6 Best Things to Do in Naples, Italy

The world is full of great places and cities to visit, but some of them are not as popular as many other destinations. That is, without a shadow of a doubt, the case of Naples, in the south of Italy. It's the ideal place to eat delicious food, visit fascinating sights, cultural sites and overwhelmingly gorgeous landscapes. If you want to go on a short trip, you should consider spending a weekend in Naples.

Italy is already famous for its beauty and this place proves to be best for couples but even if you are traveling alone you can still enjoy your best at the place as the place has many things to offer you with. You can spend some quiet time while sitting beside any lake and you can even try feeding the birds nearby.

The city is full of ancient ruins so if you are a history lover you would love to go through those architectural ruins. Lastly, you can enjoy your complete meal all on your own at any nearby restaurant where you would be served with the local delicacies of the place.

It's essential to choose a proper location where to get accommodation. You can check the availability on the main booking portals or book directly and save money. It would be better to avoid choosing accommodation in some dangerous districts like "Vasto" or "Central Station". It is recommended instead of choosing "Toledo area" or "old town zone" you can find a BnB very centrally located.

Although a weekend in Naples won't be enough to see everything the city has to offer to its visitors, you will have enough time to explore the most exciting places that grab attention from thousands of tourists each year, a number that has only been increasing in recent times thanks to the word of mouth which is, slowly but surely, making Naples become one of the popular destinations for tourists in Italy.

Naples is one of the more real Italian cities tourists can easily access. The areas where most travelers go in Florence, Rome, Venice, etc are all carefully crafted to be Italian in the most breathtaking sort of way. That’s on purpose. The grittier places that the people live are generally outside the main areas, or above them, and generally out of the main public eye.

Naples doesn’t give two Baba (Amazing Neopolitan Rum Dessert) about this sort of pretense. Naples is often gritty, often filled with graffiti, and outside of the port area where tons of cruise ship tourists are dumped off, there aren’t many tourists. Take the opportunity to go on a tour of ancient Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius.

So, how do you know if visiting Naples is right for you? You need to ask yourself a few questions. Do you like Archaeology? Are you an adventurous traveler? Do you like pizza and seafood? Do you like wandering local streets to stumble upon something amazing? Do you like art? If you answered yes to one or more of these, then it is well worth spending two days in Naples.

best things to do in Naples Italy

Here are some must visit destinations in Naples.

1. Interesting Museums like Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte

If, for example, you start a weekend in Naples on a Saturday morning, you could first go on a little excursion to some of the best museums of the city which can be both entertaining for adults and the whole family if you are travelling with children. In the Capodimonte Museum, you will find a large and varied art collection.

2. Amazing Foods near Naples National Archaeological Museum

If you want to see most of the items from Pompeii and other cultural items from Greece, Rome, etc, you’re going to want to go to The National Archaeological Museum of Naples. This is large enough to take HOURS to go through because there is just that much stuff. I recommend a guide or an audio tour as there are just so many things that we have missed going almost yearly until we had a guide explain them all to us and make them come alive.

And if you love the mural paintings, it is essential that you visit the Archaeological Museum of Naples. Keep in mind that this museum is where most of the frescoes found in Pompeii and other Roman enclaves destroyed by the Vesuvius volcano are preserved and exhibited.

If you do not, you may be disappointed to see the excavations in Pompeii as the vast majority of Pompeian art and frescoes are found in the Naples-based national institution. On your walk through the streets you will be attracted by the houses where you can see the famous frescoes of Pompeii.

At the same time, in the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, you will have the chance of seeing ancient items from various centuries kept in incredible conditions.

Visiting museums, despite being very enriching and exciting, can get a little tiring. That is why going for lunch straight after during your weekend in Naples could be the best possible idea. Finding a good restaurant and even Italian vegetarian dishes won't be hard.

Still, it would be best if you went to L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele, very close to the centre of the city, which is the oldest pizza place in Naples and where you will savour the most delicious pizza you have ever had the chance of eating. Most pizza places are decent, but there are a handful of truly special places. They’re worth seeking out.

If you ask any Neapolitan person about what they do right after eating, there is a chance 90% of them will reply they have a coffee. Well, if you want to take in as much as possible from Neapolitan culture during your stay, make sure you follow suit and have a coffee in one of the many bars you will find around. Pizza in Naples is thicker, lighter, contains real mozzarella cheese (cow or buffalo milk) and it’s not pre-cut.

