8 Best Things to do in Northeast India

The Northeast region of India is one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world. The land of Seven Sisters includes Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland, Assam, and Sikkim in addition. Each of these states has a vast natural landscape, flora, fauna, and natural beauty to offer to travelers.

Northeast India has forever been the center of attraction for tourism in India. If you have been here, you will find it hard to resist the beauty of Northeast India. It's an epic journey for nature lovers. The penetrating peaks and magnificent nature is what makes the northeast region of Indian highly compelling and worth visiting, especially during the monsoon season.

The cool weather in the northeast is one of the best things you can experience during the monsoons. The weather may be wet, but it is not at all scorching or clammy. It is like a natural cooler. There is a kind of novelty and freshness in the monsoon that is worth experiencing. The entire belt of the seven sisters gives a surreal feeling during the rainfall with its green forests and tea estates.

All these states are small and pretty close together. But you need to take some Northeast tour packages to figure out how to cover most of the things to see in the northeast in the least amount of time. Each of these Northeast states has so much to offer that you cannot visit all in just a single visit. Assam and Arunachal Pradesh are not even that small. You cannot visit two of the other five states on one trip if you really want to explore the depths of nature in Northeast.

So, you will have to choose where you want to go on this trip. You could go for the Orchid State of India, that is in Arunachal Pradesh, or you could go to Manipur for its culturally rich heritage. You can go to Assam if you want to enjoy the untarnished natural beauty. Or go to Tripura if you want to see endless bamboo and cane forest plantations, or to the land of the hill people, Mizoram.

Northeast India lets you escape the tiresome everyday life. Everyone needs a vacation to relax and spend some time romantically with their partners. Visit the most beautiful place called the Scotland of the East - Shillong in Meghalaya or you could go to Sikkim, the youngest of the sister states, the eighth state in the Northeast, and the most popular tourist destination for people from West Bengal.

The food is the essence of northeast India. The food culture in the northeast is as vibrant as their culture and heritage. Every state has its own specialty and it tastes even better while you enjoy the rain. The food is the essence of northeast India. Laksa from Assam, Alu Muri in Meghalaya, Kelli Chana in Manipur, and Shapale in Sikkim are some of the most famous dishes you must try during the monsoon season.

Northeast has more than 150 tribes and each of the tribes has their own tribal liquors. If anyone is visiting this beautiful side of India, tasting these incredible liquors should be on the wish list. Well, northeast India is the best vacation for you if you wish to enjoy to the fullest.

Steeped in rich culture, gorgeous nature, and warm welcomes is the North East of India. An unexplored paradise, with picturesque landscapes and a variety of flora and fauna waiting to be discovered, it is a magical experience that is one-of-a-kind. Whether you wish to picnic by Majuli Island or explore the Mawsamai Caves, your opportunities are endless.

Here are the best places to visit in northeast India.

1. Kongthong, Meghalaya

Meghalaya is the land of clouds, the land of music, and the land where life is full of surprises. If you ever happen to visit Meghalaya, go a little offbeat. Don't just visit the popular tourist destinations like Cherrapunji, Shillong city or Dawki river, but try and look for unknown places. One such place is Kongthong, the only whistling village of India.

Kongthong village is approximately 55 km from Shillong towards Sohra. It takes almost 3 hours and a back-breaking bumpy ride to reach this village hidden between the green woods. The journey is picturesque with ample opportunity to capture nature at its best and enjoy a beer or a sandwich beside a crystal clear stream.

Hidden in a corner of Meghalaya between the crests of Sohra and Pynursla is the village of Kongthong, a remote village in India. Curious whistles and chirps echo in the jungle around Kongthong, but it's not a birdsong. They are people who call each other music, an extraordinary tradition that can even be unique. Kongthong is a village in India, where mothers compose a special melody for each child.

According to the tradition of the community, everyone will address the person with this little individual melody for life. Hat Thymmai market displays products from cosmetics and chocolates, to even pints of beer and medicine. Once a week, Bangladeshi products are also put up for sale at an extremely cheap price and offer travellers a very good opportunity to collect cross country souvenirs. The market is open from 9 am to 6 pm.

2. Ranikor, Meghalaya

If you like fishing, Ranikor is the best place to be. Fishermen can paddle down the river where the Kynshi and Rilang rivers converge to enjoy fishing. You can find gold mahseers, golden carp, silver carp and common carp.

3. Jowai, Meghalaya

For caving in India, there are more than 150 krem (caves) that pierce the limestone bed of the Jaintia mountains, including Krem Liat Prah, the longest cave in India, which extends at least 25 km under the Shnongrim mountain range.

Away from cities and towns and in the lap of nature, Sohbar is located beside a sparkling river where you can go boating or dive in for a rejuvenating swim.

