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Slovenia is a country in the South Eastern Europe, which is known by its beautiful and unspoiled nature. So it is not surprising that more and more tourists go there every year to explore its amazing beauties. Moreover, Slovenia is one of the greenest places in all Europe, since more than 50 % of its landscape is covered by woods.

The urban parts of the country also have a lot of green places. Therefore it is not a surprise that the country's capital received a title, the greenest capital of Europe. There are many places worth visiting in Slovenia. However in this article we will only cover the topic of outdoor sports in the west part of Slovenia, or canyoning Soca in Bovec area, to be more specific.

canyoning soca bovec rafting in slovenia

The area where canyoning Soca takes place

The Soca River (gave its name also to the valley through which it flows) is considered to be the Europe’s most beautiful river and its magnificent emerald colour will amaze not only the nature lovers, but also everyone who comes in the area. The valley is surrounded by the Julian Alps, which consist of the highest Slovenian mountains.

Imagine spending a day in this beautiful scenery? It sounds like a fairy-tale, doesn't it? This is definitely the best place to practice water sports, especially the canyoning Soca. All you have to do, to be able to attend this best outdoor activity in Slovenia, is to contact the company Altitude activities and join them.

What to bring?

The best time to do canyoning Soca is in spring or in summer when the water is warmer. In those parts of the year the water usually reaches 10 ℃ in summer, therefore a neoprene swimsuit is needed. If you book your canyoning Soca adventure by Altitude activities, they will prepare all the equipment and everything else needed for your safety.

You just bring a bottle of water, a swimsuit and a towel with you. One other thing you must not forget is good mood.

Duration of Canyoning Soca

The canyoning Soca usually lasts about 7 hours, since it take about an hour to get to the destination. When you reach the destination, the staff of the agency will first explain everything you need to know about canyoning Soca to avoid any possible accidents and mishaps. You will begin with smaller jumps to get accustomed to the feeling and activity.

In some cases you won’t have to jump, but you will just slide down the natural slide. Sounds like a lot of fun, right?

The guides

The agency's staff will also contribute to this amazing experience. They are very friendly and funny and will definitely make you laugh. Moreover, the staff, the guides have all the licences needed to be able to perform this activity and they are also licensed lifeguards, will also encourage you during the whole canyoning Soca.

Therefore, if at any point during the activity you feel scared of jumping into the river pool, the staff will offer you all the support and motivation needed. However, if you decide to pass a jump, because you are too afraid to take it, the team will lower you down by the rope.

canyoning soca bovec rafting in slovenia

Other activities that can be done in the area

As mentioned before, the western part of Slovenia offers many different possibilities to practice any other type of sports. For example rafting and kayaking are the best for water sports lovers. On the other hand, those who prefer solid ground under the feet might enjoy the hiking and trekking around the highest Slovenian mountains.

You can also join the company on one of their climbing Mount Triglav adventures. The highest Slovenian mountain is 2864 meters high and can be reached in one day (by very experienced hikers) or in two days (more common). It is also possible to book one of the multi pitch climbing tours on the Triglav's north face, which is, due to its difficulty, available for more experienced climbers.

However, in each case it will be an amazing experience. If the weather is nice and clear, you might be able to observe the ships floating on the Mediterranean Sea. This really is an experience that not a lot of people have been able to attain.

Where to book?

If you are convinced that canyoning Soca, or any other above mentioned activity, is the adventure you want to experience this year, book your summer vacation in Slovenia. You will definitely be amazed by its beauties and don’t forget to bring your camera, since it is said that a photo can tell more than a thousand words.

The staff will also take pictures of you with their cameras, so you will have more photos from different angels. If you have any questions considering your canyoning Soca adventure, the company Altitude activities will be happy to answer them.
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Hong Kong is one of the popular cities in China. Hong Kong is an autonomous territory in southeastern China. It is a Chinese special administrative region. Hong Kong is famous all over the world for its glamorous city and a top choice for luxury shopping which everyone likes in their life. Hong Kong also has an impressive skyline.

A Hong Kong trip tend to be mainly business, shopping or as a complement to a long-term getaway in China. Hong Kong, one of the most modern cities in Asia, is full of huge and modern skyscrapers, streets crowded with people in a hurry, a multitude of signs and luminous neons and an intense smell of sauces, oil and meat.

From the modern skyline at Victoria Harbor to the traditional Tai'O fishing village and bustling Stanley markets, Hong Kong is a wonderful mix of many cultures and offers countless things to do and see. Hong Kong is a city of contrasts in which stands out a mixture of Chinese tradition and modernity that make it a unique place in your itinerary of Hong Kong.

For architecture lovers it is essential to compare the HSBC Main Building of Norman Foster with the Bank of China Tower of Ieoh Ming Pei. The Wong Tai Sin Temple is located north of Kowloon. If your trip coincides with a holiday such as the Chinese New Year, look through the streets to see if you come across any Chinese Lion and Dragon dance.

Hong Kong Travel Tips and Attractions

Here are few interesting places to visit in Hong Kong for tourists:

1. Disneyland

Well everyone around the world knows about Disneyland or ever heard of it. If you are in Hong Kong and didn’t go to Disneyland, then your trip will be incomplete. It is an iconic amusement park with themed lands. It's famous for its rides, shows and welcoming costumed characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and so more.

Everyone loves Disneyland and wants to go there once in life. It's the best place for kids, adults & Disney lovers. You can visit Disneyland with your friends or family and can have great fun.

The Hong Kong Disneyland’s ticket price is HKD 539 or about USD 70 for customers between the age of 12 and 64 (adults).

2. Victoria Peak

The Victoria Peak is the Lush lookout point with telescopes which is at an elevation of 1181 feet which is known for its skyline & waterfront views.Victoria Peak is a place where you get a chance to see through telescopes!Victoria Peak started attracting tourists for Europe since the 19th century. Looking at the whole city in the night from Victoria Peak will be an amazing experience for you.

Victoria Peak's pass price is around HKD 90 or around USD 12 for adults.

3. Ocean Park

Ocean Park is the theme park with rides and wild animals which is located on the southern side of Hong Kong Island. Theme park includes rides like rollercoasters and water rides, a cable car & a marine park with animal enclosures. The Ocean Park's pass price is around HKD 385 or around USD 50 for adults.

4. Tian Tan Buddha

Another of the essential places to travel Hongkong is the Po Lin Monastery on the Lantau island and where you can see the immense Tian Tan Buddha. A 34-meter-high Buddha statue which is known as The Big Buddha or Tian Tan Buddha is a landmark hilltop statue of Buddha which is made of bronze in 1993, with carved bell, museum & relics inside. There are 260 steps to lead up to Buddha.

5. Ngong Ping 360

Ngong Ping 360 is a Cable Car, retail and entertainment center. It's a 25-minute cable car ride to the village of tourist attractions and activities. This ride has two types of cabins - standard & crystal cabin which costs around USD 12 and USD 25 respectively for adults.

6. The Peak Tram

The Peak Tram is a Funicular railway up to Victoria Peak. This Victorian-era train takes visitors to the highest peak on Hong Kong Island for views of the city. This ride costs around USD 13 for an adult. Moreover, you can book hotel at this place using OYO Coupons at discounted prices.

7. Hong Kong Madame Tussauds

Well, the world famous Wax Museum, Madame Tussauds is also in Hong Kong.Madame Tussauds features notable Americans, historic icons and other world famous notable personalities in themed galleries. The Hong Kong Madame Tussauds ticket costs around USD 36 for an adult.

8. Victoria Park

The Victoria Park is a Green Space for sports, swimming, and other sporting activities. It is a large park with areas for soccer, volleyball, roller skating & basketball. The park also includes a pool and play area. It is a 24 hour open park and you can try various sporting activities with your friends or family while your trip to Hong Kong. It will boost up your interest in sports and you can enjoy the trip more.

9. Hong Kong Space Museum

Well, space is a field in which everyone has an interest no matter what you are. The Hong Kong Space Museum is an Astronomy & space science exhibits. It is a waterside egg-shaped building with planetarium and Omnimax films, also has space and astronomy exhibits. There's also a Science Museum for kids and adults. This Science Museum features many hands-on science and technology exhibits and live demonstrations.

The Science Museum costs around USD 4 for an adult and USD 2 for children and seniors. And the Space Museum costs the same as the Science Museum.

10. Man Mo Temple

The Man Mo Temple is one of the most revered of the island of Hong Kong. It is not very spectacular inside, but it is worth entering if you are in the area of Sheung Wan and see its huge incense spirals. It is located on the corner that divides Hollywood Road with Ladder Street.

11. Bruce Lee Statue

You are not a tourist in Hong Kong until you take your picture with the Bruce Lee statue on the Avenue of Stars and then you enjoy the light show over the bay. In the heat of this powerful film industry, world-class stars such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Chow Yun-Fat, or directors such as Wong Kar-Wai and John Woo have emerged.

12. Ma Wan

Not so long ago, Ma Wan was a prosperous fishing village where tourists and locals went to enjoy its seafood restaurants, or to observe its beautiful views with its now decrepit stilt houses that will not be there soon.

13. Temple Street Night Market

To practice the noble art of bargaining or go hunting and catching the most kitsch objects in Asia you have the Temple Street night market or the Mong Kok market.

As the name says, it's a market where you can purchase anything for yourself. This is a nightly market for all kinds of goods, everything from trinkets, jade and antiques to electronics, watches, jeans, cheap shirts, lighters of vulgar and obscene forms, imitations of anime merchandising, sunglasses, huge blanket tops, alarm clocks, toys, tripods for cameras and so many things.

