5 Ideas To Protect Your Laptop While Traveling

Laptops have become our travel buddies lately. Almost all of us carry our Laptops on vacations and work trips to catch up on any pending work or watch our favorite shows. That said, protecting the Laptop while traveling is essential as they are prone to various threats. Physical damage, theft, security breach, and unauthorized remote access are such threats you must prevent your laptop from while traveling. The chances of losing things in a foreign city are high.

Protect Your Laptop While TravelingProtect Your Laptop While Traveling

If you are all set for your next trip and wondering about the measures and precautions to protect your Laptop, here are few ideas to do so.

1. Use An Anti-theft Bag

Protecting your valuables, including Laptops, is vital while traveling. You are more prone to pick-pocketing, theft, and robbery in a foreign city because you are unaware of the place. Besides, thieves and pickpocketers mostly target tourists. The best thing to do to secure your Laptop, cables, and other expensive accessories from theft are to use an anti-theft bag.

These bags were too expensive when they came out initially. However, with increased demand and supply, the prices have come down over time. That said, anti-theft bags may be a little expensive from conventional backpacks and Laptop bags, but they are worth it. It is always better to invest in an anti-theft bag rather than a new risk of losing your laptop. Anti-theft bags have a combination lock, so no one except you can open the zipper without knowing the code.

2. Laptop Sleeves

Anti-theft bags protect Laptops from theft. Most anti-theft bags have a cushioned layer for Laptops. However, some may not have that or, the Laptop compartment may be slightly large. Laptops sleeves may come in handy during such situations to secure your Laptop in a fixed position inside backpacks.

Buy a Laptop sleeve with extra padding on the inside to protect your Laptop from scratches while in motion. They add additional protection to your Laptop while traveling. Whether you use a Huawei Matebook or other model, you can find a Laptop sleeve for all Laptop models and sizes. The best part about Laptop sleeves is that you can use them for everyday commute to work or school when you are not traveling.

3. Wrap Cables and Cords Around Something

Protecting your Laptop alone isn't enough while traveling. You must also preserve the charger cables and other cords from damage while on the road. Packing charger cables and other cords is the last thing we do while packing. Moreover, most people are careless while wrapping the wires and simply shove them in the bag.

The power cables are fragile and can damage easily. For instance, the joints that plug into the charging port may break and expose due to bending and twisting over time. The last thing you want is your Laptop running out of power and find the charger cable damaged, unable to charge the Laptop. The best way to protect the charger cables is by securely wrapping them around something.

Avoid using any sharp objects in doing so, as it may cut and further damage your cable instead of protecting it.

4. Use a Security Cable Lock

Many people lose valuables, including Laptops in hotel rooms on vacation. You will not carry your Laptop for sightseeing. Thus you have to leave it in the hotel room while you head out. The best option to secure your valuables in such a situation is by using the safe present in the room.

However, if the hotel room does not have a safe, you can secure your Laptop with a Laptop security cable lock. This lock looks and works similar to a bike lock. One end of the cable lock connects to your Laptop, and you can lock it by setting a combination code. You can secure the other end by wrapping the cable against a sturdy object like a table.

There are high-tech and expensive Laptop cable locks with motion sensors and alarm technology as well. The cable lock detects any motion if anyone tries to tamper with the cable lock and the alarm rings.

5. Use a VPN

Physical damage and theft are not the only threats to your Laptop while traveling. The number of cybercrimes has been increasing lately. Cybercriminals and fraudsters often target devices that use open wi-fi networks such as hotels and other public places. They gain access when users connect to such open networks. They further snoop on the users and gather any sensitive information.

So whenever you are traveling and using hotel wi-fi, use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that redirects sensitive information such as IP address and location to a different one. VPNs encrypt all the data you send and receive, protecting you from potential cyber theft or security breach. So pay for a decent quality VPN and use it whenever you browse the internet while traveling.

Final Thoughts

Those were the top five ideas to protect your Laptop while traveling. Always mind your surroundings when you are using your laptop in public places. It is also better if you install premium anti-theft recovery software on your Laptop. Doing so will allow you to find your Laptop in case of theft. The software tracks the Laptop's location even if the thieves erase data and install a brand new operating system.

Kalyan Panja