5 Fun Things to Do With the Dallas CityPASS

We took the opportunity to make a road trip to Texas and visit some places in the state that I wanted to see. The incredible Dallas CityPASS helped us explore Dallas, one of the most fun and popular places to visit in the United States. Located in Texas, this remarkable city is definitely worth every penny you spend to explore it while traveling America.

In the Dallas area we mainly shopped and dined at certain restaurants that we craved, such as Old House BBQ, an excellent place to eat texan barbecue-style smoked meats. But the trip need not be an expensive one especially if you are traveling on a budget. The Dallas CityPASS comes into play here. It can help you travelling cheaply to some of the most fun Dallas attractions.

So what exactly is the Dallas CityPASS? It is a booklet but in no way an ordinary one. The Dallas or Fort Worth City pass allows you discounted access to at least five of the topmost attractions in the city. This allows you to save a considerable amount of money when touring Dallas, one of the top US cities to explore.

A Dallas CityPASS aquarium visit may be possible as well. You can check the Dallas CityPASS reviews online and see how amazing this is! Keep reading if you wish to know how the pass works and the places it grants you discounted access to.

5 Fun Things to Do With the Dallas CityPASS

How the Dallas CityPASS works?

The Dallas CityPASS works quite easily. Firstly, you will need to buy the booklet or pass online. When you arrive at the very first attraction, you will need to hand over the order slip you received while purchasing the booklet. In exchange for this, you will be given four discounted tickets to Dallas’ best attractions. You can use the pass even when you are making a trip to the city on last minute flights. Some of the things to keep in mind when using a Dallas CityPASS are as follows:

Each of the attractions the pass grants access to maybe visited just once using the pass. You can, of course, pay and visit again if you wish to.

The Dallas CityPASS is valid for up to 9 successive days right since order.

It includes a compact guide to the attractions in Dallas.

The pass helps you to skip the entrance line at the attractions in Dallas you are granted access to.

The Dallas CityPASS grants complimentary access to children who are 2 years old and younger.

Every attraction has days, hours, and timings that vary from one another. Check them out before you visit.

You can purchase the Dallas CityPASS here.

Places to Visit Using Dallas CityPASS:

There are some really incredible places you can visit on a discount thanks to the money-saving Dallas CityPASS. We’ve listed the remarkable places the go card Dallas gives you access to. Check them out below!

1. Dallas Zoo

Sprawled across a hundred acres, the amazing Dallas Zoo is home to more than 2,000 animals. If you’re arriving in business class flights with kids in tow, this is the best attraction to enjoy using the Dallas CityPASS. The most fun things to do here include feeding gigantic Giraffes and adorable parakeets. There are train shows which take you through the zoo and allow you to watch the animals as they go about their everyday business.

2. Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Nature lovers will understand how amazing it is to use the Dallas CityPASS and visit such a stunning place. Spread wonderfully across 66 acres, the remarkable arboretum is home to about 19 spectacularly manicured gardens. Enjoy the colorful burst and sweet fragrance of the flowers. From azaleas and snapdragons to tulips to Japanese Maples, there is a varied variety of flowers here.

3. Perot Museum of Nature and Science

For biology, nature, minerals, and space geeks, there can be no better place than this! The Perot Museum of Nature and Science is a fun-cum-educative attraction to enjoy using the Dallas CityPASS. There are 4 levels that offer offbeat exhibits appealing to kids and adults alike. Also, there is a 3D theater offering visitors the chance to enjoy ocean and nature-based documentaries.

4. Reunion Tower Geo-Deck

Built to originally serve as an Observation Tower, this is among the topmost attractions in Dallas now. The Dallas CityPASS allows you to access the tower and make your way up 170 meters. From this bird’s eye view, you can watch the city line clearly. Look at popular landmarks such as the Dealey Plaza where the unfortunate and tragic assassination of former President John F. Kennedy took place.

