15 Best Places to Visit in Bergen, Norway

Bergen, which is located on Norway's southwest coast, is a city rich in culture, history, and scenic beauty. Bergen, often known as the "Gateway to the Fjords," enchants tourists with its breathtaking fjord scenery, charming shoreline, and extensive maritime history.

Bergen is easily the prettiest and most idyllic Scandinavian city. Therefore, it deserves its ranking as number one. Located in the western part of Norway, Bergen is a mid-sized city with a population of 280,000 inhabitants. It was founded around a thousand years ago and has been a center for fishing, shipping and for the petroleum industry.

In recent years, tourism has also become a major income source for the city. You will frequently see cruise ships coming to Bergen before departing to other destinations in the north. The climate in Bergen is more enjoyable than most other cities in Norway.

There is a large student population, and the nightlife is epic. But the main highlight is seeing the local architecture. If you have time for more, then head a bit outside of the city and do some hiking. You can go from Oslo to Bergen by car or train, crossing the Hardangervidda plateau.

Bergen is a gorgeous city right on the Fjords in Norway and Norweigians are some of the chillest and most tolerant people on Earth. Bergen, like Oslo is quite compact, being squeezed in between the fjord and the mountains.

Found on Norway's southwestern coast, Bergen is surrounded by mountains and fjords, including Sognefjord, the country’s longest and deepest.

Bergen is one of those places.

Best Places to Visit in Bergen

Here, we list the top attractions in Bergen, providing a window into the heart and spirit of this vivacious and alluring city.

1. Bryggen Wharf

Most of the things here are reachable on foot from the city-centre. Have a stroll across the fish-market and the UNESCO-heritage site Bryggen.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site Bryggen Wharf serves as a reminder of Bergen's past. This well-known waterfront area is surrounded by vibrant wooden structures that highlight the city's nautical history. Take a stroll through the cobblestone streets, peruse the cute shops, and take in the classic ambiance that evokes stories of Hanseatic traders and naval exploits.

Right behind it you find the funicular "Fløyen" which takes you up over the city in about 5 minutes. If you like fish and other creatures of the sea then Bergen Aquarium, located at Nordnes about a mile from the city-centre is worth a visit.

2. Funicular and Flyen Mountain

A trip to Flyen Mountain is essential for taking in the expansive views of Bergen and the fjords that surround it. Take the Flibanen funicular up the mountain for an amazing ride amid verdant woodlands. View the breathtaking panorama of Bergen, the fjords, and the North Sea from the peak. For those who enjoy the outdoors, the neighbourhood has hiking trails and other outdoor pursuits.

The town of Myrdal is also one of the stops on the railway line of Bergen, the second largest city in Norway, which allows the connection between the train of Flåm and other trains of the country of the fjords. The route of the Flam train is a branch of the also spectacular Bergen Railway line that connects Oslo with Bergen through the Norwegian mountains.

Stop to admire the impressive landscape of the fjords in Gudvangen, stopping first to see the Tindefossen waterfall. Pass through Voss and continue to Granvin where the Skjervefossen waterfall is over 150 meters high. All this impressive landscape continues to Bergen. Leave the Granvin waterfall to head to Bergen. Leave behind the village of Øystese and finally arrive in Bergen.

3. Troldhaugen, the home of Edvard Grieg

Travellers who love music would enjoy visiting Troldhaugen, the former home of famed composer Edvard Grieg. Visitors may discover the life and works of Grieg at this exquisitely restored home, which is tucked away by a peaceful lake and surrounded by the lovely gardens and breathtaking environment that served as inspiration for his compositions.

4. Fisketorget, the fish market

Enjoy the lively ambiance of Bergen's Fish Market, a gastronomic paradise where you may sample a variety of just caught fish. The market gives a taste of Norwegian flavours and a look at Bergen's marine culinary heritage through local specialties like reindeer and whale meat in addition to exquisite shrimp and salmon.

