9 Unusual Places to Visit in Oman

Oman is a famous country that is located on the Arabian Peninsula. Many people are interested in coming to this beautiful country every year. The country is popular for its sunny subtropical climate, lush green landscapes, and its diverse culture. With an area of approximately 900 square kilometers, it is one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

There are many historical sites, shopping centers, and tourist destinations that travelers will enjoy seeing during their trip to Oman. This article is all about the popular tourist attractions in Oman.

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The best way to prepare for a trip to Oman to see as much as possible is to create a list of the places you want to see. The most unusual attractions to visit in Oman serve perfectly for an exciting travel adventure.

Unusual Places to Visit in Oman

Read on to find out which places are must-see in Oman while on your trip and what kind of entry permit should you prepare before going!

1. Quriyat

Majlis Al-Jinn can be translated into the gathering place for the spirits. This cave has some eerie tales that you will be interested in. It is the second-largest cave chamber that is available in the world. Getting into this cave will take physical effort. You will need to use ropes for descending to enter this cave.

There are three main entrances for entering this cave. They are Asterisk, First, and Cheryl Drop. However, you can't bring your car to reach these entrances. Instead, you have to rent donkeys from the villagers to get access to these entrances. All of that serves for a truly unique attraction!

2. Al Hamra

Al Hoota Cave cave is estimated to be around 2 million years old. It is open to visitors who are coming to Oman. Al Hootah cave has a rich ecosystem with four beautiful lakes. When you are coming to this place, you will find some interesting rare species of animals, such as blindfish, spiders, bats, snails, arthropods, and mollusks.

You can come to this cave by using a boat with a controlled lighting system. This system is created to avoid disrupting the wildlife dwelling in the dark situation. Spend your night at the ancient mountain village.

When you plan to get an exciting experience in Oman, you may want to take a look at this tip. You can stopover at the mountain village. Then, you will spend a night surrounded by beautiful agricultural terraces and also old stone houses.

Misfat Al Abriyeen will be one of the most famous ancient mountain villages you can visit in Oman. It has some interesting houses built thousand years ago from stone and rock. It has the best platform for all visitors who want to enjoy the dramatic view of the village.

3. Muscat

One of the most treasured travel destinations in Oman is the town of Muscat. Muscat is home to many of the museums and historic forts in Oman. Enjoying the sights of the coast along with traditional Omani cuisine and entertainment options, visitors to Muscat will be sure to stay long in this vibrant city.

Many Omani believe that the Bimmah Sinkhole was formed when the shooting star came down to the earth. The Bimmah sinkhole is one of the most popular sinkholes in the world. It became trendy among many tourists due to its beautiful shape, dramatic cliffs, clear turquoise water, and perfect erosion of rocks.

This place is located between the two coastal towns of Bimmah and Dibab. It is in the east part of Muscat. Bimmah sinkhole is about 600 meters away from the sea.

4. Qalhat

This is another unusual thing that you can do when you are in Oman. There are a lot of towers and tombs that are available in Oman. They are believed to be older than the Egyptian pyramids. The Bat Tombs are located around Al Ayn, Bat, and Al Khutum in the famous A' Dahirah region. They are included in the World's Heritage List from UNESCO.

You can also come to some other famous tombs that are available in Oman. Another popular tomb is the Mausoleum of Lady Maryam. This place is located in the ancient city of Qalhat.

5. Salalah

Frankincense Museum is located in the UNESCO heritage site called Al Baleed. Many people are interested in coming to Al Baleed. It is located in Salalah, which is commonly known as the land of frankincense. Some people believe that burning this frankincense will dispel any bad spirits and negative energy. It has a beautiful climate which is green all year round. It is also surrounded by beautiful oceans, banana, and also coconut plantations.

6. Al Ashkharah

Al Ashkharah beach is particularly popular among Omanis. At the end of the afternoon or on weekends (Friday and Saturday) locals like to come to the wide beach of almost 15 km long for swimming and picnics in the stone pavilions. The long beach with great conditions of kitesurfing and surfing is less popular among tourists due to its remoteness from a big city, although in reality it deserves more attention.

7. Masirah Island

The Masirah island is located off the west coast of Oman and is popular among water sports enthusiasts. It is possible to surf and dive all year round in front of the beaches of this hidden island. But the island is also perfect for pure beach tourists, as the sunset walks along the long beaches of Masirah are especially pleasant.

It is better to go to Masirah by car. Since there is no railway system in Oman, it is essential to have a car. From the capital, Muscat, it takes about 6 hours to reach Shannah. From there, ferries depart several times a day to the Masirah island.

8. Wahiba Sands

In the province of Al Sharqiya, 220 km from Muscat and its airport, the city of Al Wasil, located 11 km from the slopes, is the gateway to the Wahiba Sands desert. You can sleep in several desert camps in the Wahiba sands, lost in the depths of the desert with true Bedouin tents (without air conditioning) for a total desert experience.

9. Khasab

Built on the beach front, khasab offers a picturesque view of the Omani coastline and the blue waters of the Arabian Sea. The landscapes, once you pass the border of Oman to Khasab, are impressive, with mountains on one side and the sea on the other.

Musandam Governorate is one of the most unique biospheres in the world, which crosses the limestone mountains of Al Hajar, being its unsurpassed beauty and incredible marine life in the area. Your visit is made through a cruise with a duration of four hours, which is available with departures from Dibba and Khasab.

Final words

Visiting some of those unusual places in Oman can give you an incredible experience. You will never regret your choice when coming to any of those places!

Oman has uncountable attractions to offer making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world today.

Kalyan Panja