8 Best Places to Visit in Tromso, Norway

As the northernmost city in the world, Tromso is known for its breathtaking views of the Arctic Ocean. But there's more to this Norwegian town than just its location: it's also home to some of the world's most beautiful parks and landmarks. Whether you're visiting Tromso for business or pleasure, here are ten places to take advantage of.

In the northern part of Norway, we find the city of Tromsø. By itself, a beautiful city - it is surrounded by both mountain and sea. It is a mid-sized city by Scandinavian standards. Naturally, there are some great things to see, such as the wooden houses. No other city in Norway has a higher amount of these.

But the real highlight of Tromsø is seeing the northern lights. The Northern Lights are a phenomenon that occurs when electrically charged particles from the sun interact with Earth's atmosphere. They can be seen in places like Canada, Alaska, and Scandinavia, where there is less light pollution.

The phenomenon of aurora borealis can be seen for most of the year. It is most common between September and April, but due to clouds over the city, it can sometimes be wise to join a tour that takes you a bit outside of the city. There’s no northern lights in the summer, but during this time you can see the phenomenon of a midnight sun instead!

The best time to see them is between September and March, but they can still be seen at other times of year if you're lucky enough! It's also worth noting that you will only sometimes see them on your first attempt.

Best Places to Visit in Tromso, Norway

If you want to photograph the aurora borealis, it's essential to use a tripod so that your camera doesn't move while taking pictures (this will make them blurry). Some people recommend using bulb mode, which allows longer shutter speeds than usual.

1. Arctic Cathedral

The Arctic Cathedral is a unique church built in the shape of a cross. It's made of wood and glass, and renowned Norwegian architect Peter Zumthor designed it. The cathedral is located on the Tromsø island, so you can visit it if you're staying there for your trip.

2. Snow Hotel

Have you ever wanted to stay in a hotel made entirely of snow? Well, now you can! The Snow Hotel is located in Tromso, Norway, and was built by Jorgen Skaar in 1988. The hotel has been featured on travel shows like "The Travel Channel" and "CNN."

You can stay there for free if you are willing to work at the hotel during your stay or pay to stay there. They also have restaurants serving traditional Norwegian food, such as reindeer stew or fish soup with potatoes and leeks (traditional Norwegian side dishes).

3. Lyngen Alps

Easily my favorite city in the world for a multitude of reasons, you can travel to the nearby fjords, the mountains, the fields of yellow flowers! But all of those things are outside the city limits. However, within Tromsoø you’ll find photo ops nearly as gorgeous as those fjords! The Lyngen Alps are a mountain range in Troms county, Norway. The range is part of the Lyngen Alps and extends between the Lyngen fjord to the west and the Malangen fjord to the east.

The mountains have many glaciers including Store Skagastolbreen and Lille Skagastolbreen on its southern side and Popesnukka Glacier at its northeastern end.

4. Polar Museum

The Polar Museum is a museum of the polar regions located in the centre of Tromso. It has many exhibits, including a polar bear, a replica of a whale, and an iceberg. There is also an impressive cinema showing films about the Arctic Circle.

5. Preikestolen

Preikestolen (The Pulpit Rock) is one of Norway's most popular tourist attractions. It's a massive rock formation that rises 604 meters above sea level and has an elevation gain of about 1000 meters on its hike to the top. You can see the ocean from up there! If you're not scared of heights, then this hike is for you.

You'll also find plenty more things to do in Tromso: hiking around town and visiting nearby attractions like Mount Torghatten or Kvaloya Island are all great ways to spend your time here. There are many other places where tourists go as well--you could visit Lofoten Islands National Park or even drive north through Norway until reaching Kirkenes at Russia's border.

6. Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten Islands are located in the Arctic Circle, making them one of the most beautiful places on earth. The islands are known for their fishing villages, mountains, and beaches. It is a great place to go hiking or kayaking, as there are many things to see and do here!

7. Northern Light Planetarium

The Northern Lights Park and Observation Centre is great for watching the northern lights, especially in winter. It's open all year round, so that you can visit any time of year. You can see the aurora borealis from their viewing tower or even better, go out on a snowmobile safari! This place is free to visit, and plenty of parking space is available, too!

8. Inuit Art Centre

The Inuit Art Centre is a museum that showcases the works of the native Inuit people. It's located in the heart of Tromso, so it's easy to get to and has plenty of parking. The centre also has an excellent cafe and gift shop on site for when you need some refreshments after exploring all day long! If you're lucky enough to visit during summertime (June-August), remember their open-air terrace, which offers views over Adventfjorden Fjord and some delicious meals made with local ingredients from around Norway!

Norway is a beautiful country with so much to offer. There are many places to visit in Norway, and one of the most spectacular sights is the Northern Lights. The Arctic Cathedral is another beautiful place to visit if you want to escape it all for a while. It's also fun to stay at the Snow Hotel!


I hope this compilation has sparked your interest in experiencing the magic of Norway. The nation boasts stunning landscapes, warm-hearted locals, and delectable cuisine. Should you embark on an adventure in Tromso, consider capturing the places you've explored on film and combine them to create beautiful videos that you can surely look back on when you miss Tromso, Norway.

Kalyan Panja