5. KODE Art Museums

The KODE Art Museums, a grouping of four independent museums with an exceptional collection of both Norwegian and foreign art, will fascinate art lovers. I admire works of art that range from the Middle Ages to current pieces that are in various locations across the city.

6. Bergenhus Fortress 

The Bergenhus Fortress, a famous monument with a long history, is still standing today. Discover Bergen's heritage by visiting the Rosenkrantz Tower, seeing the well-preserved mediaeval stronghold, and going on guided tours. The fortification also provides breathtaking harbor views.

7. Nygrdsparken

The centre park of Bergen, Nygrdsparken, is a green haven in the middle of the city. Enjoy a leisurely stroll around the majestic statues, quiet ponds, and beautifully designed gardens. It's the ideal location for picnics, outdoor leisure, and taking in Bergen's abundant natural beauty.

8. Ulriken Mountain

If you're feeling like more mountains and more spectacular views visit either Ulriken, or Løvstakken, which are two of the taller ones of the seven mountains that surround Bergen. Ulriken has a cable-car so you can get up there without breaking a sweat but you'll feel more accomplished walking to Løvstakken. There's a pretty good trail but it may sometimes be wet in some spots, so do wear shoes that will survive getting a spot of mud on them for this trip.

The tallest of Bergen's seven summits, Mount Ulriken, attracts adventurers. Take a cable car up to the peak for stunning views of the city and the fjords that surround it. Outdoor enthusiasts frequently travel to Mount Ulriken because of activities like hiking and rappelling.

9. Hanseatisk Museum

Visit the Hanseatisk Museum, housed in a former merchant's home in Bryggen, to delve into Bergen's maritime heritage. Discover more about the Hanseatic League, a significant commercial association in mediaeval times, and discover more about the merchants who contributed to the shaping of Bergen's history.

10. The Mariakirken St. Mary's Church

The oldest standing structure in Bergen, St. Mary's Church, is a masterpiece of Romanesque and Gothic architecture. Admire its ornate decor and serene atmosphere, which provides a relaxing respite from the busy metropolis.

11. The Leprosy Museum

In a historic structure in the Mhlenpris neighbourhood, the Leprosy Museum provides insight into Bergen's struggle with leprosy. It describes the heartfelt experiences of people who were affected and the devoted attempts to end the sickness. The museum offers a learning opportunity that spreads awareness of this formerly widespread problem.

12. Bergen Science Centre

The VilVite Science Centre is a must-see for a fun family outing. Both kids and adults may enjoy the interesting exhibitions and interactive activities. VilVite provides an entertaining and instructive experience that fosters curiosity and learning, from investigating physics and robotics to comprehending the human body.

13. Gamle Bergen Museum

The open-air Gamle Bergen Museum takes visitors to the 18th and 19th centuries. Old Bergen's ambiance is recreated by the well preserved wooden buildings and cobblestone streets. This historical gem offers an immersive experience that is enhanced by costumed guides and traditional activities.

14. The Grieg Hall

Edvard Grieg gave his name to the Grieg Hall, a centre of culture in Bergen. It serves as a contemporary example of Bergen's creative vitality by hosting concerts, shows, and cultural events. Experiencing a musical or dramatic performance at Grieg Hall is a rewarding way for guests to engage with Bergen's current arts community.

15. Bergen's hiking trails 

They are nature's playground, making it a sanctuary for those who like the great outdoors. Trails with varied degrees of difficulty and breathtaking views of the city, fjords, and mountains include Vidden, Flyen, and Mount Ulriken. Travellers may get a close-up view of the untainted splendour of Norwegian nature by hiking in Bergen.


Bergen presents a fascinating mix of culture, history, and natural beauty in its entirety. These locations provide a taste of the variety of experiences this city has to offer and guarantee an amazing voyage through this vivacious coastal gem of Norway. Make plans to go to Bergen and experience all the wonder it has to offer!

Kalyan Panja