9 BEST Beaches in Vietnam

Vietnam, a breezy paradise, is a smorgasbord of beaches and coastal life ready for tourists to dive right into. Beach bums unite for a hip surfers vibe or toasty sunbathing or tranquil lounging at the golden, stark, pristine beaches renowned for their postcard-come-to-life atmosphere. You can discover several mysterious places that deserve the time and money.

Many people only go to countries such as South Korea and Japan. The mountains and the water are beautiful and the people are very simple. Whether they know or not, they will give you a smile. Real people feel good. When you get on the plane and return to China, recalling the few days you have experienced, it feels like you are immersed in the vicissitudes of history.

Although it is not as high-rise and feasting as some modern metropolises, it also has its tranquility, tranquility and tranquility. Unceasingly. That piece of land, that piece of coastal beauty, in your and my mind, I have been to experience its charm in every way. In short, visiting Vietnam is to enjoy the trip, and you must feel happy to have fun, affordable + quality = perfect journey!

As a matter of fact, hanging around these astounding places to visit in Vietnam is straightforward, and you possibly will either travel in a bus or enjoy the ease of contracting moto-taxis. Chau Doc, Vinh Long floating markets, and Ben Tre are amongst the well-known attractions.

If you don't like crowded spots, Tra Vinh and Ha Tien are magnificent choices. Nha Trang, Da Lat, and Mui Ne are the best attractions in Vietnam. There is another place in Vietnam that is also worth visiting, namely Paradise Bay, a leisure resort run by the Russians.

The blue sea and blue sky, the undulating waves, the coconut breeze, the shining sun, the open view, the fresh air, the feet on the soft white beach, and the gentle sea breeze, allow tourists to freely play here, so it attracts all over the world A lot of tourists. In Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, there are relatively few highlights.

best beaches in Vietnam

If you are pondering over which beach will be worthy to visit, look no further than below and plan a trip to the best that Vietnam has to offer.

1. Con Dao Island

Whether it's their stunning views, pockets of intense markets (with train tracks) or even the boutique establishments with French influences - Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh definitely make for a wonderful trip. But if you're looking for something offbeat, the Con Dao Archipelago is what you want.

It is home to Vietnam's famous nesting sea turtles! The converted national park now has a variety of endemic orchards, coastal paths, and chances to go snorkelling. You should also check out the Islands of the Gulf of Thailand, with its turquoise corals, spotless beaches, and many palm trees.

Spoken for the archipelago of 16 islands, Con Dao paints a vacation of picturesque warm, sandy beaches, myriad marvellous marine life amidst colourful corals. Island beaches boast a brilliant lifestyle, stylish and serene at the same time, and Con Dao island is no exception.

On the southside, An Hai Beach is a postcard come to life with cyan blue waters backdropped by green-carpeted mountains over the white sand coastline, encircled by palm trees screaming trendy and tropical.

2. Nha Trang

When it comes to Vietnam, some people like to say Nha Trang, after all, Nha Trang is a well-known tourist attraction in Vietnam. Nha Trang in Vietnam is much better than Ho Chi Minh. From the accommodation conditions and attractions, Nha Trang is more comfortable. In fact, Nha Trang is really beautiful. The attractions in Nha Trang are definitely not worse than Thailand.

Tourism has flourished over the years and has impacted Nha Trang city in both positive and negative ways.

Although the landscape has been affected, there still remains a plethora of beaches that boast tranquil time on the back of the old charm and culture. South Vietnam maybe the location of this city but the coastal city is a hub for tourists seeking a party atmosphere and a wonderfully busy yet beautiful City Beach.

With its long strip of coast, islands, mountains and historical sites, Nha Trang will keep you busy for days. Here’s what we would recommend. What to do in Nha Trang? Witness the coral reefs during the tour to four islands. Have a lazy lunch and soak a 360-degree view of the beautiful beach city from unrivalled heights at SkyLight restaurant.

Experience the three cascading pools while negotiating boulder scramble action and hiking around Ba No Waterfalls. And after an action-packed day, try medicinal healing in a fun way at Egg Mud bath.

Carve out substantial time to venture into the quaint cousin of Nha Trang on your Vietnam honeymoon package. The scenic bay of Doc Lech stretches miles and miles rimmed by stark white shores and aqua blue waters. Any backpackers' dream destination is the southern part of the Doc Let Beach, referred as Jungle Beach, surrounded by fishing villages flaunting the relaxed, flattering atmosphere.

