9 Top Tips for Traveling To Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the landmark face of Indonesia. This place is also probably the most pictured holiday destination in the world. Although a bit cliche, Bali makes for a very crucial part of any Bali tour package. Famous for its intricate ancient temples, lofty green hills, exuberant nightlife and a well preserved cultural heritage, it is very easy to fall in love with Bali.

Bali has also been called the ‘island of the gods’ and continues to occupy a very large space in the hearts of every traveller. Go trekking, cave exploring, wildlife safaris or just chill by the beach, try out the local cuisines and watch the sun go down. Every step of the way in Bali offers some exciting opportunity or the other.

Bali is a Shangri-La of greenery, untouched islands and colorful culture. Over time Bali has gained immense popularity for its tropical vibes and a chill atmosphere that makes you feel calm and deeply at peace. Due to this, one needs to be extra careful while booking a Bali tour package and traveling to Bali in order to avoid hecklers and frauds. Here are some important tips and hacks that will help you in confidently navigating your way through Bali.

When it comes to famous places in Indonesia, the island of Bali tops the chart. As a matter of fact, thousands of tourists visit Bali every year. Among the reasons why people keep on coming back to Bali are beautiful landscapes, richness of nature, breathtaking beaches, and of course the warm, friendly, hospitable people.

Most people visit Bali not only to relax and unwind, but also to rejuvenate and reflect. If you want to have an unforgettable and enlightening vacation experience, then a visit to Bali can be a perfect decision.

Taman Soekasada Ujung is a former palace of Karangasem Kingdom, built on 1909 by King I Gusti Bagus Jelantik. This place is located on a small hill next to the beach that you can observe from the western parts of the palace. The palace three large pools. In the middle of the pool, there is the main building named Gili Bale.

Balinese people are Javanese people who migrated to the island during Majapahit era back in 13–16th century. The original inhabitants of Bali is called Baliaga people. The Baliagas are now minorities residing in several secluded villages of Bali. Some of the well-known Baliaga villages are Trunyan, Tenganan, and Sembiran.

Few people mention Julah. Julah is one lesser known Baliaga villages that is dated back from at least 8th century. The villagers are still adhering to the old values of Bali such as Hulu Apad. It is easier to reach Julah if you stay around Singaraja or Tedjakula.

Tips for Traveling To Bali Indonesia

If you are planning to visit the beautiful island of Bali, then there are a few important things you need to take into account. These factors will be thoroughly discussed in this article.

1. What are the prerequisites when going to Bali?

To be able to enter the beautiful island of Bali, you should first meet all the entry requirements. First and foremost, you should have a visa and your visa should be valid for the next six months. Furthermore, you are asking to show your return ticket. This will make sure that you have a plan of returning back to your home country.

Business as well as tourist visas are available at the Indonesian embassy in your country. Now here is the catch, if you are from Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia, then there is no need for you to get a visa. But this does not mean you will no longer need documents.

Of course, you have to prepare your valid travel documents. There are countries in which their visa is being issued right after their arrival. Hence, it would be best if you are going to ask travel agents as they can efficiently assist you in regard with this matter.

2. What about insurance?

Insurance is not an entry requirement, but if you are frequently traveling, then you are advised to have personal insurance or at least travel insurance. If you have travel insurance, then you will be at peace knowing that you as well as your belongings are protected from thefts and other untoward situations that may arise.

3. Managing your money

Rupiah is the local currency of Indonesia. Looking for money exchange service is not a problem for there are so many money exchange outlets, especially in tourist friendly areas. However, tourists are highly encouraged to exchange currency in banks and authorized money changers. Traveler’s checks are also widely accepted. If you want, you can also take advantage of your credit card but the thing is that there is an added charge for every overseas transaction.

4. Clothing/Getting dressed in Bali

Bali has a humid environment and so to make you feel comfortable you are encouraged to wear light cotton clothing. Bali has a conservative culture too. Hence, you should dress appropriately as a way of respect to their culture and tradition. If you are visiting temples and sacred places, you should refrain from making noises, especially walking in front of people praying.

5. Where to stay in Bali?

When visiting Bali, you shouldn’t worry about accommodation for there are so many to choose from and basically ranges from budget to luxury type. If you are visiting Bali during peak season, then you are strongly encouraged to book accommodation ahead of time because most hotels are fully booked during peak season.

6. Is Bali A Cheap Place To Visit?

When it comes to famous holiday destinations in the world, Bali is one of the cheapest and budget friendly.

7. What Language Is Spoken In Bali?

Bahasa Indonesia is the language spoken universally throughout Indonesia, including Bali. But Basa Bali or Balinese is the local’s first language in Bali.

8. What Should I Be Careful Of In Bali?

Although Bali is relatively safer to visit than any other place in Asia, tourists still need to stay on guard and make smart decisions. Petty crimes like scams and fraudsters are common in Bali. Tourists have been duped of their money this way so you need to be extra careful, especially if you are planning your own trip to Bali.

9. What Is Considered Rude In Bali?

Offering the local Balinese people things with your left hand is considered to be an extremely rude and offensive gesture towards the locals. While eating a meal at someone’s house, never leave the plate completely empty, this is considered to be rude as well. A little food is always left on the plate as an offering to the lord and as a sign to your host that you are done.

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