10 Best Airplane Snacks for Long Flights

Maintaining a healthy diet while you're traveling isn't easy. Also, most airports and airlines sell unhealthy, overpriced food, and sometimes, it is easy to give in to those when you are hungry. If you want to save money and avoid buying expensive airplane food, you need to pack your DIY healthy snacks and food. Bringing your food lets you avoid purchasing unhealthy food choices at the airport while helping you save money at the same time.

Eating at the airport can be a gamble. Some people like to go for tried and true fast food, while others prefer to sit at the nearest bar nursing a beer until it's time to board. The secret that frequent flyers know is that there actually is good food at the airport — if you know where to look.

Can You Take Snacks on an Airplane?

The quick answer is, "Yes, you can." Still, you should follow the TSA guidelines. If you have to bring liquids or spreadables with you, like yogurt or peanut butter, they should go with the 3-1-1 liquid rule.

What foods are not allowed through airport security?

Here are examples of food that you are not allowed to bring through airport security:

• Yogurt over 3.4 ounces
• Any type of liquid over 3.4 ounces
• Any paste over 3.4 ounces

There are also foods you should not bring even if permitted. That's because it can annoy other passengers with its smell. Here are some examples:

• Tuna: They can be smelly on the plane.
• Bananas: These also come with a strong smell.
• Apples: They are noisy when eaten.
• Burritos: They make you gassy when flying.
• Liquids: They are likely going to spill.
• Yogurt: This tends to explode when you open it at high altitudes. If you have to bring it with you, make sure that you open it bit-by-bit.

Keep in mind that the food that you buy after the security checkpoint does not have to go with this rule. Meaning, you can bring spreadable and liquids that you have purchased at the airport. If you have more questions about a specific food item, check with TSA's snack regulations.

Moving on, here are the best airplane snacks that you can bring for long flights:

1. Dried Fruit and Nuts

Dried fruit and nuts are some of the best airline snacks that you can bring with you. Although most airports and airline carriers will sell dried peanuts as a snack, bringing along your own trail mix is better. That's because it is more affordable, and you can customize its flavor to your liking. This is also a refreshing and healthy choice for snacks!

You can also buy different types of fruits and create your own trail mix to get a little bit of everything you love. You'll also have a great time mixing fruits and nuts that you like and will only cost you a couple of dollars. Not to mention that they are filling.

2. Quinoa or Chickpea Salad

Another satisfying and filling snack that you can bring aboard is quinoa or chickpea salad. This will help curb your appetite for long flights. Not to mention that quinoa and chickpea are considered superfoods.

3. Popcorn

If you're craving salty snacks, popcorn is a great option. This is a light snack to pack, and once you start eating, you can hardly stop! These can also be a healthier alternative that your usual airplane snacks. Over the last couple of years, companies and brands have also introduced a range of flavors like sea salt, to cookies and cream. Why should you limit popcorn to cinemas when you can take it to the skies?

4. Protein bars

Whether you're on a crucial business flight, protein bars can be fantastic sustenance. This chewy and delicious fight snack will keep you full, especially for long haul flights. Thus, you can maintain your focus and do last-minute business preparations when needed.

5. Hummus and Crackers

These are other great airplane snacks. For one, hummus comes in various flavors so you won't get bored snacking on it. Apart from that, you'll also enjoy all the nutrients that you can get from it. Hummus is a food that's made from chickpeas. They're also rich in protein, allowing to curb hunger pangs during a long flight. Plus, it helps balance your sugar levels.

6. Crunchy Cheese Bites

If you're a fan of cheese, pack up some crunchy cheese bites. They're high in protein, and a great source of calcium at the same time, making them a great companion for long flights.

7. Vegan Tuna Sandwich

You may have doubts about bringing a tuna sandwich onboard. But there's one way to ensure that it will not get stinky on the plane ‒ make it vegan. Instead of using fish, you can switch it with tofu. Dollop a little bit of vegan mayo, your seasoning of choice, and some pickles. This is an excellent snack for long flights.

8. Vegan Dark Chocolate Brownies

You can give yourself a treat every once in a while. Dark vegan brownies are another great treat that you can bring with you in your travels. With its fudgy taste and gooey center, adding a little bit of sugar helps cure a long, dull flight.

9. Peach and Tomato Salad

The tomato salad is the most practical salad when you are on a trip, and if it is also the tomato season it is one of the best recipes for travelling. It is ideal because it is basically simple and is one of those easy recipes when travelling. With tomatoes cut into quarters, a bit of salt and seasoning, a drizzle of oil, the one that falls under the hand, vinegar and the toughest stains are now behind us.

After all, everything is about pleasure and opportunities! Here, some peaches and herbs are not far away. Besides many other associations are possible. Fruits like vegetables can be married perfectly with the tomato! In addition, the beautiful red is present almost in all countries, so do not hesitate!

10. Butter Tart

Butter tart is a miniature pecan pie without the pecans. Except that it can have pecans or raisins, or walnuts, or chocolate drizzle. But it most classically has none of these, just the buttery, sugary filling in a shell about the size of a muffin’s base. And there’s no corn starch or flour in the filling, so it has a more gooey texture than the non-pecan part of a pecan pie filling.

Butter tarts are probably seen as a bit more rustic or less upscale than Nanaimo bars, and are best when found at the counter of a back road general store during a gas stop on a long road trip and purchased as thanks to the guy doing the driving.

Final Words

Here's the thing: Plane snacks don't have to be expensive and unappetizing. There are even travel blogs that share quick recipes that you can whip up.

When preparing your snacks, though, keep in mind how you will transport them. Use eco-friendly packaging like reusable ziplock bags, lunch boxes, bio paper instead of ziplock and foil.

We hope that the snack ideas listed above can help soothe your long-flight nerves. That's because bringing your own snacks will help you save money and time. After all, it prevents you from having to miss the good stuff because airplane food tends to be expensive.

Not to mention that homemade snacks are sure to satiate your cravings. Thus, saving you any pre-flight stress.
Kalyan Panja