9 Best Things to do in Miami - the Magic City

Laid-back vibe, gorgeous beaches, thriving culinary scene, and amazing nightlife – these are the hallmarks of Miami, also known as the Magic City. Its tropical location along with an endless list of fun activities make this popular destination hard to resist, which is why Miami is high up on the top of many travel bucket lists. As with every popular tourist destination, there are certain things that are essential to the true Miami experience.

To the southern coast is this thriving modern happy city of Miami which, surprisingly, has never lost its unique old vibe even with all the new developments. Miami is a hotspot of Southern Florida. This is the city with the most booming real estate industry. Many investors from across the world have invested heavily in the Miami real estate industry thus making it multicultural and multilingual.

The malls, entertainment halls, restaurants, and historic attractions down here are the best in the entire Florida. What's more, this city is adjacent to Miami Beach so you will have both beach life and city life experiences. It is more than a great beaching destination. Wonderful beaches extend all over Florida, but Miami offers such an atmosphere which can be seen anywhere in the United States.

Best Things to do in Miami

Below, are some of the best things to do in Miami to ensure a great time in the Magic City.

1. Spend the day relaxing at Crandon Park

When visiting Miami, heading out for a glorious beach day should be high up on your list of priorities. Miami is known for some of the most mesmerizing beaches which present the perfect getaway from the bustling city. Whether you’re an active beach goer or a shade seeker, Miami beaches cater to all the different tastes and preferences.

If you're in for some sunbathing and beach volleyball, head to the Lummus Park Beach or Crandon Park for an active afternoon.

2. Spend the day relaxing at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

If you’re looking for a place to go fishing, windsurfing, and kayaking, check out Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park.

3. Spend the day relaxing at Virginia Key

For family-friendly activities, head to Virginia Key Beach where you’ll find playgrounds for your little ones to enjoy. Summers are just perfect for beaching scenes.

Don't forget to check out Miami Beach, one of the popular spring break beaches in Florida, as well as South Beach. This is Miami’s most popular beach and a great place to spot celebrities and famous models.

4. Spend the day relaxing at Venetian Pool

Not a fan of crowded beaches? Head to the Venetian Pool in Coral Gables for a dip and spend your day sunbathing and enjoying picturesque waterfalls while sipping on refreshing martinis.

When it comes to old-fashioned glamour in Miami, the Biltmore Hotel certainly stands out above the rest as a Miami luxury hotel. Built in the 1920s in the luxurious surroundings of Coral Gables, the Biltmore Hotel is famous for retaining much of its old pre-Depression glamour. They serve a four-course meal by waiters in white gloves.

As a guest, you can play alongside celebrities at the ultra exclusive Biltmore’s famous 18-hole championship golf course. This hotel is quite historic as well and has undergone a major remodel a few years ago. This hotel feels more like an ultra-luxe cruise ship than a chic hotel.

Since 1954, it has dominated the Miami hotel scene, and not just in size—though, at 1,504 rooms, Fontainebleau is the city’s largest hotel. It’s also been Miami's perennial paragon of style and star power. This hotel was designed by Marcus Lapidus that focus mainly in the Art Deco design and has attracted yesteryear’s celebrities such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis Presley.

Nowadays, the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Sean Combs, and Gwyneth Paltrow can be seen lounging at one of the resort’s 11 pools, dining at one of its seven restaurants—including a Hakkasan and Scott Conant’s Scarpetta or partying at its nightclubs. Guests looking for a more relaxing experience could easily spend their whole vacation at Lapis, Fontainebleau’s 40,000-square-foot spa.

5. Spend the day relaxing at Ocean Drive

Hopefully, we didn’t mislead you in the beginning. This beautiful and exotic location is not only suitable for shopping and parties. It also has an amazing art scene. There is a big variety of art related places that you can enjoy. One of them being Adrienne Arsht Center, where you can experience all different kinds of performing arts. Therefore, if you are a fan, don’t waste time and buy an online ticket as soon as you can.

The Cuban vibe in the Little Havana and the Art Deco District in the beach of Miami reminds people of the 1930s era. In the evening, the place fills with an endless parade of sports cars.

