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A world of astounding beaches, fine cuisines, radiant backwaters, electrifying festivals and a dynamic culture, Kerala is truly a reflection of God's Own Country. It is a destination that is embellished with all the fundamentals required to make your Kerala tourism package an extraordinary one. Thiruvananthapuram is easily one of the richest cities in the country in terms of places with historical relevance.

Trivandrum has few premium hotels which all have exotic restaurants that offers fine dining experience. Apart from the popular tourist spots such as the Napier Museum, Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Sivagiri and Padmanabhapuram Palace, there are a number of lesser-known palaces, temples and monuments that can offer tourists interesting ideas about the history of Travancore.

Out of many offbeat places to visit in Kerala that throngs with tourists all year long, the cities of Thiruvananthapuram and Cochin are replete with all the natural and man-made wonders one could possibly imagine. There are many aspects that will make your trip memorable for a lifetime and we have listed down the best things to experience on a sightseeing expedition in these cities.

tourist places to visit in trivandrum

Here are the best places to visit in Trivandrum:

1. Scuba Diving in Kovalam Beach

Beaches in the city, including Kovalam and Shankhumukham are the best places to hang out in the afternoons. Best known for its three crescent-shaped beaches, Kovalam still retains some of its relaxed culture with days that start rather late and activities that continue into the night. Kovalam seems to have something for everyone.

A dip or a surf lesson, an herbal body massage or a cultural program - choose your selection and everything is there. Kovalam has gone a long way from being a sleepy fishing village to being one of the best surfing destinations in India.

2. Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary

As notable tourist attractions in Ponmudi we can highlight the Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary, and various trekking points. Travelers can find a deer park and stone and wood cabins. About one and a half kilometres from the mountain station are the Ponmudi Falls. The Sanctuary, located on the outskirts of Ponmudi, has a wide variety of wild animals such as the Asian elephant, leopards, lion-tailed macaques.

It is ideal for those who are looking for an offbeat destination. It has year-round rivulets and waterfalls.

3. Napier Museum

If culture and history are what excites you, the museums in this town are just the place for you. Visit the Napier Museum or the Natural History Museum that are located in the central part of the city and are easily accessible. These museums showcase a glimpse of Kerala's rich cultural heritage. They are also home to some rare and unusual collection of archaeological and historical artifacts.

4. Space Museum

To get an idea in the history of space exploration of the country you can visit the Space Museum, at the Vikram Sarabhai Space Center, which is open Monday through Saturday.

5. Koyikkal Palace

Palaces and monuments are worth experiencing. As the seat of power of ancient Travancore, the areas of the city and adjacent are full of historical monuments, palaces, fort, museums and ancestral temples. The Koyikkal palace with its numismatic museum and folklore (about 18 km from Thiruvananthapuram) and the 2000 year old Janardanaswamy Temple in Varkala are some of those spots.

6. Shangumugham Beach

You will never get tired of the beauty of Kerala beaches. Be it Varkala or Shangumugam, they make a perfect place for a family outing on the weekend.

7. Thiruvananthapuram Zoo

Trivandrum zoo is another beautiful weekend spot for families.

8. Attukal Bhagavathy Temple

Attukal Bhagavathy temple and Padmanabha temple are the most famous in Thiruvananthapuram. The vibrations in these temples are to be experienced personally. You also find Bhagavathy temples at every corner of the streets. The oil lamps, the temple construction, premises, and decoration of the idol and the rituals offer eternal happiness to your soul.

9. Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Temples in Kerala have been of prime significance in the history and culture of India. The architecture and structuring of some temples are so splendid that it is talked about and appraised globally. Majority of the temples are a fusion of the great Keralite and Dravidian cultures from ancient India. The must-visit temples in Trivandrum include the Padmanabhaswamy Temple and the Karikkakom Chamundi Devi Temple.

East Fort is part of original Trivandrum fort built around Sree Padmanabha temple which housed the original residences and offices of chieftains of Venad and then later as the capital of Travancore, the fort almost crumbled completely leaving few remains of walls here and there.

What all exist is the massive East Fort Gate, the main entrance to the original fort, which got redesigned to European fashion in the 1900s and now serve as the first level of security gates to the temple of Sree Padmanabhaswamy and its inner city.

Where else will you get such serenity to behold? Get going and enjoy everything that Kerala tourism has to offer.
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Danielle said...

this sounds like an awesome place to visit! i love all your tips for all the different spots. so much great info.

Wander Women Abroad said...

SO many awesome things to do Trivandrum. I love that a lot of them are nature based. Those are def my style of activities

kumamonjeng said...

There are so many things to do in Trivandrum such as shopping, massage, visiting temples and museums. These are the things I love to do when I travel, especially visiting the temples to capture good photos.

Tina said...

Trivandrum sounds like an amazing place for many adventures for one to have! I would love to visit the Temples one day.

Wren LaPorte said...

Those are a lot of fantastic sounding places to see as a Tourist. I am always looking for things less off the beaten path.

Mavs Escala said...

We are planning to visit Trivandrum soon and I will consider these places.

Yeah Lifestyle said...

Both the wildlife sanctuary and the waterfalls sound like places I would love to visit. I will definitely check them out if I ever visit Trivandrum

Joanna said...

Trivandrum sounds like a wonderful place to visit when in Kerala. I would definitely like to enjoy a traditional Ayurveda massage but also to visit the temples.

Eli said...

Haven't heard of Trivandrum but it sounds like it has a diverse mix of cool things to do! I'll look into it some more for sure!

Dhemz said...

Wow, I've never heard of this place before. Sounds like a great tourist destination. Thanks for sharing!

Lydia Smith said...

Love the list and sounds like a nice place to visit.

MIka said...

All these place sound breathtaking, I'll definitely add a few to my bucket list. Thanks for sharing

Karin said...

It definitely seems worth it to me! What a beautiful place it is! I’d love to visit someday in the future, perhaps when my children are a little older.

Amy said...

Oh wow! I’m not sure I could ever leave that place. it is absolutely one of the beautiful place I’ve ever seen.

Marysa said...

These all sound like great places to explore. It is nice to have so many options when it comes to visiting a destination.

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