This market is known as Night Market because it opens at 5 PM in the evening. It is a good place to visit to purchase various special items to add them to your collection. The mixture is explosive and the atmosphere very overloaded. Asia is in its pure state.

Best Food in Hong Kong

Also, most famous Hong Kong food like Sweet and sour pork is not an exception to attract people all over the world.

Best Time To Visit Hong Kong

But the question comes in mind is what's the best time to visit Hong Kong? Well, you can visit Hong Kong in the month of March - April and October – November. These are the best times of the year to visit Hong Kong because March is springtime and you can see cool evenings in Hong Kong.

How to Visit Hong Kong

Also, the Hong Kong Island Bus Tours are popular attractions among visitors. Also you can book your flight using Makemytrip Coupons with great deals. For the bravest, a helicopter tour is ideal to see the spectacular skyline of Hong Kong from the sky.
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Everybody wants to visit amazing places in their holidays where they can enjoy to their fullest with their family, friends or only with their soulmates. Thailand is one astonishing location which will be perfect for everyone as this destination is full of adventures, fun, entertainment and much more. You should try Bangkok and Pattaya for your holidays.

Here you will see a completely different culture as all the type of people are available there and also everyone there feels like home no matter if one is poor or rich. So it will be fascinating to talk to them and know about their culture and lifestyle. You can select any of the Bangkok Pattaya tour packages so that it will be easy for you to utilize your holidays.

Here we have discussed some interesting places which you can visit during your trip to Bangkok and Pattaya. Have a look.

Things to do in Bangkok

Things to do in Bangkok

1. Wat Pho Reclining Buddha

Wat Pho is a place in Bangkok where lies a beautiful temple of Buddha and this is out of one famous places in Bangkok. This temple is famous because of its amazing statue of Buddha which is 15 Meters tall and 46 meters long and this is the attraction of this place which is known by The Reclining Buddha and if there will be someone to guide you when you yourself will look closer you will witness that the statue is covered with gold leaf which makes it more interesting.

2. Grand Palace

Here is another great place to have a look on in Bangkok. The Grand Palace is a place you can't miss as this will be the interesting place you will witness in Bangkok but yes beware of scams as there are so many scams going on. Don't believe on anyone as you just have to pay the entrance fee so that you can visit the Grand Palace.

3. Chatuchak Market

Isn't it obvious to add up shopping in Bangkok in your to-do-list? Yes, it is, but the main thing is that from where you should shop so that you get good stuff at the reasonable price. So if you are planning to do shopping during your trip, you should do it from Chatuchak market. There are 8,000 shops from where you can shop and there will be lots of options and varieties from which you can select.

4. Chao Phraya River

Now, here comes one more fantastic thing to do in Bangkok, that is boating. Yes, at Chao Phraya river you can enjoy boating, and on the one side, you will witness high fancy hotels whereas on the other side children playing and in the middle river you are boating so the scene will be breathtaking. You might have heard that Bangkok is also called 'Venice of the East' the reason behind the name is this river.

Things to do in Bangkok

Things to do in Pattaya for Family

5. Chanthaburi Sapphire Mines

If you are curious to know why gemstones are so precious and how they look so amazing, you must visit this place while on your trip to Pattaya. Here you will get to know how much hard work does it take in cutting and polishing sapphire stones so that you can purchase it from the market. So do visit Chanthaburi Sapphire Mines and enjoy your trip.

6. Mini Siam

Here you will find replicas of many famous sites like the Pyramid, London Bridge, Prasat Hin Phimai, Statue of Liberty, etc. This is also known as the first miniature model of Thai heritage and all the replicas of wonders of the world are made here. So take a tour there and enjoy as you are going to have a lot of fun at this place.

7. Cabaret Shows

Cabaret Shows at Pattaya are conducted to entertain you, and these shows are claimed to be one of the most loved by the people and especially tourists. These shows are performed by ladyboys and cross-dressing performances makes it more interesting. Moreover, these are performed on various timings so that one can enjoy at whatever timing they want.

8. Koh Samet Island

Koh Samet Island is called the Paradise Island by the people of Pattaya because it is a white sand island and is located near Pattaya mainland. The astonishing white sand, beachfront, and crystal blue water of the island is the most attracting place which you will find here. You can sit here freely and enjoy the sightseeing and children playing all around.

So above mentioned were the things which you can do during your Bangkok and Pattaya tour. Also, don't forget to take the Bangkok Pattaya tour package so that you will be able to cover all the places and explore Bangkok and Pattaya. You are going to have lots of fun and adventure on your trip.

Safe Journey!
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A few years ago, while surfing online, I came across someone´s bucket list. It surely inspired me to create my own bucket list. The bucket list is a list of all the goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to fulfil, and life experiences you wish to experience before you die. Since I decided to become a world traveller, I have travelled to over 30 countries and also knocked some adventures off my bucket list.

Krka National Park Croatia travel guide

How to Get to Krka National Park from Split

One of the adventures was to visit Croatia, one of the Mediterranean fantasies, a beautiful country full of pristine nature. During the research what to see in a short period of time, I had seen photos of Plitvice Lakes and Krka waterfalls National park on Google. Truly, one of the most natural wonders I saw. Who can pass the most stunning Croatia´s attraction? A memorable way to spend one fine day. I decided for remarkable Krka waterfalls!

First of all, the easiest way is to book this Krka Waterfalls from Split tour. Especially if you come to Croatia without a car and without no worries for any kind of arranged transportation. The tour that I have booked with my friends is fantastic and well organized. Our tour started at 10:00 am. Not too early. We had enough time for coffee and breakfast.

The beauty of the national park and the waterfalls are breathtaking. Luckily, we took this tour in May so we avoid overcrowding, what is a common thing during the peak of the season in July and August.

One Day in Krka National Park

After the driver and tour escort dropped off us at the entrance of Park, we took a long boardwalk path which eventually led us to the swimming area of the main falls. The path is fantastic. The entire walkway has wooden slats or is paved so the walk is relatively easy and you get a good view of the falls.

The full round along the laid out route takes more than an hour. The waterfalls are outstanding. The colour of the waterfalls seems to change with variations of aquamarine and also partly influenced by the angle of the sun and occasional stray cloud.

The hydroelectric plant at Krka began operations in 1895 just two days after commissioning of the plant at Niagara Falls. We had time to observe, think, and enjoy the scenery of nature.

Majestic Waterfalls in Krka National Park

Who could desire more? Nature, the whisper of the wind, birds were singing, lovely! This is a remarkable National Park, compact and something you can do just in a few hours. The water is cool, refreshing and very clean. The National Park can be very hot in places so don’t forget to bring sunscreen and water.

Definitely a place to visit for anyone who comes to Croatia and wants to spend a perfect day in pristine nature and swim beneath majestic waterfalls!

Traditional Dining Options and Restaurants in Krka

One of the perks of taking this great tour is a chance to have lunch in one of the numerous traditional restaurants locals call konobe. Cheese, wine, prosciutto, olives and olive oil, fish and lamb – Mediterranean finest products harvested from local farms.

We agreed with our tour guide to make a stop at one of those on our way back from the tour near the town of Split. We had an amazing dinner before getting back to the town.

Wonderful Places to Visit near Krka

Besides having a wonderful experience at Krka Waterfalls, those who want to do some extra sightseeing have a lot to choose from. Same tour operator offers extended tours that include visits to the UNESCO protected historic Trogir, a charming town famous for its architecture.

Close to both Trogir and Krka is the Mediterranean pearl of Šibenik, ancient town with marvelous culture and history. But also, there is the option of swimming and snorkeling at the crystal clear Adriatic sea, at the Blue Lagoon, not far from the town of Split. All of that can fit in one amazing day that can make your vacation memorable for life.

In conclusion, I want to emphasize that Krka Waterfalls tour from Split is definitely something worth experiencing for anyone who comes to Croatia and wants to spend a perfect day in pristine nature, explore what Krka has to offer and swim beneath majestic waterfalls!

Other Places to Visit in Croatia

Are you thinking of traveling to Croatia? You can visit Istria, Zagreb or even travel by car or train to Slovenia and learn more about this wonderful part of Europe. These are some of the places to visit in Croatia. Move to any of the islands such as the Hvar island or the Korcula island. Discover the Euphrasian Basilica of Porec, declared a World Heritage Site. You cannot miss the old town and its coastal and relaxed atmosphere.

Travel to the past in the Roman ruins of Pula. Zagreb, the capital is quite far from the coast and most tourist areas but is one of the must-see trips to Croatia to know its history, enjoy nature or discover the nightlife.

Dubrovnik with its cobbled streets and orange roofs facing a turquoise sea makes it one of the favorite destinations. Enjoy a local red wine in the shade of its walls or on a terrace. Brac is one of the hundreds of islands that flood the Baltic Sea and during a trip to Croatia is an ideal place to rest and get away from tourists from the most visited areas.

Korcula, the sixth largest island on the Adriatic can be accessed from the Peljesac peninsula or from Split, Dubrovnik or Hvar. It is an ideal destination to spend a few days of vacation in Croatia. Vela Przina has one of the few sandy beaches on the island and in general of Croatia, a country where pebble beaches abound. In summer it is crowded, but in the low season it is a joy.

Korcula is like a fairytale city where you can wander aimlessly, where you can sit down and drink wine in a wine bar decorated with taste or enjoy a dinner while watching the sunset. Also in the square of the cathedral is the Abbey Palace now converted into the Riznica Museum (for those who want to see icons and Dalmatian painting) and just opposite the Gabriellis Palace, home of the Museum of the City.

