5 Fun Things to Do With the Dallas CityPASS

If you are based in Dallas, you are provided with the opportunity to go ahead with numerous outstanding weekend getaways. All you have to do is to get to know about those weekend getaways and plan your weekends accordingly. Then you can have quality time with your loved family members. Dallas, is one of the most fun and popular places to visit in the United States. Located in Texas, this remarkable city is definitely worth every penny you spend to explore it while traveling America.

In the Dallas area shop and dine at restaurants, such as Old House BBQ, an excellent place to eat texan barbecue-style smoked meats. But the trip need not be an expensive one especially if you are traveling on a budget.

The Dallas or Fort Worth City pass allows you discounted access to at least five of the topmost attractions in the city. This allows you to save a considerable amount of money when touring Dallas, one of the top US cities to explore. A aquarium visit may be possible as well. Keep reading if you wish to know how the pass works and the places it grants you discounted access to.

5 Fun Things to Do With the Dallas CityPASS

How the Dallas CityPASS works?

The Dallas CityPASS works quite easily. Firstly, you will need to buy the booklet or pass online. When you arrive at the very first attraction, you will need to hand over the order slip you received while purchasing the booklet. In exchange for this, you will be given four discounted tickets to Dallas’ best attractions. You can use the pass even when you are making a trip to the city on last minute flights. Some of the things to keep in mind when using a Dallas CityPASS are as follows:

Each of the attractions the pass grants access to maybe visited just once using the pass. You can, of course, pay and visit again if you wish to.

The Dallas CityPASS is valid for up to 9 successive days right since order.

It includes a compact guide to the attractions in Dallas.

The pass helps you to skip the entrance line at the attractions in Dallas you are granted access to.

The Dallas CityPASS grants complimentary access to children who are 2 years old and younger.

Every attraction has days, hours, and timings that vary from one another. Check them out before you visit.

You can purchase the Dallas CityPASS here.

Places to Visit Using Dallas CityPASS:

There are some really incredible places you can visit on a discount thanks to the money-saving Dallas CityPASS. We’ve listed the remarkable places the go card Dallas gives you access to. Check them out below!

1. Dallas Zoo

Sprawled across a hundred acres, the amazing Dallas Zoo is home to more than 2,000 animals. If you’re arriving in business class flights with kids in tow, this is the best attraction to enjoy using the Dallas CityPASS. The most fun things to do here include feeding gigantic Giraffes and adorable parakeets. There are train shows which take you through the zoo and allow you to watch the animals as they go about their everyday business.

2. Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Nature lovers will understand how amazing it is to use the Dallas CityPASS and visit such a stunning place. Spread wonderfully across 66 acres, the remarkable arboretum is home to about 19 spectacularly manicured gardens. Enjoy the colorful burst and sweet fragrance of the flowers. From azaleas and snapdragons to tulips to Japanese Maples, there is a varied variety of flowers here.

3. Perot Museum of Nature and Science

For biology, nature, minerals, and space geeks, there can be no better place than this! The Perot Museum of Nature and Science is a fun-cum-educative attraction to enjoy using the Dallas CityPASS. There are 4 levels that offer offbeat exhibits appealing to kids and adults alike. Also, there is a 3D theater offering visitors the chance to enjoy ocean and nature-based documentaries.

4. Reunion Tower Geo-Deck

Built to originally serve as an Observation Tower, this is among the topmost attractions in Dallas now. The Dallas CityPASS allows you to access the tower and make your way up 170 meters. From this bird’s eye view, you can watch the city line clearly. Look at popular landmarks such as the Dealey Plaza where the unfortunate and tragic assassination of former President John F. Kennedy took place.

5. Sixth Floor Museum

If you love history there can be no better place than the Sixth Floor Museum to access with your Dallas CityPASS. The museum's latest exhibit is known simply as 55 years and pays homage to the late John F. Kennedy. With this year marking 55 years since his death, this spectacular exhibit depicts the images of Kennedy as they were published since his demise across scores of magazines. There are about 57 magazine covers that represent the 55 years of Kennedy's death.

There are many different restaurants and cafes for eating out in Dallas. In conditions of high competition different gastronomic establishments organize different actions for visitors and prepare advantageous offers. As a rule interesting actions and cheap meals are organized during the weekend.

With the chance to visit so many awesome places, don't delay in buying the money-saving Dallas City Pass. Let this be your next purchase after you have bought discount flights to USA. Explore the awesome American city of Dallas like never before while traveling USA!

Road Trip to Austin

On the nest day we undertook, early in the morning, the trip to the south, towards Austin. We grab US Highway 75 which runs from the Canadian border, in the north to Dallas, where it ends. In Dallas you have to take interstate 35E, which farther south meets 35W on a single interstate 35.

A few kilometers from this union you reach the town of West. Here we made a stop to buy something to eat in a hostel called Czech Stop or Little Czech Bakery (they are two identical businesses side by side). Here you can buy the famous Czech kolaches and other delicious things. Finally, we arrived in Austin, the capital of Texas.

There we went first to visit the Capitol. In Austin I also met my instagram friend, who gave us a very good tour of the University of Texas area. Of course, we also visited a bar with live music, how could it be otherwise in Austin. At dinner time, we went with Fernando to a place with an excellent view of the sunset over a lake: The Oasis. Finally, at night, we took a walk through the center.

Road Trip to San Antonio

The next day we left for San Antonio. On the way we stopped to do some shopping in some very large outlets that are on the route. This is the outlets of San Marcos, which are very visited by Mexicans who cross by car to do their shopping, given the proximity to this place. There are other similar outlets in the area.

Upon arriving in San Antonio, we settled in the hotel and the first thing we went to do was to visit the famous missions. These missions are similar to those found in the ruins of San Ignacio, in Argentina, only they are much better preserved.

San Antonio is a very beautiful city and has things that make it seem more Latin American than American. For example, missions resemble many of the churches seen in Mexico or its central plaza with the cathedral opposite. Here we also visit two very important attractions such as the river walk, which is a beautiful walk along the river that crosses a large area of the city and El Alamo, an old church where the Republic of Texas was born.

In San Antonio we also stayed only one night, although we stayed until noon. Then we went back to Dallas, down the same road, though circling the city of Austin on a highway. We also stopped at other outlets in Roundrock.

Arriving in Dallas at night was really a challenge, because of the dream we had. As our flight left at 7 AM, we decided to sleep in the Rent a Car parking lot of the airport before returning the car. After a restorative siesta we were ready to board our flight to Mexico City, where we would spend a couple of days more.

With this post I hope I have inspired you a little to know other unpopular places in the United States. Texas may seem boring, but it has many interesting things to see and do. If you go shopping, you will find the same as everywhere, without crowds and, also, with the possibility of tax return.
Kalyan Panja