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Welcome to the travel blog of Kalyan Panja. He is first a photographer and then an avid traveler based in India, who is always on the look out for unusual and off the track destinations. He is a freelance travel, food and lifestyle blogger and an influencer, sharing stories and experiences through photographs and words. He has fused his passion through this blog since 2006. He is also a Google Local Guide, Google Places Photo contributor, Google Translator, and Google Trusted Tester.

Travtasy is a travel and lifestyle blog that arises from the desire to share my passion for travel, photography, food, and gadgets and to help readers make an informed choice. We also help brands to spread their reach among an internet savvy generation through vibrant visuals and compelling stories. Our strength is the organic engagement that our posts generate across our social media channels. Being in this space for more than a decade now, I have seen the web and the social media as intricately one can, right from the beginnings of the internet era.

Photography Portfolio

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Writing Portfolio

Airtel, HTC, Godrej, ITC, Asus, Datsun, Cleartrip, Flipkart, Jabong, Kotak, Dell, Ola, Britannia, Dabur, MakeMyTrip, Club Mahindra, Motorola, Procter & Gamble, Myntra, Tresemme, Tata Spices, Paytm, Indigo Airlines, Golfers Shot Whisky


National Geographic: http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/stories/empathy-gap/

Indiblogger Godrej Pan India Travel Blogging Contest winner - https://www.indiblogger.in/topic.php?topic=114

Blogadda Club Mahindra Dreamtrails Winner - http://blog.blogadda.com/2016/09/01/winner-announcement-travel-on-club-mahindras-dreamtrails

Blogadda Delhi Manifesto Winner - http://blog.blogadda.com/2013/11/14/winners-for-delhi-manifesto-contests

World Bank #Blog4Dev contest winner - http://wrld.bg/MBbb8

Shethepeople Blog - http://shethepeople.tv/women-and-the-taboo-of-power/

Club Mahindra Blog - http://dreamtrails.clubmahindra.com/dreamtrails/dreamdetails/117

Interview in Salty Fig - http://www.saltyfig.com/blog/2013/10/meet-kalyan-panja-new-salty-fig-partner/

World Econimic Forum - https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2015/06/how-we-can-feed-the-world/

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Mission Travtasy

We have very clear objectives:

• Telling about trips from India and abroad through travelogues, emotional stories, reportage, and informative articles.

• Creating quality content, using text and photographs.

• Helping to enhance the little-known destinations and travel services.

• Helping to create collaborative networks for the promotion of destinations, along with other bloggers, Tourism Boards, communication agencies and companies engaged in tourism.

• Provide practical advice to people traveling, starting from lived experiences, suggesting itineraries and creating mini guides.

Who's The Guy behind Travtasy?

My blogging journey was born during September 2006. Over the years since when I opened my first blog and then found this one, my style has changed thankfully and the blog has grown with me. For me, the sense of the journey is to stop and listen to anyone who has a story to tell.

My tagline is: It's only words, and words are all I have. To take your heart away. This world has lost its glory. Let's start a brand new story now...

I decided to open this blog because I like to share what I know with others. This blog not only deals with trips but it is much more. Here I recount the trips I have experienced in person, to help and support those who want to organize one in their own or to give the right impetus to those who still do not have the courage. The goal of this travel blog is to share the places where I traveled from the look of a local person and not from a tourist perspective.

I see myself as a traveler and not a tourist because in places where I go I love to learn more than just visit places. Each trip gives me great memories and intense emotions. When I go visiting places far from home, meet different people, culture, and lifestyle, I can discover different languages, curious habits, unusual traditions and travel opens the mind and soul.

The trips are trips that can be described "do it yourself" and with special attention to budget and encounter with other cultures. Rather than giving advice on travel destinations visited, I prefer to focus my approach with the local customs of the countries I visit, with its inhabitants, trying to involve you emotionally.

The people populate my travel colors and giving it form. Every trip is a discovery, which is the world of me. I'm one of those who gets excited by food, faces, folklore, myths, and legends.

I’m a person who likes to experience the culture of a place, discover unforgettable cafes, and listen to good music. I look for unusual places, outside the usual destinations whether they are local, museums, restaurants or hidden corners and especially love to taste local food and wine. I love traveling because I love to know people and I cannot help it as I was born curious.

In these years I have started collaborations with Tourist Boards, companies in the sectors of travel, food, fashion, press offices and advertising agencies, most of the time as a Travel Blogger, or as part of a Social Media Team and many others as a copywriter and web content editor.

In addition to my travel stories around the world, I also write about hotels, restaurants, cruises and other travel services. Besides being a blogger I am a freelance writer, copywriting for websites and social media manager for businesses in the travel, food, fashion, and lifestyle industry.

Welcome to my home then, make yourself comfortable, and wish you the best trip possible between our pages.

What can you find on Travtasy?

Travel articles on my trips in India and the world with tales of photography, food, and wine, sports, and adventure, pieces of my life and tourism marketing projects in which I participate more willingly. I write to inspire your next trip and my greatest satisfaction is knowing that you ventured to a new destination after reading one of my articles.

So if you like to travel in an unconventional way, with a predilection for all that is local, if you love the street food and local specialties and if you hunt for legends and mysteries, then yes, we'll get along well.


If you would like to collaborate with a travel blogger, but do not know what to do and especially how. If you are looking for new types of collaborations, a project to propose or if you want to choose me because you are interested in my target and my style of travel writing or if you want to promote your brand or your tourist destination, write to me.

I will be happy to talk to you and, if I understand that we are made for each other and be able to light sparks together, I will be even happier to offer my ideas, to give you my time and build a nice project with you.

Media kit and Portfolio

If you want, I can send you the Media Kit of my blog with monthly visits, followers on social channels, Target, etc.) and/or the Portfolio with the best projects I've worked on over the years.

Here are some numbers:
(updated on 31 May 2017)

• Page views per month: +50,000
• Unique visitors per month: +20000
• % new visitors: 87%
• Average visit time: +2 min
• Pages per visit: +2

Social media numbers:

Twitter: 5,950 followers
Facebook: 5,025 fans
Google+: 4,300 circles
Instagram : 4,100 followers
Pinterest : 2,415 followers

Collaboration style

When traveling as a travel blogger contacted by a company, an agency or a tourist destination, I usually structure the project in this way:

Create an ad hoc hashtag and teaser on the main social channels (usually Twitter, and Facebook). I share with my readers about the expectation in the days before the experience.

Departure and live story experience on the major social media channels, with particular attention to the quality of the content. At this stage I take notes, snap, observe, ask questions, and build the excitement, I think of what to write and what not.

Write and publish previously agreed blog articles, accompanied by pictures and share on social media, all within 5-15 days of return, according to customer requirements. At this stage, I share about what I saw and interact with social customer channels, as also publish photos. Normally a post with photos (minimum 5, maximum 15) and text (between 500 and 1000 words, without grammatical errors and spelling) requires me from 3 to 5 hours but in reality, often more.

Publish the final story containing an analysis of the contents, visits on the blog and on social engagement reached. In this way, the brand has in hand a tangible result of my work.


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If you are interested in collaboration write directly to travtasy@gmail.com