Another place to consider is what is supposed to be the house where Marco Polo was born. Little remains of that house, just the walls and a nice Gothic window next to a tower that has little inside but to enter it you have to pay. In the city there is also the Marco Polo Museum, a very popular place especially for families with children.

Split is a city in Croatia that mixes the historic center with modernity. One of the best plans is to walk along the promenade and have a drink in the tranquility, and if you want something more cultural you should visit some of its museums and Diocletian's Palace.

Visit the Plitvice Lakes and admire the beautiful color of its waters. The bad thing is that you cannot bathe. If you want to take a dip, you should visit the Krka Natural Park.

Insider Tip: The Vis island is 12 miles from the Hvar island. To travel from the city of Vis to Komiza, the other city of the islet use a bus that connects both sites. From Komiza to the sea, located on the Bisevo island, go by boat to Blue Grotto or Blue Cave, a light and water show. The sun reflects in the sea creating flashes that enter the cave, acquiring silver and mauve tones. In the excursions is also visited Green Cave or Zelena Spilja.

Enjoy the nightlife of Croatia, in its many pubs, discos or annual festivals. To enter the country you will need your passport and visa.
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Mahabaleshwar is a hidden gem that lies in the lap of Sahyadri mountain ranges in Maharashtra. Lush hills, greenery, and mystical landscapes surround Mahabaleshwar making for an enthralling view. Mahabaleshwar is famous for its strawberries, and you should buy tons of it, as they are the best. There are numerous places to visit here and many activities to do like trekking and water sports.

It is a perfect getaway with family, friends and it even makes for a great spot for solo traveling. Also one of the hill stations near Pune, Mahabaleshwar in Satara is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Maharashtra. Situated at an altitude of 1400 plus meters above sea level, Mahabaleshwar offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding hills, woods, and plains.

Also home to remarkable ancient temples, spectacular waterfalls, lush green hills and a myriad of exotic flora and fauna, Mahabaleshwar is truly a nature lover's paradise. In this Mahabaleshwar travel guide, I will tell you about the famous tourist spots, restaurants and what type of adventurous activities you can do while staying in Mahabaleshwar.

things to do in Mahabaleshwar travel blog

Featured Image Credits: Canva

Famous Tourist Places in Mahabaleshwar

1. Temple of Lord Shiva

It is an important site for pilgrims, but everyone who visits Mahabaleshwar comes to seek blessing from Lord Shiva here. The temple has a pure, tranquil and serene ambiance that calms and rejuvenates the minds of everyone who comes here.

It dates back to the 16th century and is also known as the Mahabali temple. You can visit this temple between 5 AM to 12 PM or from 4 PM to 9 PM.

2. Pratapgarh Fort

It is situated 24 km from Mahabaleshwar and is easily accessible via roads. It has amazing ponds, caves, chambers, and walkaways which makes it enthralling. Also, it has a historical significance, as Maratha’s swaraj struggle under Chhatrapati Shivaji’s command started here.

Timings- 10 AM to 6 PM.

3. Lingmala Falls

If you love waterfalls, a visit to the lingmala fall is a must for you. Enjoy a dip in the cool water and hike up to the waterfall to enjoy the best of nature. You have to pay an entry fee of 20 rupees, and the timings are from 8 AM to 5:30 pm.

4. Wilson Point

Wilson point is the highest point in Mahabaleshwar. From here you have the best view of hills and greenery. Also, it one of those rare places where you can enjoy both sunsets and sunrise. The best time to come here is in December and the timings are 6 AM to 7:30 PM.

5. Connaught Peak

It is a favorite picnic spot in Mahabaleshwar where you can enjoy the splendid view of Venna Lake and Krishna valley.

6. Elephant point

It is famous for its beautiful and peaceful environment. The rock formation here represents the head and trunk of an elephant, hence the name. You can enjoy the enthralling view of hills from here.

Other must visit places in Mahabaleshwar are: Elphinstone Point, Arthur's seat, Dhobi waterfall and Chinaman Waterfall.

Adventure activities in Mahabaleshwar

1. Shikara riding over the mesmerizing Venna Lake

One of the most beautiful lakes of India, Venna Lake in Mahabaleshwar is surrounded by lush hills and nature. The lake offers you ride over it using boats or shikaras that is a must to witness the amazing beauty of the whole river and the surrounding scenery.

You can take a private boat to enjoy the hills that are on the boarders from 7 am to 7 pm. Also, there are many street foods available near the river to take something on the journey.

  • Price for rowing the boat- For ₹ 250, 30 minute and for ₹ 500, 1 hour for 7 people.
  • Price for peddling the boat- 400 ₹ for 6 people up to 1 hour.

2. Go trekking in the jungles of Tapola

Tapola is a small trekking ground near Shivsagar Lake. It is a beautiful place for trekking or taking nature walks. While trekking here, you will have a great view of flora and fauna. Another adventure activity that you can do here is water sports. The quiet water of the lake lets people indulge in kayaking, swimming, boat rides, and water scooter rides.

3. Bird watching at Babington Point

If you are a nature/wildlife enthusiast or bird watcher, you must visit the Babington point. It is situated at the height of 1,294 m above sea level and is home to some of the most amazing birds.The climate here is excellent with a lush spread of greenery, and other numerous animals. Timings- 8 AM to 7 PM.

Famous Restaurants in Mahabaleshwar

The Mapro garden

Visit the mapro garden, and enjoy the delicious food and drinks made using the best strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and mulberries. Mapro has become a famous brand that sells drinks, jams and so on internationally.

Bagicha Corner

If you love street food, you should go to this food joint, near Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar road. It has Indian and fast food and is famous for its strawberry cream. Also, it is vegetarian and budget-friendly.

Farmhouse Bistro

For a sophisticated dining experience with moderate pricing, try the Farmhouse Bistro. It is situated inside hotel dreamland and offers the Mediterranean, Italian and European cuisine to its consumers.

Olive Garden

If you love fine dining, visit Olive garden at Kates Point Road Brightland Resort and Spa. It has vegan and vegetarian food options.

Places to stay and Hotels in Mahabaleshwar

Regenta MPG club

It is a premium and refined hotel that is 1km from the market and 5 Km from Venna Lake. The cost of this hotel is rupees 10,000 per night. The rooms have warm decors and have coffee makers, minibars, well-furnished bathroom, and many other amenities. Here you can enjoy multiple cuisines in the complimentary breakfast. Also, room service is available 24*7 and other there is a pool, hot tub, spa and so on.

Treebo Trend JB Point

This hotel is near Lingmala Falls, and the price starts from 4,143 rupees. You may find better deals on many travel making websites. It is a neat and clean hotel with many amenities that include free breakfast. It has suite rooms with free WIFI and A/C and laundry service.

OYO 11914 Pratap Heritage

If you want good amenities and clean rooms in a budget, choose this hotel. The price for a room per night is 1986 rupees. The rooms have free WIFI and AC. They also provide laundry services, and there is an outdoor and indoor pool.

(The prices here are a deal by TripAdvisor. Feel free to check other site.)

How to Reach Mahabaleshwar

You can reach Mahabaleshwar by flying to Pune or Mumbai. From Pune, it is 120 Km away and you can take a cab. From Mumbai, you can reach Mahabaleshwar in 4-5 hours via road.

Best Time To Visit Mahabaleshwar

It is the perfect vacation spot to get away from the hot summers as it has cool and pleasant weather year around.

I hope this Mahabaleshwar travel blog will help you figure out what to do on your vacation in Mahabaleshwar. Hit the comments button and tell me if I missed something or about your experience here.
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Visiting Statue of Unity? Here's What You Need to Know. The mammoth statue, Statue of Unity in Kevadiya colony near Vadodara, Gujarat has conquered hearts in no time. The 182-metre structure is the tallest statue in the world and can be clearly seen from space. Now, that's something!

The statue is constructed to honour India's foremost home minister Sardar Vallabhai Patel. Inaugurated in 2018, the statue has become one of the most coveted tourist destinations in India. The Gujarat Government has ensured that the entire vicinity develops as a fully-functional, world-class tourist centre with selfie points, flower valley, light and sound shows, and more.

Statue of Unity

Facts About Statue of Unity

  • It is double the height of the Statue of Liberty which stands at 93 m.
  • It is 4 times the height of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro (38 m).
  • The cost of the project is Rs 3,000 crore and is made from 22,500 million tonnes of cement.

Statue of Unity Ticket Booking

Entry to the memorial opens at 8 am and closes at 6 pm. You can book the tickets offline at the ticketing centre at the venue or online by visiting

Places to Visit near Statue of Unity

River Narmada – The statue towers over the beautiful river Narmada which makes the tourist centre a peaceful getaway destination. The ones looking for some peace of mind can simply sit there watching the river flow.

Viewing Gallery – The statue is situated on the banks of the river Narmada. Two superfast elevators can take 5000 visitors every day up to the viewing gallery which is 153 meters high. It offers a majestic view of the river along with the Satpura and Vindhyachal hills.

Statue of Unity Valley of Flowers – Along the way is the valley of flowers which is bursting with colours and sweet fragrance. For all the selfie lovers, there’s also a selfie vantage point where you can click selfies with the statue at a perfect angle.

Sardar Sarovar Dam – You can go crocodile spotting at the Sardar Sarovar Dam and then take short treks to explore ecotourism sites. It is most certainly an ideal destination for people with different interests.

Statue of Unity Museum – The statue premises also features a plush museum where you can learn more about the life of Iron Man of India. There's also an audio-visual gallery and laser and sound show that will help you learn more about the unification of India during the post-independence period.

