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Meghalaya is famous for being the wettest place on the entire planet. Meghalaya also have quite a lot of natural and artificial lakes. You will regret not visiting Meghalaya during the monsoon as the surroundings get a lot more romantic during the season whilst you let that breezy raindrops shower on you.

Meghalaya also lets you experience its lush greenery and irresistible charm of the atmosphere which is something you'd never want to miss. The best part about being in Meghalaya during the monsoon season is that you can get everything at an affordable price. The state of Meghalaya records the highest rainfall in India and every bit is filled with rainwater, making Meghalaya a less preferred tourist destination.

So, if you visit Meghalaya during the monsoon season, you can get everything from booking accommodations, transportation, tourism, etc at cheap rates. It is because of the lush beauty of the seven sisters that we have coherent reasons on why you should visit Meghalaya during the monsoon season.

Breaking the gender stereotypes, Meghalaya has matriarchal society, where women are the decision makers. Its a society, where if a girl child is born, it is followed by the celebrations and if a boy is born, they humbly accepts as a gift of God. Khasi tribes has shown that there is no shame in reversing the role in households, but they also respects both the genders.

places to visit in shillong cherrapunji

1. Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji also Sohra is the most wettest places on earth and is famous for its spectacular waterfalls, which fall on huge cliffs throughout the town like the Wei Sawdong Fall. The most impressive are Nohkalikai Falls, one of the highest waterfalls in India which emerge from a wooded ravine and fall 340 m along a rock face. During the monsoon, the flow of water that precipitates into the abyss is 20 times greater and the noise is deafening.

Another reason to visit the northeast is Cherrapunji, where you can observe the Nohsngithiang Falls or Mawsmai Falls. It serves as the best thing during the monsoon season. The Living Root Bridge is yet another reason for you to come and visit Northeast India. It is a bridge that's naturally made up by the roots of trees which is used for humans to pass through the inflated river.

Cherrapunjee is close to the most famous Double Decker Living Root Bridge. Perhaps the most famous Khasi tradition is the creation of living root bridges of Meghalaya, woven with the aerial roots of huge fig trees of the jungle. Several of these impressive natural wonders can be visited in the Nongriat village on a tricky tour of the centuries-old paths used by villagers selling areca nuts in Shillong.

In the Khasi mountains there are more bridges of these, reminiscent of Lord of the rings. You need to go down a total of thousands of steps to see the two-story bridge. The hike will take approximately 5 hours to complete a trip. It is recommended to spend the night at the base of the mountain where there is accommodation. It can be physically exhausting to go down thousands of steps, but the landscape that can be seen is priceless.

You will see lush greenery, flowing rivers, butterflies fluttering and much more. Also, climb for an hour to the Rainbow Falls, which are supposedly very picturesque and highly recommended by all hikers and locals alike. Also, bring swimwear if you want to take a dip in the creek. There are the Kynrem Waterfalls, the Seven Sisters Waterfalls, the Mawsmai Cave, the DaiƱthlen Falls, the Arwah Cave, the Wei Sawdong Waterfall and much more.

The road is complicated, and many visitors prefer to see the waterfall from afar, from the viewpoint on the outskirts of Sohra.

places to visit in shillong cherrapunji

2. Mawsynram

Find yourself exploring the wettest land on earth. For about 6.1 km to the south-west of Shillong headquarter, you will find yourself getting all wet on the roadside of the Mawsynram village. Some say it is the most romantic place to be with your partner. And the Jakrem hot springs near Mawsynram are greatly appreciated as they are believed to have healing and medicinal properties.

When you are here, you can also visit the Mawjymbuin Caves, which is formed naturally. The best access points are the villages of Mawshamok and Tyrna, south of Sohra.

places to visit in shillong cherrapunji

3. Dawki

A crystal clear Umngot river awaits your presence at the Dawki Lake on the border with Bangladesh where you can literally see your shadow beneath the face of the lake. You can go for boating while exploring the Jaintia Hills. This experience is best served with raindrops.

The emerald green water of this river is so crystalline that you can see the river bed at 12 feet deep. You can take a boat ride, swim in the water, fish, eat freshly cooked fish or simply appreciate the beauty of this border town. Near the border of Bangladesh flows the Jadukata River, which has an abundant population of mahseers.

4. Mawlynnong

Explore Asia's cleanest village, i.e., the Mawlynnong Village where rainfall adds as a plus point. It is a sustainable village with an appropriate waste management system.

5. Umiam Lake

20 km before reaching Shillong is Umiam Lake. This lake is basically a reservoir upstream of the Umiam river. It is the perfect place to go for a picnic, boating or kayaking.

6. Laitlum Canyon

25 km from Shillong is this picturesque place called the Laitlum Canyon. The hike to the top of the hill is between moderate and difficult, but it is well worth the effort, as you will be rewarded with views of the valley below you. You can also go by bicycle or taxi to the top of the hill. There is a staircase of 3,000 steps leading to a village called Raslong. On your way, you will find bamboo plantations and colorful orchids.