5. Sixth Floor Museum

If you love history there can be no better place than the Sixth Floor Museum to access with your Dallas CityPASS. The museum's latest exhibit is known simply as 55 years and pays homage to the late John F. Kennedy. With this year marking 55 years since his death, this spectacular exhibit depicts the images of Kennedy as they were published since his demise across scores of magazines. There are about 57 magazine covers that represent the 55 years of Kennedy's death.

There are many different restaurants and cafes for eating out in Dallas. In conditions of high competition different gastronomic establishments organize different actions for visitors and prepare advantageous offers. As a rule interesting actions and cheap meals are organized during the weekend.

With the chance to visit so many awesome places, don't delay in buying the money-saving Dallas City Pass. Let this be your next purchase after you have bought discount flights to USA. Explore the awesome American city of Dallas like never before while traveling USA!

Road Trip to Austin

On the nest day we undertook, early in the morning, the trip to the south, towards Austin. We grab US Highway 75 which runs from the Canadian border, in the north to Dallas, where it ends. In Dallas you have to take interstate 35E, which farther south meets 35W on a single interstate 35.

A few kilometers from this union you reach the town of West. Here we made a stop to buy something to eat in a hostel called Czech Stop or Little Czech Bakery (they are two identical businesses side by side). Here you can buy the famous Czech kolaches and other delicious things. Finally, we arrived in Austin, the capital of Texas.

There we went first to visit the Capitol. In Austin I also met my instagram friend, who gave us a very good tour of the University of Texas area. Of course, we also visited a bar with live music, how could it be otherwise in Austin. At dinner time, we went with Fernando to a place with an excellent view of the sunset over a lake: The Oasis. Finally, at night, we took a walk through the center.

Road Trip to San Antonio

The next day we left for San Antonio. On the way we stopped to do some shopping in some very large outlets that are on the route. This is the outlets of San Marcos, which are very visited by Mexicans who cross by car to do their shopping, given the proximity to this place. There are other similar outlets in the area.

Upon arriving in San Antonio, we settled in the hotel and the first thing we went to do was to visit the famous missions. These missions are similar to those found in the ruins of San Ignacio, in Argentina, only they are much better preserved.

San Antonio is a very beautiful city and has things that make it seem more Latin American than American. For example, missions resemble many of the churches seen in Mexico or its central plaza with the cathedral opposite. Here we also visit two very important attractions such as the river walk, which is a beautiful walk along the river that crosses a large area of ​​the city and El Alamo, an old church where the Republic of Texas was born.

In San Antonio we also stayed only one night, although we stayed until noon. Then we went back to Dallas, down the same road, though circling the city of Austin on a highway. We also stopped at other outlets in Roundrock.

Arriving in Dallas at night was really a challenge, because of the dream we had. As our flight left at 7 AM, we decided to sleep in the Rent a Car parking lot of the airport before returning the car. After a restorative siesta we were ready to board our flight to Mexico City, where we would spend a couple of days more.

With this post I hope I have inspired you a little to know other unpopular places in the United States. Texas may seem boring, but it has many interesting things to see and do. If you go shopping, you will find the same as everywhere, without crowds and, also, with the possibility of tax return.

10 Things to Do to Save Money on Weekend Trip

Are you wondering on how to travel the world and looking for some cheap vacation ideas? Are you trying to spend the weekend with family for quality time? Forget the tips that tell you how to save a few cents on gas or earn rewards on your credit card.

There are many types of backpackers. Some have a very healthy budget and can afford to stay in a reasonable hotel but choose hostels because they like the social aspect. Occasionally you get some who’s trip is paid by their parents, some do remote work on the go and have an income. Some do volunteering sometimes for the experience, sometimes to keep the cost of travelling down or both.

And there are a few who do things literally on a shoestring either because that's what they like to do or because they have no choice. This can include CouchSurfing mostly at a strangers house. There are apps connecting travellers to locals all over the world offering a couch, even a bedroom if you're lucky.

You can find ways to live cheaply if you stay in one place. As soon as your on the move your costs go up because of the transport. So if you're continually on the move, only staying 1 or 2 nights somewhere before moving on, that's quite an expensive way of travelling.