Statue of Unity Helicopter Ride – What's better than an aerial view to admire the statue? The helicopter ride allows the visitors to get a magical view of the statue as well as the dam. It also offers a beautiful view of the Narmada River flowing in all its glory and can accommodate 5 to 7 people at a time.

How to Reach Statue of Unity?

If you are travelling by road, then Highways 6 and 11 can take you to the Statue of Unity. If you are coming from a distance, then the ideal way would be to take a flight to Vadodara. It is a great idea to visit Vadodara during your visit to the Statue of Unity as Vadodara is the cultural capital of Gujarat. You can also visit Jamnagar on the coast of Gulf of Kutch after visiting Vadodara.

Places to Stay near Statue of Unity

If you wish to explore Vadodara, book a stay with any of the various hotels in Vadodara like the Grand Mercure Vadodara, Surya Palace and the hotel can arrange for your trip to the statue easily without any hassle to you. You can also check out hotels near the statue itself such as Hotel Grand Nakshatra, Hotel Grand Sahara, Rama Residency, etc. that are ideal for cheap holidays.

Restaurants near Statue of Unity

Dailiez AaHA Food Café, Hotel Riverdale, Rajvant Palace Resort, Narmada Nihar Resort.

The statue, unlike others, is not a mute memorial. Hence, it’s no surprise that the destination attracts huge numbers of tourists every day. I hope this information helps you plan your trip to the Statue of Unity. Enjoy your time!
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Surely more than once you have asked yourself where you would live if you did not have a job, family, friends and a flat bought in the country where you currently reside. That is, where would you take root if you did not already have created ones? The factors that decide the suitability of a country to be chosen as a permanent residence are many, varied and, above all, subjective.

Days of sunshine per year, gastronomy, infrastructures, educational system, sanitary quality, cost of living, language, type of culture, security, hospitality of the inhabitants, labor market, technological development, cleaning and much more. Each person will give a different importance to each of these factors. In fact, you will come to consider many others.

However, trying to make a list of the best countries in the world to live, these are the names that usually occupy positions of honor (the order is totally random):

Best Countries in the World to Live and Work

1. Spain

Despite the imperfections that Spain has, the truth is that people are lucky to have been born in it. Proof of this is that Spain is the destination dreamed by a large part of the people who live in central and northern Europe. They hope to be able to retire in our country. The reasons that support the presence of Spain among the best countries in the world to live are several.

It has one of the best health systems in the world (and, in addition, it is public), with pleasant climate, good infrastructures, high security. You can enjoy the beaches, varied gastronomy and healthy, high life expectancy, quality of life, and hospitality of the people. Like all the nations of the world, it has its bad things, but the truth is that the good ones win by a landslide.

2. Canada

The second largest country in the world is a peaceful and beautiful land, ideal for living. Paradoxically, one of the main reasons why Canada is among the best countries in the world to live is the fact that it is very little inhabited.

Canada is a nation in which Mother Nature possesses almost unlimited powers with forests, rivers, lakes, mountains, and valleys. The air is pure, where animals run freely. Its main cities like Toronto and Montreal are modern, clean and safe cities, in which people live happily.

3. New Zealand

And if in Canada nature is a great protagonist, in New Zealand it seems that the Maori gods that created the country remembered the human being just on the bell. New Zealand is an extremely beautiful country. Its two islands, despite being separated only by a narrow channel, offer great contrasts.

The North Island is quite flat, has volcanic landscapes and large lakes, and is more populated. The South is more virgin, with infinite forests, powerful mountains and fjords, and glaciers. Among all this, they inhabit something less than 5 million inhabitants. And more than 12 million sheep, who do not even have to worry about the existence of predators.

A country calm and overturned with nature, New Zealand is one of the best places in the world to live.

4. Australia

And without leaving the antipodes, we find Australia. This immense country, which almost serves as a continent, is another clear example that shows that in nations dominated by nature, people usually live well. Australia is a country with very low population density, in which frictions typical of countries where human beings have had to dispute land and limited possessions do not occur.

It has safe, clean air, wild, modern nature, with well-structured cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth where unemployment is virtually non-existent. With the healthy lifestyle of people, Australia brings together many reasons to be on the list of best countries of the world in which to live.

Australia is a huge nation with many different sides and is one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit. It has large cities with soaring skyscrapers, but it also has vast swaths of undeveloped land in the outback. And if you are looking for a serene trip then you should definitely explore some of the natural beauty that this fantastic place has to offer.

You could check out Uluru if you are looking to see an iconic natural monument. Known also as Ayers Rock, this sandstone rock formation is absolutely breathtaking. Its size alone is boggling, but it is the beauty of the location that really makes this such a serene experience.

Make sure you visit the Great Barrier Reef too. It's a spectacle unlike any other. Being the largest coral reef system in the world, it is also home to some of the most incredible sea life in the world.

You should find the time to go diving if you can. Getting up and close to some of the stunning creatures that live there will really put things into perspective. You will definitely want to protect beautiful natural places such as this once you see it for yourself. All in all, this is definitely one of the most mesmerising destinations that should be in the Australian bucket list.

5. Switzerland

When you walk through idyllic mountains - dotted with lakes and upholstered green meadows dotted with colorful flowers - riding a luxurious high-speed train, you know that Switzerland has to be among the best countries in the world to live.

It has one of the best financial systems in the world, pristine cities, modern infrastructure, good job opportunities and a good location in the center of Europe. Among many other things you have an excellent place to live. In fact, many of the Spaniards who left Spain in the 50s and 60s of the last century went to try their luck in Switzerland and remain there (and their descendants).

6. Norway

There is social awareness, protection of nature, low population density, good and modern infrastructures, a solitary state, great natural riches (such as oil). Except for the harsh winter (which becomes more bearable in the south), Norway is a beautiful country in which many people, after visiting it as a traveler, decides that he could live without problems.

Would you like to have a small wooden cabin in a Norwegian forest? Well, do not think it will be hard for you to make your dream come true. Grab your things and head for Norway.

7. Sweden

Another of the Scandinavian countries that is usually a regular tenant of the lists of the best countries in the world to live.

Sweden is a multi-ethnic country. It has absorbed considerable immigration for the last 50 years and is safe, hospitable, beautiful, modern, peaceful, healthy, with non-existent unemployment. And if in winter you get tired of not seeing the light and having to leave home lined with three or four layers of clothes, you can always make a trip to Southern Europe to see family and friends.

8. Finland

Completing the trio of the Scandinavian countries is Finland. In this case, in addition to the kindness of its brothers - Sweden and Norway - it provides an argument of tremendous weight. Finland has the best educational system in the world. This is a guarantee of a modern, just and prepared society.

This Scandinavian country regularly tops the lists of safest countries in Europe. So it is one place that even the most timid of solo travellers should feel secure in. The least visited of the Scandinavian nations, Finland has a very unique feel thanks to its close (and sometimes uneasy) proximity to Russia.

This is the home of the sauna, with an estimated 3 million saunas for the use of its 5 million inhabitants. While we may make the connection between Finland and vodka, they love their beers in this part of the world. Locals especially enjoy drinking a cool beer or cider while enjoying a sauna.

Feel yourself like a true Finn by immersing yourself in a frozen lake in winter and then relax in a warm sauna in the Lake District, while there are degrees below freezing. Overcome your shyness and hookup in this most natural of Finnish customs with Saami people, so different from ours, wild fauna inhabiting forests in freedom.

Get into Saami culture and do typical activities such as sledding pulled by huskies or reindeer, or fish in frozen lakes with traditional techniques. With the midnight sun in summer and the aurora borealis show in winter, a trip to Finland is undoubtedly a trip to an unimaginable and non-existent nature for us so far.

From the region of Lapland with its many sports activities, nature landscapes and shelter of flora and wild fauna, and even beautiful cities and towns, these are some places to visit in Finland.

Helsinki, the coastal city with a pleasant atmosphere is considered one of the best cities to live. Stroll through its streets and reach the market in the port, to mingle with the local inhabitants. Visit the Orthodox and Lutheran cathedral and the huge Senate Square, surrounded by a modern but quiet atmosphere, characteristic of the Nordic countries.

Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland and the home of Santa Claus. For those who think of traveling with children to Finland, it is an essential visit. It is also an ideal place to explore and observe wildlife in the wild such as bears, wolves or lynxes. Turku is the oldest city in Finland and former capital.

Stroll along the Aura River and discover two of the most important monuments of the place, the cathedral and the castle. Here is also the archipelago of Turku, with its more than 20,000 islands waiting to be explored. The best time to travel to Finland is between May and September and the best time to visit Finland for northern lights is in winter. To travel to Finland you need a visa and a valid passport.

Insider Tip: There is no better place to watch the incredible Northern Lights than from Finland. Rent out a glass igloo in the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort or ice hotels or other glamping resorts or living in log cabin under the stars in the middle of nature for a once-in-a-lifetime experience you will never forget.

9. Italy

There is pizza, pasta, wine, monuments, Vespa motorcycles, that sing-song accent, islands, Rome, Venice, passion, beaches, sun, a language similar to Spanish (and, therefore, easy to learn). Although Italy, like any nation has its imperfections, it is a good country to live.

Of course, if you are thinking of moving to the trans-alpine country, you better practice the difficult art of speaking with your hands. Otherwise, you will never be considered an adapted Italian.

10. Holland

A country in which everyone seems to move by bicycle deserves to be on the list of the best countries in the world to live in. There is no discussion.

