10 Best Beaches in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a beautiful country within the Caribbean region with a rich culture and beautiful, natural sights. It makes for an excellent vacation getaway with a tropical rainforest type of climate for many people seeking warmer lands. That's why many people go to the Dominican Republic to enjoy the beach.

The smallest island in the world that is divided between two independent nations (and not just tiny sections of or remote administrative districts of larger nations) is Hispaniola, which is split between the nations of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. It is much larger than the above islands, at 76,192 km2. Dominican Republic is one of the top beach holiday destinations in the world.

Since there are many beaches in the country, it cannot be easy to figure out where you'd want to go. That's why we have narrowed down these top beaches in Dominican Republic that you should visit when you are in the country. Check them out.

1. Bavaro Beach, Punta Cana

Punta Cana is a beautiful place that locals know for having multiple beautiful beaches. That's why it makes it one of the best beachside destinations when you're in the Dominican Republic. Since there are plenty of significant beaches in Punta Cana, it can be challenging to choose which one to go to. If you're not interested in going to every single one of them, you should try and get to Bávaro Beach at the very least.

You can find Bavaro Beach around the north of Punta Cana. With its gorgeous and calm turquoise waters, you can enjoy wading around in it or swimming around. You can also enjoy sailing on a boat and even engaging in parasailing if it's something that you like doing.

2. Playa Rincon, Samana

Many beaches in the Dominican Republic are picture-perfect and are what you think of when you’re picturing a tropical paradise. One beach that perfectly encapsulates this description is the beautiful Playa Rincon. You can get to Playa Rincon by hopping on a boat in Las Galeras and riding about 30 minutes away from the town.

What's excellent about Playa Rincon is that you get this feeling of isolation, but not in a lonely way. It feels secluded and exclusive. You can enjoy splashing around in the cove if you want calmer waters.

3. Encuentro Beach, Cabarete

Some people enjoy lying under the sun, getting a tan while on the beach. Others want to swim and wade in the waters when they're on a beach. On the other hand, some people enjoy doing watersports. If this is you, you’re going to want to stop by Encuentro Beach and grab your surfboard when you head there.

If you're interested in learning how to surf, Encuentro Beach is also open for beginner surfers. However, if you want to catch waves on more massive scales, certain break spots are on the beach. Encuentro Beach welcomes any surfer of any level of expertise.

4. Cayo Levantado, Samana

There's nothing quite like lounging by the beach, seeing the sunset, and having a cold glass of your choice of a drink by your side. We live for moments like this, and when you get to Cayo Levantado, you're surely going to enjoy your time there. Interestingly enough, Cayo Levantado also has another name: Bacardi Island. It holds this name because it was the star of the famous white rum Bacardi’s commercials and a series of advertisements.

You can get to this islet in the Samana Bay in the Samana Province by going on a boat ride.

5. Playa Dorada, Puerto Plata

Located north of the Dominican Republic, the Puerto Plata region is one of the most fascinating destinations in the Dominican Republic. Its numerous tourist and leisure centers (Ocean World, Cayo Arena, Ensenada Beach, Playa Dorada, Encuentro Beach) make this privileged corner of the Caribbean country, one of the most popular among tourists who choose the island to enjoy a well-deserved vacation.

If you find yourself along the Amber Coast, in Puerto Plata, and are looking for a beach stay, consider stopping by Playa Dorada. Playa Dorada is the main beach and resort place of Puerto Plata. Aside from the sparkling seas and light brown sand, you can also spot the stunning view of Mt. Isabel even if you're on the beach. If the wind is right, you can even enjoy a fair bit of kite surfing if that’s your thing.

The clear and gorgeous sights of the horizon are all in part because of the regulation that buildings higher than three floors aren’t allowed in the area. That’s why you can enjoy undisturbed natural views in Playa Dorada.

6. Bahia de las Aguilas, Pedernales

Bahia de las Aguilas is Eagle Bay in English, and you can find it within the confines of the Jaragua National Park, right in the Pedernales province. This beach is probably going to feel and look like untouched nature at its finest. The waters are clear, and the views are stunning. You can get to this area by either riding a four-wheeler or going by boat.

7. Playa Boca Chica, Santo Domingo

About 20 miles or 32 km away from the largest and the capital city, Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic, lies the famous Playa Boca Chica. Since this is quite popular, you might find that this beach is filled with people depending on when you go. However, that also means that there are going to be amenities and shops readily available to you. You can enjoy a swim or snorkel and look at the corals hiding beneath the sparkly blue sea.

8. Playa Minitas, La Romana

In La Romana, there lies a romantic little place in the southern part of the Dominican Republic where you can enjoy a day at the beach, and that is Playa Minitas. If you want to spend some time in a more private place, you can go to Playa Minitas because it is a private beach. Since it is a private beach, you have to get a reservation first before anything else.

Once you're there, there are plenty of activities to enjoy that are open to people of all ages.

9. Cabarete Beach

The region of Cabarete and its paradisiacal coasts are the best attraction for lovers of kite boarding, wind surfing and water sports. Its seabed can not only be enjoyed by experienced divers and divers. Cabarete is also famous for its sand castle competition and its jazz festival, which is usually held at the beginning of November.

Another beach perfect for surfers would be Cabarete Beach. It has excellent surfing conditions and a constant breeze that makes it ideal for other water sports. For example, kiteboarding and windsurfing are two popular activities at Cabarete Beach. There are even schools near the area that will teach you all about these water-based activities.

10. Sosua beach

Sosua beach is one of the most paradisiacal of the Dominican Republic and is among the main tourist spots of the Caribbean. It is surrounded by lush vegetation and protected by a large barrier reef.

There's a healthy helping of beaches for the tropically-deprived individual looking to get a tan or to enjoy some time by the waters. If you find yourself in the Dominican Republic or plan to go there soon, don't forget to drop by any of these beaches. You're surely not going to regret it.

Kalyan Panja