7 BEST Places to Visit in Fiji

When you think of a dream destination for a vacation, you think of Fiji. An archipelago made up of 300 islands with sandy beaches and clear water that will simply take your breath away. Besides the fantastic nature in Fiji, the welcoming locals, the culture, and the history of the place will ensure you have the time of your life.

Rest assured that Fiji always delivers when it comes to having the time of your life. Exotic nature, fantastic wildlife, and incredible culture and history will make your trip an unforgettable journey through one of the most beautiful places in the Pacific. And who knows, maybe you will decide to become a local of this dreamy archipelago. Either way, make sure to visit all the top attractions in Fiji that we recommended. We can guarantee you will have a great time exploring them.

If you think of paradise when the island floats in your eyes, then the perfect land for your honeymoon is Fiji. Fiji is becoming safer day by day. As a result, the tourist population is increasing on this island. Besides, the tourist center is well known for its diverse villages, charming resorts and hospitality for the locals. April to September is the best time to travel to Fiji.

It is an amazing holiday destination for your vacation. Fiji is one of the wonders on earth having beautiful and scenic coastal lines. One of the famous beach holiday destinations, Fiji warmly welcomes you to explore the beauties of the land, click the moments and get laid back sun-soaking pleasures on the beach spots of the country.

While in Fiji, must-visit Qalito Island, Garden of Sleeping Giant, and a very scenic, soothing Mana Island to enhance your holiday break experience. Fiji's traditional food, especially seafood is famous among travelers. Most importantly, you can get extra cheap packages to explore the place in the budget.

Take the extra luxuries to pay the same as you pay on the other destinations on earth. Fiji is more recommended because this country has several spots and settings for you to make your solo or family holidays memorable and perfect.

best places to visit in fiji

If you are planning a trip to this tropical paradise, here are the top attractions in Fiji that you should not miss.

1. Fiji museum

Even though it is small on the outside, it holds almost 4000 years of history on the inside. Ancient weapons of war, shreds of pottery, and traditional naval equipment are just some of the things you can admire here. The exhibits on the practice of cannibalism are very popular amongst tourists. If you want to learn about the history and culture of indigenous Fijians, this fantastic museum is the perfect place to visit.

2. Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple

The biggest temple in the southern hemisphere is one of the top attractions in Fiji. It is a massive, colorful construction that depicts Dravidian architecture perfectly. Indian artists traveled to Fiji to carve and paint the impressive frescoes that ornate the temples’ ceilings. Religious rituals are still held in this temple so make sure you adopt a proper dress code if you want to visit it. Also, photography is not allowed once inside.

3. Garden of the Sleeping Giant

If you are looking to make a memorable journey to Fiji, make sure to visit the Garden of the Sleeping Giant. Founded in 1977 by the actor Raymond Burr, this vegetation paradise hosts more than 2000 species of orchids. Besides walking through the garden on boardwalks, you can also relax in a swing or a hammock. Furthermore, we recommend you drop by the beautiful lily pond, where you might encounter tadpoles and very vocal frogs.

4. Sigatoka sand dunes

Near Nadi, the main international gateway to Fiji, you can visit Sigatoka National Park. It is a great place to take a walk and admire the dunes created over thousands of years. Moreover, the ongoing archaeological sites are not to be missed here. You can see ancient Lapita artifacts, such as pieces of pottery, stone tools, and one of the biggest burial sites in the Pacific. Sigatoka National Park is a place where beautiful and exotic nature meets history.

5. Kula Wild Adventure Park

If you love nature and enjoy a bit of adventure, this is the perfect place to visit. You can take a guided tour through this magnificent park or choose to ride the rollercoaster. Firstly, it is the ideal place to discover Fijian flora. Secondly, you can admire the wildlife displays of iguanas, fruit bats, and various birds. In addition, it is a great place to spend time with your family and have fun riding the water slide, hand-feeding sea turtles, or learning about captive breeding programs.

6. Bouma National Heritage Park

For those who love being in nature, a national park is a perfect place to visit. Rare tropical plants, beautiful exotic birds, volcanic pools, and impressive waterfalls will make you fall in love with this place. Opened to tourists in 1990 and spread over 150 square kilometers, Bouma National Heritage Park is undoubtedly one of the top attractions in Fiji.

7. Suva Municipal Market

If you want to taste Fiji and not only admire it, visit the Suva open market. Village farmers bring their fresh fruit and vegetables here daily and ingeniously pile them on their stands. Jackfruit, pawpaws, cassava, or bok choy can be found throughout the market at reasonable prices. Also, if you find yourself strolling the market later in the day, you can find all the beautiful produce at even lower prices.

Furthermore, you can refresh yourself on a hot day with fresh pineapple juice prepared on the spot.

Having to prepare for a trip is as exciting as it is stressful. Packing your belongings and making sure you have enough space for everything can be a tricky endeavor. Therefore, take your time, research some space-saving packing hacks and do it like a professional. Carefully consider if you need all the items you prepared and get rid of all the excess stuff. Additionally, make sure you have enough room for all the souvenirs you will bring home from your trip.

Wherever you plan to spend your vacation, make sure to protect yourself while traveling. Not only is it advised to do some research before departing, but given the recent global pandemic, you need to do your best to stay healthy while traveling. Be sure to respect all the necessary health measures for tourists so that you can have a great time and stay safe.

Fiji has a certain charm that can make you want to become more than just a tourist. It often happens that people visiting this piece of paradise decide to become residents. If you ever decide to do the same, make sure you find a cost-effective shipping method to transport your belongings. Ocean freight is not easy to tackle, but it is not impossible if you find proper help.

Once you have your stuff with you and are all settled in, all you have to do is discover the top attractions in Fiji - your new home.

Kalyan Panja