7. Mawphlang

Perched on the eastern hills of Khasi, near the village of Mawphlang and surrounded by fields, is one of the most important tourist sites of Meghalaya, the Sacred Forest of Mawphlang. There are many sacred forests in these hills and the Jaintia hills of the state, but this is the best known.

There are many medicinal plants, including those that can apparently cure cancer and tuberculosis, and Rudraksh trees. According to local tribal beliefs, a deity known as labasa inhabits the forest. The Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council has created a Khasi Heritage Village in front of the Mawphlang Sacred Forest. The culture and heritage of the tribe are also exhibited during the two days of the Monolith Festival held there.

It may seem unremarkable, and even somewhat disappointing, for the uninitiated. However, a local Khasi guide will reveal its mystery. The David-Scott trail, one of the most popular trekking routes in Meghalaya, is located behind the forest. David Scott trail is a simple trek of 20 km, lasting 6 hours, which takes us through spectacular landscapes. This walk is simple but suggested for adults. This is because at some point you will have to cross a stream in water up to your waist.

8. Kongthong

Hidden in a corner of Meghalaya between the crests of Sohra and Pynursla is the village of Kongthong, a remote village in India. Curious whistles and chirps echo in the jungle around Kongthong, but it's not a birdsong. They are people who call each other music, an extraordinary tradition that can even be unique. Kongthong is a village in India, where mothers compose a special melody for each child.

According to the tradition of the community, everyone will address the person with this little individual melody for life.

9. Shillong

Shillong is the best place considered for nature lovers, photographers, and adventurous. The valleys become firm during the monsoons, making it easier to walk, trek, and hike. There are many things to do in Shillong. The road from Shillong to Mawphlang also goes towards Shillong Peak and Elephant Falls. Only 15 km outside Shillong, the most famous waterfalls are the Elephant Falls.

The water cascades down on three levels and you have to go down the stairs from the top to see each level. Other falls include Shadthum Falls, Weinia Falls, Bishop Falls, Langshiang Falls and Sweet Falls.

Shillong is where you will observe more than 250 species of butterflies. During the monsoon season, you can clearly soothe your eyes with lush valleys filled with vibrant flowers and a fine pattern of butterflies. You’ll find butterflies like the Blue Peacock, the Common Blue Bottle, the Kaiser-E-Hind, Leafs-Butterfly, the Dipper, the Bhutan Glory, the Yellow Orange Tip, Vagrant, and the Red-Breast Jezebel.

Who would ever want to miss some breezy road trips with raindrops? Well, northeast India is the best vacation for you if you wish to enjoy to the fullest. The road trips from Guwahati-Shillong road is meant for nature lovers.

If you like fishing, Ranikor is the best place to be. Fishermen can paddle down the river where the Kynshi and Rilang rivers converge to enjoy fishing. You can find gold mahseers, golden carp, silver carp and common carp. For caving in India, there are more than 150 krem (caves) that pierce the limestone bed of the Jaintia mountains, including Krem Liat Prah, the longest cave in India, which extends at least 25 km under the Shnongrim mountain range.

The food is the essence of northeast India. The food culture in the northeast is as vibrant as their culture and heritage. Every state has its own specialty and it tastes even better while you enjoy the rain. Pukhlein, Daineiiong, Jadoh, and Jastem are some of the most famous dishes you must try during the monsoon season.

Drink pure rice beer in the jungles of Meghalaya, You will never again stand the taste of preservative rich beer, vodka, and whiskeys.

Northeast India lets you escape the tiresome everyday life. Everyone needs a vacation to relax and spend some time romantically with their partners. You can get your desired privacy, walk around the bazaars, explore the waterfalls and lush valleys, stay for a while at the Ornate Bridge over the amazing Wards lake, and so much more.
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  1. India is a fantastic place, from religion to nature, from culture to the mountains. And this places you selected are wonderful.

  2. Wow this looks a great place to visit. I hope I’ll get a chance to visit sometime.

  3. North East India is gorgeous. I haven't had the fortune of visiting it yet. Hope to go there some time!

  4. the place looks so welcoming and so beautiful! Photos are almost surreal to me. love it

  5. Northeast India is beautiful and a great place to visit for nature lovers. It's definitely a place I would like to visit especially during the monsoon season.

  6. There are so many place to love about India. I have never been there but I always wanted to visit.

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  10. This is absolutely gorgeous! I would love to travel there someday and see these amazing places!

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  12. That's very interesting, I never considered that the weather could influence the taste of the food, but it makes sense! It must be so rewarding to try dishes from each region.

    Great travel tips.

  13. These are really awesome places to see! I didn't know there are lots of beautiful places in India!

  14. That is cool that Cherrapunji is the most wettest places on earth. People run to the beaches, but creation has so much to offer.


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