6. Explore delicious culinary creations in Key Biscayne

You can’t really say you’ve experienced the Magic City to its fullest until you’ve tasted its famous culinary creations. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of opportunities for you to treat your tastebuds to the dazzling array of flavors and textures Miami food scene is known for.

A trip to the Coconut Grove which is home to some of the best outdoor restaurants in Miami is all it takes for tourists to escape the hubbub of the bustling city and everyday life and enjoy some exquisite dishes and ensure a memorable experience. Whether you’re in for a weekend brunch, an alfresco lunch, or a dinner under the stars, this tropical oasis has it all.

After wining and dining, head to the New World Center for some outdoor music and movies. The movies and music are both screened on the outdoor projection wall while the visitors enjoy the cool evening breeze.

7. Explore delicious culinary creations in Hialeah

When you drive into Hialeah, you'll come across very old bodegas (small food markets) that give off a nostalgic 50’s vibe. One thing that stands out are the window-stops that you'll find at a lot of Cuban restaurants. Don't forget to order yourself a shot of Cuban coffee, you'll be charged and ready to go for the rest of the day. Best damn coffee you’ll ever have!

You’ll come across a lot of the elderly gentleman still reading newspapers like the good ole’ days, some just standing in front of the bodega’s reading away, others at any given restaurant. You'll come across signs that are in Spanish, including billboards. In Hialeah, you don't only still get the Ice Cream trucks, you get food trucks that play ice cream man music down the street, others yelling promotional speeches through a giant megaphone.

The old AmerTec building was a major icon in Hialeah. It stood out like a sore thumb. It was built in 1967 and was demolished in 2017. It was popular because it was the most unique design in all of Hialeah, but it was also a warehouse and many other things over time. Nobody ever knew what this building was about because it was constantly being sold and bought by someone over and over, till it’s demise.

Small shops and hardware stores are common to have advertising signs to a very exaggerated point of no return. You’ll see posts on the outside windows from boats, to missing dogs, selling dogs, cars, house, guns, botanica supplies, flowers, manicure, childcare, gallinas and there eggs, santero services, escorts, clothes, jewelry, tamales, purses, shoes, wives, wine, etc. Hate to admit it, but this is beyond tacky.

You have to realize, Hialeah is just old. Very old. You'll still find record stores. Ricky's Records being one of them. (Still open, keeping the old records alive).

8. Head to a local nightclub in Brickell Avenue

Other than breathtaking beaches and picturesque restaurants, Miami is also home to numerous nightclubs. This is great news for all the party animals looking to have some fun while staying in the Magic City. If your idea of a perfect Miami trip involves lots of partying, head to Space, LIV, Story, or E11even. These are some of the most famous Miami nightclubs, and some venues may even double as strip or dinner clubs.

Because Miami nightlife is everything but ordinary or average, you’ll need some cool outfits to blend in with the crowd as you dance the night away. The hottest party destination calls for lots of sparkles, hot pants, and of course, heels. Brands are great sources of club-ready ensembles that are dynamic and energetic as the Miami nightlife.

Just make sure to pair your flawless outfit with the right attitude. That way, you'll have no trouble getting past the velvet ropes and indulging in the true Miami experience.

9. Go on a Miami sunset cruise from South Pointe Park Pier

Exploring Miami’s clubs and raving till late is an amazing way to experience the local nightlife. But before you start browsing for the best nightclubs in the South Beach, you should definitely take the time to explore the Magic City before the sun sets and you start to party the night away.

The best way to set the mood for the evening ahead is to set off on a Miami sunset cruise. From Art Deco buildings in the South Beach to the shimmering downtown skyline, Miami sunsets are something you’ll definitely remember. You'll be able to enjoy these amazing sights while cruising through everything from Biscayne Bay to Fish Island to Millionaire's Row.

Alternatively, you can hop on an open-top night tour bus and soak up the colorfulness and vibrancy of the Magic City while enjoying the fresh sea air and sparkling downtown lights by night.

Wrapping up

From dazzling skylines and sunset cruises to delicious food and white sand beaches, it’s easy to see why this coastal metropolis is considered the ultimate tourist hub. With so many fun activities to enjoy, you can rest assured your Miami trip will be nothing short of amazing.

Kalyan Panja