4. Tura, Meghalaya

Located in the Garo Hills, Tura is the second-most important town and an eco-tourism hub in Meghalaya. The place is shrouded with the fragrance of mountains and waterfalls. Tura Peak and Nokrek National Park are places not to be missed. Both the locations are situated nearby. The former is known for the magnificent view it offers of the Brahmaputra River and also the yellow plains of Bangladesh.

The latter is listed as UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserve owing to the rich flora and fauna. Other places to visit in Tura are Pelga Falls, Siju Caves, Naphak Lake, and Rongbang Dar Waterfall.

5. Mawsynram, Meghalaya

Meghalaya is famous for being the wettest place on the entire planet. Who would ever want to miss some breezy road trips with raindrops? The popular wettest places Cherrapunji' and Mawsynram are such beautiful places that you must visit once in a lifetime. Every year these places receive 450 inches of rain. The scenic beauty of Cherrapunji and Mawsynram attracts tourists from across the world. You can witness these beautiful places and hear the beauty of raindrops falling from the sky. In Meghalaya, you must visit this awesome, green tourist place once in a lifetime.

Find yourself exploring the wettest land on earth. For about 5 km to the south-west of Shillong headquarter, you will find yourself getting all wet on the roadside of the Mawsynram village. Some say it is the most romantic place to be with your partner.

No Indian cuisine journey can be complete without tasting the authentic thali. Every state of the country has its own version of thali and Meghalaya is no exception. The Khasi thali consists of an array of dishes, chutneys, and salads with plain rice or jadoh. The famous foods that you can try here are Thukpa, Khao Suey, and Jadoh, among others.

Pukhlein, Daineiiong, Jadoh, and Jastem are some of the most famous dishes you must try during the monsoon season. If you adore pulao and can't live without pork then this Khasi delicacy is perfect for you. Jadoh which is pork pulao is sure to cast some magic on all you pork lovers.

One of the most famous dishes of Meghayala, jadoh is a cuisine from the Khasi kitchen. The dish is made with short-grain rice and pork. The dish actually resembles biryani and is available in every traditional restaurant. There is no better place than Meghalaya for a pork lover in India.

The state seems to have mastered the art of cooking pork. Dohkhlieh is one among such dishes. It's very easy to make pork salad wherein boiled pork meat is shredded with onion, chilies, spices, and salt. This side dish goes well with jadoh. Time for some delicious dessert!

Pukhlein is a rice powder pancake sweetened with jaggery. The rice powder is mixed with jaggery and fried in a pan. The result, delicious golden brown crispy rice bites that are best served with a wide variety of protein items.

The local liquor, kyat is a fermented rice beer. One might just consider kyat as the national beverage of Meghalaya as there is no bar or restaurant in Meghalaya that does not serve kyat, neither is there any household that will let you leave unless you have a glass of kyat – a true symbol of Meghalayan hospitality!

6. Jakrem, Meghalaya

And the Jakrem hot springs near Mawsynram are greatly appreciated as they are believed to have healing and medicinal properties. When you are here, you can also visit the Mawjymbuin Caves, which is formed naturally. The best access points are the villages of Mawshamok and Tyrna, south of Sohra.

The food is heart-friendly and employs very little oil as compared to the other cuisines of India. Chakhwi is one such healthy recipe that is a tasty mix of bamboo shoots, jackfruit and pork.

7. Ukhrul, Manipur

Besides, adventurous travelers can make expeditions of Hundung Mova cave, which is a naturally formed limestone cave. Phangrei lake shouldn't be forgotten to explore too! Village lovers can also hop through nearby beautiful villages like Kachai village.

8. Loktak Lake, Manipur

Take the opportunity to visit the beautiful Loktak Lake. Loktak lake invites thousands of tourists to the state every year. Head on to the Loktak lake, a freshwater lake situated 50 km away from Imphal to enjoy its one of its kind picturesque beauty and biodiversity including circular sized phumdis vegetaion. If one is craving for some clean air and serenity, Lakoi Pat may fulfil this desire which is situated in a short distance from Loktak.

The iconic lake is situated in Bishnupur district. The freshwater lake is well known because of its round-shaped floating swamps, called Phumdis in the local language. The major attraction of the lake is the circular rings made up of natural biomass locally called Phumdis.

For heading to this jaw-dropping destinations, you can find both direct and connecting flight options from Delhi/Bangalore/Kolkata/Guwahati to Imphal. Finding flights for Imphal is just a cakewalk, so there’ll be no worries at all. You can also reach the state by train/bus/cruiser. For accommodation, the state offers a wide range of accommodation options including mid-range, budget and decent hotels. Booking link option is also listed for your convenience.

The Thanga island is the largest island, both in area size as well as human population, in the Loktak lake, of course, the world's only floating lake. It's a paradise for adventure lovers as well as nature lovers. Because none would return from this island disappointed or unsatisfied.

Each of the states in Northeast India is worth visiting. So get hold of a Northeast tour packages catalog and plan your next trip soon. You can take at least two trips in a single year if you plan your budget well.
Kalyan Panja