11. Iceland

Why travel to Iceland? Iceland has the word TRAVEL written on its lava skin. Traveling to Iceland means discovering an incredible nature that does not exist in any other country, a pure environment, clean and so, so different. Travel to Icelandmeans enjoying an unforgettable vacation by visiting the geysers, volcanoes or climbing the glaciers.

During your trip to Iceland you will have the chance to observe whales, ride Icelandic horses, visit lava deserts and one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe, see the Northern lights, enjoy baths in natural hot springs or tread virgin lands that no tourist has yet stepped on except the Vikings.

Enjoy your time in Iceland savoring the exceptional Icelandic food, its culture, unforgettable parties under the light of midnight in Reykjavík, or meet the gorgeous Icelanders in the thermal pools. If you travel to Iceland in summer, light comes in no matter how much you cover the windows with a curtain.

Iceland offers immensity, landscapes, nature and you can do a thousand impressive activities with spectacular treks, amazing kayak routes, incredible glacier tours and countless activities related to nature, sports and photography.

A good way to travel Iceland on your own is to do it in a rental vehicle using the circular road that completely surrounds the island, the Ring Road or Route number 1. One of the favorite places for travelers to Iceland is the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, filled with ice floes and icebergs detached from the great Vatnajökull. A few kilometers from the Jökulsárlón Lagoon (in Vík direction) there is another glacial lagoon called Fjallsárlón.

Iceland is the country of the waterfalls like Gullfoss in the golden circle, Skógafoss, Svartifoss with basalt columns, Seljalandsfoss, Godafoss and Dettifoss and Öxarárfoss in Thingvellir. fall in love with Dynjandi, in the region of the West Fjords, or Kirkjufellfoss in the Snaefellsnes peninsula, which also has other upper falls.

The best places to see puffins in Iceland or anywhere in the Arctic are, of course, the cliffs on the promontory of Dyrhólaey next to Vík, in Látrabjarg Cliffs within the western fjords , in some of the northern islets of the peninsula of Snaefellsnes or in Borgarfjörður north of the fjords of the east. Westman Islands (Vestmannaeyjar) is the largest colony of puffins in all of Iceland. The best time of the day to see this photogenic seabird is during the first hours of the morning.

The best options to see whales in Iceland are Husavik and Reykjavík. In the case of Husavík, considered the capital of whale watching in Iceland, one can observe mostly humpback whales, usually in good numbers and an amazing closeness to the boat. In Reykjavík it is easier to see the minke whales (the smallest and the ones that likes to hunt the Japanese whalers).

Exceptionally, the blue whale (the largest animal on the planet) and sometimes killer whales are even seen in both cases, even if this is a lottery. It is recommended to book whale watching trips in Iceland in advance both in Husavik and Reykjavík. Daily departures are not guaranteed as it depends on the weather.

As a low-cost activity and, we would almost say, a national sport, bathing in hot pools stands out among things to do in Iceland. The Blue Lagoon in Iceland has the best facilities and is one of the icons. It is close to Keflavik airport and can be a great (and relaxing) way of saying goodbye to your trip to Iceland. Myvatn Nature Baths in the north of Iceland is much cheaper, and in a supernatural environment.

In the middle of winter, when the cold is evident and it gets dark at night, you can attend a northern light show live. April is not a bad month to travel to Iceland and it allows to do many of the things that can be done in summer with serious options to see auroras, although it is complicated since it gets dark around 10 o'clock at night.

The best time to travel to Iceland and have a more benevolent climate is, of course, the summer (June, July and August) with its 24 hours of light. The best time to observe the northern lights in Iceland is between November and April, although the ideal is in the months of December, January, February and part of March. In April the thing gets complicated.

We are going to finish this rundown of Europe's best beaches with the one that is most unique in the list. It is in Iceland - yes, Iceland! Whilst that might not conjure up images of dreamy days on the sand and in the surf, this is one beach honeymoon you will never forget while traveling Iceland. Rugged coastline and jet-black sand are what you will find here.

Among the things to do in Iceland is to just laze around the beach and wish for the Northern Lights to appear and illuminate the sky. Completely unforgettable. The best time to visit Iceland is February to March and September to October to see the Northern Lights in a camper van or in rotels.

Insider Tip: Reykjavík goes crazy at night. So you know, if you're looking for a party Reykjavik is the place. Hotels in Iceland are expensive. On the other hand there are a good number of campsites where sometimes there is nobody to pay. There is free internet in almost 100% of Icelandic accommodation. If your budget is limited, a good way to save is to buy food in the chain of supermarkets in the cities and towns of Iceland.

You can add to that the good Dutch cheese, the economic and labor strength of the country, its pacifism, the small size (which, added to the good infrastructures, makes it very easy to move from one city to another), good health system and Amsterdam's Ajax and its beautiful football style. Let's go live in Holland!
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It was 12:20 am (right in the middle of the night) when my train from Rameshwaram finally reached Tanjore. According to the schedule, it was supposed to arrive at 11:25 pm, so it was more than 45 minutes late. This concerned me a bit, since I preferred to do solo travel in Tamil Nadu and would have to negotiate the dark and unfamiliar railway station by myself.

Normally, I'd take an auto rickshaw from the station to my hotel. However, to be on the safe side so late at night, I'd arranged for my hotel to pick me up (cost 300 rupees). I was staying at Hotel Gnanam and paying 2,000 rupees per night, plus tax, for a single room. It was at the upper end of my budget, and I really didn't want to pay so much.

However, I figured (hoped!) that since it was one of the best hotels in town, it would be reliable and not leave me stranded. Fortunately, the driver was waiting patiently for me. I didn't have great expectations of the hotel, as it receives mixed reviews on Tripadvisor, but was pleasantly surprised. The photos on the hotel's website were an accurate reflection of what my room looked like and it was attractive, clean, and comfortable.

I even woke up to find that I had a spacious balcony and that was an unexpected bonus! Check in and check out was smooth, there was free wireless Internet, and the staff were mostly friendly. The only thing I wasn't too pleased about was that the buffet breakfast was vegetarian, meaning no egg.

things to do in thanjavur

Since it was after 1 am when I got to sleep, I spent the morning relaxing and planning my day before heading out to do some sightseeing after lunch. The main attractions in Tanjore are the Royal Palace and its museums, and Brihadishvara Temple (affectionately known as the Big Temple). Both were situated around a kilometer from the hotel, in different directions.

I decided to walk, using Google Maps on my smartphone. I had resisted getting a smartphone until earlier in the year but was fast beginning to realize how useful it was. I would be able to roam the streets without getting lost or having to ask for directions, wonderful!

Sadly, I found the Royal Palace compound to be really badly maintained (although some renovation works were going on), and it was frustrating that multiple tickets and camera fees were required to enter different parts of it. For foreigners, tickets cost 50 rupees plus 100 rupees for cameras, which gave the impression that they were trying to extract money.

The highlight there is the painted ceiling of the Palace's Durbar Hall. The Saraswati Mahal Library, with ancient texts from the medieval period, was dark and airless. Neither lights nor fans were on, so maybe the electricity wasn't working. It made it uncomfortable and difficult to see the exhibits, so I didn't linger.

The Art Gallery contained Chola bronze statues and stone sculptures, and in another section some odd bones of a whale. There was also a bell tower, which could be climbed. If you're interested in handicrafts and Tanjore paintings, there are plenty of shops selling them in the streets next to the Palace.

The attractively restored blue Tanjore Hi boutique heritage hotel is also located there. However, according to many guests, street noise is a problem, as it's situated on the roadside (it's worth grabbing a bite to eat at its rooftop restaurant though).

The real masterpiece, of course, was the Big Temple (open from 6 am to noon, and 4 pm to 8:30 pm). It's more than 1,000 years old and the crowning glory of Chola dynasty temple architecture. My first impression was, "Is this really real, and if so, how can it be possible?".

Not only is the temple HUGE, it's constructed solely out of stone and has intricate sculpture work on it. It's hard to comprehend how it could've been made. The temple is a Shiva temple, with a large black 12-foot lingam inside and a similarly large Nandi outside. There are many smaller shrines in the complex as well.

It is worth spending a few hours there and seeing the puja at sunset. I enjoyed simply sitting on the grass in the temple's sprawling grounds and soaking up the atmosphere. It was after dark when I made my way back to my hotel, around 10 minutes’ walk away along busy roads and through a market area.

It didn't take me long to realize that a youngish man was taking the same route as me and at a similar pace. Some of the way I walked very briskly, and at other times slowly so I could check the directions on Google Maps and get my bearings. Every time I looked, he always appeared near me. He remained with me all the way to my hotel.

Was he following me? I'm not sure. Was I scared? Not really. Although I was alarmed enough to notice, I didn't think there was much he could do in a very public area. Regardless, I was glad to reach my hotel! (I have been followed by men before in India, both in Kolkata and Mumbai, and based on experience they move off promptly when aggressively confronted).

Tired after another extensive day of walking, I went to bed early, ready to get the train to Chidambaram the next morning.
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Hello friends! With summers upon us, you all must be planning vacation and looking for places to escape the heat. I, for one, have already been to a place which I would keep at the top among amazing places to see in India. And in keeping with my bucket list for 2019, I have ticked one more destination, which is Khajjiar near Dalhousie.

Read: 5 Places to visit in 2019

Khajjiar Travel Guide

Day 1

My first project for the day was to get some cash and get my return ticket booked. However, the hotel owner motivated me enough to visit Khajjiar. He told me not to miss visiting this beauty after coming this far. I couldn't have gone to Khajjiar on this day as it was already late and getting a cab at that time would have been difficult.

