25 Best Places to Visit in Andhra Pradesh

You are the fourth largest state of India, Andhra Pradesh. The state of Andhra Pradesh is mentioned in Sanskrit epics such as Aitareya Brahmana and Mahabharata from 800 BCE. When it comes to geography, Andhra has most of the eastern part of the Deccan plateau and covers the eastern plain of the Eastern Ghats.

The Eastern Ghats are a mineral-rich region, covered with thick vegetation and both regions are joined by patches of sparse vegetation. The state displays a huge coastal line with the Bay of Bengal Ocean. Planning a visit to Andhra Pradesh? Here are some places that cannot be skipped.

Best Places to Visit in Andhra Pradesh

If you have made up your mind to visit Andhra Pradesh, then here is a list of exciting and soulful places that are a must visit. We will tell you about the famous places in Andhra Pradesh which you will see here.

1. Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam was a major seaport of India and is also called the second largest city of Andhra Pradesh. The climate here is tropical and the humidity is high throughout the year. It has all the necessary attractions and resources to make this city one of the top tourist destinations in India. Its various beaches, hills, and wildlife sanctuary attract a major tourist crowd. The deepest port of India is a picturesque place for picnics.

2. Tirupati

The city of Tirupati is located in the southern part of Andhra Pradesh and is situated on the Eastern Ghats foothills. Tirupati is a city with major cultural and religious pilgrimage sites in India, where the Telugu language is spoken. The word Tirupati is derived from the Tamil word saint Ramanujacharya. Apart from temples, there are many other attractions such as parks and zoos. Which attracts a lot of tourists.

3. Vijayawada

Vijayawada is the third largest city of Andhra Pradesh on this list. This city was earlier known as Bezawada and has been under the rule of various ancient states of the south. The Krishna River runs through the city and is situated on the hills of the Eastern Ghats. The city is located in the deep forests of the Reserve Forest, home to leopards, jackals, wolves, wild boars, and wild dogs. Vijayawada is one of the few popular tourist destinations.

4. Chittoor

Chittoor city is an important agricultural town in Andhra Pradesh. The major source of the city’s economy is its crops and agricultural products such as grains, sugarcane, mangoes, and peanuts. It is situated on the banks of the Ponnaiyar River. As far as the economy is concerned, this place is considered a backward district.

5. Anantapur

Anantapur is one of the largest cities in Andhra Pradesh. It is located near Karnataka. It has six rivers that flow through the district. Anantapur gives an example of ancient reign and is also famous for its ancient temples. The old ruins of the hill forts, and its hidden waterfalls make it a wonderful tourist attraction.

One of the main attractions here is one of the largest banyan trees in the world. Anantapur is a definite journey for all visitors to Andhra Pradesh.

Anantapur is a religious place, which is known worldwide for its culture and history. There are many temples in Anantapur where there is always a crowd of devotees. Friends, you will be surprised to know that it passes not one, two, 3 but 6 rivers from the city.

It used to be a part of the Vijayanagara Empire earlier; that is why many historical sites and temples exist here. The world-famous lepakshi temple is present here. It is believed about the temple that when Rama's wife, Sita, was kidnapped and taken away by Ravana, Jatayu fought with Ravana at this place. This place is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In Anantapur you can enjoy the Ganesh Park, popularly known as Cheruvu Katta, with its temples on the banks of the Ananthasagar in the old part of the city. The Anantapur clock tower, which is located in the heart of the city and remembers the days of independence, is also well known. Gooty Fort is majestically located at a distance of 52 kms from Anantapur at a height of 300 mts on a hill.

It is one of the oldest hill forts in AP Built during the Vijayanagara era, the fortress is built solely in the shape of a shell with 15 main gates and is significant for its available water resources at such height.

6. Araku Valley

Araku valley is an alluring hill station situated over one hundred km away from Vishakhapatnam city in Andhra Pradesh. Often referred to as the ‘Ooty of Andhra’ this place offers a peaceful and scenic respite. Tucked away in the Eastern Ghats the valley is placed on an altitude of just 1300 metres above sea level.

Covering an area of 36 km the valley is known for its rolling green hills, lush green cover, and a huge collection of flora and fauna. It is surely a treat for all the senses and a must-visit for all nature lovers and adventure seekers.