Most backpackers are good at budgeting. It's not the same as being on holiday where you tend to spend much more in a shorter space of time. You have to make it last when your travelling long term. So if your careful and budget well and only spend money on things that you feel are truly worth it, you can stretch your travelling time out because of the money you’ve saved.

Things to Do to Save Money on Weekend Trip

If you want tips that will save you real money on your weekend getaway, this list is for you.

1. Skip In-Flight Meals

Bring a frozen lunch tote and pack your own food like organic fruits and veggies like carrots, dates, olives, spinach, a small glass bottle of olive oil, grass fed cheese, strips of precooked grass fed beef, smoked wild Alaskan salmon, almonds, seeds, etc. Airline food is deadly. That tiny bag of pretzels and nuts they hand is a dose of toxic fats, sugars and salt. Also pack a small plastic plate to eat on. Fits right into backpack.

2. Buy Flash Deals

A sense of adventure can score you big travel savings. You can find cheap vacation packages on popular booking sites like Travelocity and Kayak, or even purchase a vacation through Groupon. You can also get notified of best traveling deals on airfare when you sign up for airline email newsletters. Many of the long flight deal come at steep discounts, but you might not get your first-pick destination or travel dates. That makes this tip best for travelers who want to get away but aren't too picky about where or when.

3. Don't Carry Luggage

With prices running $25-50 per bag each way, checking luggage adds a hefty sum to the cost of your trip — and that's assuming your luggage makes it to your destination! If your luggage gets lost in transit, you'll be stuck buying new clothes and toiletries to get you through the weekend. For short weekend trips, skip the checked baggage and stick to a carry-on. Make the most of limited packing space when traveling with a carry-on with a lean packing list. Remember, there are certain things you can't bring in your carry-on bag.

4. Don't Eat Every Meal Out

Eating out doesn't seem that expensive on first glance, but if you're a couple spending $10-20 per person for every meal, you could easily lose $100 a day on dining out.

You don't have to skip meals on the town entirely — exploring local cuisines is one of the best parts of traveling to a new city, after all — but if you limit yourself to one restaurant meal per day and make your other meals with supplies from the local grocer, you'll drastically cut the cost of your weekend away. Remember to book lodging with a kitchen (or at least a microwave) so you can prep meals in your room!

5. Charge your USB-enabled devices via the hotel's TV

Did not bring an adapter or have more than one thing to charge? Not big – head to the TV of your hotel room. Most modern TVs have USB input ports on the back, which allows you to connect and charge mobile devices such as mobile phones, iPods, iPads and point-and-shoot cameras.

6. Use a currency converter app on your phone

Install a currency conversion app like XE Currency Exchange on your phone. Not only does it save time doing mental math (it's just for elementary school), but it can save you from getting scammed. Even if you don't have data on your phone, most apps will work from the conversion rates of the last sync, so you'll be at least in good condition.

Tip: If you want to trade an item, plug in what the most money you are willing to spend on the item is so that you have a stronger trading position right from the start.

7. Take a taxi from the departures area

Just arrived and noticed the taxi line is incredibly long? Change your attack plan, cross the line and head to the departure area of departures and take a taxi from there. Since all taxis are going to drop people off and they go back to town or get off to the dreaded taxi line, there's no competition – and if bargaining is the norm, you might be able to negotiate a lower fare.

Obviously, this might not work at all airports depending on the terminal, but when it does, it looks like a flight! NEVER TAKE A TAXI FROM THE AIRPORT, but the local bus towards the first hotel, and then walk a bit in the city.

8. Act as if you know the area

Several times when you jump in a taxi from the airport, the driver will ask you if you are from the area. Generally, say "yes", as this can often be a way of knowing if you will notice that they are taking the long way. If it is obvious that you are not from the area, or if you feel uncomfortable telling a bold lie, say that you frequently visit friends or have a family that lives here.

This should avoid unnecessary secondary roads that result in higher fares.

