Discovering Ibiza: a pearl in the Mediterranean Sea

Among many travelers, whether novice or experienced, Ibiza is regarded as the European paradise with clean beaches, crystal clear sea waters, hotels for all tastes, vibrant nightlife and even extreme experiences for the sassiest tourists. In short, for most Europeans Ibiza means sunny holiday fun. However, this beautiful island also has much more to offer.

Ibiza is the third largest island after Mallorca and Menorca of the Balearic Islands. Ibiza and Formentera, together with the adjacent islets, constitute the Pityusic Islands in the Balearic archipelago. Since ancient times, these islands have always been renowned for their beautiful sceneries and sea resources.

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It was discovered by prehistoric populations, colonized by the Phoenicians, visited by the Greeks, conquered by the Romans, invaded by the northern barbarians, occupied by the Arabs and Moors, reconquered by the kingdom of Aragon, and later incorporated into the kingdom of unified Spain. Today, the archipelago is a Comunidad Autónoma —a self-governed region or province — by itself, belonging to the Spanish state.

The language of the natives is Catalan, and Ibiza even has its own Catalan dialect, known as Ibicenco. However, as Ibiza is part of Spain, Castilian Spanish is also spoken by the population. Of course, as in all major tourist destinations, English is used as the lingua franca at hotels, restaurants and stores, and there are even places where clients are served in French or German. So, visitors seldom have any communication problems.

Nearly 7 million tourists arriving every year are the best evidence that Ibiza is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations, visited not only by Europeans, but also by travelers from other continents.

So, if you wish to visit Ibiza, it is highly recommended that you book your hotel room in advance. Opportunely, this is a season when you can take advantage of black Friday deals on all inclusive resorts, at one of the best hotel chains in the world.

Do not miss the opportunity to travel to one of the pearls of the Mediterranean Sea with all its comforts. Once you have booked your hotel room, all you have to do is pack your bags and take the next flight to extend your summer and continue enjoying the warmth of the sun even on the eve of winter. However, although it is most visited by those looking to enjoy the sun and warm sea waters, Ibiza offers much more than beach fun and nightlife.

Shoppers will amuse themselves in countless stores, both typical and international. Gourmets can indulge in the freshest fish and seafood. Those interested in history and art can visit museums, historical buildings, monuments and open-air exhibits representing the island's cultural heritage.

Nature lovers can enjoy hiking through the coastal pine forests, along the trails that wind through the rocky hills, and seeing some endemic species of animals and plants. Even those who need a little peace and quiet can take some time away from the cosmopolitan life and head to some small local villages.

Time is not marked by clocks there, but by the passing of the sun and stars across the sky, and the soul can find a moment of peace in the silence of the old churches.

The capital city, called Ibiza after the island — Eivissa in the local language was founded by the Phoenicians in the 7th century BC. It is therefore one of the oldest settled cities on Spanish territory, and nowadays it is still inhabited and thriving!

The upper part of the city, or Dalt Vila, high city in the local language, with its Gothic cathedral, is a very interesting sample of medieval, Renaissance and Baroque architecture. The city walls are one of its more appealing features. Because of all of these unique historical monuments and buildings, Dalt Vila has been awarded the title of World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The island has even another World Heritage Site: the famous Necrópolis, large ancient cemetery, one of the most important of its kind in all of Europe, and from which numerous archaeological artifacts of great historic value have been recovered, including statues from Phoenician and Roman times. The site has now become a museum, whose official name is Museu Monogràfic Puig de Molins (Monographic Museum of Puig de Molins).

Some of the unearthed artifacts are housed in another archaeological museum in the capital city.

Undoubtedly, with so many attractions gathered in one place, Ibiza is an ideal destination for all kinds of tourists, both for lovers of sunny beaches or cosmopolitan fun, and for those who are more interested in history, culture or nature. Whatever kind of tourist you are, do not forget to book your holiday taking advantage of the Black Friday deals!

Kalyan Panja