7. Kurnool

Kurnool is a historical city in Andhra Pradesh and also a pilgrimage site. There are many Hindu religious places and ancient buildings here, that is why this city is famous. Here you can still see the ruins of the Vijayanagara king's fort in the medieval period. It is believed that people continue to live here from Pashan yug.

Mountains surround the city. It used to be part of the Vijayanagara Empire earlier; then, the Kurnool fort was built here. This fort is much more spacious and fabulous. One of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Shiva, Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga, exists here. If you are a nature lover and are interested in history, then you must go to Kurnool.

Andhra Pradesh is known for its incredible wildlife collection. The Rollapadu bird sanctuary here is the most famous tourist destination. Rollapadu Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the several sanctuaries that dot the state. It is set up to primarily provide an ideal habitat for the great Indian bustard. It was developed with the intention of preserving the dwindling number of the great Indian bustard population in the region.

The sanctuary is also known for its rich collection of foxes, jackals and more along with a plethora of exotic birds and insects.

Mayavi Caves are located at a 30 km distance from Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh. As the name suggests, this is a famous religious place to visit, which not only has a beautiful temple of Lord Shiva but also has carvings and sculptures of various gods on the walls.

8. Srisailam

Also known as the Srisailam Temple, the Mallikarjuna Temple is dedicated to Shiva and his consort Parvati. It also constitutes for a major part of the 12 Jyotirlinga Tour Package of India. Since it is dedicated to both the god and goddess, it is also a major pilgrimage site for the followers of Shaivism and Shaktism.

The temple is a must visit and draws a huge number of pilgrimages during the holy eve of Maha Shivratri and other such special occasions.

9. Lambasingi

Lambasingi is a small village in the Eastern Ghats of Chintapalli Mandal of Visakhapatnam. One of the exclusive features of the location is its chilly temperature experienced even during summer. The very fact that Lambasingi is one of those rare places in South India that boasts of snowfall makes this village an amazing place.

Lambasingi is a small village located at about 1 km from Kurnool district headquarters and 4km from Pazhampet village in Kurnool district. It was here that the river Godavari had its confluence with the river Cauvery. Lambasingi has been mentioned in the works of 7th century Pandit Adi Shankara, Dnyaneshwara, and Vijnana Bhiksu.

It is about 60 km away from Kurnool and there is a bus service from Pazhampet to Lambasingi. The village of Lambasingi is located in the Nallamala hills. The green hills are covered with thick forests interspersed with small settlements. The region was known as Atreyapuram and developed by king Nala of Mahabharata fame, who brought water for irrigation through his long canal system constructed over 3000 years ago.

Perched at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level this mystic hill station is famously know as the Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh with quaint valleys and chilling temperatures. Lambasingi awaits with its fog-covered forests and the rustic and classical landscape of the Indian villages.

Enjoy the glow of intoxication in Lambasingi when the clouds descend to the earth, redrawing the mountain lines every day in the act of hugging and departing continuously. Walk the blessed paths that seem to merge into oblivion, making each step an acute existential experience.

10. Horsley Hills

Chittoor is a town on the banks of the Ponni River, known for its mountains. Chittoor has a boon of nature. The city also has many rivers, waterfalls, lakes, and mountains. Chittoor is a mythological one, so on the hill where you get to see many impressive forts. Along with the fort, many ancient temples are also present in the mountains here. Chittoor is a quiet city, and walking here is nothing less than an adventure. Apart from this, you can also see the wildlife sanctuary and the architecture here.

For those who want to find the best tourist places in south India, Horsley Hills serves the best holiday spots in may. Pack your bag and begin your journey towards Horsley Hills, located in the center of Chittoor. Consequently, this hill serves the best iconic alluring beauty, magnificent mountains, and watch astounding sunsets.

Located in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Horsley Hills is a picturesque hill town located at 1300 meters above sea level. The city is very close to the Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary and you can also find the Sambar deer early in the morning if you are lucky. The city was discovered by the British in the nineteenth century and then became a summer retreat.

The Horsley Hills are famous for their picturesque surroundings and dense vegetation. One can also enjoy adventure sports activities such as Zorbing in Horsley Hills. Go to Horsley hill museum, Mallamma Temple and Highview point view to enjoy the serene beauty of the hills.

