Vitamin E: The Vitamin of Youth

People who travel a lot are one of the groups that need an extra supply of vitamins. Physical activity in the body triggers an effect that causes the muscles to suffer. So today I want to talk a bit about my experience with taking care of my body and skin. And obviously, the protagonists of this story are coconut oil and vitamin E.

Vitamin E is considered the vitamin of youth. It reduces the symptoms of damage suffered in our body as it progresses over time. One of the benefits of vitamin E is its feature powerful antioxidant properties. The high content of antioxidants not only retards aging of skin but also prevents cataract formation. It also protects cells from external agents such as sunlight.

After crossing the barrier of 30, I knew my body must be hydrated, cared for and protected. So I started buying creams of every type obviously, for the night, for the day, for dark circles, to prevent wrinkles and whatever thing had a good review or good promotion.

In this search, I turned to the most iconic brands, at least after watching the ads and spent days but could not get the result I was looking for. In contrary my skin felt dry, so I quickly changed to another product and so I was using it for a while until I got bored.

I investigated a little more and actually looking for home remedies. I found a lot of information that spoke of the miraculous "Coconut oil" and all its infinite health benefits, hair and skin. So I decided to try it. I went to the supermarket and found one and started applying at night and morning. It was really a miracle! I wondered how I did not know this before! How my grandmother did not say this to me! (Grandmothers always know everything).

After around a fortnight of applying it at night and morning, I noticed a change in my skin. It felt more hydrated, and smooth. Then obviously I started looking for more information on this wonderful cure. And there I found the perfect combination of hydration and restored the skin with a mixture of coconut oil and vitamin E.

In a small container, I used to place two tablespoons coconut oil, break (open) a capsule of vitamin E and mix it. I applied the mixture after bathing with lukewarm water in the morning and at night with my fingers. The results were really surprising!

In addition, every time I apply coconut oil at night with a cotton pad, I notice that it also serves to clean the skin after the hectic day. Now for people who look for creams to look young and are busy during the day, I think for them the night would be the perfect time to try this natural blend.

In addition, Vitamin E is found in many foods, especially those of vegetable origin. So my regular diet items include leafy vegetables such as spinach and broccoli. I consume seeds like soybean, chia, and fruits like mango, avocado, and papaya on a regular basis. In foods of animal origin, vitamin E is mainly in fishes like trout. I also consume egg yolk, milk, butter as also vegetable oils and almonds and walnuts in moderation.

And to round off, that will convince you to take them every day, it is essential to have a glowing skin. As such vitamin E is the so called vitamin of beauty!

Vitamin E mango
Kalyan Panja