10 Best Day Trips from London with campervan

Embarking on an afternoon adventure from London can be a interesting journey, specially when you have the freedom of a campervan. The capability to discover at your very non-public tempo, discover hidden gem stones, and soak in the splendor of the geographical vicinity gives an entire new period on your journey experience.

With only around nine thousand inhabitants, the City of London is the smallest in England. You might have heard that it’s always raining in London. Sure, the UK is renowned for its dreary weather, but statistically, it rains less in London than in Miami, Mexico City, Sydney, and Rome. Does that mean you shouldn’t pack your rain jacket? Definitely not. Make sure it’s in there. But maybe cut the city some slack when complaining about the weather.

That said, even in summer, it’s worth having a warm layer. It can still get chilly on cloudy days and when the sun goes down. If you’re there in winter, wrap up. London is big, but getting around is easy with some understanding of the transport options.

London is the smallest city in England. Well, kind of. The original settlement was founded by the Romans almost two thousand years ago. The town, Londinium, eventually became the center of commerce for the larger city we know today. The ancient town’s limits kept its technical title of the City of London, while the rest became Greater London.

London is the perfect combination of ancient charm and cosmopolitan culture. The historical landmarks and major attraction sites will keep you busy all day long. Don’t miss out to visit the famous attractions like the British Museum, the Tower of London, and Buckingham Palace before enjoying the cider at the famous bars. Plan your visit in the summer season as it is the best time of the year.

Best Day Trips from London

Here are first-rate day trips you could take from London with a campervan, each promising particular points of interest and memories.

1. The Cotswolds

A critical English geographical region holiday spot, the Cotswolds is renowned for its charming villages, rolling hills, and picturesque landscapes. Start your day adventure early from London to make the maximum of it gradual right right here. Explore villages like Bibury, Bourton-on-the-Water, and Stow-on-the-Wold, recognized for their honey-colored stone cottages, old skool shops, and tea rooms. Don't skip over the threat to hike along the Cotswold Way for panoramic views.

If ever there was a place that resisted the change of time, it would be the Cotswolds, quaint and charming villages in the countryside not far from London. Bibury, a small town in the Cotswolds, is one of those places you see in the movies. The houses all look exactly the same and are so lovely, and they all have these perfect little square windows. The long buildings are surrounded by trees and streams and fancy hotels. There is a small parking area, and the only way to get here is to drive. Also, bring lunch. There is only one restaurant.

Be mindful that people live here, so stay on the main pathways and be respectful. If you can fit it in go to Gloucester Cathedral and see for yourself. They are also a source of some very interesting art. The stained glass windows are also something not found elsewhere.

2. Brighton

For a mixture of seaside vibes and colorful way of lifestyles, head to Brighton on the south coast. Park your campervan near the seafront and spend your day on foot alongside the well-known Brighton Pier, visiting the Royal Pavilion, and browsing via the eclectic shops within the Lanes. If you are a nature enthusiast, bear in mind a hike alongside the nearby South Downs National Park for adorable coastal views.

Brighton Beach is one of the closest to the British capital and also the best known to Londoners. In just under an hour by train, you can enjoy its waters and a wide variety of restaurants, clubs, bars and other attractions near the seashore. The Brighton Beach has a small nudist section but the rest of the coast is open to all types of swimmers. Unlike most beaches, this one does not have sand, but is made up of pebbles, so we recommend wearing good footwear.

3. Oxford

Steeped in statistics and academic enchantment, Oxford makes for an enriching day journey from London. Park your campervan and wander through the historical colleges of Oxford University, at the side of Christ Church College and Magdalen College. Visit the Bodleian Library, discover the Ashmolean Museum, and take a leisurely punt alongside the River Thames for a fantastic mind-set of this iconic city.

It’s definitely worth visiting all the parts of the Bodleian library that are open to the public. The Old Bodleian is a beautiful building, but just across Broad Street is the Weston Library which over the years has housed a fascinating series of exhibitions of treasures from the Bodleian.

4. Cambridge

Similar to Oxford but extremely good in its environment, Cambridge is some different wonderful day adventure desire. Park your campervan tours and surprise on the architectural wonders of King's College Chapel, Trinity College, and the Bridge of Sighs. Take a chilled walk alongside the Backs, discover the Fitzwilliam Museum, and take delight in a traditional afternoon tea at one of the fascinating cafes dotted throughout the metropolis.

Cambridge is one of the extremely English towns, renowned for its university, for its rich intellectual life, where so many pioneers of so many fields of research have passed through its streets, and also for its somewhat traditional life, more peaceful than in the great cities, more bucolic and that fills the soul when breathing its historical airs.

