10 Essential Solo Travel Tips for Kasol

Kasol is a beautiful small village of India, situated on the bank of river Parvati. There are a great many things to do in Kasol, like trekking through the hills and fishing for trouts (You need permission for that). Moreover, you can indulge in some water sports like rafting and so on. Visit this beautiful hill station between March and May. You can easily get here through well-connected rains and buses.

Kasol is a beautiful and charming village situated in Himachal Pradesh. This place is just breath-taking. From the magnificent Parvati River which has pine trees, cliffs and waterfall at every bend, to Tosh and its mountain scenery, it is a dainty place. Kasol is more than just a village or a place- it is a whole experience. You should visit this place at least once in your life if you are a mountain lover.

Situated amidst a lush green valley, a majestic white-water river, and picturesque treks, Kasol is a major tourist yet an offbeat destination for backpackers and young travelers. The Israel of India is not just a delight for hippies but also for those seeking peace and tranquility. Here are the things to do in Parvati valley and a list of beautiful places to visit in Kasol to make the most of Himachal.

The most enchanting Himalayan Valley has the power to calm the dismayed soul. The most rejuvenating of all and most popular places to visit in Kasol for a backpacker is the Parvati River. Sit by the river for hours doing nothing and soak into the magical sounds of the water.
Known as the Amsterdam of India, Parvati Valley is truly a mesmerizing spot for relaxation. The hippie paradise is full of Israeli cafes which give it unique touch. One can also enjoy psychedelic vibes and rave parties in Parvati valley with mountains beautiful enough to leave your head spinning.

Every state in India has a myriad of things to offer in terms of natural beauty and cultural learning. Himachal changes a little with every district. The monasteries have crazy views, the hole-in-wall cafes here have a window opening up to a little heaven too, and even the wait for the bus is a blissful one thanks to the appeasing view.

Escape into the Himalayas on your Himachal holidays and head to Kasol for the riverbank camping experience. Notorious for its non-matriculated green beauty, a camping package to Kasol is all about an amalgamation of trekking, camping, and exploring the offbeat trails with your sweetheart. Plus, ignite the flames of romance by flaring up a bonfire to raise your camping experience.

Solo travel tips for Kasol are important especially if you are a first-timer to the region. While it may seem harmless enough, the hilly region of Kasol in Himachal Pradesh comes with its own set of risks. While groups traveling to Kasol are one thing, solo backpacking to Kasol is not that easy.

To make your first visit an enjoyable and hassle-free experience, you must keep a few things in mind. Your Kasol solo trip experience will be the best ever this way.

Thereby, follow some top solo travel tips for Kasol and things to do in Parvati valley if you wish to travel solo Kasol and its surrounding regions. We have already mentioned about the places to visit in Kasol and Kasol solo trip experience and now we have listed some of the best Kasol solo travel tips below.

Is Kasol safe? It absolutely is! So why do you need to follow solo travel tips for Kasol? Well, because the scenic but rough region can be a tricky one to traverse through even for seasoned travelers. There are chances of newbies getting lost. To make your solo Kasol trip a hit, follow these essential solo travel tips. These are good to remember even if making a spontaneous Kasol trip on last minute flights.

Known as the backpacker’s paradise, Kasol is one of the quickest and cheapest getaways. It can be easily accessed via the HRTC bus services. The hostels that provide accommodation are dirt cheap and so is the food. Without spending a lot, you can enjoy the beautiful Himalayas and have some time away from the fast-paced cities.

How can we talk about solo travel and not mention Kasol? Base camp to some of the most thrilling treks in Himachal Pradesh and home to some of the most beautiful cafes and bakeries in the hills - Kasol is where you need to go if you wish to chill out and clear your head.

Tucked in between the lush green Pin-Parvati Valley, you will find many pristine lakes and hot water springs in Kasol. Don’t forget to try their local rice beer when you are here. Set up a camp and spend your night stargazing. In the morning, leave for your trek with fellow travellers! Some of the recommended treks are Kheerganga Trek, Sar Pass Trek, Chalal Trek, and Pin Parvati Pass Trek.

Solo Travel Tips for Kasol

Here are tips for the best Kasol solo trip experience:

1. Find the right mode of transport

Your mode of transportation must be the right one. Transport-wise, among the best solo travel tips for Kasol is to pick the Volvo buses. These are safer since you are making the Kasol trip on your own. Even with unpredictable weather, buses are extremely reliable. In the rare case that they don’t show up, locals and fellow travellers are beyond helpful.

You can take buses from Bhuntar which is about 30 km from Kasol and head toward your destination. You can hire taxis like many of the groups traveling to Kasol but ensure they are verified and legitimate. While buses are often the top choice, renting bikes is another option for solo travelers and couples.

