5 Best Places to Visit in Mount Abu

Mount Abu is one of the best tourist places to visit in India because Rajasthan receives so much scorching heat in Summer. This is the only hill station in Rajasthan which attracts tourists from all around. It is a perfect place where you can find the famous temple of Guru Dattatreya an avatar of Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu in one.

You may also take a visit to Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary and spot different species of animals. Mount Abu is the most visited and popular hill station in Rajasthan, which is among the best summer destinations in India. It is the place which is enclosed all through within the Aravalli ranges.

Mount Abu is a hill station located in the western part of Rajasthan near Gujarat. This hill station is among the list of top best places to visit in India. So, here we give complete information about the best places to visit in Mount Abu. There are various sightseeing in Mount Abu the famous includes, Nakki Lake, Tod rock and much other sightseeing with amusing Sunset points.

Mount Abu is famous for many of its places, sightseeing, adventure activities, camping and much more. Here are some of the best places to visit in Mount Abu.

places to visit in Mount Abu

1. Nakki Lake

This acclaimed as the first man-made lake in India. Nakki Lake is the best and must to visit place in Mount Abu. This place will just give you the view of some site of a fiction book, in the lap of Aravalli Hills, the Nakki lake just give the best scenic view. This is the best places to visit Mount Abu and also the most visited.

A visit to Nakki lake is incomplete without boating. You can explore the local market of which is just 2 minutes away from these places. Nakki Lake is surrounded by many shops, handicraft shops, temples and much more. This place is an eye candy to all nature lovers. You can feel the peace and serenity in this place.

2. Toad Rock

As the name of this place suggest the place is in the shape of a Tod. One can trek till the top of the rock, and the trekking is of very easy level and of just 20 minutes. After reaching the top of the rock one can have the whole view of Mount Abu. From the top of the Tod rock, the best thing is glaring at the miniature Nakki Lake and enjoying the view.

The best timings to visit at Tod rock is between 6 pm to 7:45 pm because at this time one can enjoy the sunset view or early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise.

3. Dilwara Temple

After Nakki Lake, Dilwara temple is the most visit place in Mount Abu. This place is very holy and attracts a number of tourists throughout the year. This site is most significant for the Jains. Dilwara temple you will see intricate carvings on the marble stone and a very high quality craftsmanship. This is a stunning place especially for the people who love crafts, carving on marble and wants to visit holy sites. This is the place is one of the most famous pilgrimage sites in India.

4. Achalgarh Fort

This fort was fortified by Maharaja Kumbha. The decayed of this fort is indeed a Great architectural work and delightful. Just near this fort, there Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple where Shiva is worshiped. The Achlaeshwar temple is surrounded by Mandakini Lake and surrounded by rocky hills and huge rock walls on which there are paintings and images of Rajput kings, cows, buffaloes and many more.

5. Guru Shikhar

This is the highest point of the Aravalli hills and also of Mount Abu. This place is just 15 kilometres away from Mount Abu. An easy trek leads you to the top at elevation of near about 1722 m above sea level. Guru Shikhar is known as the peak of the guru. It is believed that Guru Dattatreya resided on this peak in his days when he was a Monk. Earlier this was a cave, now this is converted to a temple in his remembrance.

Mount Abu Trekking

Mount Abu situated on Aravalli Range is one of the ancient mountain belts of India. This is the best adventurous activity to do in Mount Abu if you are visiting the west of Mount Abu. The tracks of the trekking are moderate, not so difficult and not so easy, but the view is worth watching. The estimated cost range may vary from 600 to 1200 for a day. There is hardly any tough trek in Mount Abu.

Best Time to Visit Mount Abu

The best time to visit in Mount Abu is between Novembers to March. After March due to the increase in the temperature this destination is not preferred by the tourists. The temperatures rise more than 33 degree Celsius, and the scorching heat reduces the number of tourists in these places.

If you are traveling in summer, the summer is usually hot there, do carry light and cotton comfortable clothes. While traveling to Mount Abu in winters, the night will get colder and there will be a fall in the temperature. Do carry extra pullovers and jackets.
Kalyan Panja