Mesmerizing views coupled with an aura of eco-friendliness is a model, mellow experience bringing tourists closer to nature.

Granite cliffs overlooking a charming coastline lies the Hon Chong beach. The local appeal of these fishermen brimming in the shores along with families enjoying the waves offers a rare chance to glimpse at the rural aspect of Vietnam. Quirky cafes strewn along the shores is the secluded, unpretentious option to those seeking serenity.

3. Hoi An

Central Vietnam’s seaside escape attracting tourists since the 15th century, Cua Dai Beach insists on resting one's feet in the developed resort area where the marvel of three rivers converging into the sea can be appreciated from one of the arrays of dining and drinking choices. An Bang is another spot to check out the beachy vibes of central Vietnam under clear blue skies while relaxing near the soothing waves.

4. Cham Islands

A few kilometers off the seaside of Hoi An is a set of rocky isles commonly called Cham Islands. The islands used to be constrained region but it is at the moment a free zone. The first island Hon Lao is the biggest among the islands and tourist can only reach there on a motorboat, in 2 hours. You can go for a day and proceed to bird watching, snorkel via the encircling reefs or just delight in the panorama of the lovely seashores.

The underrated gem of Hoi An is the Cham Islands octet, celebrated for their biosphere reserves hosting striking marine and plant life, is perfect for a soak in the sun.

5. Duong Dong

The largest town in the area is Duong Dong which offers a wide range of markets that sell different kinds of crafts, produce and local fish. Duong Dong is ideal for those who want luxury accommodation, shopping and beauty spa.

Long Beach, as the name suggests keeps to the essence of all Vietnam beaches, stretches long and seemingly limitless, almost 20-kilometres, of white-sand resonating the magic of the place. Worry not about bumping into other visitors as the beach is long and lovely, rewarding a relaxed environment to everyone.

6. Da Nang

A dozen beaches make up Danang Bay and, so far, most of it is public. This beach, also known as the China Beach, is probably the best in the city. Occasionally a couple would appear with a photographer to get their wedding album.

7. Mui Ne

The Vietnamese fishing elites have a convoy of eye-catching fishing vessels. The beach, however, grows in excellent contrast. Deluxe cozy hotels as well as resorts crowd the shoreline while inexpensive guesthouses are available across the roads.

A variety of watersports is possible to entertain the travelers who travel to Vietnam from cruises, kitesurfing, or windsurfing. Any beach in Vietnam as well as roadside pubs are guaranteed with high-end beverages as well as jazz melodies in late night.

8. Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet Sea, a hundred and twenty kilometers to the south-east of the deep sea, has a series of ten islands which constitutes Phu Quy County. Phu Quy is the biggest as well as the perfect island among them. The location offers gorgeous panorama. The weather is incredible as well as pleasurable all year round.

The emerald blue water as well as eye-catching reefs, the spellbinding elegance, relaxed environment is the ideal set up for honeymooners more so a relaxing place after long hand work. The island indeed keeps you closer to nature.

9. Ha Long Bay

The most famous and beautiful destination in South East Asia is Ha Long Bay. The most visited and beautiful place in Vietnam is Ha Long Bay and it is also popular as a honeymoon destination. It is well-known as the location in which the dragon descended into the sea. 3,000 little-rugged islands are picturesquely spread in the ocean as well as flanked by teeny beaches in Vietnam with unusual caves plus grottoes.

Some natural places just have a wonderful look and a magical feel; Halong Bay is like that. It’s like visiting Sedona, Arizona, or Arches Monument outside Moab, Utah. Nothing else looks like any of those places, although there are comparable sea-based formations in the South of Thailand. You can also try Vietnamese spring rolls in Halong Bay. Halong Bay is located by the sea, and the prawns are fresher and tourists can try it.

Of unique attraction is Vandong, a historical trading harbor in South-East Asia, along with many medieval sites distributed all through the bay is standout.

Beach lovers rejoice for the number of beautiful beaches in Vietnam is lacking in neither numbers nor nature that a beach experience should guarantee. Ensure a detailed exploration of all the beaches of Vietnam by contacting expert travel agents. Choosing a Vietnam tour package is no problem for a hassle-free, happy holiday.
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