11. Machilipatnam

Vijayawada is the third-largest city of Andhra Pradesh. Vijayawada is known for its forests. The Krishna River flows in Vijayawada, on the banks of which many ancient temples exist. Along with temples, many Buddhist monasteries are also present in Vijayawada. The city of Vijayawada is known for its delicious mango sweets and cool weather.

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the urban localities is Hamsaladeevi Beach around 100 KM from Vijayawada in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This is the place where river Krishna merges into Bay of Bengal. Waking up at dawn and driving from Vijayawada to Hamsaladeevi beach to witness a lovely Sunrise! Isn't it fun to drive in the morning mist through paddy fields and the canals towards the beach.

It's roughly around 90–95 KM from Vijayawada and will take a bit long due to the double lane road and with a river on one side and farms and villages on the other.

12. Yaganti

Yaganti is located at a distance of 34 km from Warangal city and 59 km from Kurnool City. The lakes, hills and streams are ideal tourist destinations. Yaganti is an ideal picnic spot for locals as well as tourists due to its scenic beauty. The forest range of Yaganty is the main attraction for visitors who come here to enjoy nature beauty and fresh air in a serene atmosphere.

They are welcomed by the scenic beauty of the valley, valleys having waterfalls, hills, streams, flat plains with rich green crops etc.

13. Srikakulam

Located on the banks of the Krishna River, the city Srikakulam is very close to Visakhapatnam. Many temples were built in Srikakulam, being under the Kalinga empire. This temple is famous all over India for its structures. During the freedom struggle, the construction of Khadi started in Srikakulam itself, which attracted the attention of Mahatma Gandhi to Srikakulam. You must see the architecture of the Kalinga kingdom by roaming the beaches, temples, and kilos present here.

14. Kadapa

Kadapa means in Telugu is a door. Kadapa is known for its magnificent architecture, Palkonda hills, and historical forts. The fort here is famous all over South India. Gandikota fort and Sidhout fort are prominent here. Friends, you will be surprised to know that Kadapa is among the 20 cities in the world where the Nuclear fuel reserve is situated. When visiting Kadapa, you can also roam the caves of Kadapa. There you will get complete integration of nature and history.

15. Guntur

You can also extend the trip and spend the night in the Kolluru village, on the banks of the river, in authentic bamboo huts. At night, sit around a campfire while the fishermen clean the catch of the day. Next day, walk through the hills and visit the tribal village. Do not be surprised if everything seems different with the new day. They say that the stars and the river Godavari have worked at night to awaken the poet in you!

16. Ahobilam, Andhra Pradesh

Ahobilam in Andhra Pradesh is a popular pilgrimage site. It is the holy abode of the incarnation of Lord Vishnu in man-lion form, Lord Narasimha. Located amidst the majestic Eastern Ghats in dense forest of Nallamala, the place has 9 shrines of Lord Narasimha within a radius of around 5 kms.

While the temples are what tourists travel to this town for, what is also enchanting about this place is the picturesque landscape and the unique rock formations. These temples are scattered among mountainous terrain and one has to trek to visit each of them. The treks are through lush green forests with beautiful streams formed by the River Bhavanasini and spectacular waterfalls which accentuate the beauty and ambience of this place.

Ahobilam undoubtedly has some of the best trekking trails for those interested in hiking and trekking. While all the treks are enjoyable, the most challenging is the trek to Ugra Stambham. This cleft that divides the mountain into two parts is visible from a distance and is rather intimidating! This makes it all the more exciting for trekking and adventure enthusiasts.

The trek to Ugra Stambham is through a narrow path laden with small rocks and extremely slippery, making for a tough climb. The descent is equally challenging! Where there are mountains, there are waterfalls for sure. There are many streams flowing through this terrain which transform into waterfalls elsewhere.

What better time to visit than monsoon to experience these majestic cascades. Majority of tourists miss out on this spectacle because they do not venture here during monsoon which is when these beauties come alive. One of the unique features of this place is the enormous rock formations. The name of the place, Ahobilam, is very relevant to its surroundings. ‘Aho’ is an exclamation and ‘Bhilam’ or ‘Bhilam’ means cave, which comes together as Ahobilam meaning 'oh the mighty cave'.