9. Pack a small First Aid Kit

Depending on where you travel, you can save a lot of time and pain by packing a small DIY first aid kit. At a minimum, throw a little aspirin and / or Tylenol, cotton swabs, regular dressings, a small tube of anti-bacterial cream, and perhaps some antacids to chew for good measure in a bad or small case. These basics can be hard to find (or hard to mimic if you don't speak the language), and having a personal Reserve will make you feel ready.

10. Stay in a Walkable Neighborhood

Whether you rent a car, ride public transit, or use cabs and ride-shares to get around, dealing with transportation in a new city is both expensive and frustrating. Rather than booking a cheap hotel room on the fringe of the city, book your lodging in a centralized, walkable area in some of the cheap travel places.

You might pay a little more for your room, but the higher cost will be offset by the money you save walking instead of paying for rides and parking. After all, according to Kayak, an average car rental (which is more convenient than relying on public transportation but cheaper than relying on cabs for every trip) costs around $47 per day, and that's money you could put toward exploring your locale.

Can't afford a downtown hotel? Book a stay near a transit line that has a direct route downtown to minimize time and money spent on travel. Just make sure you have a good map for getting around!

There are lots of ways you can save money on weekend travel. You can skip the souvenir shops, find discounts to popular attractions, or book your travel midweek for slightly lower prices. While those tips might save you a few dollars per person, following our five tips is the best way to save some major funds in your travel budget.

Desert Safari in Dubai without Dune Bashing

Dubai is located in the Middle of the desert, but you won’t feel as standing in the middle of the desert as you are surrounded by high rise skyscrapers. Dubai culture is somewhat like westernised from food to shopping and brands. It’s in some ways on of the luxurious living city in the world. The city is not massive but like a super fun theme park.

Dubai is a worth visiting place filled with historical landmarks and unique attraction sites. The main attraction of the city lies in its magnificent sandy deserts and tall buildings reaching the sky. If you want to experience cultural tourism, Head to the Ibn Battuta Mall. Dubai also organizes the annual entertainment festivals which are attended by visitors from all over the world. Enjoy the day by shopping at one of the largest shopping malls in the world, or lazing at the natural sand of Jumeirah Beach.

The local emirati culture is not very visible in the city. If you’re really interested to experience emirati culture, you must visit to Al Ras and gold souk in Deira and bur Dubai - the old part of the city. You must visit the other emirates like Fujairah, Al Ain, Umm Al Quwain and Ras Al Khaimah if you truly wants to explore and know more closely about United Arab Emirates.

The city is not walk able, specially in summer, you must have car to drive everywhere and the public transport is within some limits. Dubai metro is one of the world class metro with strict rules and regulations. Getting cab is much costlier here. The metro is divided into two different zones, red line and green line and both the lines intersect at two metro stations i.e union metro station and burjaman metro station. Riding Dubai metro, you’re not allowed to eat, drink, chew gum or nap.

The palm island in Dubai, new Dutch dredging technology was used to create these massive man made islands. They are the largest man made island in the world and can be seen from space. Yes, the heat is unbearable in the month of may to September. But the climate from November to march is really amazing and you can see lot of tourists in these months.

Dubai is one of the shopping destination in the world with biggest world class awesome malls like Dubai mall and mall of the emirates. The city of Dubai is super fun for a visit. Great nightlife, great entertainment and lots of fun things to do. The Burj al Arab hotel in Dubai, the world's most luxurious hotel in the world . It stand on artificial island in the sea.

The city is a great fun, glamorous, super shiny high rise skyscrapers and very futuristic.

We got up early and went by subway back to the Deira area to return the cell phone we had bought the day before. When crossing some streets we saw the hidden side of Dubai and the low level of life in this area. After waiting a lot in the store they returned the money and we drove to the Dubai Marina Mall, and left the car in the free parking lot of the mall.

From there we went outside and started to explore the Dubai Marina Walk in the direction of the spinning skyscraper. The walk is frankly beautiful, although there are several areas still under construction. We rest from the heat in the shadows and stock bottles of water from one of the supermarkets and shops scattered around the promenade.

