10 Best Smart Devices for Home

Are you thinking about moving to an apartment or a house and do you like smart devices? Many people believe that having a smart home is a luxury that only rich owners can afford, but the truth is that today there are hundreds of affordable smart devices that we can install and dismantle when we need or move.

Sometimes all I want is to press a button to solve a problem. This is increasingly possible with the smart home revolution. Technology companies are leaving behind the creation of smart and cutting edge products and focusing on what matters most so that they are useful.

1. Smart coffee maker

I can never wake up until I smell coffee

What do you think of this? Your alarm sounds. You turn around and press a button. And in the kitchen, the coffee starts simmering. Even your house starts to smell like a cafeteria.

With the smart coffee maker, I can experiment with the chemistry of coffee. It may be that it looks like a normal coffee maker, but from inside my home, I can control it with my smartphone, turning it on from a distance or setting the time in advance to prepare the coffee. In addition to allowing me to program specific water temperatures and soaking times for ground coffee, it has automatic preparation functions. With the option to release the aroma, the smell of coffee gets even stronger.

2. Smart clothes

The winter cold freezes me

Winter never felt this good with the smart clothes. I wear heat jacket and warm my feet using thermal socks, which work with rechargeable batteries. With the buttons on the sleeve I can control the temperature easily.

3. Smart air purifier

Help! Our room smells bad

That pine branch that I have it hanging in my room now only serves as a decor item. Instead, now I connect my smart air purifier to the outlet to improve air quality, as it neutralizes smoke, bacteria, noxious gases, dust, pollen and other irritants.

4. Smart toilet

When I go to the bathroom at 2 am, it's dark and cold

The toilet seat, yes, the toilet seat lights the way and also gives me a feeling of warmth. My smart toilet seat has a night light that illuminates the toilet bowl. The seat heater has options for optimum comfort.

5. Smart refrigerator

Wait, what we need are apples and milk?

I have long stopped relying on my family's worn lists and messy text messages. My smart refrigerator notifies me on the smart phone which products are running out. It also has a touch screen that displays recipes and videos for cooking, and contains a shared grocery list.

6. Smart lights

It takes a long time to turn on and off so many lights

Clap to light, clap to turn off - I'm joking. I have installed smart lights that can be operated with the smart phone to turn it on and off, in addition to controlling brightness and even colour. The lights also detect my smart phone when I approach the front door. Ready! The light turns on.

7. Smart bracelets

Mom wants to look smart and feel safe

My mom's Smart Wearable bracelets have no screens, so they do not clash with fashionable clothes. She can also simply tap it several times to activate a signal. The message and the coordinates of the GPS navigator are sent to the indicated contacts. The bracelet also works as an exercise monitor and measures the daily steps, and also vibrates to notify her that she has received a call, text message or email.

8. Smart thermometer

Cooking meat is a nightmare

My smart thermometer with Bluetooth serves to monitor the cooking of meat. It warns me with an LED light of the condition of the meat as I want it: cooked, juicy or ready. It comes with a smartphone app.

9. Smart camera

We cannot afford a security guard

My smart camera provides live streaming so I can see what is happening in my home in real time, and also allows me to record videos and take photos directly from my phone. It also has an night vision function and offers intelligent sound recognition that allow me to receive notifications if the camera detects smoke.

10. Smart lock

Are you tired of looking for the keys to the front door of your home?

It doesn't matter how many pennies you pinch on your getaway if your home gets burglarized or a pipe bursts while you're away. Before you leave for the weekend with family, take steps to protect your home from catastrophe. Pick up any keys you have hidden around the home's exterior, lock the doors and windows, and use light timers to discourage a break-in.

To guard against floods, fires, and power surges, unplug appliances, shut off the water supply, and ensure your smoke detectors are in working order.

My smart lock does not need a physical key. This smart lock is so wonderful that it unlocks automatically when it detects that I approach the door and it locks up once I enter the home. It is activated to open the door with an application installed on my smart phone.

But the interesting thing is that I can authorize other people and set the authorization through a sound and share it with family and friends. This authorization lasts whatever duration I want. Also through the application, I can get a detailed record of the people who have had access to the house and when.
Kalyan Panja