Ireland Travel Insurance: 6 Features You Must Know

Ireland, also known as the land of scholars and saints, attracts tourists from all around the globe. This island is sure to give you an experience like none other. With its fascinating history, romantic landscapes and elysian castles, it is one of the popular locations for art lovers. Therefore, if you are planning an international trip, Ireland will be a great choice. But it is also crucial to buy Ireland Travel Insurance to have a secure and convenient stay.

Although it is not mandatory to buy travel insurance for visiting Ireland, it does help an individual to tackle any unforeseen financial burden. This holds true for all international travels and not just Ireland. Travel insurance significantly reduces any financial liability that can arise while travelling.

travel insurance for ireland

Here are six features of Ireland Travel Insurance that can reduce any financial burden on the insurer.

1. Medical cover

Ireland's weather is significantly different from India. The weather changes drastically within hours. An individual not accustomed to such weather may fall sick. The cost of medical treatment in Ireland is very high. Hence, it is advisable to opt for Ireland travel insurance as it covers all the medical and non-medical expenses.

2. Loss of baggage and check-in baggage

One of the most common issues international travellers face is the loss of baggage. According to a report, approximately 1.4 million bags get lost each year. Such incidents can leave a sour taste in one's mouth. Buying Ireland travel insurance can cover all your losses so that you return with sweet memories to cherish from your trip. A majority of insurance providers also cover the loss of passports in their insurance plans.

3. Trip delay, cancellation, and interruption cover

With the help of this feature, an individual can file a claim for trip delay, trip cancellation or trip interruption. Trip delay benefit helps an individual to get over short unexpected pauses in your trip. This benefit will compensate for one's lost expenses and other costs that one incurs because of this delay.

The trip cancellation feature covers individuals when they are willing to cancel their trip for some reason. The coverage includes pre-paid, non-refundable costs like airfare, cruise tickets, tour bookings and hotel reservations

Trip interruption occurs when a traveller has to cut his trip short and return home. Similarly, it can also occur when one stays at their destination longer than expected. In certain scenarios, one can get a refund for their prepaid expenses and cover costs for extra accommodation.

4. Upgradation to business class

If an individual wishes to upgrade to business class for a more comfortable journey, they can do it with the help of this feature. One can receive coverage of about USD 1000 under the Ireland travel insurance policy.

5. Emergency hospitalisation cover

Hospitalisation costs in a first world country like Ireland are soaring high and the climate conditions of this country change by the hour. It is sometimes possible that one cannot adapt to such vigorous change in climate. Under extreme circumstances, one may need to get hospitalised. If you find yourself in such a situation, you need not worry about the expenses.

Ireland travel insurance will provide you with a comprehensive cover that encompasses all the hospitalisation bills.

6. COVID cover

The coronavirus is a global pandemic and with different mutations of this virus coming up every quarter, it is wise to have a covid cover in your Ireland travel insurance plan. As you are in an unknown land in this uncertain time of the pandemic, you should only buy a policy from trusted insurance providers like Care Health Insurance.

Buying an Ireland health insurance policy will make sure that you do not leave any stone unturned to secure your convenience. It can cover a variety of unforeseen expenses which can burden you financially. It is still advisable to look at all the terms and conditions and exclusions in the policy. Also, know how to file a claim to avoid any last-minute confusion and problem.

Kalyan Panja