Once the tour was finished, we had lunch and returned to our apartment hotel. Meanwhile, we take the opportunity to be in the pool relaxing a bit. We ate at the apartment and about 3:30 we went down to the reception to wait for the 4x4 to enjoy the desert safari excursion through Dubai. There are many companies that perform on the same route and with quite different prices.

We choose the one with good reviews we had read on the internet and because it is one of the few that includes accident insurance for travellers. When the driver arrived we went through another hotel to pick up two girls who also came to the safari in the same 4x4. So it took us directly to the desert without the typical stop in an agreed store that is usually mandatory in such excursions.

After a journey of half an hour through a landscape that was becoming increasingly arid, we stopped in a desert area where there were also many 4x4. The driver deflated the wheels to get into the dunes and we took pictures for a while. We rode again and the fun began. The 4x4 lined up and began to slide across the dunes. Our driver expertly drove the 4x4, going up and down the dunes and skidding continuously.

After a very fun time for about 45 minutes, we reached an area where we got off the car and went barefoot to a fairly high dune from where we only saw dunes and desert on all sides. Here we enjoyed a wonderful sunset. We set off again and went to a typical camp in the desert, where in the central area there was a stage surrounded by very low tables covered with rugs.

In addition all activities were included in the price from camel ride, sand surfing, henna tattoos, photo with a hawk, dressing in traditional clothes, smoking in shisha. The only thing that was paid separately was the use of quads and alcoholic beverages. We quickly took a good place and dressed in traditional Arab costumes to take a picture of us. We then rented a quad to go around the sand, rode a camel and made some tattoos with henna.

We sat down and saw the show of a dancer who was doing a very interesting dance going around very fast on himself with a suit that sometimes lit up. In the break we had a barbecue dinner, with which we could try different types of meat, snacks, salads and sweets typical of the area, as well as all the non-alcoholic beverage we wanted. Except for the rental of the quads, everything was included in the price of the desert safari.

Then we enjoyed a belly dance show and dervish and we saw the show of a girl dancing the belly dance and about 9 we started the return trip and arrived at the hotel around 10:30 pm.

Desert Safari in Dubai

Best Things to Do in Green Bay, USA

The eastern part of Wisconsin is the perfect go-to place for a holiday or a weekend. Winter or summer, you will be surprised by its magical atmosphere with rugged shoreline, maritime communities, tasty meals and football legends. And more importantly, no matter where you go, you can always find a place to feel close to nature.

In this landscape, Green Bay is notoriously famous for the Green Bay Packers, even though it is the smallest town in the US to host an NFL team. In addition to being a modest industrial city, Green Bay today has some interesting museums, a renowned brewery, along with cafes and restaurants by the riverside.

Are you in Green Bay for a convention or for fun? A family vacation with kids or a football game? It does not make too much difference whether you are in July, August, October, November or in December as you will find a wonderful stay at Green Bay. Also, if you book now, you can save some money and use it for an unforgettable football game.

Well, if you can find the free or cheap tickets! So, after a few meetings and loads of emails, you can try your luck at a indoor casino, connected to the hotel via an interior walkway or just go out and explore! Here are some of the best things to do in Green Bay.

Best Things to Do in Green Bay, Wisconsin

1. Museum-hopping in winter days

During cold winter days, among the romantic things to do in Green Bay, there is nothing better than a good culture fix. Train enthusiasts of all ages, listen up. Founded in 1956, the popular National Railroad Museum was intended to preserve the nations railroad history. As one of the oldest institutions in the US, the museum is home to some of the biggest steam locomotives ever and rare railroad artifacts.

If you want to discover more about the history of the area, the Neville Public Museum of Brown County is right up your alley. Located in downtown Green Bay, the museum features some of the most significant items relevant to the history of Northeast Wisconsin and Michigan, from the Ice Age to the invention of electricity. And do not forget that the Neville Public Museum is also the starting point of the Packers Heritage Trail. Well, just keep this in mind, we will get to that in a second.

