Weekend Guide: What To Do in Ibiza in 48 Hours

Ibiza has a reputation as one of the party capitals of the world, home to world-famous clubs and a rich electronic music scene. However, Ibiza is much more than that. A beautiful island paradise set in the Mediterranean, Ibiza is full of hidden gems to explore. In fact, Ibiza is on the UNESCO World Heritage list due to its biologically diverse nature.

Many tourists have trouble deciding if they should go to Mallorca or Ibiza, but why not just go for both: Especially since they are not that far apart! Home to as many clubs as beaches, Ibiza is a one-stop-shop if you're looking for a touristy, along with a party place. The clubs here are known to host the best DJs from around the world, making it a party heaven.

You can also party at the beach, countless pubs, dance bars, literally anywhere in Ibiza. After all, Ibiza is rightly known as the clubbing capital of the world! Ibiza is famous for its hot party scene, but the island offers so much more. Here you will find a hippie, yoga, bohemian vibe and pristine beaches.

Ibiza is one of the most famous, exquisite Islands. It is filled with amazing attractions and things to do. Ibiza is widely known for its restless nightlife, but there are also many exciting things to do during daylight. Explore its stunning beaches and enjoy swimming, snorkeling, paddleboard, or diving.

Ibiza is the adult playground - a perfect combination of relaxation, adventure, great restaurants and hip factor. Meet really cool people at your hostel there and go on a cruise to another island near Ibiza named Formentera. Ibiza is well known and cherished for its seaview area and spectacular aura of beach life.

It is a home for around 57 beaches and the water is crystal clear due to Neptune grass, a type of seaweed which makes the aquatic view transparent like a mirror. You won’t be away from the beach for more than an hour, no matter where you check in. This location is perfect for party animals and people chasing for a drooling nightlife.

The city is alive at any hour of the day and night. You can pick a glass of red and white wine at every corner which are specially brewed in the city. Food is just excellent, ranging from 8-15 euros under budget. For a great experience you can also choose extravagant villas for a memorable staycation. This city will give you the joy of life you have been searching for and is one of the must visit locations in Spain.

Es Vedranell islands at sunset with beautiful sky from Cala Llentrisca
Es Vedranell islands at sunset with beautiful sky from Cala Llentrisca.

It can be overwhelming deciding what to do and where to go, so here are the best options on the island to help you spend a perfect 48 hours in Ibiza.

Day 1

1. Ibiza Town

Start your adventure in Ibiza Town. Founded by the Phoenicians, the centuries-old town remains as historically gorgeous as ever. Dalt Vila, the fortified old town, still has high defensive walls and gates put in place during the Renaissance, looking and feeling like a walk back in time. While in Ibiza Town, you can get some shopping done, learn about the history, and try some authentic tapas for lunch.

2. Ses Salines

Next, head to the nearby coastal area Ses Salines for gorgeous, rocky beaches and salt flats. Spend some time here, exploring, swimming and sunbathing on the white-sand beaches.

3. Formentera

After a while, head to the nearby Port of Ibiza and catch the ferry to Formentera. It is here you’ll really be transported to another world. You can spend the rest of the afternoon and evening on this tiny little island, exploring lighthouses, craft markets and the complex system of old watchtowers set around the island that were once used to protect the island from pirates.

Catch a sunset dinner at La Fragata, a beloved Mediterranean restaurant with excellent seafood and some of the best views in Formentera.

4. Punta Arabi

Discover the beaches, coves, sleepy villages and hippie market Punta Arabi. Once a haven for bohemians and hippies, even today, you can live the heedless life on - especially on the north side of the island.

Finally, it’s time to head back to Ibiza Town to explore some of Ibiza’s famous nightlife — if you’re up for it. For one of the best parties on the Island, head to world-famous nightclub Space, where you can dance the night away until the morning.

If you’re feeling a more laidback vibe instead, head to BCB TANGO, where you can end your day listening to live music in a trendy setting with stunning views of Ibiza Town.

Day 2

5. Cala Gracioneta

Today, head to the opposite side of the island, to Sant Antoni de Portmany. You can start your day at the nearby beach, Cala Gracioneta, a beautiful unspoiled cove tucked into the rocks and surrounded by trees. Arrive before noon to experience the beach at its most pure, with barely any crowd.

6. Sant Antoni de Portmany

Once the sun reaches its peak, and the beach begins to crowd, it’s time to head into town. San Antonio is a lovely little area, so spend some time exploring and wandering the pretty streets.

A visit to Ibiza without experiencing one of its famous beach clubs would be wasted — so, next up, head to one of the best — Kumharas. The vibes at this bohemian beach club are some of the best in Ibiza, and you can fill up on fresh seafood and creative tapas while listening to music, making friends, and relaxing by the water.

Because San Antonio is one the side of the island where the sun sets, once evening hits, you can catch a sunset cruise out of the port—there are plenty of options, ranging in price, length, and amenities included. A sunset cruise is the perfect way to spend the evening listening to live music while sipping your drink of choice, dancing, and enjoying the stunning sunset with all your new friends.

Once you return, it’ll be prime time to experience San Antonio sunset strip. This is a row of bars and restaurants right on the water, all of which have various food and different types of music. Here is where you can end your journey, enjoying the view of the sea at night spotted with sailboats and knowing you’ve experienced a little bit of everything Ibiza has to offer.

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