You will need forks and knives. Sometimes people will cut it with fork and knife and then fold the slice and eat it with hands. Everyone has his way. If you go to fancy pizzerias in richer neighborhoods you will not see people using hands.

A traditional pizza will be prepared in a stone oven with firewood but gas ovens can be used nowadays and with amazing success and taste even if some die-hards will refuse to go to pizzerias that don't use real firewood. Pizza hometown! The Neapolitan pizza is classed as a World Heritage Site.

Over 3000 pizza makers are in Naples and many hold courses on how a real pizza should be baked. In many Italian pizzerie you get served a complimentary pizza base (in Tuscany it’s called cofaccino) simply topped with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a few herbs to snack on while you wait for the food.

It's just one pizza every 4–5 people, more or less the equivalent of a slice of bread. And it is delicious: warm, crunchy, flavorful, magnificent bread. It does not need anything to be absolutely finger licking and, if the pizza didn't fill you enough, try out some of the traditional desserts they sell in most bars such as babà or sfogliatella, both of which are delicious.

In Naples you can also find melanzane in carrozza or alla Pullastiello. Two slices of eggplant are lightly fried, then a slice of well-drained fiordilatte cheese in stuffed between two slices of eggplant. The whole thing is breaded or coated with a batter and fried once again.

3. Castles And Waterfront in Piazza del Plebiscito

Were you finding your Saturday physically exhausting? You can decide to relax during the afternoon by going for a walk around Via Chiaia, also in the centre, where you will find countless stores where you can buy anything from Italian fashion to perfumes and toys. Then, on Sunday, get ready to explore the main sights such as Piazza Plebiscito which is the largest square in Naples.

4. Picturesque Historic Center near Ovo Castle

Naples is a city with splendid castles, which dates back to the ancient civilization. Therefore, if you are visiting Italy, Naples is a city that will exhaust your list of heritage sites. If you have visited Castel Sant'Elmo and you still have some days to stay around, head to the Waterfront. Here you will see two fortresses whose architecture and design will leave your mouth open.

If you like castles, stroll along the seafront to check out Castel Nuovo and Castel dell’Ovo both which offer incredible views from their highest vantage points, but also have various pieces of artwork and details talking about their history. Castel dell'Ovo, which is ancient and where you will have great views of the coast, and the Maschio Angioino, another castle right in the center of the city.

From Castel dell’Ovo, you can stroll along the seafront for several miles passing a park, some food stands, and restaurants. Or you can walk back into the city to see the royal palance, San Carlo Theater, the Piazza del Plebiscito and the Galleria Umberto to name just a few things.

There are many other places to visit such as Underground Naples which is an underground cave that was built centuries ago and countless churches such as Gesù Nuovo, San Domenico Maggiore and San Lorenzo Maggiore, all of which are gorgeous and very quiet, ideal for relaxing a bit and seeing the masterpieces hiding inside them.

All of these attractions are located in the historic centre of the city. So to reach these spots You will do a beautiful walk on the "Decumani" streets. Take the central funicular from Corso Vittorio Emanuele up to Piazza Fuga in the Vomero. Then walk up to Castel Sant'Elmo. If it’s dinner time, buy food along the way.

In front of the castle is a plaza with benches and is a popular local spot, but if you watch the sunset, you’ll see the entire sprawling city of Naples before you, and it is amazing.

5. Museo Cappella Sansevero

One day could be spent in the museum, walking through Spaccanapoli, shopping down Via San Gregorio Armeno. If you’re really feeling adventurous you could also hit up Museo Cappella Sansevero and see the Veiled Christ, which is a wonder work of marble. Religious or not, the artistry is mind-blowing.

6. Neapolitan Theater in San Carlo Theatre

Does acting ring bells in your mind? I have a piece of good news. Naples hosts the oldest Opera house in Europe, the San Carlo Theatre. This theatre house was opened in 1737 and is functioning to this day. You can buy a ticket to watch a film at night or take a daytime tour if Opera isn't your preference.

Anyway, If You don't like Opera, you can opt for another kind of theatrical show like comedy.

In Naples were born the main Italian actors and were invented the essential theatrical show, so go at least one time to the theatre is an experience that You can't miss.


Finally, we can't exhaust the list of things tourists do in Naples on the weekend. There are much more things to do. It would be better to spend some days more here. Anyway, as you plan for your vacation or European trip, You should include Naples on the list.
Kalyan Panja