Biking and Hiking Mountains in Scotland

Scotland offers thrilling adventure experiences biking and hiking to the highest peaks, and a lifetime experience that you will live to remember. Trekking through the country's rugged terrain and climbing to the top of the highest peaks, will definitely be an adventure you will want to relive. There are numerous and impressive ridges.

Scotland offers numerous places and beautiful sceneries for outdoors enthusiasts. One thing for sure is that your excursion can't be complete without trying out the National Three Peaks Challenge. The Three Peaks Challenge involves climbing the three highest peaks of Scotland, England, and Wales. Most of the tourists visiting find it as one of the best ways to complete their tour.

The challenge is very popular and very adventurous. You can complete it in 24 hours and achieve the record that has been set by a large number of tourists who have accepted the challenge. It is an adventurous challenge worth accepting that you can try and realize at the end of it all, it will be the perfect addition to the records of your lifetime.

Forest in ScotlandForest in Scotland

Here are some of the most amazing biking mountains and top places to visit in Scotland that will make your tour a lifetime experience.

1. Merrick

Most of the highlands of Scotland are in the North, but also the south offers a number of packed hills, such as the mighty Merrick in Dumfries and Galloway which stands as cool as the shy of Munro status. You will also come across the seductive rolling summits of hills and ranges of the Moorfoot and Lammermuir, which run all the way to the Southern Upland Way. It's a long-distance for biking, trekking and hiking, where it covers almost 212 miles up from the coastline.

When it comes to choosing your bike for this destination, you might want to invest in a motorcycle, or a more sustainable electric bike, which will make your mountain biking experience up into the Southern Upland much less daunting and manageable.

2. Stac Pollaidh

Head for biking or hiking and come across the Stac Pollaidh which is one of the most distinctive hills right from the start to the end and full of joy. It has a rugged and tough path that starts off gently and rises in gentle circuits where you have to use your hands to climb to the final summit at the peak which gives you the most thrilling experience.

You will be able to view the beautiful scenery of scattered peaks while at the top. It is important to note that if you decide to go up this road, you should stick to hiking. You can also walk through the Glencoe or Glen Shiel where you will come across soaring ridges while trekking along the gentle riverside path. You will also get the chance to enjoy a picnic at the Trossachs, and enjoy the beautiful and crumpled rocky peaks.

3. Arthur's Seat

This will start off your cycling adventure just outside the city where you will come across Arthur's Seat which is a mini-mountain and a rugged ancient volcano that is also surrounded by the beautiful open parkland. Go ahead and explore the 3 lochs which include the hidden glens, spectacular cliffs and also the amazing fun of the wildlife. If you hike to the top of the hill's summit, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city.

4. Ben Lomond

Alternatively, take the more relaxing option of the family-friendly country tours like Glasgow Art and the Park, passing through three parks, passing two art galleries, a swimming pool and a ski resort - yes, all this in your bike! After having afternoon tea in Glasgow you should explore its surroundings.

The lane between Glasgow and Loch Lomond offers a great day out in the open and is equally a starting point for the Lochs and Glens lane. There are also both Glasgow and Edinburgh lanes along the canal towpaths to the Falkirk Wheel. Surrounded by beautiful hills, rolling fields and charming villages this lake is home to around 50 islands. All of this makes Loch Lomond a place well worth a stop on your visit to Glasgow.

This is where you get the opportunity to explore Scotland by completing the 282 Munros list of hills. Start off at the Ben Lomond which is usually the first Munro just outside Glasgow. Then, continue to the Isle of Skye that has 12 Munros, all very challenging but that offer the most exclusive experience. The list of Munros contains hills of different levels of difficulty and it is completely up to you, in terms of which ones are you willing to bike and hike.

You can't miss Scotland's classic Corbetts which include Ben Ledi, the Cobbler, and Arkle where all of them offer the most exclusive biking and hiking experience.

Get going through the Grahams adventure where you will also come across the beautiful hill borders that will offer plenty of adventures and amazing moments at the Marsco on Skye, and also the Suilven in the far north.

Don't skip the glens which separate summits and any two hills. These are valleys that offer pleasant moments for you and your group of friends, or even work on your music, especially at a time of recess after a long cycling expedition. Make sure to make the best out of the breathtaking scenery.

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