So I was persuaded to stay for another day. However, in any case, I had to get cash and ticket booked. So I sat down to try and get the online booking done. As I said, things have a strange way of working. This time it didn't take more than 5 minutes to complete the booking. Quite intriguing you see. Then I set out to check if ATMs had started working.

And again, this time I got the cash from the very first ATM I tried. It might have been some divine plan to hold me back there. What would you think?

Mission accomplished and more than half the day still remaining, I thought of exploring the surrounding areas and soak in the peace and serenity of the place. Decided to take a long walk on a road called Thandi Sadak (cold road). It is called so because it doesn't receive any sunshine throughout the year as opposed to Garam Sadak.

With very less traffic on the road and enjoyable weather, I was walking along merrily when I came across this spot. The entrance to a resort. The view from here was amazing. I could clearly see deep valleys, lush green forests and snowcapped Himalayan peaks from here. It made for a thrilling sight. Stayed there for quite a while, admiring the scene in front of me.

As I moved further, I could see snow lying all along the road. I was really feeling good walking in the fresh air of hills and road was also comfortable in the sense that there was no climb. It was a flat road. Moving further up, I came across another vantage point. This one was better than even the earlier ones. The view from here was straight from picture postcards.

A lush green valley and a village with colourful houses in that with a long line of snowcapped peaks in the backdrop. Very clear view of everything. It was a sight to behold. And I think the best view I could have had from anywhere. Simply majestic. And coupled with the calmest surroundings I could imagine, it seemed to be a perfect place to meditate.

Except that I am not much into meditation(though very much into prayer). So I could end my day on a high.

Khajjiar Travel Guide

Day 2

This was going to be the most hectic day of my trip. I had booked a cab for Khajjiar at 9.30 am. By the time I got ready and had my breakfast, my cabbie was already there. So I checked out from the hotel, left my luggage in their custody and boarded the cab. Since the regular route was closed, we were supposed to go to Khajjiar via Chamba and it was going to take around 3 hrs. I had prepared myself mentally for this.

My cab driver, named Ravi Kumar, turned out to be an equally good guide and photographer (you will see why I say so). A young man(around 30), he was a jovial fellow and I found out that although a local Himachali guy, he was also fluent in my mother tongue, Punjabi.

So pretty soon we were engaged in a conversation about the distance, the condition of the roads on the way and of course about Khajjiar. He would describe to me, every small hamlet or town we passed. And he knew exactly what to see and where to stop.

Rock Garden - So our first halt was Rock Garden. It is actually a natural assembly of rocks which have disintegrated from mountains and fallen down. In the process, these rocks have formed a few patterns which are visually very attractive. We stayed there for a few minutes, clicked some pictures and started our onward journey.

There was so much beauty on the way that I was forced to continuously click pictures. The lush green paddy fields along with yellow mustard fields and colourful houses in between provided a visual treat. I feasted my eyes with the scene outside.

Chamera Lake - Next, we stopped at Chamera Lake. This lake is basically formed due to the water collected in a dam here called Chamera Dam. This dam is built on the Ravi river and the water collected here is used to produce hydroelectricity. The beauty of the lake is in its clear water and is enhanced by the hills surrounding it, which incidentally had a lot of snow during this time of the year.

Together, they form an amazing landscape. You can enjoy boating in the lake. Again, we stayed there for a while, clicked some pictures and moved on.

As we passed Chamba town, it became warm and I had to take off my woollens. It looks like any other town except that it is in the lap of majestic Himalayas. Once past Chamba, we were now on the road to Khajjiar. As we were moving away from Chamba, the surroundings were becoming more beautiful.

Ravi had told me that there would be steep climb ahead and it could be scary on a narrow road. However, at least I didn't find it that scary and was quite comfortable. Maybe because I was too engrossed in enjoying the outside view and capturing it.

Ravi told me to get ready to soak in the enchantingly beautiful scenery lying ahead. We were crossing the dense forest and then a check post. Which meant Khajjiar was around the corner. I was feeling a bit disappointed as I could not see that Switzerland like look anywhere around even as Ravi told me that Khajjiar was just a few meters away.

For once, I thought what I had seen in pictures was not actually Khajjiar. But having come this far, I had no option but to sit quietly and wait.

Khajjiar Travel Guide

Khajjiar - Suddenly our cab took a right turn and there it was. The green meadow surrounded by tall lush green trees against a backdrop of snow clad mountains and a lake at the centre, hidden from the outside world. It was a sight to behold. An unbelievable beauty lying in front of me, inviting me to feast my eyes to my heart's contentment, without touching or hurting it.

It is not for nothing that Khajjiar has been officially termed as mini Switzerland of India. To me, it will rank right at the top in any list of amazing places to see in India. The green grass had become a little yellow at some places due to snowfall. And I could see snow still lying at the edges of the meadow.

The scene was overwhelming. Though there were many tourists there, the area was so big that it still looked very peaceful. You simply have to see it to experience the beauty of the place. Khajjiar has adventure options too. You can enjoy zorbing around the lake or go for paragliding. The lake has a lot of fishes, though I was not lucky enough to encounter any.

There are a few eateries around where one can enjoy a peaceful meal. But the real charm is walking around the meadow and enjoying the calmness of the place. The serenity of Khajjiar will rejuvenate even your soul.

Khajji Nag Temple - At Khajjiar itself is the Khajji Nag Temple, dedicated to the Snake God. This is a 12th-century temple and has beautiful wood carvings. It has a blend of Mughal and Hindu architecture displayed on the carvings on the ceiling.

After a few hours of feeding my eyes, heart and soul with this breathtaking natural wonder, it was time to move. So we started our return journey around 4.30.

Jai Jagdambe Temple - But there was still something left. Just half a km away from Khajjiar is beautiful Jai Jagdambe Temple. Dedicated to Goddess Durga, this temple is very famous among locals and tourists alike. A beautiful statue of Goddess Durga inside the temple is complemented by an 84 m tall Lord Shiva statue outside. It is an excellent place to take your mind off worldly things and focus on your inside.

After half an hour, we started back and now there was to be no stoppage on the way. We headed straight to Dalhousie as I had to catch my bus for Delhi at 7.30 pm.

We reached Dalhousie around 6.45 pm. I thanked Ravi for his hospitality because he had not only guided me to some of the most beautiful places but had been a very good companion too. This last day made me forget every problem I had faced during this trip(though I would consider these as very small problems on hindsight), and return with very fond memories.

So it was time to say goodbye to Dalhousie. It was all in all a pleasurable experience. From hotel owner Sanjay Thakur to hotel staff to local people and then Ravi Kumar, all were very gentle, cordial and always ready to help.

Dalhousie and Khajjiar are really two of the most peaceful, calm, serene and naturally beautiful places I have visited. As I said, in any list of most amazing places to see in India, these will rank at the top.

The above experience was of Vimal Bhatia, a passionate traveller and keen travel blogger who writes about some really stunning but unexplored places. A solo traveller so far, he hopes to find his travelling companion someday, maybe on one of his sojourns. For more such stories about enchanting places, go to his website. He is already planning his next trip. Suggestions are welcome. Which place you would like him to go to and write about? Mention in the comments.
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There are many things that make Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina, so special. This magnificent city is a combination of engaging cultural heritage, outstanding architectural features, a vibrant art and creativity scene, breathtaking parks, a pulsating nightlife, and friendly locals which you can experience by taking a free walking tour in Buenos Aires.

These attractions have made Buenos Aires an immensely popular city to explore by tourists and thrill seekers. So what are some of the experiences you can expect to have while you are in the city? Take a look.

things to do in Buenos Aires travel blog

1. Take part in some sensual dancing

One of the must-do activities, while you are in Buenos Aires, is to learn the sensual dance, that is the tango. Buenos Aires is renowned as the tango capital of the world, with tango shows being staged frequently in the city. To fully immerse yourself in the cultural aspects of the dance, find a milonga, a place where locals and tourists alike gather to dance and indulge in drinks, as well as watch other dancers.

If you crave the more traditional version of the tango dance, head on over to Cachirulo on Saturday nights for a memorable extravaganza. For those that prefer to watch experts take part in this elaborate dance, you can make a stop at the Barrancas de Belgrano Park on Sunday nights.

2. Enjoy scrumptious meals and delicious wines in world-class restaurants

The culinary options in Buenos Aires are limitless, with some of the most acclaimed restaurants being situated in the city. There are numerous steakhouses (parrillas) sprinkled all over the city, and if you are not too squeamish about street food, you can enjoy some delicious beef in one of the makeshift barbecue stalls.

Otherwise, opt to visit one of the many commercial steakhouses where you can order anything from costillas (ribs) to pollo (chicken). Wash down these delicacies with the local Malbec, and finish off your meal with the tasty alfajores (chocolate cookies)

3. Relax and unwind in the beautiful parks

The agreeable climate of Buenos Aires makes it ideal for a nice day out at the park. Take in the sunshine and take a walk down the footpaths of The Rosedal, or opt to ride pedalos on the lake in the area on a Sunday. The Reserva Ecologica Costanera Sur is an expansive nature reserve in Buenos Aires where you can take a peaceful stroll, hire a bike or take part in birdwatching. Afterward, enjoy a picnic with your loved ones in the evening as you watch the sunset.

4. Party the night away in an upscale nightclub

There are many prime spots in Buenos Aires for a spectacular night out. The Palermo neighborhood is especially favored by revelers who love the diverse array of bars and nightclubs which boast various themes from jazzy joints to lively electronic music spots. The ambiance in all these areas is warm and extremely friendly, and you can blend in even further by indulging in the popular Fernet, the alcohol of choice for many patrons.

