which fall on huge cliffs throughout the town like the Wei Sawdong Fall. The most impressive are Nohkalikai Falls, one of the highest waterfalls in India which emerge from a wooded ravine and fall 340 m along a rock face. During the monsoon, the flow of water that precipitates into the abyss is 20 times greater and the noise is deafening.

Another reason to visit the northeast is Cherrapunji, where you can observe the Nohsngithiang Falls or Mawsmai Falls. It serves as the best thing during the monsoon season. The Living Root Bridge is yet another reason for you to come and visit Northeast India. It is a bridge that's naturally made up by the roots of trees which is used for humans to pass through the inflated river.

Cherrapunjee is close to the most famous Double Decker Living Root Bridge. Perhaps the most famous Khasi tradition is the creation of living root bridges of Meghalaya, woven with the aerial roots of huge fig trees of the jungle. Several of these impressive natural wonders can be visited in the Nongriat village on a tricky tour of the centuries-old paths used by villagers selling areca nuts in Shillong.

In the Khasi mountains there are more bridges of these, reminiscent of Lord of the rings. You need to go down a total of thousands of steps to see the two-story bridge. The hike will take approximately 5 hours to complete a trip. It is recommended to spend the night at the base of the mountain where there is accommodation. It can be physically exhausting to go down thousands of steps, but the landscape that can be seen is priceless.

You will see lush greenery, flowing rivers, butterflies fluttering and much more. Also, climb for an hour to the Rainbow Falls, which are supposedly very picturesque and highly recommended by all hikers and locals alike. Also, bring swimwear if you want to take a dip in the creek. There are the Kynrem Waterfalls, the Seven Sisters Waterfalls, the Mawsmai Cave, the Daiñthlen Falls, the Arwah Cave, the Wei Sawdong Waterfall and much more.

The road is complicated, and many visitors prefer to see the waterfall from afar, from the viewpoint on the outskirts of Sohra.

places to visit in shillong cherrapunji

2. Mawsynram

Find yourself exploring the wettest land on earth. For about 6.1 km to the south-west of Shillong headquarter, you will find yourself getting all wet on the roadside of the Mawsynram village. Some say it is the most romantic place to be with your partner. And the Jakrem hot springs near Mawsynram are greatly appreciated as they are believed to have healing and medicinal properties.

When you are here, you can also visit the Mawjymbuin Caves, which is formed naturally. The best access points are the villages of Mawshamok and Tyrna, south of Sohra.

places to visit in shillong cherrapunji

3. Dawki

A crystal clear Umngot river awaits your presence at the Dawki Lake on the border with Bangladesh where you can literally see your shadow beneath the face of the lake. You can go for boating while exploring the Jaintia Hills. This experience is best served with raindrops.

The emerald green water of this river is so crystalline that you can see the river bed at 12 feet deep. You can take a boat ride, swim in the water, fish, eat freshly cooked fish or simply appreciate the beauty of this border town. Near the border of Bangladesh flows the Jadukata River, which has an abundant population of mahseers.

4. Mawlynnong

Explore Asia's cleanest village, i.e., the Mawlynnong Village where rainfall adds as a plus point. It is a sustainable village with an appropriate waste management system.

5. Umiam Lake

20 km before reaching Shillong is Umiam Lake. This lake is basically a reservoir upstream of the Umiam river. It is the perfect place to go for a picnic, boating or kayaking.

6. Laitlum Canyon

25 km from Shillong is this picturesque place called the Laitlum Canyon. The hike to the top of the hill is between moderate and difficult, but it is well worth the effort, as you will be rewarded with views of the valley below you. You can also go by bicycle or taxi to the top of the hill. There is a staircase of 3,000 steps leading to a village called Raslong. On your way, you will find bamboo plantations and colorful orchids.

7. Mawphlang

Perched on the eastern hills of Khasi, near the village of Mawphlang and surrounded by fields, is one of the most important tourist sites of Meghalaya, the Sacred Forest of Mawphlang. There are many sacred forests in these hills and the Jaintia hills of the state, but this is the best known.

There are many medicinal plants, including those that can apparently cure cancer and tuberculosis, and Rudraksh trees. According to local tribal beliefs, a deity known as labasa inhabits the forest. The Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council has created a Khasi Heritage Village in front of the Mawphlang Sacred Forest. The culture and heritage of the tribe are also exhibited during the two days of the Monolith Festival held there.

It may seem unremarkable, and even somewhat disappointing, for the uninitiated. However, a local Khasi guide will reveal its mystery. The David-Scott trail, one of the most popular trekking routes in Meghalaya, is located behind the forest. David Scott trail is a simple trek of 20 km, lasting 6 hours, which takes us through spectacular landscapes. This walk is simple but suggested for adults. This is because at some point you will have to cross a stream in water up to your waist.

8. Kongthong

Hidden in a corner of Meghalaya between the crests of Sohra and Pynursla is the village of Kongthong, a remote village in India. Curious whistles and chirps echo in the jungle around Kongthong, but it's not a birdsong. They are people who call each other music, an extraordinary tradition that can even be unique. Kongthong is a village in India, where mothers compose a special melody for each child.

According to the tradition of the community, everyone will address the person with this little individual melody for life.

9. Shillong

Shillong is the best place considered for nature lovers, photographers, and adventurous. The valleys become firm during the monsoons, making it easier to walk, trek, and hike. There are many things to do in Shillong. The road from Shillong to Mawphlang also goes towards Shillong Peak and Elephant Falls. Only 15 km outside Shillong, the most famous waterfalls are the Elephant Falls.

The water cascades down on three levels and you have to go down the stairs from the top to see each level. Other falls include Shadthum Falls, Weinia Falls, Bishop Falls, Langshiang Falls and Sweet Falls.

Shillong is where you will observe more than 250 species of butterflies. During the monsoon season, you can clearly soothe your eyes with lush valleys filled with vibrant flowers and a fine pattern of butterflies. You’ll find butterflies like the Blue Peacock, the Common Blue Bottle, the Kaiser-E-Hind, Leafs-Butterfly, the Dipper, the Bhutan Glory, the Yellow Orange Tip, Vagrant, and the Red-Breast Jezebel.

Who would ever want to miss some breezy road trips with raindrops? Well, northeast India is the best vacation for you if you wish to enjoy to the fullest. The road trips from Guwahati-Shillong road is meant for nature lovers.

If you like fishing, Ranikor is the best place to be. Fishermen can paddle down the river where the Kynshi and Rilang rivers converge to enjoy fishing. You can find gold mahseers, golden carp, silver carp and common carp. For caving in India, there are more than 150 krem (caves) that pierce the limestone bed of the Jaintia mountains, including Krem Liat Prah, the longest cave in India, which extends at least 25 km under the Shnongrim mountain range.

The food is the essence of northeast India. The food culture in the northeast is as vibrant as their culture and heritage. Every state has its own specialty and it tastes even better while you enjoy the rain. Pukhlein, Daineiiong, Jadoh, and Jastem are some of the most famous dishes you must try during the monsoon season.

Northeast India lets you escape the tiresome everyday life. Everyone needs a vacation to relax and spend some time romantically with their partners. You can get your desired privacy, walk around the bazaars, explore the waterfalls and lush valleys, stay for a while at the Ornate Bridge over the amazing Wards lake, and so much more.
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