8 Best Things to Do in Cayman Islands

Unless it is a stopover during a cruise in the Caribbean, the British archipelago of the Cayman Islands is a holiday destination recommended only to lovers of relaxation and scuba diving. Turquoise blue waters, protected marine parks and millionaire villas are three ingredients for these three islands located less than 300 KM from Jamaica.

Our daily lives are overwhelmed with work these days. People choose different professions after their education and then go into them. Their lives become busy and hectic. From morning to evening, they are following a monotonous routine that drains their energy and leaves them tired. The stress sometimes becomes unbearable.

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There are endless vacation destinations in the world. Millions of people visit them and enjoy themselves. These destinations can be divided into categories according to weather patterns that they usually see. Some are for winters and some are for summers.

The Cayman Islands are considered to be one of the best winter vacation destinations because of their scenery and moderate temperatures. They are located in the Caribbean and have three parts: Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman. Anyone can go there and live their time to the fullest.

best things to do in Cayman islands

Here is a description of the major places to visit in Cayman Islands and their specialty.

1. Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman, the main port of arrival of cruise ships, offer a greater variety of hotels. If someone wants to have the ultimate experience, they should visit the Grand Cayman. It has music, arts, culture, and of course, the breathtaking scenery. On its west is the Seven Miles Beach that has consistently been voted one of the beaches in the Caribbean.

One will see a deluge of Stingrays there. People call it the city of Stingrays due to the large number of them there. Visit the Queen Elizabeth Botanic Park and experience the wonderful Blue Iguana. And while you are at it, do not forget to eat and drink well.

2. Cayman Brac

Cayman Brac is, above all, a destination for lovers of scuba diving, although its practically deserted beaches also lend themselves to a stay of several days. It is meant for those that want the ultimate calmness. This part of the Islands is smaller and filled with tranquility and peace. There are some small towns such as Cotton tree Bay, West End, and Water Place.

It is also the perfect spot for those that love nature. One can find the perfect sinks inhabited by endangered species of birds, beautiful flora and fauna, and caves made up of limestone.

There is also enough here for hiking lovers. Moving along the trek lets one see the historic sites, exotic flowers, and unusual reptiles that are not present anywhere else. Never forget the food there. Bring the favorite food and drinks and enjoy while you look at the eye-catching scenes.

3. Take a walk along Starfish Point

The Cayman Islands offer the perfect balance of luxury and adventure. Take a walk along Starfish Point, named for the hundreds of starfish that call it home.

4. Spend an afternoon at the Cayman Turtle Center

Spend an afternoon at the Cayman Turtle Center, where you can learn about the local environment and interact with the turtles.

5. Cayman Crystal Caves

While most people envision wealth and luxury on the Cayman Islands, there are a few mysterious places worth exploring as well. The Cayman Crystal Caves open up into a whole underground world.

6. Davinoff Concrete Sculpture Garden

Davinoff Concrete Sculpture Garden is like something out of a fantasy novel. Don't forget to stop by Hell — a patch of scorched earth that's become a strange tourist phenomenon. You can snap photos and send a postcard from "Satan" from the gift shop.

7. Little Cayman

Little Cayman, meanwhile, is a paradise, both in terms of native wildlife species and the few tourists who are captivated by its charms.For a completely uncrowded space, visit the Little Cayman. It is tiny, only 10 miles long and 1 mile wide. There is almost no human population here and the only sounds heard are of waves and birds.

If someone desires complete and utter loneliness, they can visit the South Hole Sound Lagoon and swim in the beautiful, blue water.

8. Owen Island

Not very far away is Owen Island which visitors can row towards if they have the energy. And if someone feels less energetic, they can bring out their Ice Cream Cone Trays, enjoy a fresh ice cream and then move on. Or one can also bring chocolates to gain the lost energy and go towards the Owen Island.

It is strictly forbidden to go topless on the beaches of the archipelago. The laws that regulate the protection of the seabed are very strict. For example, collecting coral or sponges is prohibited. The restaurants of George Town and Seven Mile Beach, serve both typically American Tex-Mex specialties, lavishly watered with beer. Although the Caribbean may lend itself more to tasting fresh fish, crustaceans and tropical fruits.
Kalyan Panja