5. Explore the colorful neighborhoods in the city

There is no shortage of uniqueness when it comes to the neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. La Boca is a vibrant neighborhood where you can expect to witness tango dancers showing off their craft on the streets, and houses bedecked in bright colors. Additionally, La Boca is home to La Bombonera, where matches involving the renowned Boca Juniors are frequently held.

If you are an art enthusiast, you will especially enjoy exploring Caballito and Colegiales, where thought-provoking street art created by a diverse group of artists is displayed.

6. Immerse yourself in the culture

The Buenos Aires culture draws influence from a wide variety of European cultures (British, Italian, and French), along with inspirations from Asia and Africa. The architecture of the city is an interesting combination of contemporary styles and more historical and traditional designs.

Take a walk on the lovely cobbled streets of the San Telmo neighborhood, and later on make a stop at the Feria de Mataderos, where you can enjoy the spectacular traditional horsemanship displays.

7. Buy souvenirs from a market in the city

The largest street market in South America, San Telmo Feria, is located in Buenos Aires. You can enjoy the live shows put on by tango dancers and musicians as you shop for various trinkets to take back home with you. There are the intricate Patagonian knives, the well-crafted leather belts, and the most fascinating antiques.

Buenos Aires is a captivating place to spend your holiday or trip, with a myriad of activities and places to visit that will definitely make your stay worthwhile. There is definitely something for everyone.
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For a lot of people, travel is a great way to take a breather from life and just sit back and relax for a while on a beach resort somewhere. It is always nice to spend some time sunbathing on the beach but after a few days, you might get a bit bored. Some people just aren't cut out for a beach holiday and they are looking for something a little more exciting when they travel.

If that sounds familiar and you are a thrill seeker that is looking for travel destinations that are more exciting, these are some of the best places to go.

best places to travel for adventure

1. Cape Town, South Africa

Just because you are looking for thrills, that doesn't mean that you have to give up on the beach entirely. If you want the best of both worlds, you should consider visiting Cape Town. There are still beautiful beaches that you can relax on but if you want to do something a bit more daring, you can hit the waves and go surfing.

If you are feeling particularly brave, you can even jump in a cage and swim with some great white sharks. If that's a bit too much for you, you should head over to table mountain where you will find some great hiking routes. Even if you are not a very experienced hiker, there are some great beginner routes around the mountain where you will still see some beautiful views.

If you feel up to it, there are some more advanced routes up the mountain and you can even abseil down when you reach the top.

best places to travel for adventure

2. Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown is often called the adventure capital of the world, and for good reason. The locals are very adventurous and there are so many great thrill seeking opportunities on offer. There are plenty of places that you can skydive around the world, but there's no better way to experience it than diving out of a plane over the beautiful mountains and lakes of Queenstown.

Those mountains also offer some great opportunities for hiking, climbing, and even hang gliding. It's an amazing way to experience the beautiful views in the area. Queenstown is also the site of the world's first bungee jumping site at Kawarau bridge. If you are looking for a combination of beautiful natural landscapes and hair raising thrills, look no further than Queenstown in New Zealand.

3. Meribel, France

If you don't mind the cold weather and you want an exciting travel experience, skiing is a great option. There are plenty of places around the world where you can go skiing, but all of the best resorts are in France, especially in Meribel. There are plenty of beautiful places to stay like the Purple Ski Chalet Foinsbois and there is a wide range of different ski routes.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned skier, you’ll find a route that suits you well. When you have finished skiing for the day, there are lots of nice bars and restaurants that you can visit, including L'Ekrin, an amazing Michelin starred restaurant.

best places to travel for adventure

4. Antarctica

When you are looking for an exciting travel experience, you should look further afield and head for some of the most demanding landscapes in the world, like Antarctica. It's going to be a demanding trip but you will get the chance to see some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world, and there's no other place that quite compares.

You can take a boat trip that starts in Argentina and goes through the South Shetland Islands. While passing through this amazing archipelago, you will get the chance to see penguins and seals in their natural habitat. From there, you can head to the Antarctic Peninsula, an incredible icy landscape filled with incredible wildlife.

If you are lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of a humpback whale. Some trips offer you the chance to camp out there as well, but be aware that it’s not the fainthearted.

5. Vancouver, Canada

Getting in touch with nature is one of the best things about travel and a lot of the time, it’s the peace and quiet that people love about it. If you love nature but you are still looking for thrills, you can get a great combination of the two in the Instagram spots in Vancouver, Canada. Vancouver is the birthplace of mountain biking, one of the best ways to get up close and personal with nature.

There are plenty of biking trails through some of the most beautiful national parks in the world where you will find incredible views and plenty of wildlife. Some of the biking trails are pretty advanced but there are plenty of great routes for beginners as well. Biking is great, but you can also experience the great national parks from above on a wild zipline.

6. Kathmandu, Nepal

Climbing Mount Everest is one of the greatest adventures there is, but it's also incredibly dangerous and unless you’re an experienced climber, it's not wise to attempt it. But a lot of people don't realize that Everest is only one of the many summits around Kathmandu in Nepal. There are a lot of other trekking routes in Nepal, and smaller, climbs in the area that are a lot more manageable for people that don't have as much climbing experience.

You will still need to do some preparation but climbing up to some of the smaller summits is still a great way to see these impressive mountain ranges. If you want to enjoy the scenery but you don't want to do the climb, there are some great mountain flights and hot air balloon rides available.

Kathmandu isn't just about the mountain climbing either, there are loads of other great adventure activities that you can get involved with. There are some great biking trails in the area and you can also go white water rafting.

The city of Kathmandu itself has a lot to offer as well. It's a beautiful historic city with lots of great sights to visit like The Garden Of Dreams and the Hanuman Dhoka, a beautiful royal palace.

7. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Sayulita was already the favorite beach of hippies and adventurers before receiving the title of Magic Town that made her jump to fame. Now, travelers from all over the planet confirm that it is one of the most beautiful corners of Mexico.

Its paradisaical beaches will allow you to spend some very entertaining days between walks in the sand, shopping in the market, authentic Mexican food (the best fish tacos) and why not to eat some desserts in Mexico. Nuevo Vallarta has a paradise for children called Aquaventuras Park, an incredible water park with slides, lazy river and the possibility of swimming with dolphins and sea lions.

Vallarta has dozens of hotels for all budgets from all-inclusive resorts, romantic boutique hotels and apartment hotels with kitchenettes and extra-large spaces.

8. Chiapas, Mexico

The natural beauties of Chiapas are definitely one of the main reasons why people set their sights on this destination when planning to travel to Mexico. The biodiversity with which this land has been endowed makes it an ideal place for those who travel in search of adventure and spectacular landscapes.

Examples of the above are the Sumidero Canyon, a geological fault whose rock walls flank both sides of the Grijalva River, and the Tacaná Volcano, which rises to 4 thousand meters above sea level, in addition to the Lagunas de Montebello, the Agua Azul Waterfalls and the Lacandon Jungle.

9. Cinta Costera, Panama

Cinta Costera, a recently completed green area, is a walkway that allows pedestrians and cyclists to get from the center to the coast, between artists booths, couples, and squares with live music. Adventure tourism includes flying over the jungle, swimming with turtles or hiking with sublime views of the cloud forests.

Indulge in the thrilling observation of wildlife, which appears everywhere from resplendent quetzals on the highland trail, howler monkeys or whales that emerge from the water, macaws, toucans, lazy, squirrel monkeys. More experienced amateurs should visit the highlands or venture into Darien to catch a glimpse of the legendary harpy eagle.

If you are fed up with beach holidays and you want something a little more exciting, you should add these destinations to your bucket list.
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Stellar views, warm sunsets, calm beaches, majestic mountains, lush green forests, and breathtaking landscapes. That is Bohol in Philippines for you, not your expensive kind of a holiday but definitely worth a visit. The place has so much to offer to its people and outsiders. Bohol definitely boasts its natural life but also does have interesting things in place for the adventure junkies.

Exploring caves, climbing waterfalls, river water rafting, whizzing with the zip line, walks through forest trails and just about anything adventurous, you can do it all here. Just when you thought the list was over, Bohol surprises you yet again, the place is famous for its history. Bohol has a good set of colonial Spanish churches that cover the city.

Standing tall and an absolute sight of magnificence, the Bohol's churches should definitely be on your list of places to visit. Baclayon Church, San Pedro Church, Baclayon Church, and watchtower are a few places to go. Now before you go on a trip to Bohol, check out some best places or things to do when you visit the place, while you are at it, don't forget to book your travel tickets ahead as there are too many Offers on flight tickets, so that you can save a lot on your trip.

Here are some out of the world experiences or adventures that you must be part of. For all the times you wished you had planned the ultimate nature trip or the time when you wanted to explore exquisite places in the world, here is your chance to pack your bags and head out to Bohol.

things to do in bohol travel guide

Best beaches in Bohol

Cool breeze, soft sand, cold or warm waves touching your feet, a breath of fresh air, serene and calm waters, that's what the Bohol beaches have for you. A sense of calmness takes over your emotions when in Bohol. Beaches you can chill at are Alona Beach, Dumaluan Beach, Can-uba Beach, Quinale Beach, and Virgin Island Beach.

Things to do in Panglao Island

When in Bohol, ensure Panglao Island is first on your list of places to see. This beautiful and serene island is known for its rich coral reefs, incredible diving spots, and the white sand beaches. If you are looking to spend a lazy holiday just by the beach side then Panglao island should your idle vacation spot.