These huge boulders all along the way seem like they are manmade, but none are. All these formations are caused by the natural forces and each of them are so perfect. One is awestruck by nature’s stunning architecture. On reaching Upper Ahobilam, a jaw dropping, colossal, carved out boulder with red stone and a series of waterfalls welcome you.

The massive entrance with natural fading colors of red stone in the backdrop of lush green landscape is very impressive and creates a dramatic ambience. This trail leads to a narrow path carved inside the mountain with a waterfall gushing down from the top of it. Walking along this passage that’s almost like a water tunnel is an experience of a lifetime. Shri Jwala Narasimha Swami temple is located at the end of this path.

Overall, one is treated to picturesque views of the Eastern Ghats and the Nallamala hills. The trek through the dense forest and across mountainous terrain is a truly thrilling experience, a moderate trek during the summer but a more challenging and exciting one during monsoon. A MUST for every trekker.

17. Maredumilli

Rajahmundry is a beautiful small city situated near Visakhapatnam, and it would not be wrong to say that Visakhapatnam has overshadowed the beauty of Rajahmundry. Rajahmundry is located on the banks of the river Godavari. You can travel here by boat on the Godavari river. Apart from this, there are Dutch fort and Papi hills, which attract all tourists.

It is believed that the Telugu language was born in Rajahmundry. Rajahmundry is a mythical city, which is why many mythological temples are located here. Friends, it is the specialty of these temples that the temples here are built with Dravidian style. Prominent among these temples is the Markandeya temple.

Rajamahendravaram (alias Rajahmundry) is one of the most beautiful cities on the bank of river Godavari having history of more than 1400 years. Here people are more attached to river Godavari by all means and their lifestyle is linked to this river. Nitya Godavari Harathi everyday at 7 pm is really a feast for eyes. During this time the LED light show on the bridges must be watched.

Alluru, built on the Eastern Ghats of Godavari River, is also called East Godavari. Alluru is famous all over the world for its Guntupalli caves. Maredumilli is a beautiful place in Andhra Pradesh. Many people from all over the world visit this place every year to enjoy the beauty of nature and to spend some good time with their family members.

If you are planning a trip, then it is better not to postpone your travelling plan because Maredumilli offers excellent weather in June and July. The best time for you will be during these months if you want to get tanned while enjoying rainy days. In June, it is common for temperatures of around 31 degree Celsius while in July, the average temperature would be around 32 degree Celsius.

The weather is very big for enjoying in June. You can take many photoshoots and make some beautiful memories with your family members and friends. Many people visit this place in June and July to enjoy nature, have fun with their kids, relax after a long time at work or activities etc. You will be amazed to see the beauty of nature in this place and yes, it’s completely safe to come in June and July.

In Maredumilli, you can find many places like Jathar complexes and many more. It is Thailand in India which attracts a large number of travellers from all over the world each year.

18. Nagarjuna Hill

Near to the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, this historic site offers evidence of a Buddhist civilization that existed here almost 1800 years ago, in the form of stupas, scriptures and artifacts. Named after the famous Buddhist monk Nagarjuna, who is believed to have lived and preached here during the 2nd century AD, this place has proved a huge tourist attraction ever since it was discovered in 1926. Visit Anupu for Buddhist excavations or enjoy the Ethipothala waterfalls and its serene lagoon.

19. Srikalahasti

Srikalahasti is one of the significant religious places in Andhra Pradesh and is famous for its Gudimallam temple. SriKalahasti is considered one of the holy places of Lord Bholenath in South India. Srikalahasti is famous for one of the five ghosts of Lord Shiva. There is a crowd of devotees throughout the year.

20. Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary

Andhra Pradesh is a south Indian state located on the Deccan plateau and is known to be one of the most beautiful states in India. With its diverse topography and rich culture, this state will be an excellent choice for anyone looking to go on a vacation. There are many famous places to visit in Andhra Pradesh, and here's a list of some.

The Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary, a national park, is located in the Cumbum Taluk of Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh. The sanctuary is spread over an area of 3.61 km. It contains the Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary, East Coast Wildlife Sanctuary and West Coast Wildlife Sanctuary as well.

