10 Must Have Essentials for Camping in Australia

Are you planning a camping trip to the great Australian outdoors? You should definitely go ahead with the idea. But the trip can be amazing and adventurous or a nightmare as it all boils down to what you packed. The camping accessories matter when you are out for the vacation somewhere between the lushy forest or beautiful beach. Whether you are a newbie or regular caravanner, you need to take care of the essentials you will need.

Camping in AustraliaCamping in Australia

To help you out from the confusion of searching through a lot of camping gears, we have listed down some must-haves or essentials that you should definitely carry while camping in Australia.

1. Annexes

When you return from a long hiking day, not having a proper and good place to sleep and rest can be a turn-off. Not just this, not having a shelter on hand in case of any emergency, heavy winds and storm may leave you at risk in the middle.

The top item in your checklist should be annexes. They will protect you from the heavy winds and sun rays anytime you are out. The annexe will also act as an extra space where you can rest and sleep without facing any problem during the night or in the daylight.

2. Sleeping bag

When you come down at night, all tired from the travelling and activities, you ensure the night sleep is as comforting as it can be. But the insects around you, or the sudden fall in temperature might create problems from getting you a good night’s rest. At your rescue, carry a sleeping bag that is not so bulky or heavy, keeps you warm throughout the night and protects from the insects.

3. Flashlight or Lantern

You need to make sure there is proper light at your campsite when you return to the camp in the evening or night. If you want to read a book or play games, have dinner with your family you require some good light. If you need to find an item within the tent space or go to the washroom, you cannot do all this without proper light at your campsite. There are multiple reasons you might need a lantern around your area or a flashlight while camping.

4. First aid kit

While camping, you might get cuts or bruises that become infected if left untreated, scrape up your knees or blisters that require bandaging and even some bug bites. Before heading out, pack up your first aid kit with all the other necessities like scissors, adhesive, gauze soap, etc. If going for an adventure, you should be prepared for everything.

5. Repair kit & a pocket knife

The kit tools include a foldout blade, a screwdriver, can opener and pair of scissors. You can use each one of them while food prepping, cutting, opening up something. When camping, a pocket knife turns out to be a multipurpose tool. You can use it for trimming a rope, cutting a cheese slice, dealing with twisted vines, opening a sealed package, tightening up a screw and for many more unexpected things. You may get frustrated while doing stuff if you do not carry a pocket knife.

6. Rain gear

All the enjoyment and fun disappears with the bright sunny weather when it starts to rain. You need to keep track of the weather before leaving in the morning and be prepared with rain gear if there are any chances of rain. Or else you will certainly not like to get all soaked up and spend all day in wet clothes or forcefully head back to camp for changing.

7. Navigation tools

You may not be aware of all the roads and directions, when on the road, which can lead you to a problematic situation. To find your way to various places, you will require some help that leads you to the destination. A map and a compass can keep you on track and reduce the chances of getting lost during hiking.

Forgetting your way back to camp may leave you in between the woods with limited water and all confused, which is no joke. Make sure you have a way to return safely to the camp with the map and compass.

8. Sunscreen

You will indeed spend much of your time outside than you usually do. The harsh Australian sun can get your skin all burned up, because of which you will not be able to have fun and enjoy your best. Keep sunscreen with the highest possible SPF in your backpack, and lather up to protect your skin. Before leaving in the morning for hiking, make sure you apply it.

9. Camping chair

On the campsite, you may feel like sitting outside to enjoy the view and have a cup of coffee. You can carry your arrangement of sitting outside the caravan other than your tent, camping chairs. You can easily hang out with your tribe outside your caravan on these chairs and plan out further for the day ahead. These chairs are handy and will not load up your luggage in the caravan.

10. Awning clothesline

Camping between the forest or beach, might not give you space to dry out your clothes, making it all messy in the caravan or outside it.


There may be some more items to carry when you go out camping, but you need to keep a check on the list of things mentioned earlier. If you miss out on any of them, you may miss out on all the fun you planned.

Kalyan Panja