10 Best Hiking Trails in the USA

Whether you are craving for fresh air, want to encounter a picturesque view, or get away from the noise of the city, you can have all that when hiking in the USA. There is no denying that hiking is one of the most popular activities in the wild. For one, it allows you to explore different places and meet other people. Second, there are many physical and mental health benefits of hiking.

Some hikes are so easy that you don’t need to be fully prepared because you can get many facilities and these treks are in low altitude, warm weather and very short. Mostly these treks are not high as three thousands metres in altitude, not much cold and very safe.

Moderate hikes are bit harder than easy treks and elevation up to five thousands meters are counted as moderate treks which have also guest houses or hotels (you don’t need to camp in all the way but some where you need to camp, bit difficult way and takes time more than a week).

Difficult or hard hikes are almost up to 6000 metres in elevation and in the high altitude, you cannot get hotels or guest houses. You have to prepare for everything. It is so mostly like adventurous, difficult and dangerous. You have to find your way, carry all the foods, tents, medicine and necessary gears. Mostly after the elevation of 6000 metres is called expedition which is the most difficult and dangerous.

Best Hiking Trails in the USA

And if you happen to be in America, we have compiled a list of the best and must-visit hiking trails in USA.

1. John Muir Trail, California

From Yosemite National Park to the peak of Mount Whitney, the John Muir Trail lets you traverse some of the gorgeous countries in the United States. Completing the trail takes around three weeks, so you have to bring your tent. That's because there are no shelters along your route. Nonetheless, you can stock up on food in small towns and remote resorts in the northern stretch of the hike.

Hikers often trek from north to south during summer. If you are hiking with your pet, we suggest starting your trek at the Duck Pass Trail.

2. West Maroon Creek Trail, Colorado

The West Maroon Creek Trail connects Aspen and Crested Butte. It spans ten miles and is decorated with violets, larkspur, and white thimbleberries. It also boasts picturesque views like the Maroon Lake that reflects the Maroon Bells. Mind you; it is one of the most photographed sites in Colorado.

The trail will wind down through the White River National Forest from the lake, which features a glacial valley and aspen groves. You will then climb 3,000 feet above the Maroon Pass before making a descent. It is best to hike in West Maroon Creek in July when wildflowers are abundant.

3. Rim to Rim Trails, Arizona

Only a handful of places in the US can be awe-inspiring. One of them is the Rim to Rim Trails in Arizona. It is called as such because it allows you to explore one form to another. So much so that you can have a week's worth of colorful layers of rock, sunsets, and dark starry nights.

Conquering these trails also allows you to get past the cool waters of the Colorado Rivers. But if this sounds ambitious to you, you can opt for the wild yet easygoing path from Maricopa Point to Hermits Rest.

4. Superior Hiking Trail, Minnesota

Dubbed as the Midwest's most epic hike, it spans almost 300 miles from Duluth to the Canadian border. The trail, which hugs Lake Superior, rises 1,000 feet above the lake and boasts a descent into forested river valleys. Traversing the Superior Hiking Trail also gives you the chance to encounter beavers, moose, and bears. Maples color the trail in the fall, and wild berries are abundant during summer.

5. Angel's Landing Trail, Utah

The Zion Wilderness has many special trails. However, the Angel's Landing Trail is deemed to be the most legendary. It spans five miles, back and forth, yet it features great heights and descents that can give your adrenaline rush. No wonder it can take a few hours to complete! When you reach the summit, you will be rewarded with a stunning view of Zion Canyon.

Nonetheless, we recommend that you hike early in the day, as the heat in this trail can be unforgiving.

6. Ocean Trail, Maine

Whether you are a newbie hiker or you are on a family camping trip, the Ocean Trail has something to offer. For one, it lets you experience the roaring waters as it tumbles through the Thunder Head cave. It also provides an inspiring vista of the rocky Northeastern coastline. The trail starts at the Sand Beach parking lot and traverses the coastline parallel to Park Loop Road. Your hike will end at Otter Point.

But what's cool about Ocean Trail is that it can serve as a jumping-off point to many other trails in Acadia National Park. This is ideal if you have an adventurous family travel. Still, it can be crowded during mid-day, so it is best to hike at sunrise or sunset.

7. Billy Goat Trail, Maryland

Boasting almost five miles of rock-hopping, the Billy Goat Trail is considered one of the most popular trails in the DC metro area. So much so that you should start hiking at 8:00 in the morning so you can miss the crowd. It is divided into three sections, which are perfect for varying hiking levels. Regardless, it gives you a spectacular view of the Potomac River.

8. Summit Lake Trail, Washington

The Summit Lake Trail is a popular hiking spot, especially in the summer because of the lovely Summit Lake. Although it's quite popular, it's still a place worth going to, especially if you're looking for a moderately strenuous hike while you're around the area. It can make for an excellent half-day hiking trip, too.

Although you can hike the trail during snowy weather and try and snowshoe it, it might be more challenging to get to the trailhead that way. You should check out the weather conditions or wait until it's summertime if you're not interested in hiking Summit Lake Trail when it's snowing.

9. Devil's Bridge Trail, Arizona

Another short trail that will still be memorable is a hike to the Devil's Bridge in Sedona, Arizona. People might worry about when hiking in Arizona is the heat bearing down upon them during the trek. However, hiking to the Devil's Bridge in Sedona isn't as punishing as in other areas around Arizona.

The gorgeous sandstone arch that the Devil's Bridge is is one reason to try this trail. Thus, you shouldn't overlook this chance to admire the Red Rock region as well. Use this chance of admiring the views leading towards the Devil's Bridge to hydrate yourself and catch your breath.

10. Yosemite Grand Traverse, California

Described as one of the world's top 25 hiking trails by National Geographic at one point, the Yosemite Grand Traverse is a North American hiking trail. It takes you through amazing sceneries, from the top of green mountains to splashing waterfalls. Hiking this trail is quite an experience, which is why it managed to get a lot of superlatives over the years from avid hikers.


There is no denying that the United States is home to many national parks, coastlines, and hiking destinations.

If you feel like the roaring tide, forests, or jagged cliffs are calling you, we suggest that you take heed. Grab your boots and pack your trekking poles, and hit the hiking trails listed on this post.

We want to know: Which of the hiking trails listed above will you explore next?

Kalyan Panja