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Travel to Mykonos island and enjoy your stay to the fullest. This is not too different from what other guides offer, therefore, we want to differentiate itself by adding tracks and ideas for all budgets and all tastes, from luxury tourism to humble travelers who, with their backpacks, go through the world emulating the travelers of the past.

The Mykonos island is located in the center of the Cyclades archipelago, between the islands of Tinos, Delos, Siros and Naxos. The nightclubs, discos and the party next to the beach and electronic music, are synonymous with winter in Mykonos. Not in vain has Mykonos been called the Ibiza of Greece.

Next to romantic and quiet Santorini, wild and diverse Crete and Athens, Mykonos is one of the most visited stopovers by tourists who visit Greece and the Aegean Sea on a cruise trip. Mykonos island can be visited in a weekend. But the best thing is to combine it with Athens, Santorini and Crete, since the ferry connections are good and the flights are cheap.

Mykonos Island in Greece is a hotspot for gorgeous beaches, happening nightclubs and upscale shopping with trendy, even famous clientele. If you're planning on spending a night or a few it's best to be prepared for what you're going to experience and know exactly where to experience it at. Each of the clubs and bars in Mykonos has an individual specialty that caters to a different desire.

You can pick your favorite or try a little of them all for the ultimate till dawn (and beyond) experience. Here are a few suggestions to keep you steered in the right direction.

Where to party depends largely on what time of day it is. There are clubs that specialize in beachside music and sunbathed frivolity full of sexy toned bodies, sun-kissed skin and plenty of drinks to go around and clubs bars that cater to a calmer relaxed crowd taking in the scenery and relaxing by the beach and everything in between.

best things to do in Mykonos

1. Beaches in Mykonos

Travel along Chora with its beautiful whitewashed houses and colorful doors and balconies, the labyrinthine streets, the seducer Little Venice district, the Kastro district with the remains of a castle and the famous mills, that adorn the soft hills of Mykonos and that give it that romantic look. And, of course, the mascot of the island is the pelican Petros, which you will find by the attractive old port of Mykonos town.

Do not miss the Church of Paraportiani, the oldest on the island, and the monasteries of Kastro and Panagia Tourliani, with typical architecture of the Cyclades. The beaches, many of them nudists, are as you can guess, another of the most visited places. Beaches such as Paranga, Agios Sotis, Platis Gialos, Paradise, Panormos or Platis Gialos, are known by lovers of afterhours and for those who want a beach holiday and party.

The beaches also offer other possibilities such as a good swim in those crystal clear waters reminiscent of the Caribbean, or snorkeling and diving, windsurfing on the windy beaches of the north. Another of the recommended destinations of this island of Greece is the archaeological site of Delos, to which several daily ships link. It is also possible to visit Siros, Tinos, Naxos and Paros, also very well connected.

best things to do in Mykonos

2. Shopping in Mykonos

Shopping is another possibility on the island among things to do at Christmas. Thanks to the influx of tourists the island has boutiques of exclusive brands and shops of all kinds. In addition to the luxury stores, you can get indigenous handicrafts and hippie style necklaces and earrings.

3. Eating in Mykonos

Greek cuisine shows its richness and variety in Mykonos, from cheeses or yogurts to wines, highly recommended. In addition to its nightclubs and parties on the beaches, Mykonos has become a symbolic island of the rainbow movement.

4. Afternoon/Early Evening in Mykonos

Drinks in Mykonos can be expensive so if you have the option, go ahead and grab a bite to eat before you head out. The Bar at the Mykonos Theoxenia boutique hotel is a perfect choice for a more upscale dining experience and an excellent bottle of champagne, perfect for impressing that special someone.

Walking through the winding roads of a typical Cycladic town is an excellent way to spend the pre twilight hours. Check out the shops, selling everything from local handmade clothes and jewelry to boutique establishments like SohoSoho where celebrities are known to be found during summer outings.

best things to do in Mykonos

5. Sunset in Mykonos

One of the best reasons to visit Mykonos is sunset. Every bar, club, and restaurant along the beach turn their attention to this spectacle each evening basking in the natural beauty of island living. It has been a long-known secret of locals that tourists have picked up on in the last fifty years.

If you can, find one of the many white beach chairs lined up along the coastline, order a cocktail and take it all in, it will be the perfect highlight of any trip. Caprice has been the most popular viewing destination for decades and for some makes a great place to spend the rest of the night.

best things to do in Mykonos

6. Evening in Mykonos

After hours is arguably the best time to experience Mykonos nightlife and the vibrant and youthful culture. This is when the other side of this hidden gem comes to life. Greek culture is very open to alternative lifestyles and pretty much alternative anything. Its many techno and electronica nightspots are thriving energetic centers of energy.

Locals and tourists alike can party side by side with international celebrities. Top DJs frequently visit Astra and rock the scene until the early hours.

7. Nightlife in Mykonos

Paradise Club is a popular destination for the after-hours crowds. Open until 6 am you can go all night long if you want to. Paradise has DJs, pools and some of the best views on the island. With a rotation of themes and being one of the few all night clubs on the island, you can definitely find enough entertainment to keep you busy.

Once your night is over, feel free to get some rest and start all over again. This is the kind of place where you can keep going for as long as you want. There is no real end to the party scene on Mykonos, it's all up to you how much or how little you put into it.

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