2. Pick safe accommodation

Backpacker hostels and guesthouses are better. Hotels are overrated. While the widely visited tourist spot in Himachal is sadly overcrowded with hotels, the interests travellers have shown in homestays has been helping serve the local communities that actually deserve any benefits that tourism’s bringing to the state. For anyone looking for a lovely, cultural stay, it does not get better than homestays!

Hostels are springing up in quieter locations and it's so conducive, especially for backpackers who are on a budget and want to meet fellow travellers - while being engulfed in peace! Finding safe accommodation can be a bit of a challenge to first-timers new to the region. However, finding safe lodgings is among the top solo travel tips for Kasol and being picky will serve you well.

You can scout for cheap homestays and other budget hotels in case you do not wish to spend too much. If budget is not a constraint, you can stay at a couple of slightly more polished hotels a little far off. In the end, whatever type of accommodation you choose, make sure it’s safe and comfortable enough for you. This is especially important if you’re making a long duration trip.

3. Trek with a group

Trekking is a big part of any Kasol trip. However, one of the top solo travel tips for Kasol trekking is to do it with a group and carry the lonely planet guide. For one, you don't know anything about the place, the trails, and other important things. Second, it is unsafe to head out on unknown territory alone.

Trekking with a group will not only ensure your safety but it will also be fun. You will have the chance to meet other solo travelers in rave parties in Parvati valley just like you making their very first Kasol trip. Who knows, maybe you could hit up your new friends, book a few business class flights, and take the next trip together! Kasol remains one of the best places to visit with friends.

4. Try mouthwatering Israeli food

A large part of Kasol is made up of Israelis that arrived as tourists and never really went back. Many of these enterprising people have set up shop in Kasol and sell some of the most delicious Israeli dishes ever. Besides local dishes, trying a couple of these lip-smacking Israeli dishes when in Kasol is a must! Be it a croissant at a cafe or butter tea with sattu at a homestay.

This will make your Kasol trip truly complete. Top items to gorge on include bureka, shakshuka, and a whole lot more! Some popular Israeli cafes to visit are Stone Garden Cafe, Jim Morrison Cafe, and the Evergreen Cafe among others. Most cafes come with a view, live music and people open up their houses for you to come in for some local food!

Food hygiene and general safety standards are probably lower than you’re used to too. The quality of many goods and services will be lower. Life may just tick along at a lower pace – you’re not in Manhattan now, relax and fit in.

5. Eat healthy meals

Eat a healthy meal and buy healthy snacks at the airport before boarding your flight. Loading up on sugar will weaken your immune system and are more likely to get sick. Nutrition is very important for long term backpackers. Eat fruits and nuts as well. Street food gets a bad reputation, but it’s ok as long as every item is cooked in front of you and there is a line of people.

Cooking will remove bacteria, in front of you allows you to ensure freshness, and a line of people shows you that it’s a tasty item and other people trust or know the person.

6. Visit the famed Manikaran Sahib Gurdwara

Among places around Kasol, this is a popular attraction in the region and one that first-timers will regret missing. Located approximately 6 km from Kasol, you can either go on a one day trek to the Gurdwara or through hitchhiking a ride. Visiting this place is among the best solo travel tips for Kasol anyone can give you.

The top attraction here is the hot spring. Devotees take a dip here believing they will be cleansed of all their ailments. The langar food is absolutely delicious. Do carry a scarf or stole to cover your head when going in. There are pictures of Gods of all religions in the Gurdwara.

7. Stayed hydrated

Stayed hydrated at all times by drinking eight ounces of water per hour and avoid alcohol. It helps to keep your mucous membranes in your throat and nasal passengers moist and from drying out. If there’s no filtered water available at the guesthouse, buy packaged water. No tap water, no ice, no thin skinned fruits or uncooked vegetables (water penetration). Don’t even brush your teeth with unfiltered water.

If you've lived in India for years, obviously you have built immunity to use it.

8. Sim card removal pin

Carry the sim card removal pin with you if you are wanting to switch SIM cards immediately post landing.

9. Be respectful

A lot of people speak very loudly to locals. A language barrier is not the same as someone who is hearing impaired. It’s quite rude. Also avoid intrusive photography.

10. Shop at Flea Markets

Among the topmost solo travel tips for Kasol is to shop here. For great stuff, head over to the Kasol flea markets that sell anything and everything at insanely low rates! You will be able to buy woolen garments, semi-precious stones, Bob Marley T-shirts, pendants, and idols of Hindu deities at the lowest possible prices.

With prices so low, it will be easy to shop for a lot of things instead of having to limit yourself. This is a good way to collect some fabulous souvenirs as well as gifts for loved ones back home.

Keep the above-mentioned awesome solo travel tips for Kasol in mind when planning to travel to this spectacular region. Book a couple of discount flights to India and enjoy exploring this fantastic place. Have the best Kasol trip ever!
Kalyan Panja