Coringa has got ridges with an elevation of 600 m and hills having an elevation of 450 m and above. The abundance of flora and fauna as well as the place's scenic beauty makes Coringa attracts tourists to visit this place every year.

21. Gandikota

One of the best places to visit in Andhra Pradesh. A remote and peaceful place which famous for Pennar River gorge view and an underground Chitravati river cave.

Gandikota is called Grand Canyon of India known for it’s spectacular gorge/canyon view. There are lots of other things to do like - easy trekking down to the Penna river, going on a coracle ride, Swimming, Camping and an awesome Waterfall too. The gorgeous view of Grand Canyon of India is simply unforgettable. Gandikota is a great place for camping, a bit of trekking down to Penna river, indulge in swimming. There is a seasonal waterfall too. Belum caves is not too far.

Undeniably of Indian DNA and so unknown, Andhra Pradesh is a vast territory southeast of India. From the pristine beaches of Visakhapatnam to the calm waters of Dindi, from the beautiful Araku Valley to the caves of Borra, with an age of more than one million years, are some of its main tourist destinations. The Penna River as it passes through the town of Gandikota, is known as the Grand Canyon of India.

The ruins of the Gandikota fort tell its story that dates from the 12th century in the area of the Gandikota canyon and the beautiful temple of Madhavaraya, surrounded by big canyons and arid landscapes. 300 kilometers away from the temple of Gandikota is the city of Hampi in Karnataka with the Virupaksha temple, the Lotus Mahal and the Hemakuta hills.

22. Talakona Waterfalls

Another beautiful waterfall to visit in Andhra Pradesh is Talakona Waterfalls. The place is nestled high on the mountains and has several waterfalls cascading down. The water is crystal clear even in summer, hence it's a popular tourist spot.

23. Nellore

Nellore is one of the places in Andhra Pradesh, which is known as a historical center. This place is rich religiously and spiritually. It is also known as the Hi-Tech City of Andhra Pradesh. Because the main center of ISRO is present here. Along with technology, the civilization of Nellore is also prosperous.

Due to empires like Maurya, Pallava, Chola, and Vijayanagara in Nellore, there are many small forts here, which attracts more tourists. The Udayagiri fort and Venkatagiri fort here are very famous all over South India. Apart from these, The Sri Ranganathaswamy temple here is a prominent scenic place. The weather here is hot often, so winter is the best time to visit here.

24. Papikondalu

The trip to Papikondalu or Papi Hills, a picturesque region in the Eastern Ghats, traversed by the Godavari River, is an unforgettable experience. The best way to get to see these hills covered with deciduous tropical forests is by taking a seven-hour cruise along the Godavari River, one of the largest in India and the largest in southern India, from Kunavaram to the confluence with the Sabari river, where its waters turn brown and turbid.

Travelling on cruise boat from Rajahmundry to Papikondalu (4 hours boat journey) and staying on river bank at kolluru huts for whole night will be most memorable event in life. The advantage here is, you don’t have any mobile network, or any other transport. You will be completely disconnected from the world until you get your cruise on next day evening.

You can have open air bath here with crystal clear water and the depth here is just 4 feet which is ideal for bath who doesn’t know swimming. Sea coast is just 60 km from here and the place Antarvedi is most beautiful place to visit (here Godavari submerges into sea).

According to legend, Rama and Sita lived in Papikondalu and therefore it is a sacred place. In a summit called Perantalapalli there is a temple dedicated to Shiva, venerated by resident tribes whose rituals, if one visits the place, must be strictly followed. Here you can stop the boat and enjoy the nature, before the exuberance of the vegetation dotted by waterfalls.

Papikondalu is also one of the most recognized places in the Eastern Ghats as a habitat for big cats, wild boar, deer and a treasure for birds.

When you are in Andhra Pradesh, be sure to attend a classic Kuchipudi dance show.

25. Belum Caves

And those who enjoy the caves, can see the Belum Caves (natural caves) about 15 kilometers from Tadipatri, or the Batrepalli waterfalls, near kadiri, although they only carry water in the rainy season. Kasapuram is about 4 kms north of Guntakal and is known for the Nettikanti Veera Anjaneya Swamy temple. A huge procession is taken out once in a year on the day next to Telugu's New Year's Day of Ugadi.

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