Things to do in Alona Beach

This is one of the most famous and main beaches in Bohol. The beach is home to mouthwateringly delicious seafood cuisine. This place also has comfortable yet soothing homestays and the pebble walkways lead to the beach. Get a massage at the beach. Dive into the ocean and witness the exquisite coral reef and aquatic life. If not scuba diving you can go snorkeling.

Things to do in Dumaluan Beach

The Dumaluan beach is located on the same island as that of Alona beach. This beach is however is more peaceful and quiet compared to Alona. You can spot baby crabs and little seashells floating towards the beach foot. Since the tide here is mellow, you can just relax and just float away. You can even kayak on the beach.

Things to do in Can-uba Beach

The Can-uba beach which is in Jagna has soft stones that cover the beach trail rather than soft white sands. The stone is good for the circulation of blood in the feet. You can visit the Kinahugan falls which is within 5 km from the beach. These waterfalls are famous for their trigonometrical arrangement.

Things to do in Quinale Beach

This beach is located in Anda, a place who boasts it's rich marine life, hidden waterfalls, mesmerizing caves and more. The beach has over a 3 km stretch of white soft sand. Take a dip in the cave pools. And visit the hidden waterfalls for a quick refreshing shower.

Other Places to Visit in Bohol

Chocolate Hills of Bohol

Bohol is famous for its chocolate hills, named after its look in the dry seasons. However, during the rainy season the hills are lush green and are a sight to watch. The entire mountain expanse is a visual delight and is indeed soothing to the eyes. Do take the road through the man-made forest.

How can you get to Chocolate Hills?

You can take a peek at these majestic hills from two spots. One, the Sagbayan peak. Two, the Chocolate Hills Complex. The later in located 55 km from Tagbilaran which can be reached by road on the bus, taxi or motorcycle.

Loboc Wildlife & Nature Park

For those who love nature walks, the bamboo hanging bridge should definitely be on your list. The bridge runs above a calm river and through the evergreen forests. Even though the trail is short, one would want to walk on it all over again.

Before you head back, don't forget to pay a visit to Loboc river, this river leads through the untouched jungles and pristine wildlife. Row alongside the jungle trails and you will reach a waterfall point at the end of your trip. While you are in the Loboc town, don't be taken back if the Tarsiers greet you, these adorable beings are delicate creatures and cannot withstand loud noises or camera flashes.

Hinagdanan Cave

Hinagdanan Cave is another place that you mustn't miss, you can literally take a dip in water and look at the beautiful cave structure. Don’t be surprised if bats come to say hi to you. There are plenty of places to go and try out adventure sports or activities; Rivers, waterfalls, and just about anything fun.

Danao Adventure Park

Everything about Bohol is fascinating, however, Bohol also has a bag of surprises when it comes to adventure sports. The Danao adventure park is known for its adrenaline-pumping activities that you never would want to miss. This ultimate adventure spot in Bohol has numerous activities that you can be part of like Sky ride, glass cliffwalk, suislide, plunge, river trekking, cave climbing and more.

Danao park isn’t the only place that’s full of adventure. There are plenty of places to go and try out adventure sports or activities in Bohol. Get to witness beautiful rivers, waterfalls, and just about anything fun.

How can you go to Bohol from Manila and Cebu?

One can board the ferry from Cebu to Tagbilaran, Bohol. The journey is 3 hours and 16 minutes. It is better if you board the ferry in the morning. People usually fly from Manila to Bohol. The flight duration is of 1 hour 10 minutes. However, if you wish to travel to the Philippines by road the route is long and strenuous and can last 24 hours.

Where to stay in Bohol

Bohol has impeccable hospitality. If you wish to stay in budget-friendly places, then you can consider Moon fools hostel, Fox and the firefly cottages, and Bohol coco farm. If you are willing to spend a little more and want to stay indoors most of the time,then Metrocentre hotel, Belian hotel, and 717 Cesar place hotel. And for those who prefer having a luxurious stay then you need to check out The Bellevue Resort and Bohol beach club and more.

If you are indeed planning to check the place out soon, do get in touch with locals; they know where the heart of the place is, which cuisines to try and possibly anything to do at the place. That was Adela Adhya's take at time spent in Bohol. She's also a writer at Money Saving budget travel guide.
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Heading to Vancouver? Be prepared for one of the most adventurous and picturesque cities Canada has to offer. Vancouver and the West Coast of Canada offer some of the best hikes, scenery, and all-around outdoor activities, you could ask for. I will breakdown the Instagram spots in Vancouver, what to do in Vancouver, what to do in Whistler, and what to do in Squamish.

I understand your time is limited so I will narrow the adventure activities based on my experiences. My perfect trip here would be to spend some time in Vancouver, Squamish, and Whistler, but I will separate the articles for each location. Here are the top things to do in Vancouver area in no particular order:

instagram spots in vancouver

1. Golden Ears Provincial Park

Located in Maple Ridge. Regardless of the weather, this park offers some of the most stunning views. If it is raining, I would still recommend going to check out a true West Coast rain forest! Some recommended hikes in this area are:

Alouette Lake: Right beside the parking lot, you can walk to the day campground and take in the amazing mountain reflection in the lake. I would recommend coming here during the sunrise and/or sunset.

Pitt Lake: A great spot to witness the Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis given the conditions are right!

Gold Creek Falls: 5.5km, 2hrs, witness some turquoise waterfalls and streams.

Mike Lake: 2km, 1 hr. max, a quick walk for West Coast boardwalk photos

2. St. Mark's Summit

A popular hike that only takes a morning, 4-5 hours roundtrip. The views are spectacular of the Howe Sound and the islands. You will see the trailhead starts at Cypress Mountain, from here go to the beginning of Lion's Express chairlift and take the Howe Sound Crest Trail.

Follow the trailhead markers, you will follow the ones for the Howe Sound Crest Trail and The Lions rather than it actually saying St. Mark’s Summit at St. Mark’s comes first. Another indicator for the trail is Bowen Lookout. Take your time at the top to soak it all in.

(Google Maps → The St. Mark’s trail head is here).

3. Tunnel Bluffs Hike

This hike is 4-5 hours there and back. The Tunnel Bluffs Hike and the parking lot for (Google Maps → the Tunnel Bluffs Trailhead is located here). It's 3 km from Lion's Bay and you will drive over a bridge and the parking lot is on the opposite side of the highway so you will need to drive 1km past the bridge for a safe turnaround on the south way of the highway.

Then cross the highway to the north side safely to reach the trailhead. Tunnel Bluffs is a moderate hike with little elevation gain of 650m and 7km total trail distance.

4. Capilano Suspension Bridge

Do you recall seeing the suspension bridge fading into the fog in a dense rain-forest? This place is magical and I would recommend going on a rainy day, in the early morning when it opens or be one of the last people to leave when it closes. The cost is a bit pricey for adults $39.95+tax or $32.95 for students and if you’re just going to see the suspension bridge over Lynn gorge, but makes it worthwhile if you go to the tree top walks. It is an extremely popular tourist spot so be strategic when you go.

5. Cypress Mountain lookout

Drive up the mountain and at about half way up you get to the lookout point. You can take it the stunning city of Vancouver from high up and watch the clouds move below you. Type in Cypress Mountain in your Google Maps or GPS and it's located in West Vancouver. No hiking here, this is just for a photographic opportunity.

instagram spots in vancouver

6. Point Atkinson Lighthouse

It is otherwise known as the West Vancouver lighthouse. Take Marine Drive West and take a left onto Beacon Lane into Lighthouse Park. This is a great spot for a quick nature fix and only an hour or less walk round trip. This is an extremely photogenic spot so it’s a great place to photograph the sunrise or the sunset.

7. Whytecliff Park

Continue further down Marine Drive to this incredible beach location located near Horseshoe Bay Ferry terminal. There's a small island called Whyte Islet, and it's a photographer's dream location during sunset.

8. Stanley Park Seawall walk, Siwash Rock, and Third Beach

On a sunny day one of my favorite things to do here is to run around the Stanley Park Seawall which is approximately around 8.5 km. It takes about 2 hours to complete the loop, but if you are limited with time, I would recommend going to Siwash Rock. Siwash Rock is the incredible island rock formation that is located on the North Western side of Stanley Park.

How you get there without doing the entire Seawall perimeter walk is by driving just past Prospect Point lookout and before or around Third Beach parking lots.

9. Grouse Grind

How fast can you go?! This is a popular hike used by all fitness levels. The hike consists of wooden stairs up alongside Grouse Mountain. The way up will take between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on the length of your breaks and fitness level. Ensure you bring your wallet, debit/credit, cash to buy lunch, snacks or beer at the top where the gondola is at.

I recommend a bottle of water as well. On the way down you have 2 options to go down the east side trail (not the stairs) or the gondola. This hike takes 2-3 hours roundtrip or 1.5 hours with the gondola down. The record on the way up is 23:48 min and the record number of ascents in one day is 16, but doing it once is okay too.

10. Kitsilano Beach

While in Vancouver, I recommend visiting Kitsilano Beach. It's one of the most popular beaches and park locations year-round and it’s an ideal location to relax for the day. Kitslano Beach has all of the amenities you could ask for including restaurants, coffee shops, walking paths, and even a swimming pool for a low cost if the ocean is too cold for you.

11. Skimboarding at Spanish Banks

Spanish Banks Beach Park is near UBC and it offers some of the best conditions for skimboarding you could ask for. Low tides create large shallow pools perfect for skimboarding or even just beach walks. I recommend visiting this spot during all times of the day, but especially sunset due to its west facing location.

Explore these Travel Articles for more inspiring and motivational travel articles, tips to help you plan your next unforgettable trip. Your opinion is very important to us, please share your thoughts in the comment box.
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