Handmade Chocolate and Rhum Spread

The chocolate and hazelnut spread is irresistibly greedy. Millions of consumers know it of the industrial version that is found in large distribution and that enjoys a planetary fame, the Nutella. Excellent for breakfast and snack, the chocolate and hazelnut spread is also very practical for garnishing quick desserts, tarts, ice creams, crepes, etc.

Of course the chocolate and hazelnut spread can also be made in the version with almonds, peanuts or cashews. It is no longer a secret that the ingredients that make up Nutella, the famous chocolate and hazelnut spread, are not the best for your health. For a long time, this spread has been making headlines for its high sugar content and high saturated palm oil content.

But who can resist the chocolate spread? Fortunately, there are several other chocolate spreads on the market that, although they remain sweet treats, are nonetheless better choices for health since there is no palm oil. I must say that this year I am particularly proud, because with my family, we made the choice to approach Christmas, and more specifically the gifts we have offered, in a more eco-responsible, more reasoned manner.

Chocolate and Rhum Spread

On this occasion, we tried to boycott as much as possible the big retailers, to consume less but better by looking for gifts made locally, valuing the crafts, or by doing them squarely ourselves. Yes, OK, it takes longer, BUT it costs less if you play it smart, and the result is very proud. One of the latest products born at Masala Monk are chocolate spreads, packaged in glass jars.

Once opened they give back all the emotions of taste of the handmade chocolate bars, in spreadable consistency. They are the right choice for the preparation of a fast and tasty chocolate snack with the guarantee of the use of certain and superior quality raw materials. For those who want to seduce the palate, they are also very tasty on their own. The whole range of spreadable chocolate creams is gluten-free.

The Intensity Chocolate and Rhum Spread is made with 56% dark chocolate and a fine selection of rhum from Cuba in a delicious spread for the most demanding palates, quality ingredients combined with a handcrafted process provide an unexpected result. The enveloping notes combine with those slightly fruity cocoa and Italian olive oil, gives life to a spread with an intense taste, for true lovers of the combination of Rhum and chocolate.

Sweetened with whole milk powder and glucose syrup, it enhances all types of desserts. This chocolate and rhum spread is not only delicious but also nutritious and jammy. A delicious way to start the day! It is a spread with an intense sweet taste, for true lovers of Rhum and chocolate pairing. It is perfect to be enjoyed also on gelato ice cream or as an accompaniment to coffee.

The Intensity Chocolate and Rhum Spread contains neither hydrogenated fats nor palm oil, naturally gluten-free. It has ingredients like extra dark chocolate (cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: SOY lecithin, natural vanilla flavor. Cocoa: 56% minimum), Water, Rhum, Glucose syrup, cocoa powder, Whole MILK powder, vegetable fiber. Rhum infused chocolate spread is the spreadable version of the traditional Cuba Rhum chocolate recipe made with 56% extra dark chocolate and selected rhum from Cuba.

From the famous Cuba Rhum chocolate comes a delicious jar of only filling, a spreadable cream with dark chocolate and rum. A fine selection of Rhum with Cocoa for a cream for true connoisseurs. An impact that gives vigorous sensations thanks to the combination of Rhum and Cocoa.

Born from an emulsion between aged rum, and dark chocolate, the spreadable cream has a very aromatic taste with a prevalent alcoholic note that melts softly when we feel it in the velvety dough of the leavened cake enriched with chocolate drops. Excellent spreadable cream, I highly recommend tasting on warm bread that accentuates the rum!

But did you know that you can easily prepare your own chocolate spread? It is not only very simple, but also the best way to get a spread that suits your taste. The homemade version, however, is another story. Prepared with fresh and genuine ingredients, it has a fragrant taste and an incomparable taste.
Kalyan Panja