10 Best Places to Visit in Northern Kashmir

Well, a person who does not travel is like a person who reads only one page of a book. If you want the whole taste and versatility in life, then you must have a bucket list of places to visit in your lifetime. This post will shed light on the Northern Kashmir region. You will know places to visit, which are rated by thousands of tourists.

To satisfy your curiosity, we will show you places in Northern Kashmir, which are worth every second to spend. So, you must keep reading further.

best places to visit in Northern Kashmir

Let's dive into detail.

1. Naltar Valley

The colorful lakes with transparent water surface will greet you when you step foot in Naltar valley. It is located at a 2.5-hour drive from Gilgit. The local population is famous for its traditional cultivation techniques. This valley is famous for the world’s tastiest potatoes. You can have a bite or a full meal if you talk to local men.

And it will never cost you a fortune. You will also witness the rare combination of trees and shrubs. Moreover, the taste of cold fresh air will surprise you.

2. Neelum Valley

Near the line of control when you cross the Chela Bandi bridge, there is a 240 KM stretch where you can find the tallest pine trees sped around mountain train. All mountains are covered in green. And you will find Neelum river passing through the valley in the shape of a large spindling snake.

Tourists tell tales after visiting this valley and always mention the intensity of calmness they experience.

3. Skardu

People who love beauty, serenity, and wilderness have visited Skardu and stayed in Shangrila resort. Situated in the center of Gilgit division, you will find resorts as a home where your hermit nature can find solace and peace for a few days. Tourists escape from busy life and come to Skardu to enjoy absolute peaceful days in leisure.

With the genuine hospitality of locals, you can witness spots hidden from the modern world. It will lure you into a sight of pure wilderness that is simultaneously stunning and nurturing to the soul.

A place with Turquoise waters, amazing people, towering mountains, and incredible lakes is what defines Skardu. Enjoy the view of sunrise and sunset by visiting the Indus Valley. Shopping and staying in Skardu is mandatory and you can surprise your loved ones with gifts. You haven’t discovered the place completely if you haven’t visited Deosai National Park and Satpara lake.

4. Gojal

Situated on the borders of Afghanistan and China, you will find Gojal covered in snow almost all year. For a few months in a year, you will find Gojal shining under the blazing Sun. And you must visit Gojal in shining days to witness the colors of nature appearing out of the soil and making the landscape an unforgettable scene.

The Karakoram highway passes through the valley and you can extend your trip to Khunjerab Pass, which is a few miles from Gojal. The most important reason being getting to Attabad Lake is much easier riding on the super smooth Karakoram Highway. The colors of the lake is quite vibrant.

5. Deosai Plains

There is no place on earth, which is more than 4000 meters high from the sea level and has plane terrain with lakes and beautiful greenery. You will never find anyone selling something there. So, you must take your necessities with you. The best place to visit in Deosai is Sheosar lake, which is huge and kind of unique in the world.

You will find an amazing place all covered in flowers when you visit Deosai Plains in summer. If you visit in winter, then all the areas will be covered in snow. You will spend the rest of your life talking about your visit to Deosai Plains.

6. Rama Meadows

It is a plain area situated 11 kilometers from Astore. You will find cows grazing in lush green grounds. From the meadow, you will witness the unforgettable scene of Nanga Parbat. The killer mountain is standing right in front of Rama Meadow telling tourists that I am the mighty stone and do not try to conquer me. Plenty of pine trees will also provide you the freshest and pure oxygen than you can breathe.

7. Payee Lake

The only place that has an influx of tourists all year is Siri Paye in Northern Kashmir. The green plateau is a tourist’s attraction is because of the clouds and fog that engulf the area and make it like a fairyland. Nature plays at its peak in Siri Paye. There are several small ponds with absolutely clean and refreshing water.

Some tourists claim that the water in Paye has a stunning effect, which you cannot feel elsewhere. The overall theme of Siri Paye is a mix of green grass and yellow flowers. You will find other rare purple colors present in wild berries. But you must not eat them because these berries are poisonous.

8. Chitral

If you are looking for calmness and solitude, then you should visit Ayun and Bhamburat valley. It is located near Chitral. You will have to travel 11 kilometers from the populated area. Then you will find lush green terrain with a smooth breeze that will refresh your soul. People come back from Ayun and always mention the picturesque beauty of the Ayun district.

This valley is also the home of Kalasha people who are descendants of Greeks and follow ancient traditions. They look Greek, speak an Indo-Aryan language and practice a mixture of ancient Greeks and Vedic traditions. They are believed to be descendant of Greek soldiers who came with Alexander the Great but never left.

They practice a pantheistic pre Zoroastrianism and an ancient form of Hinduism as their religion although many of them have converted to Islam in recent years. You must not take pictures of Kalasha people because it is restricted by the authorities but you can photograph the landscape.

9. Hunza

There is no denial in the fact that Hunza is full of free, helpful, and hospitable people. Visiting the place will be like residing in the company of nature. You can explore the captivating streets of Hunza and interact with the locals there.

9. Swat

Situated 12 kilometers from Mingora city, you will find a white building standing tall in a valley. This palace is a historic building constructed in 1941. The specialty of this palace is the building stone, which is the same as the stone used in the Taj Mahal. To get in touch with history and nature, you should visit the White palace in Swat.

Wrap up

We have described a few best places to visit in Northern Kashmir. And we think that our list will fill your bucket list. But we advise you to plan a trip with all the precautions because you will never find modern amenities in all the places that we have mentioned. Have a good day.
Kalyan Panja