5. The New Forest

For nature fans looking for an afternoon of tranquility, the New Forest gives wooded landscapes, heathlands, and a danger to stumble upon ponies roaming freely. Park your campervan and embark on scenic walks or cycle rides thru the wooded area trails. Visit old school villages like Lyndhurst and Brockenhurst, and if time permits, discover the Beaulieu Estate with its historic abbey and motor museum.

6. Canterbury

Step all over again in time with a visit to Canterbury, identified for its medieval streets, Canterbury Cathedral, and literary connections to Geoffrey Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales." Park your campervan and find out the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Canterbury Cathedral, wander thru the narrow lanes of the vintage city, and discover approximately the town's rich facts on the Canterbury Heritage Museum.

Canterbury, a beautiful town in southeast England, can be reached within 2.5 hr by high-speed rail from London. Its ancient walls, originally built by the Romans, encircle the medieval center with cobbled streets and timber-framed houses. The Gothic-and-Romanesque-style Canterbury Cathedral, more than 1,400 years old, is the headquarters of the Church of England and Anglican Communion.

This gorgeous little village (Walberswick) is a little secret. Enjoy the walk along the sea front to Southwold, which a few more people know about. Old-fashioned rural England at its best. Oh, and when in Southwold, don’t miss the amusement arcade on the pier.

At the turn of the first millennium, many pilgrims crossed Europe to go in prayer at the tomb of the Apostle Peter in Rome or to continue to the Holy Land, Jerusalem. The practice of pilgrimage assumed such importance that they developed real “ways of faith” dotted with resting places, villages and abbeys to accommodate pilgrims. Among the most important routes, the Via Francigena still represents the main path.

There comes a time in life when you feel the need to disconnect from the monotony of everyday life. What better occasion to do so than to walk the Via Francigena?

7. Windsor and Eton

Combine royalty and academia in a day experience to Windsor and Eton. Park your campervan near Windsor Castle, the oldest and biggest inhabited citadel inside the global. Explore the fortress grounds, visit St. George's Chapel, and take a leisurely stroll alongside the Long Walk for panoramic perspectives. Cross the River Thames to Eton and recognize the historical Eton College, in which many British leaders have been informed.

8. Bath

Renowned for its Roman baths, Georgian form, and literary establishments, Bath is a cultural gem geared up to be explored. Park your campervan and immerse yourself inside the Roman Baths complicated, visit the long-lasting Royal Crescent, and find out the Jane Austen Centre for insights into the author's lifestyles. Don't forget approximately to loosen up in the Thermae Bath Spa for a rejuvenating revel in.

The Abbey houses a brilliant exhibition about the origins of photography and when you walk around the adjacent village you see so many buildings that have appeared in numerous other period dramas (Cranford, Downton Abbey and the original TV adaptation of The Woman in Black). It’s an astonishing place and well worth a trip.

9. Salisbury and Stonehenge

Combine data and mystery with an afternoon experience to Salisbury and the historical surprise of Stonehenge. Park your campervan and go to Salisbury Cathedral, home to the Magna Carta and boasting a cute spire. Then, adventure to Stonehenge to marvel at the prehistoric stone circle and contemplate its enigmatic origins, surrounded via the huge Salisbury Plain.

Discover one of the biggest remains of prehistoric England. Stonehenge's rough-cut stone, set around two circles, has been awe-inspiring to visitors for ages. Get the most out of your time at this location with the smaller-sized day tour out of London or choose Stonehenge Inner Circle Access Day Trip. Stonehenge Inner Circle Access Day Trip, which allows visitors to access this exclusive inside circle, is an opportunity that many tourists do not get!

10. The Isle of Wight

For a maritime journey, head to the Isle of Wight, placed surely off the south coast of England. Park your campervan and discover the island's points of interest, which embody Osborne House, Queen Victoria's former house, and the Needles, iconic chalk stacks growing from the ocean. Enjoy coastal walks, visit picturesque villages like Godshill, and satisfaction in close by seafood at one of the island's fascinating pubs.

The chalk-like stacks, each of distinct nature rise out of the sea. The Needles are mainly located on the west side of the island. The name is a reference to the fourth needle-like formation which existed in the past but then was destroyed due to a storm in 1764.


Each of those day journeys from London offers a completely particular aggregate of history, nature, and manner of lifestyles, more potent through the freedom and versatility of traveling with a campervan. Whether you are searching out tranquil geographical place escapes, coastal adventures, or immersive cultural research, the ones places are exquisite to captivate your senses and create lasting memories. So, percentage your requirements, gas up your campervan, and embark on an afternoon experience whole of exploration and discovery from the colourful hub of London.

Kalyan Panja