2. Follow your sports legend

Ask a football enthusiast if he is ever heard about the Frozen Tundra. No, nothing to do with nature. It is the nickname given to the Lambeau Field, the Green Bay Packers' stadium, after a game played in December 1965, in temperatures of -15 °F (meaning -26 °C) with freezing winds. Be aware that game tickets are nearly impossible to get but you can always visit the Hall of Fame at Lambeau Field. No matter who you root for, there are enough trophies and memorabilia to leave any football fan speechless.

If there is no way to get inside the stadium, do not give in to despair. You have two options. First, you can join a pregame party to dive deep into the magical atmosphere of NFL or bar-hop around the Lambeau Field. Second, you can walk the Packers Heritage Trail and visit 22 locations that were relevant to the history of the team and is one of the fun things for kids to do in green bay.

3. Discover Wisconsin's food traditions

There is nothing as rooted in Wisconsin's culture as food traditions. Get a non-Wisconsinite to taste a Wisconsinite cheese curd and look at their reaction. 2.5 billion pounds of cheddar per year convinced Wisconsinites to call themselves cheeseheads. Take it easy as they are very proud of it.

It should not surprise anybody that they wear cheesehead hats during football games. In addition to this cheesy culture, Green Bay has bloody delicious burgers, but you could also find fish specials on Friday menus. Do not forget to walk near the riverfront and relax in a coffee shop, a subway cafe or a tavern at night.

A Happy Weekend Trip to Mussoorie

For those who think of the tourist spots in India, certainly considers the Taj Mahal, the pink city Jaipur or the tourist stronghold Goa. Pictures of these places characterize the travel magazines, Instagram channels of Indian instagrammers and airport posters. But India has much more to offer than the world-famous classics! I have a real crush on Mussoorie, a small town created in 1825 by the British during the colonial period.

The foothills of the Himalayas is a wonderful, untouched oasis of peace away from mass tourism, chaos and noise. 300 kilometers north of Delhi on the border to Tibet and Nepal lies the mountain region of Garhwal, considered the land of the gods. Time and again I like to remember my exciting trip to the places around the world like Zangdopelri in Bhutan.

In Garhwal and Nainital, I enjoyed the tranquility of the mountains, visit imposing waterfalls, gardens and enjoyed the comfort of the stay. Mussoorie, located at 2,000 meters on a ridge overlooking the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas is very popular for newlyweds on honeymoon or those who want to escape the heat of Delhi and the North Indian lowlands for a weekend.

A Happy Weekend Trip to Mussoorie

1. Camels Back Road

The world belongs to those who get up early, but the road belongs above all to cars and trucks. I get up at 4:00 for a flight from Delhi at 6:00. I am very happy to be only a few hours away from putting on my steps to climb my first roller coaster ride through the Himalayas.

At 7:30 am, I take the public jeep from the Dehradun airport. An hour later, I reach the exit of the city on the road that goes to Mussoorie. I can see right away that there is a lot more traffic. It was predictable because we are in the middle of a holiday season and Mussoorie is a very popular hill station with tourists.

The roads are narrow and scary but the driver is experienced and skillfully guides through the imposing roads. A nice moment begins when the road enters the middle of a pine forest. I open the windows and the smell of pines and aromatic plants floods the car.

In the valleys or on the mountainside, small rice terraces can be seen. I did not think that pines and rice fields could be part of the same landscape, at least not until I saw it in Uttarakhand. With my backpack I climb from the Library Bus Stand to Camels Back Road. I walk in the pedestrian path, admiring the steep hills around, dotted with hamlets and hotels.

I stay in an old romantic-ghostly Victorian guest house with its old world charm, small blue veranda, period furniture, double bed, and mystic painting. Up here in the hills everything is very simple and rustic. After a short tour in the city and rest I sit around a fire. With a hot lentil soup I warm up before I bury myself under the thick blankets in the cold.

