How to quickly create an under construction page for your travel blog

Having a travel blog is fun! You get to pack your bags, see corners of the world you always dreamed of, and you still get a chance to showcase your trips to other people.

But what happens when your travel blog needs maintenance? If you're always on the go, you clearly don't have time to manage the blog. You most certainly don't have time to work on maintenance and under construction pages that might help you in specific situations. Luckily, there's a WordPress plugin that will solve this problem.

How to use UnderConstructionPage to quickly generate a professional page

UnderConstructionPage is definitely the best plugin for WordPress when it comes to creating coming soon, maintenance, and under construction pages. Let us show you how to quickly create one for your travel blog, but still have everything personalized.

1. Design the page

Once you install the plugin, the first you will want to do is to design your maintenance page. If you navigate to Design tab, you will be able to create a new page or select a template that you will be able to edit. If you're in a rush, choose a template you like. Then you will just need to make a few change to make the design more personal.

By using a drag and drop editor, you will be able to quickly add elements to your page. UnderConstructionPage allows you to add different titles, images, videos, social icons, newsletter and contact form modules, and much more. For a travel blog, having a Google Maps is a must have so don't forget to add your current location to the under construction page.

The plugin connects to Unsplash and brings you more than 300,000 free images you can use on the page! So, even before you get to your traveling destination, you can have images of the location.

If you have some extra time on your hands, the plugin allows you to customize every detail of every module. But don't worry; if you are just about to miss your flight to a new destination, templates will get you covered.

2. Allow people to see your normal site

If you have friends and colleagues who still need to access your standard site, you can quickly whitelist them. You can choose their usernames, roles or even add their IP addresses to whitelist them.

If you need more control, you can always create direct access links and send those to people who need to see your site.

3. Start the Under Construction mode

Once you're happy with your design, you can quickly put your site under construction by going to the main tab or by clicking the button in the admin bar. But if you want to schedule the mode because, for example, you won't have internet access at your new location, you can set the start date and time. In that case, the plugin will put your site under construction on the selected date.

You can also set the end date, and the entire thing will be set automatically, while you're burning your skin on that awesome beach in the middle of nowhere.

More complex pages

If you are not in a rush, UnderConstructionPage PRO allows you to create much more complex pages. By creating a new page, you get complete control over all elements. It is even possible to include custom HTML and CSS elements if you know how to code.

Connecting your forms to MailChimp, Zapier, or actually any other 3rd party autoresponder is a piece of cake - you need to provide API key or the form and the plugin will do the rest.

There are also some advanced settings to be found so you can change status codes of your pages, add Google Analytics, export & import settings, and do so much more.

How do you like UnderConstructionPage?

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