2. Kempty Falls

I wake up with the sun, and at breakfast have black tea and paratha! I head to the Uttarakhand Tourism Office from where I take a taxi up to Kempty Falls. Contrary to expectations, this place is quite crowded and not very natural. The waterfalls are surrounded by concrete. There is a paddling pool for non-swimmers, along with small shops and restaurants.

3. Cloud End

I freeze and drink liters of chai to warm up before I conquer the mountain village. The house facades glow colorfully on the mountainside. I then head to Cloud End and then the Jwala Devi Temple. And there, the view of the Himalayan range and its peaks is like a tidal wave petrified in the ice. I savor this unexpected moment, so close to the roof of the world.

I arrive at the top and see first a small cave with Ganesha and the goddess, topped by a trident. A monkey watches me. The temple is very simple, where the sound of the bell echoes for miles. I went to lunch in a small typical restaurant, very quiet, and suddenly, a whole group of boys and girls, rushed into the restaurant to shoot an ad film and I found myself invaded by the crowd.

4. Gun Hill

Passing through Gun Hill, the hill overlooking the city at 2300 m is the water tower of the city and also the touristy area. I go on a cable car and on the climb I see a nice panorama. There are boards for rifle shooting, camera men offering to take photo with traditional clothes.

Gun Hill offers incredible views of the Doon Valley and the surrounding landscapes. Here the English trace is perceptible. I decide to walk further. Happy Valley area is located west of Library Point, and houses the IAS Academy. I leave the city for the Happy Valley, the Tibetan village, where I spend a wonderful time at the Buddhist monastery.

The atmosphere is studious and I talk with a young Tibetan. The monastery is the first one built after the escape of the Dalai Lama. The flags float, which are put as high as possible. I exchange greetings with shouts of Tashi delek with the children I met. I turn my first prayer wheel and imagine a Tibet not so far from here.

With a phone number for the Bird Sanctuary I come back to the guest house slowly for an excellent evening. I sit around the general smokiness in the small kitchen thanks to the wood fire where I have some nice local dishes!

5. Landour

At about 8 o'clock I go to a small restaurant and order aloo parantha, omelet, sweet lassi and chai for breakfast. I walk through the quiet city to the Mall road. The city is calm, and clean with old ironwork with ribbons and kiosks, pine forest, steep streets and horses at the end of the Camels Back Road that begins near Library Point and ends at Kulri Bazaar.

Kulri Bazaar has most restaurants in Mussoorie. The inhabitants are wrapped in thick blankets, wearing colorful caps, vests and gloves. In the city center there is a bakery. The baked goods are far from what we call a bread or cheese cake at home, but still delicious and reminiscent of my distant home.

A lovely steep hike from the bazaar takes me to the Char Dukan. I enjoy paranthas, and pancakes with maple syrup. During a very nice walk in the mountains on the heights of Landour, I get lost in the woods. Cobbled streets, historic hotels, quaint family houses, tiny bakeries, the best pizzas in the region and the winterline in Mussoorie.

Landour is one of only two places in the world after Switzerland where you can see how it is happening! What more can you ask? Luckily I met a very friendly local on my trail who was very surprised to meet a stranger in this remote corner of the hill and guided me to find my way. He told me that every day he has to walk 2 hours on this little steep path to reach the village where he stays.

The view was fantastic and as often difficult to capture on pictures. Unfortunately, the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas were very hard to spot as it was too hazy.

I end the afternoon with a ride to Dhanaulti to end the day wandering between the deodars. The Surkanda Devi Temple is a sacred place dedicated to the Goddess Parvati that the devotees venerate for the locals.

There are barracks between shady gardens. The freshly repainted office is empty, and the following are as I imagine.

Back in the evening quietly reading on the terrace of the hotel facing the Himalayas, I feel that the trip is not unpleasant at all. I share the meal with chapati, dal, aloo gobi and good mood and end up going to bed for a short night to the view of a fascinating night sky, with myriads of stars and the lights of Garhwal valley.